07 October 2006


Family violence is a hidden problem within Australian society. Nearly 1 in 4 women experience family violence in a marriage or marriage-like relationship.

This twittering pile of man-hating shit – funded by the taxes of Australians – tries so desperately to find further reasons to demonize men and portray women as constant victims. It presents a list of ways to identify yourself as a (chorus of angels singing) VICTIM:

Physical: punching, hitting, shoving, kicking or injuring with weapons.

Okay, that’s rather abusive, I can handle that. Obviously women are as likely as to indulge in that as men, but Heaven forbid us from pointing that out to the general population. Fembots don’t want their funding cut off, do they?

Sexual: forcing or demanding sex or sexual acts which a person does not wish to perform.

Look, woman, if you marry a guy and expect him to provide for you until you die, the least you can do is put out for him.

Verbal: harassment, put downs, insults, comments intended to humiliate, and name calling.

Women indulge in this far more than men. Women excel in verbal abuse, insults and shaming, even on men they’re not in a relationship with.

Social: not allowing a person in your family to have friends, isolating them from other family members, denying them access to the car or telephone and making public insults.

Yes, yes, I know this is made out to conjure up the image of some nasty man preventing a woman from going out, but that doesn’t really happen, does it? Instead, what you’re likely to encounter when organizing a Lad’s Night Out is poor old married guy muttering “I can’t go out, Her Indoors went mental the last time I went out and came home at midnight.”

Financial: expecting a person in your family to cope with inadequate money and not sharing the family resources fairly.

Transalation employing my Feminist/Human – Human/Feminist Dictionary:

Working every waking hour but not able to afford all the useless shit your fucking materialistic cunt of a wife demands because you dare waste the family (i.e. yours) resources on useless shit like paying the mortgage or feeding the kids.

Emotional: using threats or manipulative behaviour, such as threatening to leave or commit suicide, unless you get your way.

Threats to leave eh? Let’s see now…the well-earned stereotype of relationships is women threatening to leave. And threats of suicide? Well, we’re talking of martyrdom here, victimhood. That’s what women love.

Spiritual: putting down a person in your family’s religious or spiritual beliefs, preventing her from attending religious gatherings.

Sorry, did you say ‘her’? Isn’t this meant to be gender neutral? Oh, actually, clearly not. Let’s not even bother trying to be objective or scientific in this, let’s just assume all men are vile scum and all women are victims incapable of doing anything bad.

Male Privilege: expecting a person in your family should obey or serve you, or that your opinions, feelings and actions are more important than theirs.

Ah, here we get to the brutal honesty of this whole pile of feminist filth. Basically, “Male Privilege” is abuse. In other words, if you are born male, you are abusive, and you are being horribly evil and nasty if you dare expect to go one minute without being punished for being a man. How dare you even expect custody of your children, the right to possession of your possessions, or to even have custody of the oxygen you inhale? You filthy males, die die die!!!!

The only good feminist is a dead one.


“I have a (sob) penis, (boo-hoo), please send someone round to cut it off before I kill again!!!!11”

I think I’ll say that above conclusion again, because it’s true:

The only good feminist is a dead one.

Here’s loads more shit from the Fembots of the Southern Hemisphere. T’is too much for one blogger to mock.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:39 PM

At 8:10 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Dear Duncan: I looked at the list of abusive behaviour and I note that when I was married I suffered these “attacks” from my then wife on a daily basis. Does this make me an “official victim”? Can you tell me where, as an abused man, I can get sympathy and government funding to indulge myself? Perhaps we could form some kind of victimised men’s group and get government funding so that we can spend millions of pounds of taxpayers money wallowing around feeling sorry for ourselves? Once we get this fountain of free cash we could lower the qualification for the definition of abuse so that more men fit the criteria. We could then go back to our government and get more funding. Of course, we’d both have to make the sacrifice of giving up our jobs so that we could spend more time helping out other abused brothers. I know you would be keen to help oppressed and abused men everywhere. What do you think Duncan?


At 9:39 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

An Open Letter To Women In The Domestic Violence Movement From Erin Pizzey.

“Because of these views, and daring to speak out, I’ve been vilified, and physically threatened many times by women in the domestic violence movement. Don’t tell me that women can’t be violent!


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous said…

Our Aussie Brothers need to tell Aussie Women to stuff it. And walk on their Skanky Arses like Men in the US are doing to US Crap Women. It is sinking into the Skanks in the US, that American Men are fed up with their asses. Only the Lesbian Leaders like Oprah and her Pals continue to feed our Skanks here their delusional beliefs that they are Princesses.



At 11:52 PM, MS said…

“Nearly 1 in 4 women experience family violence in a marriage or marriage-like relationship.”

…1/2 of them as perpetrators…


At 6:11 AM, EnlightenedMan82 said…

Ah, how fun! A true man, filled with so much vitriol against women. Be proud, fellow! So your penis size is 2″ (hard) and you can’t get any woman you’ve been with to orgasm. Fear not! There are lots of men like you in the world — and many of them post here, apparently.

Have you looked into whether you’re a haemphrodite? That may explain some of the unwarranted vituperative blather that you spew.

This post will no doubt foster much foaming of the mouth by you and your band of evolution-stunted comrades, so I won’t be caught unawares.

Maybe you can go to Africa where men will hold you down as you hit puberty and cut off your foreskin and the head of your penis with a dull knife. Sounds like fun, eh? It’s called Genital Cutting, and done to women there. Let’s be equal opportunists here!

Maybe you can to Afghanistan where you’ll be pelted to death by your village for looking at a woman the wrong way. Happens all the time to women! Book your ticket now, fair lad; there’s a good deal on prices this season.

Or, perhaps, the idyllic America in the fall. Ah, how beautiful the changing of the seasons! You can work your ass off at an Ivy League university (like, say, Harvard), graduate summa cum laude and then spend the rest of your life earning 75 cents to the dollar the guy in the cubicle next to you earns for graduating from BumFuckCollege. New York beckons! Take a bite out of that Big Apple, young man.

Now once you’ve picked your destination, do remember to take the proper vaccinations. And don’t forget to cut your dick off either (this may actually help if you decide to go to Africa — you won’t have to go through the Genital Cutting!!). Don’t worry, the way you use it, no woman will miss that thing!

Hope this guide was helpful! Bon voyage!


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous said…

“The only good feminist is a dead one.”

OK… That’s taking it way too far, and perpetuating the stereotype of MRAs as violent, bloodthirsty goons.

The sad thing is that we really need a prominent MR blogger, one who doesn’t play into the hands of those bene gesserit witches.

“Anger is a killing thing: it kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before – it takes something from him.” — Louis L’Amour


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous said…

I think that I just read a report out of AU that debunked a lot of the feminist propaganda about violence in that country. The report basically said that men were more likely to be the victims of violence, and that women were far more likely to assault men, than men were likely to assault women. The report was done by the AU government. Can’t find the link…


At 5:52 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Fear not, EnlightenedMan82 (is that your age, or IQ?) I did not foam at the mouth at you or your post. There was, in fact, nothing but a few mild chuckles and tired yawns at your witless tirade, you illogical off-topic rants, your feeble attempts at sarcasm, not to mention your childlike belief that I’ve never ever had anyone accuse me of having a small dick or being unable to get a woman before. Only about fifty million times. After all, writing “you’ve got a 2-inch dick, nyer-nyer” is so much easier for people like you than trying to use logic, isn’t it?

I dare say EnlightenedMan is really a woman, bearing in mind all the shaming language and emotive drivel, especially as females posing as males always tend to make their sex extra-obvious in their nickname, either with a traditional bloke’s name (like Bill or Tom) or by using the term “Man” or “Guy” in their name somewhere. Then again, sadly, there really are men who do talk like EnlightenedMan, who genuinely think that, whilst it is fine for women and feminists to pour scorn and hate upon men – even to make a subject out of it, Women’s Studies – any man who throws that criticism and animosity back at them is somehow evil.

Very sad. Almost as sad is the fact that I’ve wasted fifty-seconds typing this response to the silly arse-biscuit.


At 6:02 PM, byrdeye said…

“spend the rest of your life earning 75 cents to the dollar the guy in the cubicle next to you earns for graduating from BumFuckCollege”

Lol, another ignoRANT femtard puking up the same old BS rhetoric that professional whiners have built their careers and movements on…


At 8:38 PM, phoenix said…

Notice how he also believes that where you went to for college is more important than anything else. Forget the fact that a lot of it is based on your financial situation, luck, and a certain amount of cheating-either from you personally in school work, or from others getting you into these “prestigious institutions of higher learning”-why is your performance in the REAL WORLD irrelevant? If someone is better at a job than you are, why for fuck’s sake should they get paid less than you because of where you went before you started the job? This is typical feminist thinking, they set up a system in academia where women are favored over men, both in grading and in acceptances, and then when it doesn’t translate over actual business they get angry and demand businesses change to favor them too. They absolutely refuse to hold themselves accountable for their actions, and refuse to be judged fairly.

Why do people search for this blog if they’re feminists anyway? We don’t go around looking for the feminist blogs and then trolling on them. I guess you won’t have an answer Duncan, but why are women and manginas devoid of logic and common sense? Is it perhaps testosterone related?


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous said…

What is truly amusing about the FemNags and their endless Bull shit is the 75 cents on the dollar. Hey here’s an idea take a class in Economics and read the data. Maybe we can discuss the Glass Cellar some time Bitch. And how 94% of on the job deaths are Men. You know the disposable Gender.

We no longer care what Lies you and the other FemNags care to spew. The West is not Central Asia or the Mid East. Men have willing given up power. And been stabbed in the back for it.



At 8:43 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

phoenix said: “Why do people search for this blog if they’re feminists anyway? We don’t go around looking for the feminist blogs and then trolling on them.”

I’ve tried leaving comments on feminist blogs before (not foul mouth trolling BTW) and most have been censored. The one thing they seem to hate more than anything is logic, real facts and rational debate.


At 5:28 PM, Verlch said…

“Be proud, fellow! So your penis size is 2″ (hard) and you can’t get any woman you’ve been with to orgasm. Fear not! There are lots of men like you in the world — and many of them post here, apparently.”

Where are all these skanks wanting to satisfy men, with herpes anyways!

“Maybe you can go to Africa where men will hold you down as you hit puberty and cut off your foreskin and the head of your penis with a dull knife.”

How about we find 100 foreign wives and marry them all because they are hotter than the 2/3rds of American skanks that are overweight and don’t care because they are married and don’t need to look good anymore!

In the feminist blogosphere you are censored because they are for one, Commie’s at heart, and the other is they hate to be wrong about any issues. The parts they are wrong about, us manly men do not hesitate to point them out!!!!!

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