Hollywood has-been charged with refusing her ex-husband’s visitation rights


05 October 2006

Basinger will be tried in custody battle

Kim Basinger will go to trial after pleading not guilty Wednesday to disregarding court orders concerning ex-husband Alec Baldwin’s visitation rights with their daughter, a court official ordered.

Court papers filed by Baldwin allege that in 2005, the Academy Award-winning actress ignored court orders by not letting her ex-husband know she would be out of town working so that he could take care of their 10-year-old daughter until she returned.

Hmm, a tiny bit of sense sneaking in to the family courts. I doubt if she’ll be found guilty, or if so, she won’t be punished in anyway. She can surely just make up a few false allegations of abuse.

What the fuck has she ever starred in anyway, apart from that porny flick with Mickey O’Rourke?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:23 PM


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous said…

Some laws apply only to celebrities it seems.


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