The Glass Ceiling exists! 15 women say so.


09 October 2006

The City’s still a man’s world, women tell study

Women in the City sector that has created more female leaders than any other say that they are being held back by their sex, according to a study of senior City professionals.

Right, so they claim they’re being held back because of their sex. So what? That doesn’t mean it’s true. It almost certainly isn’t, given that many modern women seem incapable of holding themselves responsible for their own failings and choices.

It’s like the frequent claims that, according to “studies”, women are underpaid, a conclusion obtained from asking women whether they felt they wanted a pay-rise. Well, duh! Ask any demographic that question and most would say yes.

They blamed a long-hours culture and male-orientated networking events, as well as, in some cases, women’s reluctance to push themselves forward for promotion.

So in other words, there is no glass ceiling, as we all know. It’s just women not wanting to work long hours (“It interferes with our desire for a work/life balance!”) or just not going for promotion.

Maybe there’s a glass ceiling at my workplace, one to stop me from being a manager. After all, I’m not a manager, solely because I can’t be bothered to push for promotion and nor can I be arsed to put in the extra hours. Yet according that criteria there’s a glass ceiling designed to keep me down. I am so oppressed, sob!

Hanson Green interviewed 30 senior women for its study.

Blimey, a whole thirty women being interviewed! And half said they were being held back because of sexism? So fifteen women in the whole of London claim there’s a glass ceiling and it gets a page in a The Times. Big fucking deal. I’m sure you can find fifteen people in London who believe Elvis is still alive but that doesn’t make it so, nor worthy of reporting as if it were true.

Furthermore, check out this.

Nervous men kill off the office romance

A SERIES of high-profile harassment cases has sparked the first signs of “segregation” in the workplace as relationships between the sexes are disrupted by mutual suspicion.

Men are self-censoring innocent compliments and office banter when in mixed company, killing off office romance, according to a study by psychologists at the University of California, Los Angeles.


“The unintended consequence of sexual harassment awareness is that women suffer from men’s uncertainty on how to behave.

“While it is mostly the men who feel restricted in what they say, unfortunately the career implications affect the women because the men have the power and women have a hard time befriending men.”

“Just as the glass ceiling prevents women from reaching the top of organisations, the glass partition prevents women from making the friendships that could help their careers.”

For starters, this isn’t news. Furthermore, how the fuck does not making “friendships” prevent career advancement? Friendships may help, but generally, in the real world, you get promotions by working hard, not by being mates with the boss. I’ve known bosses promote guys they didn’t really like on a personal basis much, but simply because those guys bought in the profits. If women think they can get to the top by just friendships, it’s clear where they’re going wrong! Finally, note how the whole thing blames us men, us nasty evil men daring to not fraternize or flirt with female colleagues just because we might get done for sexual harassment! If we’re friendly with women, we’re evil sexual harassers, if we don’t, we’re making them feel left out.

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Nothing new there.

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At 5:55 PM, byrdeye said…

You’ll notice that most feminist womyn’s “studies” are completely scientifically invalid. They have to be, in order to arrive at the false conclusions that they want.


At 6:31 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

I’m employed by a government agency, and let me tell you, the sexual harassment policy is nothing short of insane.

ANY physically contact, including the slightest brushing up against a woman in passing can be grounds for termination. Any unwelcome look, if deemed sexual or leering by the woman, is grounds for termination. ANY unwelcome comments, not necessarily sexual, that make a woman uncomfortable, are grounds for termination.

Any “homophobic” comments.

In short, anything you say or do in their presence can get you fired. Even if they hear about your comments second hand. Last year, we had a husband/wife couple who are both working here kiss in passing. Nothing sexual. Just a peck. A woman screamed sexual harassment, and this couple almost lost their jobs. Their kissing made this other woman “uncomfortable”.


When is a woman NOT uncomfortable? Or pissed? Or….

When at work, I almost never speak to women. I never smile. I never discuss my personal life. Religion. Politics. Anything. Only business. I am never alone with one of them. I keep a distance of at least several feet away from them at all times.

I treat women like the enemy, because, in fact, they are the enemy.

They always have been.



At 6:41 PM, voodoojock said…

Never did strike their mind that the reason men have to work long hours at their jobs is both to support their spend-thrift wives as well as make up the slack for the career woman that has to knock off early to pick up the kids at school.

Once again, this is an illusion of their own creation.


At 7:10 PM, Viking said…

I can certainly see how the lack of male/female fraternization would have a negative impact on a woman’s ability to advance…

Without the opportunity to accuse men of sexual harassment, and thereby remove potential rivals and at the same time gain leverage over the organization, a woman might actually have to compete with her peers on the basis of productivity alone, an obvious disadvantage. Also, for the better looking women out there, it also removes much the opportunity to for her to “ply her feminine wiles” in order to gain favor. It’s obviously a conspiracy to keep women for using those attributes that they are stronger in such as the ubiquitous communications skills, people skills and/or soft skills.


At 7:11 PM, ditchthebitch said…

I have been avoiding women in the workplace now myself for the last 2 years- it’s nice to finally see an article about this- just to know I’m not losing my mind or think I’ve been over-reacting to the possible danger all this time. I saw this gag on Saturday Night Live a few months ago that was a mock up of a ‘sexual harassment education’ film that employers show their employees- it showed a balding, overweight guy walk up to a woman typing in the office, and she just said, “no,” before he even said anything. Then a more attractive, younger guy walks up in his underwear, starts grabbing her breasts and everything’s just peachy. The narrator says along with it spelled out on the screen, “To avoid sexual harassment accusations- be attractive. Don’t be unattractive.” The real point is, though, even if you ARE attractive as a man, it still doesn’t matter- what if you’re just not all that bright when it comes to talking to women? Sure, it sucks, but that doesn’t mean that you should be fired and the company SUED. Plus- bottom line, just not knowing what a woman MAY find offensive isn’t even the tip of the iceberg- she could simply misinterpret an innocent comment because you didn’t put the accent on the syllables just right- not to mention the fact all the massive false allegations by women simply to cash in- makes women in the workplace LETHAL to a business. The solution is simple- if women mixed with men in the workplace causes a threat of sexual harassment, then who do you think should be the ones to go? Who do you think is more necessary anyway to any business? Do you really think that if all the women in workplace left tomorrow it would really make any real difference? Businesses have always thrived off the testosterone drive of males and the resulting competitive edge-women legally forced their way into the workforce and not only are they poor at production, they are a liability. Absolutely- all men should completely avoid women in the workplace unless they absolutely have to speak to them- women are insane and the risk is just too great. Maybe as a result women will begin to finally leave the workplace and we can have things back to normal.


At 8:01 PM, Days of Broken Windows said…

I’m glad this information is finally being validated, because I have been avoiding women at work for years for this very reason.

But I want to stress something to the regulars: The women most likely to accuse are those who dress the most provocatively. That’s because these women LIVE for drama. The Internet has exposed this — because there are many women on My Space that post sexy pics of themselves, then complain about that in their My Space blogs!! This is called creating chaos, and it’s men who have to pay when this happens in the workplace.

For an example, go here


At 8:14 PM, phoenix said…

And how do you think it makes us men feel, to have to walk around on eggshells and work like robots at work? Wait, you just don’t care, because we’re men? Yeah, I thought so. I hate work because of women. Women still gossip and say inappropriate things to men, other women, or on the phone, so I don’t see how it impacts them. It’s the men that are basically isolated. Women spend their time spying on men too so that you can’t even surf the web at some jobs.

I remember a job I had as a temp awhile back. It was 2 men other than me, and they worked at the front. I worked towards the back with all women. The women would occasionally take shopping breaks together and act like we couldn’t live without them. When they were gone, everything ran extremely smoothly. When they were there, they’d bitch about how much work there was, say really stupid and inappropriate things the entire time, make fun of each other, cause drama, etc. They’d whine that we weren’t working, meanwhile they’d sit around and gossip. I remember once a few of us were talking about sports, this one woman got extremely mad at us. I think we talked for about 10 minutes, whereas these women would spend hours and hours talking. They hypocrisy was just ridiculous.

I would much rather get into a physical fight, and then relax and be friends with someone rather than be the victim of a long emotional/verbal assault that women specialize in. It’s amazing to me that courts can on the one hand claim a man verbally abusing his wife assaulted her, but on the other completely ignore nagging and whining and belittling from the woman towards the man. Men are just absolutely not even allowed to defend themselves, they’re being forced to be defenseless victims.

Why do women need protection? The only thing they would need protection from men is in physical force. The government and workplaces prevent that. If anything, men need to be protected from women’s emotional and verbal abuse.

I should have become a construction worker, or sanitation worker. What is the point of higher education? I’m a lot dumber now that when I was younger and could pursue subjects on my own. I’m now stuck working with women, have less intelligence, and am surrounded by people that think a bullshit piece of paper costing tens of thousands of dollars is the measure of intelligence. Most women are like that poster in another thread, Patricia. Absolutely no mental activity occurring, the use of pre-“learned” patterns rather than acquiring and adjusting to the specific situation, shaming language and put-downs, appeals to previous “accomplishment” of academia. What’s it all for? Why does anybody need 6 figures? mid-5 figures are plenty enough if you live on your own, and there should be plenty of jobs that pay that much. Society is doomed when more and more men realize this. We always pushed ourselves for women, but now women are making themselves worthless, and actually harmful to us.


At 4:31 AM, Anonymous said…

Wow, I can’t believe how many chumps are kissing this cougar’s oversized azz? How pathetic have we become? This lady needs to drop 30 lbs, 10 years and her attitude to really be deserving of all those alleged come-on’s…


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous said…

What amazes me is that they are absolutely not willing to take responsibility for their actions nor do they accept to live with it or to admit they made a mistake. Facing the fact that men aren`t willing to have contact with them in the workplace anymore, they don`t say: “Seems we`ve gone to far”. Instead they asked themselves: “Why are men so scared? We aren`t.”
Of course they aren`t, they don`t live under the constant threat of being accused for sexual harassment. Don`t they really see that they are to blame for the situation. It takes only one woman to poison the atmosphere in the whole company. The other women suffer from it too. So why do they blame the men instead of blaming the ones that really are responsible.

We don`t have strict laws against sexual harassment in the workplace in Germany, so you can stil work together with women here. The slightest attempts by our government to pass such laws have caused an outrage by German man an some women too. I hope we can keep that situation. Because what I learned about the situation in the US or GB really scares me.



At 11:51 AM, darkbhudda said…

Reminds me of the story of a women who overheard a dirty joke and sued for sexual harassment because she felt uncomfortable and threatened.

She got a massive payout, and a massive pay rise and a great new slacker executive job in a different department. The people in the new department all went quiet when she walked in the room just in case she took offense. So she sued them for sexual harassment too, because she felt uncomfortable and threatened.

I avoid women at work, the females at our HR department make the most sexist anti-male jokes during sexual harassment training.

They took the woman’s side at an accusation at work, besmirching some guys’ reputations even though every single accusation was refuted and her real motivations were exposed. Just making an accusation is proof enough for women.


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Hedge fund managers live in a world that has everything to do with results. Period. I think that the author just needed to fill column inches and thought “well, this should do.”
Feminism and feminists have had a very “tough go” because the financial industries are results oriented. Investors care about profits above all else.
Kind of makes me wonder what these girls returns are…


At 7:34 PM, ditchthebitch said…

“ANY unwelcome comments, not necessarily sexual, that make a woman uncomfortable, are grounds for termination.”

So Chris in Oregon- are you implying what I think you are? In other words does this making ‘women uncomfortable’ include a reprimand from a male supervisor? What about arguments between a male and a female employee? In other words, is this nothing more than a way of using sexual harassment laws to make men nothing more than slaves in the office, where they can’t even question what a woman tells them what to do and can do anything they want to them? Or is this where it’s going you suspect? I had never considered that women might eventually do this (like all the nightmares we face from women and the laws nowadays) but it makes sense in a very perverse way. Do realize I have learned more about what is going on from this blog and others than in all of the tv and radio, and newspaper news?


At 4:31 AM, Days of Broken Windows said…

One of the top salesMEN at my company was not fire, but left of his own accord. The reason was that he had a female supervisor who found fault with things like the way he sat and how he moved his arms when he talked. Notice how this is similar to the way boys are treated in school.

Anyway, the salesman stood like 6’4″ and sometimes would touch people on their shoulders when he spoke to them. He made the mistake of doing this to two women, twice and kept getting called on the carpet from HR. He finally just left and the company lost mega dollars because of this. Oh well.


At 12:20 PM, Bryce said…

No wonder companies are automating and offshoring jobs to China and India…which means fewer well-paying jobs for men…which means fewer opportunities for women to marry up…which means more women spend their golden years alone with their cats.

And these wimmin have the nerve to complain that “they can’t find a good man.”


At 5:21 PM, Verlch said…

“So she sued them for sexual harassment too, because she felt uncomfortable and threatened.”

Yeah, they are on the lookout for a major pay out! Just another avenue feminist lesbians try to divide the sexes.


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