Another woman freed despite admitting child murder


23 October 2006


“Sob! No more Child Support!”

Mother spared jail for baby death

A mother who started a fire in which her four-month-old son died has been spared jail at Newcastle Crown Court.

Danielle Wails had claimed she was tied up by intruders who started the fire at her Newcastle home in August 2005.

She denied the murder of Alexander Gallon but her guilty plea to infanticide was accepted after psychiatrists said she was depressed.

The 22-year-old was given a three-year community order with a period of supervision and other requirements.

So she was depressed? Well, that’s okay then, just start fires and kill kids, no problem.

And us men can use this defence too I take it?

No, didn’t think so.

No wonder these cases of women murdering their babies seem to be on the rise, the total lack of jail time makes it clear that the courts don’t deem these crimes worthy of punishment, or that women are a special case and get immunity just by claiming they were depressed or some such shit.

It also seems to me that, with all these cases of women killing babies and invariably avoiding any meaningful punishment, the babies are nearly always boys.

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At 5:35 PM, Anonymous said…

Not Guilty by reason of having a vagina. Case Dismissed!


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous said…

So she fought with the father until he left, then harassed him when she realized she needed him. and then killed her baby to try and get him back. Only women would think that would work.


At 6:14 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

What a despicable story from beginning to end.

A despicable woman, murdering and telling lies to cover up her guilt, and hoping to deflect the police investigation onto innocent men who might have been in the vicinity and who could have been fitted up for the crime. She didn’t even have to invent the intruders story, she could just have said the fire was an accident. But she wanted to embellish her lies by trying to drag in others.

Then the highly predictable worse-than-useless “agencies involved with the family” who collectively did nothing except the usual hand-wringing and closing of ranks after the event; followed by the waste of yet another independent review (read “someone getting a big paypacket to tell us the blindingly obvious”) with more “recommendations which must be implemented” and which will therefore be ignored until the next time another baby dies.

A despicable defence QC using weasel words to try to distance Wails from her own actions: “this terrible incident, wicked as it was, came about.” No, it didn’t “come about”. It was perpetrated by a perpetrator. Tell the truth, you miserable lawyer.

And of course the good old dependable judge, falling over himself to find an excuse for the inexcusable because he just can’t bring himself to believe that such evil can exist in the mind of a poor little suffering woman blubbing her eyes out in front of him. A “three-year community order with a period of supervision”? As I say, despicable.

To hell with the lot of them.


At 6:27 PM, nevo said…

!!!!!Getting away with murder!!!!!!
That’s what it is.
Not surprisingly, “NOBODY” has even mention the father.
I watched the news this evening about this murder, and saw everyone falling over themselves for the murderess.
The father did not get even a mention.
But of course!!! Father come into the picture, only when child support is claimed.

Justice and Justices are an ass!!!



At 7:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Wonder what the NSPCC response will be? Will have to check it out but i imagine…..
‘For just £2 a month we’ll stop fathers seeing their children.’


At 9:32 PM, Anonymous said…

This is getting to be like a Twilight Zone episode. Are women getting worse every day?


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous said…

The look on this girlie’s face is absolutely pathetic.

“WAAAAAH, I didn’t get planet earth for a gift just for committing murder and…existing…. Everyone is so CRUEL to me…WAAAAH…”

Are we as men allowed to breathe the same air as these perfect precious princesses who can do no wrong and be absolved from absolutely EVERYTHING???

This is really the last straw. This baby-killing spree has got to stop! These femmies MUST be made to pay dearly for their crimes.



At 10:11 PM, byrdeye said…

Don’t you just love that “pussy pass?”

Gets you out of speeding tickets, cover charges at clubs, cheating on your hubby…& even murder!

Shouldn’t N.O.W. be protesting this unfair, sexist, over-privileged treatment of women??? Where’s all the feminist activists now???


At 10:24 PM, I don’t think so said…


who said:

Not surprisingly, “NOBODY” has even mention the father.


Damn! Too late – they’ve spotted it.

They’ve just caught on that they can pin this one on babydaddy after all.

Well, he got her pregnant didn’t he? And then callously agreed to go his own separate way and not come back, cruelly resisting attempts to force him back by emotional blackmail.

I read this one with my eyes closed and spotted the blame the male” angle straight away.

Now if youda just kept quiet we might have been able to save this one.

Sloppy work lads.


At 5:08 PM, nevo said…

It seems that my comment needs rephrasing.
“Not surprisingly, “NOBODY” has even mention the fathers feelings on the murder of his son”.
Frankly some women are so insensitive that it makes me wonder why nature gave them the grace to bear children.
If the law weren’t such an ass it is possible, the father could have reared the child out of the danger of an insane mother.

“But of course Justice and the Justices are an ass”.



At 2:01 AM, Anonymous said…

Some advice from a gun-crazy American “cowboy”: SHOOT THAT BITCH TODAY!


At 7:06 PM, byrdeye said…

Hmm, I just murked my kiddo in COLD BLOOD, guess I should try the crying defense. WAAAAA!!!!!

Heeyyyyy, works every time!!! =D


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