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25 October 2006

£1,000 fine for householders who refuse council tax ‘snoopers’

A new army of council tax ‘inspectors’ is to be given the right to enter people’s homes and issue fines to anyone who refuses to cooperate.

Camera-wielding officials will be able to take photographs inside properties, including bedrooms, and rule they should pay more if they have home improvements such as patios and conservatories.

Residents could be fined £1,000, and then £200 every day after that, if they do not let the inspectors in or fail to properly ‘assist’ them.

Great, so now some government workers involved in the absurd extortion racket of Council Tax are allowed to enter your house and take photographs of your things and, should you be so lucky as to be able to afford home improvements, they’ll up your Council Tax bill.

It’s not as if Council Tax is for the benefit of many people. 25% of it is solely to cover the vast pension for civil servants, who get to retire five-years earlier than everyone else. Bear in mind, incidentally, that Council Tax isn’t what us Brits pay instead of Income Tax, it’s what we pay in addition to it. Then there’s National Insurance. Oh, and VAT (known as Sales Tax in most other countries) is 17.5%. Bloody Socialism! Still, someone has to pay for the bloated government, hairbrained fembot schemes, freeloading single mothers and the like. Shame it has to be those of us who actually try to work for a living, something that is becoming increasingly pointless.

And on top of government workers demanding entry to our homes to see how much more money than can squeeze out of us, we might all soon have our DNA on file, along with ID cards containing retinal scans and fingerprints.

Hey, good job Britain came out on the winning sides of the Second World War and the Cold War eh? I mean, imagine if we didn’t! We could have ended up an oppressive state where individual freedoms are trampled and most of our earnings are turned over to the state, couldn’t we?


For fucks sake…where’s my passport, suitcase and one-way-ticket to Somewhere Else?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:11 PM


At 6:59 PM, nevo said…

So, they are legalizing snooping then!
I still remember last century when the west fought the evil empire of the east because they had legalized snooping on their citizens.

I think there is word for this in English.
I just can’t think which is it.



At 6:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Is Council Tax like property tax? Can you explain it more fully to an American? Thanks.


At 7:24 PM, Anonymous said…

Yikes, don’t you guys have a Constitution that protects you from this type of illegal search and seizure? I know in the US the government could never pass this law.


At 8:08 PM, Viking said…

Never? Patriot act is a good step in that direction. Never say never.


At 8:45 PM, voloohaar said…

“I know in the US the government could never pass this law.”

Ha ha, just you wait 🙂


At 9:11 AM, Guy Wheeler said…

For the benefit of non Brits, Council Tax is a property tax which for an average three bedroom house is approx $2,500 pa. However, most local authority income comes from central government via a grant called the Standard Spending Assessment. In recent years, despite large increases in central government taxes, the SSA has been cut forcing Council Tax to rise dramatically.
Duncan did not mention in his post the fully panapoly of taxes in this country. Stamp Duty (when you buy a house), Capital Gains Tax (when you sell a house), Inheritance Tax (when you die and leave a house to someone), Insurance Premium Tax, Class 4 National Insurance (self employed), Corporation Tax, TV licence (television ownership tax), Road Fund Licence (car ownership tax), petrol duty (accounts for about 75% of the pump price of petrol), alcohol duty and tobacco duty to name but a few.
Plus, councils are becoming increasingly creative at creating other income streams such as; charging residents to park in their own street and hitting the rest with £60 to £80 fines, charging exorbitant amounts to lower a few kerb stones to residents who want to create off road parking in their front garden, setting up speed cameras and then lowering the speed limit catch unsuspecting motorists multiple times for £80 fines, charging householders for waste disposal which is supposed to be covered by Council Tax in the first place…


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous said…

@ Anonymous 6.59pm
“Is Council Tax like property tax?”

Yes, council tax is property tax …assuming, that is, that property tax goes up by more than inflation every single year.

As for the searches, with approx. 57% of ALL UK govt employees being female (discrimination anyone? anyone?) just wait ’til the feminists start realising that this gives them the power to force their way into mens’ homes. Coerced checking of assets/lifestyles cannot be far behind …all in the interests of the child you understand. Feminazis indeed!


At 5:34 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

In Oregon, we have a hefty property tax. I’m just about to send in my check to the beloved Multnomah County Tax Assessor, and it’s costing me about $3500, give or take.

Fortunately, in our state, we can place measures on the ballot dealing with damn near everything, and a few years back we had a property tax limitation measure placed there by angry citizens. If it weren’t for this measure, I would’ve had to move out of state because my taxes would stand at about $6-7000 by now. Totally unaffordable.

What most people don’t know is that if the assessor comes by and wants to reassess your home, he can ask to see the inside of your home to see if their have been any improvements that might impact your tax rate. You can refuse entrance, but if you do he’ll just do a street assessment, and jerk it up as he see’s fit. You can always appeal……

So, it’s not that different here.

To think we had a revolution to throw out the British and the situation wasn’t nearly as bad as it is today.

Up the revolution.


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous said…

just wait until the criminals start impersonating tax assessors


At 4:58 PM, Opened Eyes said…

Allow the inspectors in, then cut their throats. It’s entirely justified; just bury their body elsewhere.
No decent person supports any government.


At 12:30 AM, Masculist Man said…

I’ve covered the topic of emigration and after having conversed with MRA’s throughout the world and taking in that data along with facts that I have learned that emigration may work-in the short run,very short run. In the long run,if left unchallenged,you will just be delaying the inevitable. So anyway I wrote a piece on it and here it is:

I hear a lot of MRA’s talking about leaving the western country they are living in and are thinking about moving to non-western countries. I too have thought this and would love to leave if I was able to but alas I’m not. There is one flaw in the plan: feminism is sponsered by the UN and the UN is world wide and unless you get off planet earth and become a intergalactic playboy like Capt. Kirk then you are not going to escape feminism because feminism is encrouching upon every country upon the earth until it reaches and strangulates the country you’ve escaped to. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? What if you escape and it follows you to the next country and even if it doesn’t you still live in fear of it because sooner or later it will reach you-again. Feminism has stimulated the “fight or flight” reaction in men and unfortunately it’s “flight” that got stimulated when it should have been “fight” that was stimulated to preserve our true western heritage and to fight off feminism. If you run from your native country there is no guarantee that you will successfully escape feminism. There is two answers: nip it in the bud and it’s way too late for that and take a stand. Fortunately it’s not too late to do the latter. We do have time,not as much as we did but more than we have in the future if this shit remains unchecked. We make a stand here and draw a line in the sand or be hunted down by the misandric huntresses. It’s just that simple.

Source:Men’s Rights Board


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