The BBC’s hatred for men


25 September 2006


It’s good to see Richard Hammond is evidently on the mend after his crash on the TV programme Top Gear. Even though I’m not really interested in cars, I always watch Top Gear simply because it’s one of the few remaining unfeminized programmes. There’s no drama, romance, celebrity gossip, tips on how to spice up your love life, man-bashing…none of that shit. It’s just three risk-taking blokes (including the superbly un-PC Jeremy Clarkson, who last week sneeringly declared Britain was a Nanny State simply because he was obliged by Health & Safety regulations to wear safety goggles whilst tearing up a car with an electric saw) who spend half-an-hour just mucking about with cars and setting fire to the occasional caravan for the hell of it.

Well…actually Top Gear is not completely unfeminized. The studio part always features loads of women in the audience. Absolutely loads of them! I remember reading somewhere that men have to take a woman with them on to the show, and I wasn’t sure whether this was exactly true so I decided to have a look for myself.

On the BBC’s page about how to apply to be on Top Gear it confirms this:

We also ask that groups of people coming to the recordings have a 50/50 male/female split. This is so we don’t end up with a bunch of ugly male car geeks ruining everyone’s Sunday night.

Yup, there’s the nice friendly paid-for-by-you BBC telling us men that, just by being male – and especially if we do like cars – that we’re ugly geeks, and we’ll ruin everyone’s Sunday night by being so ugly and sad.

Well fuck you BBC, fuck you thrice with the twisted wreckage of Richard Hammond’s jetcar.

And in any case, it’s not really a 50/50 split, the audience is about 90% female. Or at least, the 90% of the audience you see on camera are female anyway. This is because, far from being interested in cars, they’re no doubt only concerned about getting their chubby make-up-slathered fucking faces on fucking T-fucking-V just so they can watch it with their friends when it’s broadcast and say “Look, there’s me, squeal!!!“, which, incidentally, ruins my Sunday night.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:40 PM


At 9:16 PM, jay c said…

I dunno. I think this is a very un-PC kind of thing for BBC to do. They come right out and tell us that they don’t want women in the audience out of some misguided sense of “fairness.” They want women in the audience, because they know men will be watching. Personally, I’d much rather look at a crowd of women than a crowd of men any day. They really are much nicer to look at.

Well, at least some of them are.

Maybe they could have left the “ugly” part off, but I don’t even think that was all that inappropriate. It was definitely non-PC, which is another point in their favor in my book.


At 10:28 PM, darkbhudda said…

@jay c


Since when did bashing males, which calling your audience “ugly geeks” surely is, become non-pc?

Hell, bashing geeks and nerds is common in the media, not to mention 90% of the sites I’ve been to.

They don’t have female audiences to give men “something to look at” they do it because the higher ups demand that EVERY single programme appeal to females. Large female audiences make it look like the show does.


At 5:39 AM, Anonymous said…

We also ask that groups of people coming to the recordings have a 50/50 male/female split. This is so we don’t end up with a bunch of ugly male car geeks ruining everyone’s Sunday night.

So, they would rather spurn* their solitary-male viewership for PC expediency(ridiculing males does not violate any branch of PC doctrine, unless it is by extension of policy in service to fem interest)?

(* one of the network/production monkeys behind the latest incarnation of DR.WHO made similar comments to the effect of: We are not interested in shows that appeal to ‘guys without girlfriends’)

If they wanted to titillate male sexuality, they could do so more effectively through the use of provocatively-clad fem personalities/VJ’s.

Of course, that kind of spectacle would alienate their negligible female audience(not to mention that there are far more appropriate/effective mediums for this kind of titillation).

But this is all just evidence of how the fem-sphere takes a uniformity of stoicism and allegiance in male temperament for granted.

And is further evidence of how fem paradigms effect market entropy.

Best the cowards enjoy their ‘utopian’ delusions before they are vividly deconstructed before their aghast eyes…



At 1:55 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

I tend to avoid programmes like Top Gear. They pretend to be for men when in reality they constantly pander to females. Behind the lad persona are fembots who trot out the feminised BBC doctrine i.e. all women are brilliant, all men are losers. They are merely spouting the same old message whilst pretending to offer a programme aimed at men. The lad stereotype is one which is all over the media. In the mainstream media men have to fit into one of a list of negative categories. So if you’re a man you are either a nerd, a loser who can’t get a girlfriend, an immature lad who needs to grow up or selfish male who won’t commit. The only men who are not given this negative treatment are gays and men from ethnic minorities who of course have their own PC protective coating.

Don’t be fooled by anything in the mainstream media. The BBC and others are 100% female pandering propagandists.


At 2:58 PM, jay c said…

‘Since when did bashing males, which calling your audience “ugly geeks” surely is, become non-pc?’

Bashing men is normal and PC. You can be PC while attacking the inherent character of men, the faith of conservative Christians, and the politics of common sense, but not while calling anyone “ugly”. It’s usually considered a forbidden word under any circumstances in PC-speak.

They could have definitely done better. Can you imagine how their ratings (and lawsuits) would go up if they had established a weight limit and paid a bounty for bikinis?


At 2:06 AM, pete said…

Bashing men is not un-PC in any way, shape or form. Calling men geeks and insulting them any which way, punching them in the groin, and exposing them to high levels of risk is part and parcel of the Politically Correct movement, which only shields the women and SOME ethnic minorities from criticism.

I wonder out loud if just having a vagina instantly makes you the antithesis of “geek.”


At 3:26 AM, Anonymous said…

Dont want a bunch of ugly geeks on camera do you? Well, heres a program that has appealing men on it for you “ladies”, Americas Most Wanted. Oh yea, just look at all those thugs, dope dealers, and straight murderers. Let them watch that, their juices will be flowing in no time and you media monkeys can leave shows designed for men to be watched by, well, men. Simple solution and these numbskulls cant even figure that out.



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