21 October 2006

Pete Patriarch’s Musing (also @ blogspot)

Now, for men, marriage means responsibilities. You get the responsibility of providing for a woman who has “given up” her career, for the children that inevitably follow, and you have to do 50% of the household chores as well as 100% of the yardwork and DIY.

In the last year it seems that the number of anti-feminist blogs has at least quadrupled.

Whilst I’m here, here’s an interesting recent post at Davout’s blog.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:30 PM


At 8:46 PM, nevo said…

“I’m all right Jack” country in full swing.
Does anybody remember the Peter Sellers film?
Getting paid for doing little is considered stealing from your boss.
Getting paid for not doing the work and backed up by employment law, defies all description by the English Oxford dictionary.

But the worst part of this ridiculous ruling is that single motherhood is financially encouraging bastard hood.
Women, in her limited intelligence, will see this rights as an approval of spawning new life just for the financial reward now on offer.
Being housed in government property, plenty of support from state benefits, just to name a few of them now you can add up to that pay for work is not actually done.

Men, why you bother EEHHH???
Can’t you see they are taking the piss out of honest working men?



At 6:59 AM, Pete Patriarch said…

Thanks for the link, Duncan. Its been a pleasure reading your blog and ripping apart NYMOM’s dishonest comments, and I hope to continue in the same vein in my blog.


At 8:33 PM, Abaddon_fff said…

We’re growing and nothing can stop us. Feminism, like all entrophic systems, is being pushed back, and will waste away. It doesn’t produce anything, it merely consumes. Men are the answer to “Mother Nature”.


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