Dodging the gold-diggers


24 October 2006

Potter star Daniel says women are after his £23m fortune

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe says he is being deluged with offers from gold-digging young girls wanting to get their hands on his multi-million pound fortune.

Sensible lad.

Only 17 and already he’s cottoned on to the fact that having money means greedy women will target you…or rather, your money.

The 17-year-old – who is worth as estimated £23 million – says he has developed a kind of sixth sense to identify those potential suitors who are only interested in his wealth and fame.

Surely it’s not difficult for him to identify those only interested in his wealth and fame; they’re the ones who have vaginas.

(Not that I’m a Harry Potter fan incidentally, but any guy who can become a multi-millionaire before he’s old enough to legally buy a beer just by pretending to be a child-wizard on camera is worthy of some respect.)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:40 PM


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous said…

Check this out. Funniest Potter post. Had my office dying today.


At 10:20 PM, The Joker said…

How does a one-legged woman dig for gold in the UK?

Marry Paul McCartney.


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