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28 October 2006


Then I hope you have a four-foot long tongue ma’am

Due to the EU expanding or some such thing or other, a few hundred thousand Polish people have moved to the UK recently, and many have landed in Manchester. Although there is understandable concern about the strain on local services all this influx of foreign types will cause, most seem hard-working and jolly pleasant, although it would be nice if more could try and learn a bit more English. Twice recently I’ve been stopped in the street by some Eastern European who then mimes striking a match then shrugging whilst raising his eyebrows, which I believe means either “Have you got a light?”, “Have you got a cigarette” or “Please set me on fire, I want to recreate Rage Against The Machine’s debut album cover.” A shrug and a shake of the head seems to be an appropriate response to all three possible meanings of this gesture.

Anyway, a couple of Polish girls work at the local grocery store; aged about 20, very pretty, intriguing accents that remind me of spy movies. When buying something the other day, the two of them served me together, one trying to translate for the other, which was somewhat pointless as neither seemed to speak English. At one point, both turned round to work out how much change to give me. They were both wearing tight skimpy tops and low-slung jeans. As they turned, lo and behold, two ugly tramp-stamps glared up at me, out and proud, from above their bum-cracks. One girl had a figure of a dragon – or fish, I’m not sure – and the other had some Chinese characters. Ugh! Nothing smacks of a disgusting whore with no self-respect than a tramp-stamp.

I wonder if they got them only after they arrived in the UK. Or maybe they got them before moving over here, to try and fit in. Many people talk of non-Western women – including those beyond the old Iron Curtain – as being better than Western ones, less inclined to sluttishness, but evidently, especially if they move over here, they’re inclined to go downhill as much as ours have.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:49 PM


At 5:06 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…


But of course fashion changes and when she wants it gone then the tax-payers should foot the bill. Right?

NHS blows millions on removing tattoos

Although that article doesn’t say women are the ones freeloading most of the removals I’m willing to bet they are.


At 5:15 PM, Ald said…

Here, in US, it takes russian girls some two years to become very american-like. Sure, their personalities are very pleasant you (as compared to locals’), they won’t nag or try to deliberately hurt you, but they are just as materialistic and self-absorbed.

It is entire Western culture, really. You often speak highly of some “patriarchy” in the “good old days”, but women were never pressurized enough to be virtuos.
Look at Titanic death statistics — 84% men have died, 28% women and 51% of all children.
Look at the fiction of the ancient world. A good number of stories involve a guy, which has sacrificed and worked only to have a woman’s reckless behaviour to ruin everything.
So do not expect much from white women. As for asians…. I have yet to make conclusions.


At 7:48 PM, nevo said…

The way I understand it (because I am married to an eastern european woman) is that in the east, thanks to the little knowledge of English, women are largely still unspoiled by western (I mean the English speaking world)rotten habits.
I learnt the difference regarding to eastern sex are, by far, more honest with it.
In the west, instead, sex has become a tradeable asset for women, largely accepted and tolerated and now enshrined in British divorce law.
!!Be Warned!!
They are still women easily and quickly corruptible.



At 7:59 PM, Anonymous said…

“Here, in US, it takes russian girls some two years to become very american-like.”

It also takes two years before a Foreign Women can get a green card in the United States. What perfect timing! Any way I read the book from “Courtship to Courtroom What Divorce is doing to Marriage” recommended by Christopher in Oregon. After reading this book I have concluded that either marrying an American Women or a Foreign Women in the United States, a loaded gun is pointed at your head. Once a new emotion strikes cupcake’s head the trigger will get pulled and I can assure you it won’t be a pretty sight. If you have to get married, go pick a country that has favorable divorce laws for men and stay in that country as long as you’re married. Otherwise just don’t do it! Speaking about Russian women, it’s fine to marry one as long as you stay in her country. I read in Russia there is no alimony or child support but bring her to the United States, you are committing suicide.


At 2:06 AM, Egghead said…

My eyes! Please, please, please take that tramp-stamp picture away. Here I was, happily surfing the internet, and thought I’d see what the ol’ Eternal Bachelor had to say, and BAM! The agony!


At 2:29 AM, Anonymous said…

I think the people here have some good advice. If you want to be with a foreign woman, do not bring her back to your country.

Among the foreign community in Japan, it is well known – bring your Japanese girlfriend back home at your peril. She will turn into a vile fat whore before your very eyes.


At 2:35 AM, Anonymous said…

I am a single 48 year old male who never married. To be totally honest, I would have married but when I was busting my ass getting through college (self financed) women had Z-E-R-O interest in the poor guy.

I just read the book you mentioned, “Courtship to Courtroom What Divorce is doing to Marriage”, a few weeks ago just for the hell of it……male friends I have are getting wiped out in divorces so I wanted some background.

That book should be required reading for any male who is about to sign a marriage contact.

A male should never sign a marriage contract……


At 3:17 AM, Rob Fedders said…

Those fucking tramp stamps are disgusting. They drive me insane. How some woman thinks that having some greasy back alley slime ball putting graffiti on her body makes her sexy… ugh! The human body is a work of art. Imagine the Taj Mahal with graffiti on it.

Fuck these women are stupid. Try to explain it to a woman that while no man every found a woman ugly for NOT having a tattoo, many men will find her ugly for having one. Like I do.

I won’t even have cheap sex with one of these marked up whores. Why think about baseball to delay your orgasm when you can look at her tattoo and have erectile dysfunction. A fat chick is sexier than a tattooed chick.


At 9:11 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

These tramp stamps just show how herd-like women are. A few years ago, women wouldn’t have dreamed of having a tattoo as it was the sole domain of servicemen and a few guys wanting to be macho-men. Now, it seems every female under sixty has one and like you, and many other men, I find them totally hideous. A few years ago I was going out with a girl much younger than me, she was 20 and I was 37. She told me she wanted a tattoo, I told her not to bother and to spend the money investing in a clinic that does laser removal. Sure enough, these laser removal clinics are making a mint removing the name of ex-boyfriends from the arses of idiotic females.

If it’s fashionable, women will do anything. To be fashionable all any fad has to be is something that dumb females will think says something trendy about themselves. It’s all part of the “look at me culture” that totally absorbes females. If Posh Spice started wearing an eye patch you can bet that females would do the same. Modern women cannot think for themselves and mold their behaviour and looks around what they see in the media and what they see other females doing. They are totally maleable in their attitude and thought processes.

It now appears that we taxpayers are funding the removal of tattoos from many female backsides. As we all know, men account for 79% of tax paid to the treasury, so yet again it’s men who have to pay for women’s mistakes.


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous said…

off topic but (IMHO) interesting

im not sure weather im madder at the anti male sexism, or the fact i didnt think of it first as the best way to get self obsorbed women to line my own pokets.


At 5:00 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Foreign women are NOT safe. As you might remember, I used to be a Mormon, and it was the norm for men who served on foreign missions for the church to marry women they met in the mission field.

My oldest brother, the one who committed suicide, almost married a beautiful, but thoroughly insane girl he met while in Switzerland. He ultimately married a girl who was Indonesian and she ruined him.

My other brother married a girl he met while in Norway on his mission. After fourteen years of marriage, he caught her in bed with another woman and she wiped him out in the divorce court. He didn’t realize that even though she only had her green card she could have that much clout in the divorce court. He found out the hard way.

Because of my connections through work and religion over the years, I could inundate you with stories of men getting the shaft from foreign women. A couple of guys seem to be happy so far, but most are miserable.

In short, don’t marry. PERIOD. It doesn’t matter where she’s from. She will learn the system, and your ass is toast. Just don’t do it. Also, for you American-types, keep in mind that the rate of STD’s in women from Mexico and further south is even higher than with American women, if that is even imaginable.

Stay single, and stay happy!


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous said…

Its truly sad to see Foreign Women corrupted by our culture. Many thanks for the Observation. I have maintained now for at least 4 years of posting. The problem is our culture is sick, toxic, and debased. Women who come here are drawn into it. And Feminism is intent on spreading its hatred World Wide.

Your odds improve with a Foreign Wife to only 20% Divorce rate. But when you consider the cost to your personal life. I would submit a 5% risk would be acceptable, anything more than that is not.

Eliminate Child Support, and Alimony and Divorce would disappear overnight in the US. And the Women would change their behavior radically. It is this subsidy of Divorce for Women that is driving it in the West. Let Marriage die. It is irrelevant thanks to the Moral Cowards in our Churches, and Policy Makers.



At 7:57 PM, Anonymous said…

To me the tramp stamp is an incredibly useful tool. No matter its form, it’s still “the mark of ten thousand penises”. In the past it was often difficult to find out if a woman you were interested in was a whore, but now they ADVERTISE it! No more time wasted on whores for me…thanks tramp stamp.


At 10:21 PM, Youngbuck said…

I to don’t believe the foreign women are better credo so many MRA’s abide by. Women are women. They act according to what the culture they are in dictates. Before the feminist movement here in America, women were everything that guys claim foreign women are. But now that American culture is imitated worldwide, expect to see more women acting like the US and Western Euro sisters. They change. Why bother? If you are lucky enough to snag a quality woman, then more power to you, but to travel halfway around the world, just for some ass; man, you’ve already lost the battle because you’ve put the pussy on a pedestal, so much so that you will go across the world to get it. Why? I dated a Filiino girl, I have friends from many countries, let me tell you, they know the score.


At 10:45 PM, Anonymous said…

I like this discussion on foreign women. I have always thought that the hype about foreign women was all bullshit. Women are the same all over. It doesn’t matter where they are from.

Best thing to do is stay away from them completely. I would not even recommend pumping and dumping them. This can now lead to false rape charges when she goes into victim princess mode the next day.


At 11:38 PM, Tiny Tones said…

You’re all insane.


At 2:55 AM, Anonymous said…

Don’t worry. When the UK becomes an Islamic state, tattoos will be banned.


At 6:39 PM, Anonymous said…

We’re no more insane than a guy with an abnormal fascination with Princess Anne and nubile 19 year olds in white cotton panties.


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous said…

tiny, maybe you should get a sex change and try to land a rich husband, as you advocate your women friends to do. Forget meeting a man based on his personal qualities, apparently money is the only important thing. You’re advocating we go after women when you yourself encourage women to look at men as walking wallets. If someone supporting your view is like that, why do you expect us to hold a different view? Probably because you were too stupid to realize what your assertion really meant.


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous said…

Foreign Women who come from Cultures that are not anti-Male or Feminist are not infected with the hatred of Men. But they will soon adopt Western Ways when brought here.

Your best odds, marry overseas and go ExPat. Gents we must cope with the mess that is today. You fellas younger than 50 cannot remember what it was like to grow up in a sane culture. It is sadly no longer. Women look for the Bigger Better deal.



At 1:32 PM, Pumpkinhead said…

That’s a disappointing story. 😦 Sometimes I’ll be talking to a women I’ve just met and she’ll turn around at some point and there’ll be a tattoo on her lower back. I just think, “Oh for fucks sake.”


At 1:38 PM, Pumpkinhead said…

I can imagine this as a typical conversational question between two skanks.

“What tattoo have *you* got at the bottom of *your* back?”


At 3:21 PM, NYMOM said…

“Also, for you American-types, keep in mind that the rate of STD’s in women from Mexico and further south is even higher than with American women, if that is even imaginable.”

Not to mention the rate of resistant TB and other types of diseases we don’t even hear of anymore in the US…remember many of these people come from cultures where childhood medical care is not for free, the way it is in public health clinics here…there was even an outbreak of some rare type of intestional infestation that was attacking kids in the orthodox community in Brooklyn a few years back and it turned out it came from them hiring foreign born babysitters and nannies for their kids…

Of course as soon as the news got out and families were asking questions of the agencies, the ACLU got involved claiming any family that tried to ‘discriminate’ by NOT hiring women from those countries could be sued…

Moral of story: Better to stick with our own countrymen/women…for all the other issues involved…the devil we know is better then the one we don’t…


At 6:21 PM, MarkyMark said…


We do NOT have to ‘stick with our own’; many of us are opting out of the rigged game.



At 11:44 PM, MarkyMark said…


Why don’t you do us a favor, and SHUT THE FUCK UP! Man, you’re a stupid bitch! You’re living proof that the Indians did indeed fuck the buffalo.



At 6:39 PM, byrdeye said…

Better to stick with our own countrymen/women…for all the other issues involved…the devil we know is better then the one we don’t…

Right, just like Detroit auto was telling Americans to “buy American” POS hoopties that they were cranking outrather than far higher-quality Japanese/Euro imports in the 70s – instead of simply making better cars. Feminist-American women could care less about American men, so wtf should we care about sticking with them? The same ones shooting us in the foot?


At 2:52 PM, jake said…

The point is, everyone and everything has turned into total TACKINESS. By the way, there’s even complete irony when these tattooed losers (ie. cattle) say they’re religious and even have religious symbols scarred onto them. They don’t even know this verse (if they want to get into the religious bit):

Leviticus 19:28

Check it out! What idiots!


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