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30 October 2006

3 little words that will get guys slapped

These sort of “articles” crop up all the time at MSN, mere adverts for posing as articles. What’s annoying – aside from the dreadfully woeful writing – is the supposedly amusing headline.

How about, in the interests of equality and showing there are no sexist double-standards, we have a similar piece about things women shouldn’t say, and maybe headline it “Three little words that will get women punched in the face.” Obviously, that would be rather awful and reprehensible, but it’s no different from the current one that merrily quips about physically assaulting men for not saying exactly what Ms. Princess wanted to hear.

But then, I forget; in this day and age of non-sexism and no double-standards, it’s funny to hit men, but just to shout at, argue with or even merely disagree with a woman counts as outrageous inhuman violence.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:04 PM


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous said…

“Three little words that will get women punched in the face.”

BINGO. Maybe it’s time we just took all the gloves off and went mano-a-mano again, NHB. Why not? If women want to test us, why should we hold back? Fair is fair, right?


At 7:26 PM, nevo said…

Actually I did the free search in and an amusing lot of divorced thirty, forty, fifty somethings appeared on the screen They are all perfect partners. In fact they are so perfect that they are all divorcees.
Fancy a new perfect divorcee? is your answer.

Frankly speaking, they are all dolts!
All you have to do read their files with a list of demands which will make a reasonable man, pull his own hair off his skull.



At 8:26 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Go to, and scroll down to the new article “India Abolishes Husbands Right To Rape His Wife“.

A must read. Look at what can put you in jail:


Emotional Abuse!!!

Verbal Abuse!!!

Economic Abuse!!!

Please read this one of you get a chance.


At 9:32 PM, Anonymous said…

1. “Come here often?”
Where is the problem?

2. “Are those real?”
That is an important question, I want a healthy wife.

3. “What’s your sign?”

4. “My wife’s away.”
The womans husband may be away also.

5. “Are you pregnant?”
A pregnant girl should not drink alcohol, so it is a sensible question.

6. “Who’s your daddy?”


At 9:55 PM, Ba1anced said…

Hey EB,

Get a load of this feminist propaganda, it’s from the yahoo u.s. site. Will the glass ceiling/ unfair workforce myth ever die? Just because something is damn tough does not mean it’s unfair.

check it out:


At 9:57 PM, Danny said…

Equal Rights, Equal Fights.


At 10:07 PM, Anonymous said…

The majority of women at or anywhere else are divorced single mothers. Usually the first thing they write is something like my daughter or my son is the most important thing in my life. Well ok that’s all fine and dandy but how is that supposed to attract me to them? Oh yes let me stand on sideline behind all your kids, family, friends and pets for whatever you think you have left to offer which will be nothing but bills to pay. Not me. I’m not worthy. I’ll pass thank you.


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous said…

Haha! I remember a woman saying to me, in effect, “you judge women, so therefore you are bad”. Yeah, I judge women. What a thought-criminal I am. “I have ovaries! How dare you criticise wymyn!”

Most blokes are conditioned not to doubt ovary-wisdom. But some can shake it off, and a thousand illusions disappear.


At 10:34 PM, Tiny Tones said…

It’s a shame you can’t be put in jail for being a sad old git who doesn’t have the balls to admit he’s fucked up so goes around writing blogs that blame all his own shortcomings on women and other racial groups and using isolated incidences of what he sees as injustices against anglo men to justify his feelings of inadequacy. Life’s too short for this nonsense guys. You’ve closed your sad little lives off and are festering on your own bile rather than getting over it and going out there and having a happy time. You’ll all be dead one day too soon and you won’t get a second chance to try to do it better next time. Grow up and enjoy yourselves.


At 10:46 PM, Tiny Tones said…

You only get back in life what you give out, fellers. You lot, the militant lesbians, the fundamentalist Muslims and Christians, racists and any other closed-mided group filled with aggression and loathing are all exactly the same. You might have tagged yourselves on to different ’causes’ through which to channel your unevolved violence, but you’re all exactly the same. Different club, same hang ups. You’re trapped in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be brave – get off the treadmill and dare to be happy. It’s quite nice once you try it.


At 10:58 PM, voodoojock said…

Good stuff! Now I know what to say to run some 40 year old retread off when she gets that ‘cougar’ shit stuck in her craw.


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous said…

That article was hilarious. Haha. Who in their right mind would say that? Too bad women don’t say those things to guys which would be even funnier.


At 11:35 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Be brave – get off the treadmill and dare to be happy. It’s quite nice once you try it…Grow up and enjoy yourselves.

We have, thanks. It’s called remaining a bachelor and not getting legally bound to modern women or putting up with their crap.

T’is a very enjoyable life.


At 12:10 AM, Anonymous said…

“get off the treadmill and dare to be happy.”

Actually i cant recall anyone here saying they were not happy with their lives.
“Grow up and enjoy yourselves.”
Tell that to the women you know, they are the ones who need that advice. As far as enjoying ourselves goes, I think I can speak for everyone here that we do. Oh yea, that jail comment, boy its sure a big crime not giving women what they feel entitled to. Sorry pal not going to happen.



At 3:20 AM, Anonymous said…

HAHA when tiny tones compared christians with muslims I laughed my ass off. Such a moron.

I know this site is for gender issues but you guys might like to read this


At 9:53 AM, R. Daneel Olivaw said…

People like “Tiny Ones” are the real closed minded idiots. Take a look at the laws that are passed every day in Western countries and tell me there is no misandry. Must be my fault Child Support payments are based on imputed income instead of real income. Must be my fault children are more likely to be killed by mothers. It is my fault IMBRA was tacked onto VAWA. It damn sure IS my fault I have to pay child support to children who aren’t mine. Damn, let us not forget the time the cops are called because my old lady is throwing a bitch fit and I’m arrested under the “Must Arrest” Laws.

Yep ALL my fault.

Remember gents, you get out of life what you put into into it. It’s all your fault.


At 10:47 AM, wobs said…

ba1anced mentioned the u.s. yahoo. Well the uk.yhaoo is just as bad.

A complete femimatrix. Showbiz gossip gets top headlines, important world news is incidental, and the slightest pro female news bite will get pride of place.

Gender pay gap bull got headlines twice this year.

There’s a section called Answers. Martina Navratilova asked “should women get paid the same as men at Wimbledon”, while some agony aunt asked “What can women do better than men”. The bullshit meter went off the scale.


At 7:24 PM, Anonymous said…

I had a conversation with my 18 year old Daughter. And told her bluntly. “When your Mother Divorced me she forced a change in our Family. I was removed and replaced with your StepFather. I am entitled to a life. My first priority is to my wife. Your StepMother. Just like it was to your Mother when she and I were together. Children grow up, Marry and have children of their own.”

You will be a lousy wife if your priorities are not right. Husband First, then comes your children. I hope you will understand as you become an Adult. Put your Husband before your children.



At 8:18 PM, Anonymous said…

Uh, what cave is this Tiny (T)ones girlgina living in??? Isn’t she tired of having her head sewn into the sewer crevices between her femmie sister’s legs and sucking out blood snots???

Someone let this little girl out into the world!


At 11:42 PM, Anonymous said…

Gender pay gap? Read “Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap — and What Women Can Do About It“, by Warren Farrell. He basically points out that there is a pay gap…because men work harder, for longer hours, and often in more dangerous professions.


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous said…

tiny tones,

Thank you for reminding me why I want nothing to do with acid spitting cobras (i.e., Contemporary Western females). I find you very unattractive.

You probably complain that all men want from you is sex, but frankly do you have anything else to offer? In any event, after the age of 40 men’s bodies seem to calm down + other developed interests make chasing after the Big P less of a priority. If it comes along (and it’s not completely batshit psycho + dragging an airport full of emotional baggage) fine, otherwise have a nice day. Note, this applies to evolved, sophisticated thinking men. Not bar and race track trash you may hang around.


At 9:51 PM, Pete Patriarch said…

Guys, I think we are ignoring an important piece of information…



At 6:10 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

I periodically visit Craig’s List, where you can go to purchase all sorts of things, including, unfortunately, women.

Possibly it’s the city I live in, but I am constantly blown away at the demands made by some truly UGLY old women who are looking for a husband/boyfriend/Schmuck to pay the bills. One of them, angered at her inability to attract any offers, started a new posting demanding to know “What Is Wrong With Me!”.

Sheep be lookin’ good right about now.


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous said…

American Feminist Women Scorned

I have travelled widely to Europe and Asia and I want to share this well-known observation – American feminist women have a terrible reputation among men around the world. They are widely perceived as obese, selfish, spoiled, boorish and emotionally demanding. They are also considered rather overbearing and hysterical. It’s well known amongst expat communities around the world that American feminist women are shunned by men outside of U.S.A.

On the contrary, decent and well-off American men are generally viewed as the “cream of the crop” – highly coveted and desirable…. These gentlemen enjoy a great reputation among foreign ladies who perceive them to be respectful, nurturing, responsible, well-educated and financially secure. In addition, these women believe that American men make great husbands, especially in contrast to native men, who are often disrespectful, abusive and unfaithful.

The problem in this country is that the “best in the world” are often paired up with the “worst in the world”…. a complete mismatch. It’s like a highschool Prom King dating an ugly, domineering and boorish girl. It’s very unlikely this type of relationship will work out. Sadly, this seems to be the case, as the marriages “made in America” have a higher divorce rate (55 to 60 percent) than in the cross-cultural marriages (15 to 20 percent). So why is risk of divorce so much lower when an American gentleman marries a “mail-order bride”? In a nutshell, it’s because our Prom King is marrying a Prom Queen, who is beautiful, intelligent, feminine, appreciative and devoted.

A growing number of affluent American men are rejecting American feminist women and going overseas to embrace loverly, young foreign brides. A nearly fourfold increase in foreign women entering the U.S. on fiance(e) visas (over the last 7 years) supports this contention. It’s no secret that by pursuing foreign women, men can find much younger, more attractive and devoted partners than what’s available at home.

Take Tiger Woods, for example. This man has essentially rejected American women and instead, he married a lovely Swedish woman. Tiger is a one very smart gentleman…. I bet he knows (that) marriage to a foreign lady would mean a lower risk of future divorce!

Let me tell you about the relationship between my loverly Russian wife and myself. Despite our 21 year age difference, our relationship is based on mutual love and admiration…. our love is real and valid. Also, our bond is strengthened by our common interests, continual romance and mutual respect for each other. As with most Russian women, my wife is independent and has a strong will. Our relationship is a 50-50 equal partnership. There is no control and no domination.

My experience, as described above, is very typical of most marriages to “mail-order brides” – in contrast to many marriages “made in America”, there are no bitchiness or nagging, no hysteria or drama and no belligerant or confrontational behaviors…. only mutual love and admiration.

Therefore…., when a decent and affluent American gentleman marries a young, loverly foreign bride, what’s created is truely, a match made in heaven – the best matched with the best….

And IMBRA is really a scornful feminist response to growing international romance.


At 6:04 PM, Anonymous said…

IMBRA: Foreign Women Admired And American Women Scorned And Ignored:

This post has been inspired by a recent opinion article published (August 22, 2006) in, “Don’t Marry Career Women”, by Michael Noer.

Guys: a word of advice. Marry Asian women or Russian women. Latin or non-Latin. Romanian or Bulgarian. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry an American woman…. Why? Because if many surveys are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage and a divorce….

The spread of radical feminism has led to decline of family values and higher divorce rate in American marriages. The consequences of divorce are devastating and include financial, emotional and physical losses. Moreover, divorce leads to higher psychological and behavior problems in children…. With high failure rates of marriages “made in America” (over 50 percent) and subsequent tragic consequences, it has become important for many American men to think “outside the box” and go abroad to find a bride. Every evidence indicate that marrying a foreign woman (instead of an American woman) leads to more successful marriage and significantly lower risk of divorce, reflecting perhaps, a greater degree of mutual devotion in these inter-cultural marriages.

Ahh….foreign women!
Beautiful, sophisticated, devoted, accomodating and appreciative….
Many foreign ladies come from a culture where family values are of paramount importance. Simple things often make them happy, such as a loving relationship, security and comfort. Most women care about their appearance and like to look feminine but they are not submissive. They also value personal responsibility and strong work ethic.

Foreign ladies, such as Russian ladies, naturally admire men, especially American men. These American gentlemen enjoy a great reputation among foreign ladies who perceive them to be nurturing, responsible, well-educated and financially secure. In addition, these women believe that American men make great husbands, especially in contrast to native men who are often abusive, cruel and unfaithful. (Unfortunately, American women are way down the scale in terms of desirability and are virtually ignored by foreign men who prefer to marry their more traditional native women).

It’s no secret that by dating foreign women, an older man can find much younger, more attractive and traditional women (such as any of the ladies pictured above) than what’s available at home. Most young foreign women judge a man more by his honesty and character than by his age or looks. Thus, it is realistic for an older American gentleman to find a considerably younger, more attractive foreign bride, often with an age difference of up to 20 or more years. Youth and beauty translate to fertility, or the ability to have healthy babies and for an older man, this is much more likely to occur with a young, loverly foreign bride than with an obese, middle-aged American woman.

International romance has grown considerably over the recent years as the world has become more globalized, bringing together many decent, successful American gentlemen with lovely, exotic foreign ladies. In most cases, these marriages are very successful, as indicated by a much lower divorce rate compared to those “made in America”. Many of these inter-cultural marriages are built upon strong family values, true companionship and mutual devotion. By the way, Tiger Woods, who is married to a beautiful Swedish lady, is a one very smart gentleman…. I bet he knows that marriage to a foreign woman would mean lower risk of future divorce!

American men who have not been exposed to foreign women have no idea what they are missing out. And for those gentlemen who do have foreign bride dreams, do not let an idiotic law such as IMBRA get in the way of your happiness.


At 4:19 AM, Anonymous said…

IMBRA And Tahirih’s Destructive Behavior

In the last post, “IMBRA And Tahirih Justice Center’s Hypocrisy”, I have shown (that) there is no justification to force unilateral release of personal and criminal information of all American male clients of International Matchmaking Organizations (IMOs) at the time of initial contact because at that stage, there is no risk of harm to foreign women.

I have also stated that unlike IMOs, Domestic Matchmaking Organizations (DMOs), such as and, are given a complete exemption (or a “free pass”) on having to do any background checks on their male clients. Proponents of IMBRA justify these “free passes” by claiming that in DMO-facilitated relationships, men and women are charged and treated the same and therefore, the balence of power is not skewed to empower the male client. As result, they claim, there is less risk for abuse in these relationships.

This assertion is a complete hogwash – in fact, all evidence indicate that there is a significant threat of harm against women and girls as result of these initial contacts made via DMOs. There have been numerous documented cases of brutal murder, rape, torture and exploitation which have occurred as result.

Here are some examples:

(1) A 14 year old girl met a 37 year old man in an American Online Chatroom in 2000. The man was convicted of taking her across state lines to have sex with her.…tcrimelinks.htm

(2) A 13 year old girl, Christina Long, was murdered by a 25 year old man she met in an American Online Chatroom. He has confessed to strangling her.…tcrimelinks.htm

(3) The body of a young woman who posted her profile in was found near Richmond, VA. The suspect is a man whom she met through

(4) A 13 year old girl was killed by a 47-year old SanDiego man (who later committed suicide) whom she met in an internet chat room.

(5) An affluent real-estate agent in California is charged with with raping three women, two of whom he met through, a domestic marriage broker.…ia/15833372.htm

(6) A man has been charged with raping 10 women in the Philadelphia area. He met these women via Hey Tahirih, why isn’t regulated?…&id=4713302

(7) A man is charged with having sex with minor, whom he met via

These are just a few examples of hundreds of vicious murder, rape, torture and exploitation against women and girls which have occurred as result of contacts facilitated by DMO’s. Many of these horrifying acts of violence may have been prevented if DMOs were forced to do extensive personal and criminal background checks on their male clients.

Now, here is the most heinous part – Tahirih Justice Center, a main proponent of IMBRA, has been fighting in the court of law to preserve these exemptions for DMOs, despite the fact that these “free passes” have enabled many cases of horrendous rape, torture and exploitation against women to occur. If Tahirih gets its way, it will allow murderers, sexual predators, pedophiles and premeditated torturers a free pass to find their next victims. Tahirih’s behavior has been deplorable and deeply destructive to efforts to protect women and girls.

Therefore, I urge everyone to fight against Tahirih Justice Center’s efforts to preserve exemptions for DMOs.


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