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11 October 2006

Another couple of great pics from Marc:



posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:42 PM


At 3:26 AM, nevo said…

I have been roaming the net, searching for cues to help me with an idea I have been pondering on, now for sometime.
In my last divorce court attendance, I propose to the judge that my ex was in breach of a legal civil contract.
His answer was “there’s no breach of contract in a divorce”.
I think he was wrong on this point, because of a new law introduced by the British government two years ago.
It is titled:
**Civil Partnership Act 2004**
which I have printed out from an internet site.
I may be mistaken on this but, I think, this law was introduced to equalize the homosexual union to the heterosexual one in order to give the partners rights regardless of their sexual orientation, which they didn’t have before when their relationship ended.
But that’s not the point I want to make.
The goverment, by introducing this law, also, and unwittingly I dare say, introduced the idea that a marriage “”IS”” a civil partnership, hence subject to the law of “”BREACH OF CONTRACT”” as any other contract in civil life.
In England, the definition of “BREACH of CONTRACT” specifies that and quote:
Breach: the breaking or violating of the law, right, or duty, either by commission or ommission. The failure of one part to carry out any condition of the contract.
Contract law: pertains to the rights and obligations of parties entering into contracts.
Breach of Contract: is a legal concept in which a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honoured by one of the parties to the contract by non-performance or interference with the other party’s performance.
There’s also a possible “”TORT ACTION FOR ALIENATION OF AFFECTION”” but this one is bit “iffy” to pursue.
I never heard anyone making such a claim. This is so, I believe, because everyone takes the conventional view given by solicitors firms, which everybody knows, they only think of their coffers.
Now the main points of this civil contract are as follows:
~” Each of us agreed to be open and honest with each other’s wishes and needs to love and support each other in good times and bad, and to be faithful to each other as long as we are both alive.”~
A divorce clearly breaks all this commitments, therefore, subjet to the breach of contract law.

I believe in this idea making a difference in a rip off, sham marriages.
It could also spell the end of the gold-digging by women with no better principles than an alley-cat.
What do you think?



At 8:56 AM, Maximus said…

Nevo, mate. Whilst I do empathise with your position and seeing the entire point you are making, there’s two problems, unfortunately, with your line of thinking – at least as far as my limited legal knowledge is concerned.

Firstly, to be recognised as a legal civil contract, one of the conditions is that it MUST contain what is called a “consideration”. A consideration is legal parlance for some sort of remuneration or reward that MUST be expressed within the context of the contract, written or verbal. You must show that there was an agreement between the parties to specifically remunerate or reward the other party/ies (usually money) for specific services or goods. If not, you don’t have a contract, ergo there can be no breach of it.

Secondly, despite homosexual type partnership laws, there are specific marriage and family law legislation which is specific to marriage. Where such law exists and applies to someone’s circumstances – such as a divorce – then that law takes precedence over and above any other law or legislation.

However, you are to be commended for thinking as you do and many more MRA’s need to think outside the square as you are doing. It is possible to use laws as you suggest, but it would be extremely time consuming – the judiciary would tie you up for years, costing enormous amounts of money – and take it all the way through the different tiers of courts to the highest authority in the land.

Doing that, the way to do it would be by arguing the “Human Rights” issues created through the EU and probably even ending up in an EU court.

The important thing is you’re on the right track in your thinking, but haven’t quite figured the specifics yet.

These things could be done on a multitude of other men’s issues too. Modern governments have been making adhoc laws so much these days, so quickly, they’re bound to have enormous loopholes in them and unanticipated ramifications.

What appeals to me is the irony of using their own anti-male laws and turning them back against them. It can be done, but it’s going to need organisation, a very good, sound test case and some expert lawyers dedicated to the MRA’s cause.

But one day, it will come.

Just keep thinking as you do, I believe you are definitely on the right track and don’t let anyone convince you differently.


At 2:26 PM, Thunderchild said…


I may be barking up the wrong tree entirely here, however, I seem to remember that under English Law if you became engaged to a woman and then refused to marry her she could sue you for breach of contract. I seem to remember this because Scottish Law is different and this particular caveat does not apply. It might be worth exploring.



At 2:46 PM, Thunderchild said…


To follow up – look under “Breach of Promise” and explore.


At 3:50 PM, pete said…

The pics are awesome.

You might be interested in this as well.

Its an archive of the Sixteen Volts blog, culled from Google Cache. If you could post it on your blog, that would be great as well.


At 5:12 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

The discontent with women is growing, and I hear negative comments everywhere. Men are getting fed up with the bullshit.

If you get a chance, go to Scroll down to “Dyna Glide Models”, and then look at the thread titled “Bye Bye Girlfriend“. The original poster doesn’t write that well, but what is interesting are the many comments from other men. Some are married, some are not. But the hostility is strong. Keep in mind that the average Harley rider these days has a pretty high income and is well educated. Most of these guys aren’t bar-hopping losers. They reflect the growing hatred that men are starting to feel for women, and it’s crossing all cultural, social and educational barriers.

Women, damned fools that they are, don’t see the train coming down the tracks at them. I recall the words uttered by the Japanese admiral after Pearl Harbor. He said all they had done was to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. This is what women are doing, and pay back is going to be a bitch. (Burkas anyone?)

Women won’t discover their mistakes until it’s too late. The isolated cases of violence against women will snowball. It has to. Women are violating the natural order of things, and nature will restore things in due time. Women will be the losers, and it will be a violent re-adjustment.

I’m not personally advocating violence; it simply has to be.

Anyhoo, please go to the HD and check out the comments, It will be well worth your time.



At 7:37 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Feminists and mangina governments cannot stop the tide of change that is exploding in male thinking. Ordinary men across the Western world are shouting “enough is enough.” We’re sick to the back teeth with feminists whinging about imaginary problems and the ever increasing female wish list of demands. Females have brought about their own downfall and fall they will. Men are going their own way and now routinely do not involve women in our lives except as a temporary distraction. In response women complain…so what…tough. The future for females is bleak and lonely. One third of women now live alone…tough. In ten years this will be two thirds….tough. “Men will not marry” they bleat…tough. You made the rules and men have left the game. Of course ladies, you could always buy a cat.


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous said…

Here’s christopher’s link.


At 10:20 PM, nevo said…

Hi maximus!
You have made some very good points but somehow, this points do not persuade me that the basic idea is wrong.
It is likely that others laws and cases may affect it in someform along the way, but do not think it may be a terminal case.
There are plenty of considerations in a marriage. And women know them very well when they take the ex to be plucked in a divorce court.
As for the judiciary, it is not for the first time that little people forced them to reconsider or even change an unjustice.

Don’t you fancy a legal fight?
How about making legal history by changing a Bolshevist Law?

Make no mistake.
Whoever starts the cart rolling, is bound to find some helpful friends along the way.



At 12:48 AM, Anonymous said…

I too have noticed “a change in the winds.” From my limited experience, I have heard many comments by other men who make observations about the hypocrisy of feminism. Also, I’ve noticed that in several local news stories of crimes involving female criminals, there is a harsher tone than there was a year ago. I feel like we are making progress – keep up the fight! (BTW, I live in the US)


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous said…

Nevo (/Maximus)

Mutual exchange of gold bullion fashioned into a ring sounds like “consideration” to me



At 6:22 PM, phoenix said…

Christopher, while I agree with your outlook, I disagree that anything will change. Women will just have to do what they’re doing now, and that is sleep around with thugs and criminals. Smart men don’t marry, but smart men are a very small percentage of the population and always will be. Most men stupidly follow their base instincts, and will always go after women no matter what the cost. Think of the Black Widow spider, nature has plenty of examples where the male is used just for sex and then destroyed.


At 6:56 PM, Richard said…

I had a strange realization one night when my girlfriend, whom I’ve considered asking to marry for a long time, had a few too many drinks. Without any sort of provocation, she started ‘going off’ about marriage and finances. She said, rather angrily, “there is NO point in getting married unless you are going to share EVERYTHING. Both of our paychecks have to go into one account”. I was dumbfounded: We are both professionals, make exactly the same wage, and pay exactly half the bills each. So what the hell does she need access to my accounts for?? It was a awful realization at the age of 37 to know, with all my heart, to my very soul, that I will never get married. I have no idea what she has in mind for me, but I am carefully and quietly as possible, separating our assets as clearly and succinctly as possible.


At 8:14 PM, Richard said…

Me again… It appears to be upon reflection that marriage is a romantic institution for men who look for companionship and sex, and a business relationship for women, who want security. I personally don’t need a business partner in life. Also, does anyone have insight as to why women’s libidos spontaneously evaporate after 4 to 7 years of relationship? I think a hell of a lot of divorces (and marriages)would not occur if men waited 5 years. It appears to me that men don’t change much in 5 years, but women change a lot.


At 8:17 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Thanks for the link to the hdforums Christopher, I followed it and read through the “Bye Bye Girlfriend” thread. It was a good read with several guys so glad they were single and could just go out and do what they want.


At 12:01 AM, Christopher in Oregon said…


My pleasure. I have been on the misogynistic bandwagon since I was twelve. Truly. I have a substantial library of material dealing with relationships between men and women, female violence, lesbian violence, infanticide, and domestic abuse by woman, not all of it from the male perspective. I have a number of books by feminist authors, as well as attorneys who specialize in defending women during a divorce. You will actually learn more from such books about the feminine mindset than by reading anything written by men.

Often, women will criticize me for amassing and reading so much “hate literature’, and they will attempt to discount what I’m saying by accusing me and the authors of many of my books as being misogynists, woman haters, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

Then, I haul out some books written FOR women BY women and their also their lawyers, and lo and behold, the attitude change is profound. I can show them in print precisely what women are saying about men, and what divorce attorneys are telling women to do. (It’s disturbing to always be right.) -blushing-

I wish you would start a thread dealing with recommended reading material, as I would like to humbly offer, uh, several dozen books to your readers, (give or take thirty or forty) that possibly you are not aware of being on the other side of the puddle. Not all at once, mind you. Always leave them wanting more, as I always say.


Everything you say is absolutely correct. Most men are little better than mindless drones, and always be. I have no respect for men who willingly place themselves in a subservient position to women. I realize that they probably can’t help it, but they sicken me. Literally.


Matriarchies are un-natural. A matriarchy is frequently present in a declining society. It is one of the final stages in the moral decay in a society about to go under. Rome had the same problem, and what is happening in the U.S. is shockingly similar to what happened in Rome just before they fell. We have tens of millions of illegal aliens from south of the Rio Grande (not just Mexico), and no fence will stop it, even if it ever gets built.

Read “The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire”, if you can find an unedited version of the set. I’m fortunate; I have a complete set that is extremely old, and it is unedited. Gibbons describes a situation that is identical to what we are experiencing today. An obsession with spectator sports. Break up of the family. Etc.

There is nothing new under the sun, as Solomon said. People do NOT learn from history, and as has been stated, those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to relive it.

Our Matriarchy is helping to destroy our country. It’s spiraling out of control, and women are only making it worse. All things staying the same, then, of course, the men of the west would continue to be the manginas they are, and only a handful would awaken. Very true. Esther Vilar felt that men would never awaken from their dream. Again, true.


Things will NOT stay the same. Our society will collapse, and a more powerful and brutal one will rise up in it’s place to fill the vacuum. This has always been the case, and always be. The strong survive, the weak perish. At that point, the shit hits the fan. This is not wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, I don’t relish total or even partial anarchy. It simply must be. Nature will reset the normal balance of things.

Consider promiscuity. (Bare in mind that I am no longer a Christian.) Men and women breed to propagate the species. That’s the whole reason behind fucking and romance. Period. The fact that it’s fun is a side issue. Nature pushes us unmercifully to breed. Women have abandoned their natural place in breeding, and as a result nature is penalizing them.

Breast cancer

Cervical cancer (HPV)

Genital warts


Dozens of other STD’s

Severe depression of the female

All of these things and more are Nature (or God, if you prefer) at work attempting to stabilize procreation. The natural order of things will be resumed, and those who stray outside of the requirements of nature will be, for lack of a better term, consumed by the Nature they seek to ignore.

You simply can’t set up your own rules. You must abide by the natural order of things, or pay the penalty. I can defiantly stand on a corner in Texas and defy an F-5 tornado coming my way, but it WILL destroy me if I don’t take shelter. I can swim in a sea full of hungry Great White sharks, but the odds are I WILL be eaten. I can stick my hand in fire, but I WILL be burned. I can have sex with a man with AIDS, but I will contract the same disease and die.

You can only defy the natural order so far, and it slams you back to reality. Nature designed the dynamics between and men, and it WILL be observed- or else. Nature WILL reset things. Possibly not in our generation, but it will come soon.


Homework assignment:

1) Go to

2) Set up account

3) Order “The Predatory Female” by Rev. Shannon

Do it now. Don’t dwell on it.


Get that Battle-Ax out of your life. You are old enough to know better.



At 12:37 AM, mfsob said…

Richard –

The sad truth is that, in the US at least, the majority of women put on a dog and pony show to get a guy to marry them, you know the drill, enthusiastic about sex, you don’t have to beg for blowjobs, things you do are very interesting and important to them, etc., etc.

But they always revert to type. ALWAYS. Women want what they can’t have. And when they get it, they don’t want it anymore.

And the current crop of gyrlllls is quite aware of the huge advantage that divorce laws and the family law courts give them in the marriage sham. I overhear them at lunch or passing in the halls during their endless gossip sessions – they know they have the upper hand, and if they know that we know it as well, they simply don’t give a shit.

Because they have the pussy. Dumb men and maginas will do anything for pussy. Smart men, like the ones who read this blog, and others, and are not too pussy whipped or hormonally imbalanced to think for themselves, know what the truth is.

And are strong enough to act on it.


At 6:46 PM, phoenix said…

I think you can fix a lot of problems by just legalizing polygamy. I don’t think the Mormons have all that many problems, polygamy is natural. The women sort of balance each other out, and come divorce, a man has to support several other women at once so they can’t really expect child support, another wife could always get the kids if it comes down to it. There are a ton of other reasons it makes sense. I don’t know why in the West we have this view that monogamy is the only way. If we can push for homosexual marriages, someone definitely needs to push for polygamy.


At 7:03 PM, byrdeye said…

Christopher in Oregon – OK, I think you’ve got more than enough encyclopedic knowledge already to start your own blog! I mean, keep posting here, but you need to archive and spread your knowledge with your own blog! Otherwise, it’s just a waste not to!


At 6:45 PM, Peregrine John said…

I agree that Christopher should begin a blog as well, perhaps dedicated to literature: reviews, warnings, excerpts (say, from those poisonous feminist & lawyer writings), etc. I for one don’t always do a complete run-through of the comments, and I’d hate to miss this.


At 6:49 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Thank you for the kind words. I have reached the age of forty-five without ever marrying. That, in and of itself, is quite an accomplishment.

I’m a bit of an anomaly. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I have never actually spent the night with a woman, although I have had extremely limited sexual experience. (the smell of a vagina was a rancid turnoff that I never recovered from). I have never dated. I have never spent one red cent on a woman. No gifts. No dinners. No movies.


Now, before your mind starts wandering about my sexual persuasion, let me assure you of the following:

I’m not gay.

I’m not bi.

I’m not into children, dead bodies, sheep or other deviant forms of sexuality. I’m as straight as an arrow. I’m not ugly. I’m not fat or obese. I don’t suffer from poor manners. I’m not socially awkward. I’m not poor. I’m not mentally unbalanced. I’m not bi-polar. I don’t suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not depressed- ever. I am not lonely- ever. I’m not psychotic. I’m not violent. I am no threat to women from a physical standpoint. I’m not a momma’s boy. I’m not impotent. I don’t have an Oedipus complex. I don’t have fears of sexual inadequacy.

I have a lovely, large home that is beautifully maintained. I have a gardener who tends to my lawn and flowerbeds. I buy new Harley every six months whether I need one or not. Short of winning the lottery, my life couldn’t be better.

In short, I can’t possibly exist.

According to women, that is. The female mind, such as it is, can not understand that a man could possibly survive, even thrive, without the company of a woman. I simply don’t and have never needed one.

Do I have a sex drive? Yes, but unlike most men, I control it. ALWAYS. I don’t place myself in positions where I might be persuaded to compromise, i.e., dating. I have always subscribed to the old adage, “If you don’t want fleas, don’t lie down with dogs.”

I have studied women as a researcher studies a bug under a microscope. They fascinate me. I also study tornadoes, STD’s and anything that could potentially destroy me. Call it a morbid fascination with my own mortality. I have had women and Manginas tell me that I can’t possibly know women as I have no practical experience with them. I disagree. An OBGYN doesn’t have to give birth in order to understand the process. A heart surgeon doesn’t have to have clogged arteries in order to perform bypass surgery.

I have studied women from a safe distance, and as such I’m quite qualified to speak with some authority on the female mind.

I understand women.

Very few men do. Their mind is clouded with their lust. They are weak, and easily manipulated. I don’t take all of the credit. My mother, God rest her soul, although a constant pain in the posterior for my father, did me a great service. She spent years illuminating my mind about women. She broke ranks, and gave me their war plan, so to speak. She destroyed all of the myths about women.

I learned that women don’t love men. They are rarely attracted to men physically, and only on a temporary basis. They use men, and like other female mammals, cast aside the male when no longer needed. Romance is the stuff of movies and music. It’s an illusion. A vapor that soon dissipates when the marriage license is signed. A woman is no more capable of having heart-felt feelings of love than I can move mountains.

But, the male ego will not entertain this possibility. The man foolishly falls for the flattery and seduction of a woman, not knowing that she will consume and destroy him in time. As Esther Vilar pointed out, a woman doesn’t always destroy a man right away. She’s more than prepared to take a lifetime doing it.

I developed a keen interest in women and their “evil” ways at the age of twelve when my oldest brother married a truly corrupt woman. This man was brilliant. He belonged to Mensa (I hope I spelled that right; obviously I am not a member) He spoke five languages fluently. A psychologist. An incredible, gentle human being. His wife slowly destroyed him, and he ultimately put a gun to his head and killed himself. He felt it was his only escape. I’m not seeking sympathy. It was a waste of a human life, and he ultimately was responsible for pulling the trigger. But, his wife ruined him. His very soul. She robbed him of the will to live. This happens so often. There is a reason why so many men commit suicide. A woman has the ability to cause a man to simply give up on life. She has that much power over him. This is why I avoid them. Even now, a woman could ruin me if I allowed it. Even I am not completely immune, although I am far better prepared to deal with women than most men.

Where am I going with this dribble? Damned if I know. Let me try and summarize. I have spent much of my life trying to warn men about women, only in recent years discovering the miracle of the internet. I have been accused of everything under the sun (see above list), the most common being that I “hate women”. Hmm. I don’t know how any man with a conscience could possibly study women and not walk away feeling a certain amount of hatred, for lack of a better word, but I don’t think of myself as a hater of anyone.

I don’t like women. I don’t know how I could without compromising everything I stand for. I think women are amoral, which is worse than immoral. They have no moral frame of referance. No conscience. They go beyond evil. They are infinitely dangerous. There is a great little essay by Darren Blacksmith floating around on the internet on this issue.

Unfortunately, my words of wisdom almost invariably fall on deaf ears. Men just won’t listen- period. Women simply hate me, and I never try to appeal to their non-existent conscience. I try to irritate them occasionally for fun, though.

I think the job for carrying forth in the battle has to fall on the next generation. I’m beginning to realize that it’s almost pointless trying to warn most men. Either that, or I’m just getting tired of the lack of results. As the saying goes, “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing. It only annoys the pig….” I think most men are slaves to their passions, and only a few will escape.

Now, with that said, I think in time our societies will collapse and things will re-adjust. But, I doubt that I will see the results in my lifetime. I only see the relationship carnage around me. I don’t know if I have twenty years left, or fifty. I have to ask myself if I want to spend this precious time trying to awaken men that won’t listen anyway, or spend it polishing and riding my Harley-Beasties. It actually comes down to that. I thought my one great purpose in life would be trying to save other men from almost certain disaster, but alas, most men don’t want to be saved. They willingly allow themselves to be destroyed by women and resent any effort to save them.

So be it. I’ve done what I thought was right. I was preaching about women long before there was an internet. I think I will leave the battle to bright young guys like Duncan that are starting to operate blogs like this one, and I will only stop in from time to time to add a bit of wisdom and wit (half-wit, dim-wit, nit-wit)

Time is valuable, and I only have so much to spare. Do you have any idea just how long it takes to polish a Harley Electra Glide? Seriously. Throw in a Heritage Softail, and there goes your day. It’s damned time consuming, but utterly necessary. These babies are my main priority in life, and I love them with a passion that deifies description.

With that said, nature calls, and I must go do a bit of polishing as the rain has finally stopped.

If you truly want wisdom, and I mean TRULY want to be enlightened, then go to and order the following:

The Predatory Female by Shannon

The Mother- A Suburban Horror Story by Rullman

The Manipulated Man by Vilar

From Courtship To Courtoom by Jed Abraham

Sex-ploytation by Fitzgerald

Sex-ploytation has been successfully censored. You can’t buy it new, and you will pay $150 to get it used if you can even find a used copy. This is why I tell you guys to ORDER THESE BOOKS! They will ALL soon be off the market, and you are missing a very narrow window of opportunity here.

Vilar’s classic “The Manipulated Man, which came out in the early 70’s, was all but banned and completely unavailable for decades. You can now purchase it new from Amazon, but for how long, I don’t know. One day it simply won’t be available again, at any price, and you will be shit-out-of-luck, as the saying goes.

If you truly will be wise, then heed the words of this old campaigner. Get these books. Read them. Order extra copies, and distribute them to WORTHY men. I have given away countless copies of “The Predatory Female”, and simply can’t afford to do it anymore.

Take care, and for God’s sake, get off your collective butts, and order the books while you still can.

This is why women are winning. Men do nothing.



At 8:10 PM, Richard said…

All right Christopher. (BTW, I’m also from OR)

I tried the local Borders Books, but they don’t have a copy, so I did as you suggested. I’ve ordered The Predatory Female, and for good measure asked for 2 day shipping.

You mentioned I was “too old” for it, but I have to admit, for some reason, even though I’ve been engaged 3 times, I just never took the plunge. The reading I’ve been doing at this blog, and others has given me a “eureka” moment. It’s like I knew this all along, but couldn’t put it all together. Now I feel like I’ve dodged at least three bullets.

However, fellas… I do think there is a lot of unnecessary woman-hating in this world. And the Natural Order has been violated by sexes. I know, I’m typing this from a goddamn cube I’ve sat in for 6 years, 8 hours a day.

I do believe in the feminist movement: Meaning that if women want to step up to the plate, and start paying for their fair share, I’m all for it. But what I see is a sickly hybrid of equality. Women want to be cared for, paid for pampered, yet also want “equality”. I really quit fighting for them 20 years ago when I heard a woman singing some god awful rap lyrics that was denigrating… I thought, “until they have respect for themselves, I’m going to have a hard time working up respect for them.”

Thanks for the advice men!


At 8:45 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

I agree that Christopher should begin a blog as well,

Me too.

Your comments are always welcome here Christopher but it’d be great if you could put your thoughts and writings into a seperate blog. I’d link to you naturally.


At 4:49 PM, byrdeye said…

“I learned that women don’t love men. They are rarely attracted to men physically, and only on a temporary basis. They use men, and like other female mammals, cast aside the male when no longer needed. Romance is the stuff of movies and music. It’s an illusion. A vapor that soon dissipates when the marriage license is signed. A woman is no more capable of having heart-felt feelings of love than I can move mountains.

He belonged to Mensa (I hope I spelled that right; obviously I am not a member) He spoke five languages fluently. A psychologist. An incredible, gentle human being. His wife slowly destroyed him, and he ultimately put a gun to his head and killed himself. He felt it was his only escape.

They have no moral frame of reference. No conscience. They go beyond evil. They are infinitely dangerous. There is a great little essay by Darren Blacksmith floating around on the internet on this issue.”

WOW, amazing insights and horrible personal experiences. This is POWERFUL STUFF man! But I do hear about more and more GOOD men devastated by BAD women these days just like that! But Chris, I assure you that posting an entry like that in your own blog is just about as easy as posting it as a comment here! Please, consider blogging!!!

And here’s your books linked for the lazy:

Predatory Female
The Mother: A Suburban Horror Story
The Manipulated Man
From Courtship to Courtroom : What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage

And this one sounds interesting:
The Rantings of a Single Male: Losing Patience with Feminism, Political Correctness… and Basically Everything

I really think you should BLOG though! If you’re going to post comments anyways, might as well just make them blog entries!!!


At 4:52 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Thank you kindly, but I rather enjoy the stuff you come up with. At this point, I’ll continue to post my thoughts here from time to time, unless I prove to be an irritant.


At 5:44 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


I’m in Portland, which is home to Powell’s, reputedly the largest book store in the world. I believe it. If you haven’t been there, check it out. It’s staggering in it’s size and complexity.

However, the last time I checked, you couldn’t get “The Predatory Female” there. Or any other “misogynistic” literature. Maybe it’s changed, but I don’t think so. Now with Michael Powell’s 20-something daughter taking over, you will be even less likely to find anything that might offend women. So much for liberals and their notions of free speech.

I recommend because you can still get almost anything there. I only know of one book they censored written by a divorced dad, but that’s a long story I won’t go into. I strongly urge guys to get these books and read them. When you go to Amazon, take the time to read the reviews of books like “The Predatory Female” and “Sex-ploytation”. These are well worth your time, and will give you an idea of just how angry men are.

Rather than think of our movement as one of hatred, I prefer to think of it as one of righteous indignation. Family life in this country has been all but destroyed by women. Not just their feminist masters, but ALL women have to take blame for this insanity. Don’t allow women to buffalo you with accusations of hatred. THEY are the one’s guilty of hatred. Read some of the insanity by Dworkin if you want to see just how hate-filled women are. Women have simply jumped on the same bandwagon as Catholics, Jews, Christians, blacks, fudge-packers and every other “minority” group that doesn’t want you questioning their views or activities. Scream racism, bigotry or hatred and the opposition runs for cover. No one wants to be accused of bigotry in these politically correct times, so it’s a fairly effective defense.

“But, I believe in equal rights!”, you might say. I used to. Not any more. You simply can’t grant equal rights to a portion of society that has no moral paradigm. It’s like handing a flame-thrower to a pyromaniac. It just ain’t gonna work. She’ll burn the house down, as we have seen for the last forty years. Besides, women don’t believe in equal rights for YOU. Make no mistake about it. When it comes to divorce and fatherhood and reproductive rights, women believe you have NO rights whatsoever.

I recognize your attitude, as I have seen it in so many men. I was once guilty of it myself to a degree. You’ve been burned by women, but not enough to really stop and examine women properly. Somewhere in the back of your mind you entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, all women aren’t bad, and that if we just treat them fairly, they will respond in a decent fashion.


Ain’t gonna happen.

A woman doesn’t have a conscience as we understand it. She is capable of doing anything to a man without the least bit of remorse. Men, after being dragged through the divorce courts, are constantly amazed at how ruthless their wives can be. Many times I have counseled with men who were decent fathers and husbands who had adulterous wives, and without exception they have been amazed at just how mean and dishonest their wives have been, and how ready their wives were to make false accusations of domestic violence or child molestation.

They shouldn’t be amazed. Men down through the ages have always kept women under very tight control because they have known just how corrupt women are by nature. Why do you think the Muslims are fighting us so hard? They know we are a Matriarchy, and we will corrupt their women. They don’t want STD’s running amuck in their lands. They don’t want their daughters experimenting with bisexuality or lesbianism. They want stable families, and they know this will all be lost if the corrupt west wins the war.

You haven’t come to grips with one salient FACT. It’s there, and our matriarchy-inspired brainwashing makes it hard to see the obvious. We’re so close to the forest that we don’t see the trees. Our pride and ego work against us.

“What is this FACT?”, you say.

Drum roll.

Women hate men.

There. I said it.

All women hate all men at all times, but in varying degrees. Women reserve the most venomous hatred for the men they are married to. Shocking? Where have you BEEN, my friend? Have you been listening to women? They haven’t been trying to hide their contempt and hatred. All women speak with contempt for men. Not every time and not with the same intensity, but the general attitude of women is one of contempt and scorn for men and husbands and fathers. Women who are liberal and conservative, religious and non-religious. They all do it. It’s present everywhere in print and in movies.

Make no mistake, the worst enemy a man will ever have in his life after his own sexual lust will be any woman he becomes romantically involved with. By marrying or even becoming emotionally attached to a woman, you have invited the enemy into into your heart and home, ensuring your eventual destruction.

Now, I don’t say that you’re too old to get married. You’re just old enough to have gained some insight into the feminine mind. You have been able to watch enough men suffering from financial ruin after their divorces to know that something is seriously wrong.

You simply need a gentle nudge into the light. Keep in mind that if you read “The Predatory Female”, and you have any testicles at all (and I think you do), it will change you thinking forever. It will be like a light goes on in you head, and everything will be brought together for the first time. You’ll think “I KNEW that, but never understood it!”

As Shannon said in the intro to his book, “Fortunately for those who would guard their lives, property, and sanity against dangerous temporary euphorias, there is the still small voice of reason. You are about to hear that voice. Read, enjoy, laugh, but most of all….remember.”


At 5:48 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


“The Rantings….” is a fantastic book that hasn’t been out very long. I have it and love it. But, did you notice, you can’t get it anymore? It’s almost impossible to find used. That’s why I harp about buying these books NOW, while you still can. Censorship is alive and well. Two of the greatest misogynistic books available, the afore-mentioned and “Sex-ploytation” are unavailable. Period.


At 8:08 PM, Anonymous said…

“there is NO point in getting married unless you are going to share EVERYTHING. Both of our paychecks have to go into one account”

One of my exes basically said the same thing to me before she moved in. So, make no mistake about it – they DO want that financial security and stake in your own hard-earned wealth! And will even explicitly ask for it!

Now, fortunately she wasn’t really conniving about it and didn’t try to take anything after we broke up…but still she was programmed to seek shared financial entitlement even in simply a “romantic” sense…

The SCARY part is how the law is changing to give her that by default, whether you personally agree to or not!


At 3:34 PM, Richard said…


I’m from Beaverton, and I’m quite familiar with Powells.

Your writing is passionate, convincing and alluring. My copy of the Predatory female won’t be delivered until November, and I’ll revisit this blog after I’ve had a chance to peruse.

Thank you again!


At 6:27 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Thank you for the kind words, my friend.

I’m proud of you. You took the first step, and an important one it will be. You will not view women in the same light ever again. Your opinion of them will plummet, but you will understand WHY. You will no longer offer excuses for their behaviour. Gone will be any hope for finding “the one”. She doesn’t exist, and never has existed. A shocking revelation initially, but quite liberating.

I live in Sellwood-Westmoreland, and avoid Beaverton and the surrounding areas as much as possible. The street pattern resembles a bowl of spaghetti dumped on the ground. I never have quite figured it out. I’ll occasionally stop by the Harley dealership next to Beaverton Honda, but that’s about the only time I head over the hills to the west side.

For those of you encountering difficulties in obtaining “The Predatory Female”, keep in mind that feminists are trying very hard to get this book off the market. is the ONLY retailer that I have found that will dare to stock it, and that may not last.

You should be able to order it directly from the publisher:

Banner Books
P.O. Box 70302
Reno, Nevada 89570

If you order directly from them, you might as well order “The Mother-A Suburban Horror Story”. This is without a doubt the funniest book I have ever read, and blasts women and Christianity with equal fervor. Your sides will be splitting. Order both if you can, as Banner is the publisher of both. If you have these two books in your arsenal, you simply can’t go wrong.



At 9:20 PM, Richard said…


I’ve just never been able to afford a good Harley, so I spend my time on my 2000 VT1100T Shadow ACE Tourer, Jet black, with more chrome than ought to be legal. The Honda dealership is right next to the Harley dealership in Beaverton. Do you attend any of the ABATE Runs around here?

I’ll tell you men, nothing, NOTHING beats getting on your bike with the wind in your hair, and listening the thump of a v-twin motor. When my last relationship went tits-up, I spent a lot of time thinking about what direction my life was going, and putting many years of regrets behind me like the lines on the highway.

But I digress… Thanks for the book suggestions, and I’ll be sure to share my copy with men, and maybe even a few women that are interested to see a point of view that quite frankly didn’t even occur to me until a couple weeks ago.

If you are ever at the End of Summer Run, or Run 21 on one of those fine bikes you talk about, you know my name and my ride.



At 5:01 PM, Christopher in oregon said…


Heck; I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of RUB. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only reason I can do the stuff I do is that I’ve never been married and my parents gave me a hell of a nice house free and clear. So, I can blow money left and right on toys. It’s a great life.

I had an orange-flame 1100 Sabre a few years ago, and it was undoubtedly one of the finest bikes I have ever owned. Damn, I wish I had it back. It had floorboards and running lights, too. I know the bike you ride and always wanted one. Unfortunately, when it was available, I was on a several year break from riding while taking care of a mother with Alzheimers. I bought my first Harley in 2001 after she died as a way of consoling myself and rewarding myself. I don’t know. I just went hog-wild, and went through two Hondas, a Beemer and eight Harleys in five years. Crazy, but what the heck. You only live once.

I ride all year round, and know some incredible rides around central Oregon, the coast and pretty much everywhere. I just discovered Highway 503 in Washington that takes you right near the base of Mt. St. Helens. I knew it was there, and had never ridden it. To realize how close St. Helens is to where we live is damned sobering. That thing is >really< nasty looking when you get right up to it, as I did last week.

Possibly we could get together for a ride. Normally, I shun group riding, as I’ve always been a lone semi-long distance rider. I never leave the NW, but take some killer rides.

Possibly we could exchange info via the desk at Beaverton Honda at some point, as for security reasons I don’t feel too inclined to post personal info on the internet. Some of the things I say don’t exactly make me too popular….Plus I don’t have my e-mail working as viruses completely destroyed my last computer, and I don’t want to go through THAT again. So, I just don’t do the e-mail thing anymore. So, let me know if you like.

Also, my boy, be extremely careful showing The Book around at work. Women just don’t see things our way. I would recommend ordering The Predatory Female used; they had seven copies available yesterday when I looked. The back order routine on new copies can stretch for three or four months, so I don’t recommend waiting. I have ordered used copies and they have been in pristine condition, so I would recommend it. Just buy from the seller with the highest rating, and you won’t go wrong. You don’t want to wait on this book. Nothing like it has ever been written in history. It will hit you like a kick to the groin.


At 3:12 PM, Anonymous said…

Phew -nearly hijacked there boys!!
Stay on topic…this is serious 😉


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