27 October 2006


My Black Dog

Madonna wanted a new pet black boy to go with her mummy diversity fashion accessories and now she’s got one.

By Maximus, of Kitten News fame.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:26 PM


At 12:28 AM, Anonymous said…

Latest news, Angelina Jolie’ new fashion accessory, an Indian boy.


At 4:48 AM, Anonymous said…

Funny…until seeing that picture I never realized how very much she looks like a post-op transsexual. Just imagine a little five ‘o clock shadow. Yikes.


At 4:17 PM, NYMOM said…

It’s sad really that men like you are so selfish that you would deny this kid a chance at a life. He has both malaria and pneumonia and almost died in that orphanage. His mother and 2 older siblings are already dead…

You won’t be happy until they send him back will you????

AND don’t look for too many other people to wish to adopt black orphans either after all this crap…


At 5:06 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Fair enough. You seem to be civic minded. Would you possibly consider adopting such a child? Seriously. Put your money where your mouth is.

Do you at least sponsor such a child through one of the many organizations that provide this service? Do you do ANYTHING at all?

Personally, I have no problem with such adoptions. If that’s what turns your crank, go for it. But what steps have YOU taken to provide for such children?


At 6:03 PM, voodoojock said…

Walrus, that kid had a life, with his FATHER. You know, the human with testicles she stole the kid from?

Now go crawl back under your rock.


At 6:08 PM, Abaddon_fff said…

You know I don’t really mind the fact that shes adopting a child. However what I do mind is the reasons WHY she is doing it. When a child becomes an accessory, like a purse, or hat, how do you think that he/she will feel?


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Selfish? That washed up tramp is the one who is selfish. Why go half way around the world when there are plenty of kids without families here who would love to be adopted. But none of these kids come from some third-world hell hole, speak with a charming accent, and they dont have any ” Kultur”. To all who doubt The Great Sluts intentions, allow me to point it out to you, The kid is a freakin fashion accessory!
Anyone remember the pot-bellied pig craze years ago? What happened to the pigs after the novelty wore off, well did you ever consider where the bacon you just ate came from? Will these kids really be happy with these shallow idiots now and when the novelity wears off? The answer is no.



At 2:22 PM, NYMOM said…

I’ve taken no steps as I am working towards my own retirement after having raised two children to adulthood on my own and not being able to save enough money…you’d be complaining women don’t finance their own retirement if I didn’t…

I give to charities however but am not in a position to adopt a child myself…that doesn’t mean I would not support someone as rich as Madonna who could afford to do it…


At 2:25 PM, NYMOM said…

He has no life with his father.

The orphanage itself told Madonna that none of the family even visited when that kid was sick…

He’s probably looking to get some money from Madonna now since someone told him she’s rich…just like that photographer with Anna Nicole Smith…he’s looking for money.

Greedy beasts.


At 2:30 PM, NYMOM said…

There are not plenty of kids in the west free for adoption as many people are selfish enough to leave their kids in orphanages and foster care for years and NEVER free them for adoption…

Actually we’ve had to pass laws in some states specifying a time period wherein a child must be freed for adoption, otherwise they would remain in fostercare until they were 18…

Do you think all these people are traveling to adopt in Russia, China, East. Europe because there are sooooo many kids available for adoption in the west.

Use your head.


At 5:08 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Seriously, and in all fairness, in the U.S., it’s known that people from New York have a tendency to be a real pain in the butt. NYMoo is a perfect example. They tend to be self-absorbed, materialistic, and unbelievably rude. I know a bunch of them, all women of course, and they are the most unpleasant people you will encounter.

Plus, they talk funny. They have an accent that is really offensive…..Cro Magnon-like.

So, NYMoo, please go graze in another field.


At 7:50 PM, Anonymous said…

People from Nooyauk also tend to be raging leftists, so it stands that NYbum would be all for Madonna, faux English accent and everything.


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous said…

Alright, lets PRETEND that none of these rich and famous people are adopting children from half way around the world because its the latest trend. Now that the reason is truly to adopt this child, does anyone really think Madonna will make a good parent? Just because someone is rich does not automatically make them fit to raise kids, face it the bitch is horrible.
As far as having to wait in this country to adopt children, good maybe one thing is being done right, keeping idiots from raising families and screwing these kids up for life. Anyone who thinks this whore is doing a good thing needs to get their head examined.



At 9:24 PM, Rob Fedders said…

What the hell is NYMYAWN doing back here? I thought you said you were leaving and not coming back! That was only a week or so ago! Don’t you remember? NYMOM, you really a case of online herpes, aren’t you? You always come back!

Jeez, and you dizzy fucking femtards wonder why we men don’t trust you when you say something! Have the courage of your convictions and STAY GONE when you say you’re going away!

Is there no cure for online herpes, specifically the variety caused by the NYMOM virus?



At 11:15 PM, voodoojock said…

Ok Walrus, how about we turn back the clock to the days when the A&P store used paper grocery bags. You know, the one that guy who knocked you up made you wear before he did the dastardly deed.

Lets say some big shot glitterati came around and rigged the adoption system to take YOUR demonspawn away from you (although, I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in anything with your DNA, but I suppose Ripley’s Believe it or Not or the roadside circus with bearded women and turtles with 4 heads could use something that generates more revenue…to each his own) because they would have a better life than they would with you, you would throw a fit. You wouldn’t stand for it. Let’s say the hospital LIED and said that you never visited your kid in the nursery. After all, people have been known to lie when there’s exorbitant sums of money at stake.

You sorry-assed hypocrite. And if you’re so concerned about the plight of these poor kids, how come you’re not cutting back on your donut and pastry consumption? Huh? I bet 2 or 3 impoverished African shitholes could be fed for a year with the amount of grain that goes into your donuts.

Next time you get a colonoscopy, see if the bastard can find your head.


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous said…

Madonna: ‘I Worry I’m a Bad Mother’

She says in an interview on E! Entertainment Television, “It’s a struggle to balance my career with my children.

“I’m always going, ‘Oh God. I’m a crap mother.’ I want to get home and put my kids to bed.

“Then sometimes, if I’m spending a lot of time with my children I think, ‘Oh, God. I just want to be an artist.’


At 11:55 AM, R. Daneel Olivaw said…

NYMON doesn’t even see the real issue here. Skankzilla and the government broke laws to give her a kid.


At 1:32 AM, NYMOM said…

AND I don’t care if they broke any laws as they probably saved this kid’s life.

He’ll live a life of privilege, probably grow up to be a millionaire and be a powerful representative for his people…

OR turn out to be another useless rapper/rockstar who does nothing for anyone but himself…as you RARELY hear of single men no matter how wealthy and powerful ever adopting a poor kid from any country.

We’ll just have to wait what the future holds for him.

But it’s a hell of a lot brighter for him now then it was a few weeks ago before that adoption…


At 1:36 AM, NYMOM said…


Why do you even bother posting anywhere? On every site you post on your comments are useless like you and add nothing to the debate. Even your website is a waste of bandwidth.

Probably similar to you, a waste of oxygen and other valuable resources…

I have a suggestion: Why don’t you throw yourself off the nearest bridge and offer your body up as some food for an endangered species…

At least you would be doing something useful with yourself…


At 9:07 AM, Rob Fedders said…

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At 2:55 PM, Anonymous said…

Madonna: ‘I Worry I’m a Bad Mother’

Then why the hell did you just adopt a kid, you stupid f’n wench??? And, how were you ALLOWED to adopt one? Just cuz you’re a rich White FEMALE celeb?


At 8:43 PM, Anonymous said…

Madonna bought pricey cashmir clothes for the boy.
Does this make any sense? It couldn’t be cotton?
The clothes cost around 10000$. This money could have way better been spent for useful things in his home country.

The woman just wants something to fulfill personal needs.


At 1:26 AM, NYMOM said…

“Madonna brought pricey cashmir clothes for the boy. The clothes cost 10000$. This money could have way better been spent for useful things in his home country.”

Typical marxist thinking.

Eternal Bachelor should ban most of the men on this thread for being foul-mouthed and socialistic boors…


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous said…

Can anyone here ask this NYbitch to STFU?


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous said…

NYMOM says

“Eternal Bachelor should ban most of the men on this thread for being foul-mouthed and socialistic boors… “

It is the feminazis like NYMOM who need to be banned.


At 2:56 PM, Rob Fedders said…

A further note on the Genisil treatment for the NYMOM online herpes virus:

The fine print says, “if symptoms persist, double the dosage.”

Well…alright then.



We don’t want NYMOM online herpes here.

FUCK OFF, SKANK! (that was an extra, just for good measure)


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous said…

Yeah, and socialists advocate taking kids out of perfectly good homes and giving them to homes they deem more ‘fit’ to raise the kid.

Which exactly describes your position, lardass.


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous said…

Madonna: Being a wife and mother isn’t what I want

“Madonna has said that she does not want to be a wife and a mother. And she confessed her older children, Lourdes, 10, and Rocco, six, complain that she neglects them.”



At 11:25 PM, NYMOM said…

He was taken out of an orphanage not a home.

Wake up.


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