31 October 2006

MRA Revolutionary

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:50 AM


At 10:28 PM, nevo said…

We have been through this topic before.
Fatherlessness is one of the principal causes of social dysfunction.
We all know that women make lousy fathers and some of them even make lousy mothers. To the point of abandoning their offspring.


Sadly our incumbent politicians understand nothing about the consecuences of easy divorce.

A few days ago I was speaking with the daughter of a friend of mine. When I asked how was her father by his name she promptly said that he was her stepfather.
As we talked for a while I realised her disappointment with marriage, as she was living with her boyfriend.
I also realised that is not only men who are turning their backs to marriage. As in the case of this girl, women as well. Not all of them are skunks dolts. Some of them are intelligent enough to understand marriage is pointless act at best. At worst a rip off scam Heather Mc Cartney style.

Another consequence of this state of affairs, which politicians are not aware of or choose to ignore it, is the financial side of marriage.
In England, the average marriage celebration costs are at around £10000. If one million men decide no to marry, then £10000000000 is lost to the wedding industrie.
No marriage also means no divorce later on life, no fees to pay to solicitors to dissolve something which was pointless in the first place.
They, themselves only, are to blame. Those berkish politicians, falling over themselves to satisfy the loony fringe of feminism has lost to the economy an important source of jobs and income.

Well done!!!!!
You stupid berks!!!!



At 3:02 AM, Anonymous said…

Just a side note on Nevo’s comment. Kind of funny that you use the word “berk”. When I was a student at Berkeley, the women (many ultra-feminists among them) were none too pleasing to the eyes. We used describe ugly women that you’d still be willing to bang after a few (or several) drinks as being “berkable”, since it seemed that the women at Berkeley were far below average, forcing guys to stoop far below normal standards.


At 10:32 AM, Anonymous said…

Consequences are written with a “q”.

Your are right an expensive marriage is not interesting, when divorce comes after it. It seems that mostly women are interested in organising marriage and fall depressed when it is over.
It is much more sensible to marry cheap, with a small feast and putting all the emphasize on the main purpose of marriage: working together and children.

MRA tells something very sensible: young girls under 18 become deliberately pregnant to have a better life a quarter has a second child.
These mothers should get married instantly.


At 12:04 PM, Mamonaku187 said…


Thanks for the shoutout! I’ve learned a lot of good game from your blog over the years.

Rock rock on!


At 6:29 PM, byrdeye said…

The average wedding in the US costs around $20,000 USD. And so does the average divorce. Which makes for a total of $40,000 – just for the procedural costs alone of one run through the cleaners.

Not even to talk about the assets split and heavy emotional toll…

And so with no-fault divorces now that require absolutely no rhyme nor reason – what exactly does a man get for his $40,000 USD – a bare minimum for saying “I do?”

I’ll bet Paul McCartney is asking himself the same damn question right now!

Remember, in the old days you were paying for EXCLUSIVE SEXUAL ACCESS to your bride! But nowadays, they give out sexual access “free” and even if you get married, it’s probably still not going to be exclusive anyways!


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