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25 October 2006


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:25 PM


At 4:50 PM, NYMOM said…

Just to let you know that site has more security and controls on it then the Pentagon probably has…

What is it about men that you always feel the need to regulate everything???? Claiming to be about ‘free speech’ and then making everyone jump through hoops who wish to comment on the site is a bit contrary don’t you think…


At 1:45 AM, KellyMac said…

NYMOM, it’s interesting you should say that, as MGTOW chat has an open policy.

Would you care to elaborate? Or are you just mad we don’t want trolls in the inner sanctum? You’re perfectly welcome in the public room.


At 1:47 AM, Anonymous said…

Well considering that it is an open signup policy nymom… and that anyone can join the lobby. And that none of the content is censored. And that I would know this because I RUN the service… I would say you should go back into your box.

If you want to play again be my guest, but you’ll lose every time.

The “security” on the service is such that not just anyone can pretend to be anyone else. Which I would say is a good thing wouldn’t you? Naturally the server itself is secure. Do you lock your doors or not? Of course, that’s just common sense.



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