03 October 2006

It’s against women’s nature to want to lead by Mary Kenny

Another interesting comment from the Daily Telegraph.

When the failure of women in general to have attained equal pay or equal leadership in the workplace is publicly discussed, it is still put down to constructs such as “the glass ceiling”, or the way in which girls are “socially conditioned” not to aspire to top pay or high leadership.

The evident fact that most women are, by definition, not driven by testosterone-fuelled competitive ambition is seldom suggested. Far from females being “conditioned” by society, it is Nature doing the programming.

The denial of these inborn sex differences leads to all kinds of bafflement and problems, from teenage pregnancies to women’s priority lists in the Tory party.

It’s a good article and nice to see a woman coming forth with this in the mainstream media. Shame that she doesn’t realise that – just as feminists and socialists hoped – it is far too late for women to return to having families. The economy has adapted to two-incomes, and the economy, in any case, is dying thanks to the outrageously generous maternity leave, welfare benefits, subsidised childcare and all the other shit taxpayers have to pay for women to be “independent.”

Naturally there are a lot of hostile comments, with plenty of manginas sprinkled amongst the sludge of feminists. It’s also funny how plenty of women accuse Mary Kenny of generalising, but then do that themselves by just assuming their own personal situation and ambitions apply to all women. Someone mentions that the genders are virtually the same, explaining that this is why we have female CEOs and male househusbands. Erm…yeah. Sure there are.

Also, there are unsurprisingly no comments from career gals admitting to being 35+ childless spinsters and saying how much they love it and would hate to have a husband and kids.

There are also a good few comments supporting the article. It’s good to see how, increasingly, feminism is being questioned in the national press. The censorship is still high, and as Forbes found out there’s a lot of ranting from women if you dare criticise them and their hate movement of feminism, but the increasing frequency of these sort of comments and articles are a hopeful sign. I never recall seeing stuff like this in mainstream press back in the PC Apocalypse of the mid-1990s.

Here’s some cunt’s response.

What utter rubbish, Telegraph, I’m surprised you published this poorly argued piece. As a 26-year-old engaged woman who hopes to have children before 30, it is the very success of feminism that also allows me to count on my high-flying job still being there when I come out of the maternity ward, and mandates my employer to provide childcare and flexitime. Men have never had to choose between having a family and a job, and now neither do women. Mary Kenny may be driven by her biological imperatives, but the rest of us retain the capacity for logical thought.
Posted by Jenny on October 3, 2006 9:03 AM


What utter rubbish, Telegraph. I’m surprised and offended you published this piece because it offends me and, being a woman and a feminist, anything that offends me and my feeeeeeuhlings is teh wrong and must be censored! As a 26-year-old woman who has found a sucker and who hopes to have children before 30, it is the very success of feminism in forcing men, the workplace, employment law and society in general to revolve solely around the selfish wants and demands of bitches like me that allows me to count on my shitty pointless Pink Collar Job to still be there if I can be arsed to return to work, and forces my bedraggled employer to the brink of bankruptcy to pay someone else to look after the children I want but can’t be arsed to look after, as well as flexitime (which means never working before 10, after 3 or at weekends.) Men have never had to choose between having a family and a job, and neither do women, and best of all, unlike men, us women don’t actually have to spend almost every waking hour away from our children to work the job to support the family, we can spend time with our children (or, better yet, at home with Oprah whilst the kids are in daycare) whilst our employer and (mostly male) taxpayers cover our generous maternity leave and daycare. Mary Kenny may be driven by her biological imperatives, but the rest of us retain the capacity for logical thought, although admittedly my logical thoughts are obviously limited given that I’ve talked utter bollocks and you know damn well that, by my early 30s, I’ll be sitting on my fat arse as a lady of leisure. After all, working until your 65 is for men! Hah!

Here’s another to laugh at:

And the maternal instinct is a lot less universal than Ms Kenny suggests – don’t they reckon that, these days, about 20 per cent of women won’t ever have children?
Posted by Fiona on October 3, 2006 7:00 AM

Yeah, and it’s voluntarily isn’t it? I mean, you never hear of aging career women saying “I’m so glad I never had children!”

Most of these women are not having kids because us men don’t want children with stupid aging career girls who only want kids when they’re past 27, or even older, and we have little or no rights when it comes to being involved in the child’s life save for coughing up Child/Mummy Support. That’s why single-career women end up buying cats and dogs to make up for their lack of children.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:23 PM
At 5:00 AM, Deanna said…

So, you want to hear from a woman who is over the age of 35, not married, has no children, and is happy about it. Well, that would be me!

I have no husband or kids and I like my life the way it is (I love being an aunt though). This was no accident. Ever since I was a little girl I knew the traditional route of marriage and family was not for me. So, I didn’t pursue it. I went out in the world, got the career I wanted and I have been happy with what I chose.

My sister, on the other hand, IS a wife and stay at home mother (3 children) and a damn good one too! I would never say she is not living to her full capacity as a human because she decided to have children. In return, she would never say that about me because I decided not to have children. We support each other.

Lack of emotional/mental support for women who are wives and mothers is one of the things that pisses me off about feminism and society in general. I could write more about what pisses me off about feminism but I’ll save it for later.

Also, as a single woman…..NO, I do not hate men! I think men are great and I enjoy their company. Unfortunately, I do know a few women who hate men. They aren’t any fun to around and I don’t pursue friendships with those kind of women.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Take care!


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous said…

One of my exes was adamant about never wanting kids…

Then soon after 30 she did a complete 180 and now is dying to have kids!

Thing is, women are good at living in denial for a while…until it builds up so much they can’t anymore.

Anyhow, if you don’t have a solid daddy prospect by 30-32, you have pretty much sealed your fate for the REST OF YOUR LIFE as an old spinster all alone as your fertility window soons shuts for good. Happy hunting, ladies!


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Funny Women never seem to care about the Glass Cellar Jobs. Jobs with terms like Widow Maker. In West Virgina last year 14 underground Coal Miners died of Suffocation in a mining Accident. All earned good wages but had a truly hazardous occupation. Their last thoughts were to leave notes to their Loved ones just before they died of Carbon monoxide poisoning and suffocation.

Women expect now to get preferential or special treatment their entire life. That is not realistic. The problem with Feminized Women is they are Children in Adult bodies. They are unrealistic and unreasonable.



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