Disabled boy tortured by girls for looking at them


07 October 2006

Girls ‘forced handicapped boy to eat own faeces’

Two 12-year-old girls have faced court charged with bashing and torturing an intellectually and physically handicapped teenager in Brisbane.

The children, who cannot be named, faced Brisbane Children’s court this morning charged with attacking the 15-year-old boy at an abandoned property on Samford Road at Mitchelon, in Brisbane’s north-west, on Tuesday.


The group allegedly forced the boy to eat his own faeces and broken glass while one of the girls is accused of threatening him with a metal bar.

I thought girls were never violent though? Oh, wait, I suppose they were only acting in self-defence. After all, the handicapped boy did – gasp – look at them. No doubt they’ll just blame the two boys with them, even though, by the looks of it, one of the girls instigated it all.

It’s not surprising shit like this happens when a hatred towards boys and violence towards them by girls is celebrated in the mass-media and females who indulge in it so regularly painted as victims themselves and given little or no punishment (such as the case last year when a 12-year-old girl attempted to murder a 5-year-old boy by hanging him, and ended up getting a suspended sentence.)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:31 PM


At 9:12 PM, nevo said…


My ex not only use to beat me but also the kids until I call the social services and the child protection service to put a stop to her.
Of course she blames me for teaching the children the wrong things (believe or not that’s is her claim) but I don’t think it will stand up in my next divorce court appearance.
Provided the judges do proper justice, she’ll end up holding the wrong end of the stick.
Keep fingers crossed!!!



At 10:19 PM, voloohaar said…

“After all, the handicapped boy did – gasp – look at them.”

Duncan, dontchaknow, that’s a classic example of eye-raype! Teh horror!


At 10:46 PM, phoenix said…

Sorry nevo, but you won’t get to see your children and will be on the hook for divorce payments to her. I’ve seen cases where the mother was a violent drug addict, and the social services absolutely refused to listen to the father’s pleas. The mother eventually killed the children. I don’t think she even got jail time, the father did get jail time though, since he broke custody rules when he tried to save the children. That’s how the legal system and bureaucracy is set up. I’m sure you can find the article if you search. When you give a group of people that have a constant victimhood complex, a sense of entitlement, an absolute refusal to accept responsibility, and they have a hatred of another group of people, the group they hate will always be disadvantaged in absurd ways. Put simply, women should be kept as far, far away from any bit of power, no matter how small, as possible.


At 3:26 AM, Anonymous said…

phoenix, I hardly think that women should be kept out of any and all positions of power, but there is definitely a disconnect in our system when a good, responsible father has to literally tear the system apart to be able to protect the things he loves most. I am truly sorry for what you must be going through Nevo and I wish you the best of luck!


At 6:55 AM, nevo said…

I do not know where you’ve seen the story, it seems to me the officers responsible for the welfare of the children are, at the very least, guilty of dereliction of duty when they failed to secure the safety of the kids. If the father takes them to court, as he ought to for his children, someone may end up with a jail sentence.
In my town, they will take the children to foster parents immediately if they are associated with drugs in any way.
Back to my problem.
My son is now at the age where he’s opinion will be taken into account by the judges, as to whom he would rather live.
He also understands the power that gives him this choice and he’s using it against her.
When last time I talk to the judge (fortunately she was not there) I asked what will happen to the house, as I am the sole proprietor. She has only matrimonial rights on it (because of the laws produced by manginas politicians)It will be very unlikely I’ll be the one leaving.

I am very confident I will be coming out of this nightmare on top.
If not I can always recourse to the European Court of Human Rights and claim that the state has no right to deprive me of my life savings.

I’ll keep you posted.



At 10:39 AM, Drifter said…

It is just me or are boys from the latest generation wising up to all this.

They may be failing at school, but that’s only because they’re developing an “immunity” to whole feminist education system far earlier.

You only need to listen to the latest rap songs to see what I mean. The key messages being – a growing lack of respect for women, a lack of respect for authority or other government systems, and declaration of the harshness of life and value of brotherhood.

Not that I believe that rap songs are a good way to educate children for a better society. But I do believe in the ability of people to adapt to their surroundings. In this respect, social change will follow the physical law of “every action has a equal and opposite reaction”.

In this case, the sins of the mothers will likely be revisited on their daughters. Such is the consequence of the feminist war against boys.


At 5:40 PM, Anonymous said…

Some women are wicked. Some men are wicked. Most men and women are great. This is the only view you can take.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous said…

“When you give a group of people that have a constant victimhood complex, a sense of entitlement, an absolute refusal to accept responsibility, and they have a hatred of another group of people, the group they hate will always be disadvantaged in absurd ways.”

BINGO!!!!!!! Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY!


At 4:42 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Anonymous 5.40PM: Mmmm….sorry, no. Your suggestion is too simplistic.

It sounds correct, but you are not taking into account the fact that those in power in our country (and others) have systematically dismantled the barriers that would have prevented one sex (guess which one) from indulging in evil behaviour. By opening the floodgates, they have thus encouraged more and more women to indulge in evil practices – because they can get away with it.

Some men may be just as intrinsically evil as some women, but men can’t away with it. They will be tracked down and punished, which is some deterrent. What deterrent do women have?


At 1:29 AM, phoenix said…

nevo: it happened on long island, new york about 2 years or so ago. I remember seeing it in a newspaper. I wish I could get you the exact article, but I don’t remember the title or author, or the exact date. If I’m remembering the article correctly, his lawsuit was dismissed and nobody was punished. I don’t know if any outrage occurred after the printing of the article, I somehow doubt it. After all, it’s only a few children murdered by a mother, I doubt she got jail time herself. She was probably the target of sympathy.

A good divorce attorney will claim that you are turning the children against your wife by brainwashing them, if they say anything negative about her. Ultimately, if the judge is on your side, you will win, if the judge isn’t, they’ll find a way to fuck you over. I hope it does not happen to you, but I am not optimistic at all with the current state of law.


At 5:48 AM, Anonymous said…

why is that no one is upset in this post when the man is referred to as a retard?


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