25 October 2006

Man separates from wife — and his ring finger

A Viennese man cut off his ring finger and presented the digit, still holding his wedding band, to his ex-wife after an acrimonious divorce, Austrian news agency APA reported Tuesday.

Charged with dangerous harassment and assault for the act, he told a preliminary hearing he did not regret having cut off the finger and had chosen deliberately not to reattached it.

Heh. Interesting gesture, although a bit silly.

Typical how he still manages to get done for harassing and assaulting (!) his ex-wife though. Just because her feeeeeuhlings were obviously hurt.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:14 PM


At 6:51 PM, nevo said…

When I was in the Alps mountains, I talk to people who lived there.
I could not help to notice their lack of acuity in their talk.
Some of the women are right dolts.
It does not surprise me someone doing something like this.



At 8:00 PM, Anonymous said…

Best way to keep a woman from putting a ring on your finger is to remove the finger on which the ring is put.


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