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05 October 2006




“Check out my l33t gaming skillz, w000t!”

All women gamers, please stand up; by Jane Wakefield

The debate about how to get women more involved in gaming is a perennial one and one on which there is pretty wide agreement that not enough is being done.

So just a handful of whining women-firsters and fembots counts as a “pretty wide agreement” does it?

I don’t give a fuck whether there are no women involved in game, or loads. Doesn’t bother me. Then again, that’s something fembots can’t comprehend, the idea of not being bothered about something. Feminists are in a constant state of being bothered and cross about something.

There is, the argument goes, a failing at the heart of the gaming industry to engage women. But, as women increasingly make up the numbers in gaming statistics, there is also a growing realisation that there is a lot of money to be made from this burgeoning market.

What is worrying is that gaming chiefs are indeed realising there’s a lot of money to be made from these women – being far more materialistic and spendhappy than men (I’m an avid gamer, but I only buy a two or three games a month and only if I’ve read reviews on whether they’re any good or not) – which will sadly no doubt lead to more and more poxy Sims-styles games. Of course, if the supply of traditional First Person Shooters, Hitman games and RPGs continues, then I couldn’t care less about how many girly-games come out, but I dare say it might end up similar to television and movies, whereby that which caters to females dominates all. We’ll end up with Grand Theft Auto 4 featuring a female protagonist, one who regularly stops at traffic lights to retouch her make-up in the rear-view mirror, oblivious to a massive talkback of angrily beeping cars.

Women now account for around a third of UK gamers, so it is time to stop talking about women in gaming as if they lived in a separate universe?

This woman is contradicting her whole article. It’s this female “journalist” and her fembot buddies who are the ones going on about women gamers as if they were completely seperate. And continue to do so. That’s the whole essence of this bloody article; women are living in a seperate universe, let’s specifically cater to their needs. Then she accuses other people of doing that.

As well as appearing at events such as this weekend’s World Series of Video Games at London’s Trocadero, The Frag Dolls run a website aimed at being a friendly first-stop for women wanting to get more involved in games.

See? This is typical; they themselves consider themselves not to be “gamers” but “women gamers.” Of course they’ll be treated differently if they highlight their sex above everything else on the basis that it makes them different.

There is evidence to suggest that, despite the obstacles, young girls carry on playing games.

Well, how about a round of applause! Bravo! You can carry on playing games, how sooooo empowered! Seriously, girls seem to think that having a bowel movement makes them empowered.

“There has been a lot of stigma attached to gaming. It has been the preserve of geeky types sitting in their bedrooms but now there is more of a social aspect to gaming and women respond to that,” she said.

In other words, when men play video games, they’re sad geeks with no social skills, but when women do it, they’re empowered and their divine brilliance in need of recognition!

I honestly reckon there’ll be some sort of virtual Equal Opportunities Commission for computer games, to ensure there are enough female characters in games (but little or no female baddies) and perhaps a ban on it being in anyway possible to inflict violence on a female character. It may sound silly, but so does Equal Opportunities Commissions in the real world. Never underestimate the stupid shit feminists will do to keep themselves in jobs. After all, they’ve clearly found that gaming opens a whole new exciting world of portraying women as victims and bring in all sorts of groovy new oppressive laws to regulate private business, and the prospect of vast amounts of cash from spend-happy women will bring out the inner-mangina in gaming executives everywhere.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:06 PM

At 6:56 PM, Peregrine John said…

“I don’t give a fuck whether there are no women involved in game, or loads. Doesn’t bother me. Then again, that’s something fembots can’t comprehend, the idea of not being bothered about something.”

This (if seen) will get a lot of responses to this effect: “You sure go on about it for someone who doesn’t care.” For readers tempted to so respond, please ponder other possible reasons for posting this aside from actually giving a rip about the % of female gamers patronizing the industry. When you light upon one, an epiphany should follow regarding this entire blog. A hint: the reason has nothing (nothing) to do with gaming.


At 10:38 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

As a man, I’ve always assumed it was my responsibility to achieve things for myself. Not so women who constantly blame everyone but themselves for their own inactivity. So girls here’s some advice if you want to succeed at something:

1. Get off your fat arse.

2. Stop blaming others for your own lack of effort.

3. Do not give up just because a task is difficult.

4. Take responsibility for your own failures.

There you are girls…simple!


At 11:50 PM, BR said…

Yep, once again feminists, manginas, etc., manage to confuse human preference with some sort of inequity that needs correction.

The games industry is already pandering to women disproportionately to the number of female gamers actually present, and watering down even games aimed at men in the process, but it’s never enough for them. After all, admitting it is would ruin their victim status.

Your comment about how women in gaming always think of themselves as “Women Gamers” rather than simply “Gamers” is spot on, I’ve noticed that myself. They always have to have their little world of female-exclusivity which men aren’t supposed to be a part of, hence all the “women gamers” websites, gaming clans, etc. Male gamers never try to exclude women, but females are quite eager to exclude us, grab their precious victim status, and set about getting special privileges in yet another industry, one which men started, men pay for and support, and is here because of us, and our entertainment preferences as men and boys.

Now that the industry has reached a certain level of glamor and mainstream consciousness, suddenly they show up and expect to be catered to. That’d be like a man joining a knitting club and expecting everything about it to suddenly revolve around his needs (and actually being given what he wants!).


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous said…

I’ve seen the ‘statistics’ that claim there is a high percentage of female gamers and they are at best skewed. First off, they count things like online backgammon players as being gamers. While that might be technically called a ‘video game’, it’s not the same as something like grand theft auto or counter strike. I guess my grandma is a ‘gamer’ because she plays a game of computer solitaire every now and then. And the other thing is that you can pop in a game once a month and be considered a ‘gamer’. I’ve seen tons of guys who have buttloads of games and play all the time. I’ve seen male nerds hauling their labtops and handhelds everywhere. But I just don’t hear of women having that kind of zeal. What we have here is a bogus statistic.


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