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23 September 2006


As many have noticed, the Sixteen Volts blog was recently taken down with an apology apparantly delivered from Ilkka Kokkarinen. It seems his job may have been at risk because he dared criticise feminism and other socialist/liberal ideologies (amazing how liberal “anti-fascists” are as fascistic as…well, fascists.)

Mr Kokkarinen has insisted that he closed his site down of his own free will and claims he does not want anyone to make him out to be a victim of censorship. I can’t really confirm any theory on the guy’s personal decision because, whilst I enjoyed reading Sixteen Volts and traded links with Mr Kokkarinen, I never personally corresponded with him.

But something is obviously very fishy about all of this, and I’m not just talking about the whiffy stench of the unwashed cunts of fascist fembots on a censoring rampage.

This article, for example, makes it clear the feminists demanded he STFU and stop being so mean and nasty as to not bow down and worship the Matriarchy.

An anonymous American student alerted the Women’s Centre, mentioning that she is a computer science student and software engineer and that she had stumbled across Kokkarinen’s blog and was concerned.

The Women’s Centre responded by posting her note outside its office.

“If I were a student at Ryerson,” she said, “I’d be very interested in reading some of the things he (Kokkarinen) has to say before deciding whether or not to take his classes.”

@He is not the first anti-feminist and he won’t be the last@, said Huda Assaqqaf, 22, women’s centre orientation

Damn right he won’t be the last you arse-biscuit. Wherever feminists go there will be anti-feminists.

Incidentally, this is why anyone criticising feminism online is best off using a false name. Also, this kinda disproves feminist claims that this a Man’s World and women are oppressed; women can go online and insult and moan about men all they want under their own names and with their photos for all to see, whilst if us men want to criticise feminism we have to use false names and keep out identities a secret, like the French Resistence or something.

(Incidentally, I found the above links courtesy of this post at Steve Sailer’s blog, and in turn I found Steve Sailer’s blog via Mangan’s Miscellany, who has a number of posts, including this brief one, about the affair.)

Kokkarinen admits that he was angry at feminists for personal reasons. “I could have been a better person myself,” he said.

If he did say that, I dare say he had a pair of amputation sheers at his nuts at the time, metaphorically or otherwise.

Anyway, friend readers and fellow refugees from the Matriarchy, on the off-chance I should ever voluntarily close the Eternal Bachelor Blog, I shall leave a clear note of such action and I sure as hell won’t apologise for anything I’ve ever said about feminist filth. If, however, you should ever find that this blog has just shut down without any warning and cannot be found, it’ll be because feminists have shut me up, and in such a scenario you’ll probably find me at the forums of either Nice Guy, Karl Mathews or CT4M ranting and raving about it.

But I’ve received no such threats to silence me so far, so all is well.

Shame about Sixteen Volts though. T’was a fine blog. And if any feminist cunts who may have had a hand in forcing it’s closure have followed the old links at Sixteen Volts and ended up here reading this, EAT SHIT AND DIE YOU CUNTS!



posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:19 PM

At 9:13 PM, Davout said…

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.


At 9:38 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

I used to read his blog once in a while but wasn’t that impressed to be quite honest. There was some good stuff there but he seemed to over-rate a lot of his insignificant musings. Plus his lack of compassion for the disabled left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Still, I have to agree with you Duncan. If feminists had a hand in forcing him to shut down his blog (and I strongly suspect they did) then the sheer hypocrisy of it is staggering, although not surprising knowing how feminists think and operate. One set of rules for women and a different set of rules for men. EQUALITY MY ARSE!

So I will join you in cursing them.




At 9:39 PM, Joe said…

Being a computer science professor, the gaggle of feminists and looney lefties control any political decisions at the University administration. That is how they get a foothold in the Engineering and Sciences Department. Also, Canada has some of the most regulated speech laws of any western nation.

It seems, he has to go through sensitivity training to keep his job. So a sign of good favor, he ‘voluntarily’ took down his blog.

He didn’t have any problems with his original blog, because it was in Finnish and not English.

With the encroachment of the Nanny State, we will all have to learn a secret language to speak our minds freely.


At 1:06 AM, mfsob said…

Before you guys vote to cut his balls off, look where this happened – in academia, where, anyone with more than a pea-sized brain knows, logic and common sense are ruthlessly extinguished and political-correctness and professional victimization are the rulers of the day. And this is the US – I know for a fact things are wayyyyyyyyyyyy more fucked up in Canada.

Just ONE example I have personal knowledge of – last year the “Wymen’s Studies” professors (for some reason we need FOUR of these useless slags) decided to host a production of the Vagina Monologues, out of their own pockets. Then when they found out what it was actually going to cost, they went whining to their dean, who of course ponied up the majority of the $$$$$.

Another professor in the same department found out and was ticked off enough to write said dean and ask if he was also going to underwrite a performance of the Penis Diaries (which does not, to my knowledge, even exist).

The upshot? Within 15 minutes of the dean getting that e-mail, the professor was being sat down for a quiet chat with the Gender Equity Officer, who suggested that maybe tenure, in his case, was perhaps revocable after all, and wasn’t his last performance review just a bit too filled with puffery that maybe should be investigated?, and … you get the idea.

This guy did what he had to do to keep his job, in a field dominated by nutty, hormonally driven feminazis.


At 3:48 AM, Hutch said…

Duncan Idaho is the voice of reason in an otherwise nonsensical world.


At 6:04 AM, Days of Broken Arrows said…

I said this before and here it is again: Where there is feminism there is censorship. A month ago a writer at Forbes penned an article called “Reasons Why Not to Marry a Career Woman.” Feminist hysteria ensued and the piece had to be removed from the Website, then replaced with a counterpoint.

This is like the Salem Witch Trials, with men replacing the witches.


At 8:40 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

What is it about the men’s movement and blogs like Sixteen Thousand Volts that makes feminists so afraid that they have to use sneaky censorship and Gestapo tactics to remove them. If our point of view is so ludicrous then people would not sympathise, would view us as cranks and, therefore, no censorship would be required. The only reason the feminists use this censorship tactic is because they fear us and the know that we are right. We have rumbled them and their campaign to crush men and take away the few remaining rights that we have. The right of free speech is top of the Feminazi list. We in turn must keep on with the fight and crush them while we still can.


At 9:23 AM, Deepak said…

“With the encroachment of the Nanny State, we will all have to learn a secret language to speak our minds freely.”

That language, sir, is HTML. Welcome to the internet, where anonymous males still reign supreme!

We have every reason to be optimistic, my disgruntled brethren. Look at the comments on that post; not a single one supports this decision.

Any ideology that loses touch with reality will eventually collapse in on itself. The lunacy will become incontestable. Our only job, as suggested by Friedrich Nietzsche and demonstrated by Dr. Kokkarinen, is to push what is already falling and laugh as it topples to the ground!


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous said…

To hell with him.

I don’t know the man, and that is just as well.

Steel yourselves.

His allegiance is not kindred to our interest(he failed the litmus test), and we should afford him no consideration/sympathy should he cross our path coming the other way.

Men who are more inured to the levers of coercion will take up the mantle more vigorously.

Beholden men are necessary cowards(as society has gone to great lengths to ‘domesticate’ them), which is why our charge is not for the faint of heart…



At 2:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Feminists simply cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas. They are funded with Tax payers dollars in the US. And promote an ideology easily refuted with facts. So they must censor opposing opinions whenever they can. In addition they are not breeding. So they must continually indoctrinate a new group of idiots to their Dogma.

The article and board has had calls to censor Michael Noer, castrate him, deny him sexual expression etc. Unwittingly the Career Gals are overwhelmingly showing Noer’s article is 100% correct.



At 5:41 PM, Anonymous said…

Nothing to prevent him from starting a new blog under an assumed identity (per Duncan’s observation).

I’m telling you people you can’t be nice with the femicunts and their coWhorts in the press and govt. Keep being respectful and polite with them and you’ll nice yourself right into a nice cage and a nice matching dog collar.

NO WARS were EVER won by being nice.

From personal experience, at close range, one thing I can say they are definitely afraid of is death. They know just below the surface they are worthless and could not survive on their own (e.g., society collapses, survival situation). Messages can be effective. A torched car here. A burned down television studio there. Could start off with hitting their infrastructure/property (their tools of repression). If they are too dense to get the message then escalation is necessary.

How many times do they have to keep kicking you guys in the balls before the gloves come off?

These are not nice people. Don’t be nice to them. Those are courtesies extended to people who have earned it. Have they earned it from you? They spit in your face everyday and laugh at you.

Death Before Dishonor.


At 5:42 PM, Darrell said…

In case you missed this piece in the Sunday times,Eternal, I thought I’d send you the link so you could give it one of your erudite critique.

Dream on, toxic bachelor, your days are numbered


At 9:20 PM, phoenix said…

darrell’s article is a must read, it’s hilarious. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a joke article. Somehow men that make money aren’t self-starters or self-motivators, and somehow buying things for yourself that have utility is irresponsible, but I guess women spending thousands on shoes and clothes they’ll wear once (if at all) when they don’t have money is responsible. I haven’t even finished reading the article, but I can’t stop laughing.


At 10:23 PM, Anonymous said…

The hilarious thing here is how Americans love to lecture other countries about all our “freedom of speech,” but when it comes down to it – we are also a thought-policed society that exacts very stiff financial, legal and career penalties for daring to think and speak outside of our Matriarx.

Academia right now is completely dominated by a bunch of unscientific feminists and ivory-tower liberals. And any contrarian thinker that dares to stick out will be INSTANTLY hammered down like a nail. Well, FVCK THAT SHYTTTTTT!!!! The tide WILL turn one day!!!


At 9:15 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

It now appears that the comments have been stopped on the Sixteen Volts blog. Lucky for me mine was the last to be posted.

This guy’s forced confession is one that the KGB would have been proud of. You can tell these are not really his words as it’s full of feminist shaming language.


At 9:35 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Hey anonymous 5:41pm, no need to go around blowing things up. It’s looking like nature will put an end to feminism and most of the human race pretty soon.

The melting of the polar ice-caps is accelerating faster than ever and as well as all the usual stuff associated with global warming it’s now thought that the shift in weight distribution will cause the tectonic plates to go on the move.

So, after the floods, droughts, monsoons, hurricanes and tornados we can look forward to lots of earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis.

Get ready for a Mad Max 2 type scenario in the next 10 to 20 years.


At 1:50 PM, Anonymous said…

What’s concerning is the number of MRA (or related) blogs that use sites such as these ( which could be open to censorship by the owners, or targeted by some government ‘equality’ agency.

Diversity is the key to avoid many MRAs losing contact with one another.

Let’s hope that the International Community (or UN) tries to actively censor the internet, otherwise that will be a blow for free societies everywhere.



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