The term “politically correct” is politically incorrect now


01 November 2006

Now council bans the use of ‘political correctness’ at work

A council has warned staff against using the phrase ‘political correctness’ at work because it might offend people.

Fortunately the term “stupid fucking retarded leftie policy” is an appropriate alternative term for “political correctness.”

The publication outlines forms of damaging behaviour in the workplace and rates them on a five-level scale.

The authors claim that moving things around on someone else’s desk is as serious as punching or kicking them.

This is what you get when workplaces are over-feminized; it all becomes an exercise in avoiding hurting anyone’s feeeeehlings.

The authority’s new Tory leader Robert Light blamed his political opponents and said the booklet was no longer being used by council staff.

‘We don’t think it is relevant to use this booklet. We are trying to achieve the situation where the council has a more professional, modern approach. Diversity is still an issue for us but we will be taking a common sense approach rather than being part of the PC culture.

What do civil servants and councellors know about common sense? Bunch of lazy parasitic fuckwits.

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