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15 October 2006

Poverty-stricken father of the baby Madonna is adopting tells his story

The father of the little boy adopted by Madonna in Malawi has described his feelings of confusion and powerlessness in the face of the singer’s determination to take his only surviving child away.

It’s incredible how most of the news reports about this narcissistic wash-up old slag have talked of her wanting to adopt an “orphan”. I suppose, in the West, a child without a mum is an “orphan”, never mind that he/she still has a father.

Yohane had never heard of Madonna, or her raunchy songs. He was told only that she was “a very nice Christian lady”.

That’s the biggest lie since feminism! Madonna isn’t nice, if there is a Christian God then He’s probably more nonplussed by her than he is with Richard Dawkin, and she’s no fuckin’ lady either.

I wouldn’t trust her to look after my goldfish, let alone a son.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:11 AM


At 8:39 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

The black, adopted baby is the latest designer accessory amongst celebrities in Hollywood. They’re all at it adopting African or South American children as some kind of statement. The motives for this are as false as a nine pound note and done as part of the “Look at me” culture that pervades the world of celebrities. It’s all PR hype and just shows the shallowness of these people. If these celebs really wanted to help these kids they’d leave them where they are and open their cheque books and sponsor a school which most of these people can easily afford to do.


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous said…

I’m surprised Bono and Geldoff have yet to jump on the bandwagon, seeing as they love all things poverty-ridden and African. They could even carry them around on stage in those strap-on front-loading baby carriers:

‘Hey look at me and my newly adopted poor African kid – now, go and buy my cds so I can afford that new jet like Blair has’.


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous said…

It is despicable. The child serves the Madonna like a handbag or a black slave 200 years ago, when it was cool to have a black servant.
This women is not at all interested in the well being of the child an his father.
It would have been easy for her to just help him out with his school education in his mone country.
Now the child is bought away from his father who is to poor to care for him.

One should ask Madonna, if her daughter Lourde could be adopted and deported to Africa.

I hope she gets great legal problems.


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous said…

Although only vaguely related to this story, James Shikwati’s views on western aid and the plight of Africa are worth reading.

Here and here.


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous said…

Agree that Madonna should open her wallet and give the money to the child’s family. But the hoo-ha about the adoption is all good publicity for her new single, the orphanage that her ridiculous ‘Kabbalah’ religion is opening – not a Christian religion but one incredibly loosely based on Judaism (and even more so on money in the pockets of ‘The Rav’. Why take one child and introduce it to the spoilt and heartless world of showbiz, when you can pay for a whole school to enjoy a better life, when you can have a cute little baby which will grow up like an alien in your white family and First World culture, and probably need a psychiatrist?


At 2:41 PM, ChicagoMan said…

Paris Hilton will be adopting a baby soon and she’ll leave it in her car on a hot summer day.

After all to most women children are a possession, to men they are children.


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous said…

Ler’s be honest, Madonna ❤ Black cock, and that is why she specifically specified a Black baby BOY only. She will be sucking and fvcking it in a few years…


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