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09 November 2006


“It” being to totally fuck up society and make everyone as miserable as they are.

For reasons I can’t quite recall, I found myself at this website for a club called Women’s Voices at some liberal arts Californian university. It’s an obviously feminist club that’s “very informal” and concerned with “talking about what interestes YOU!” No doubt you’ll be kicked out if what, erm…interestes YOU differs from what interestes THEM!

There’s a nice message on their website welcoming everyone back to the Spring 2005 semester, and a timetable of current events:

There are currently no upcoming events.

And a list of tasks for the group:

There are no items to show in this view of the “Tasks” list.

Feminism is alive and well!

Even more amusing is the Vagina Anti-Violence Alliance, which is a name that gives on the impression that it’s a bunch of big hairy cunts going around denouncing violence against wimmin and spouting on about gender issues which, in fact, is exactly what it is.

According to their Purpose Document:

The purpose of VAVA is to raise awareness of gender issues on campus. To do this, VAVA enhances student life by being a part of programs such as Take Back the Night and the Clothesline Project. This organization develops leadership skills by having more leadership opportunities available such as directors for the Monologues as well as offers people in the club to get involved with different events. VAVA encourages diversity of thought on campus by hosting events and tabling to try to change stereotypes and starts conversations to give new ideas. We as a club also provide learning opportunities by hosting the Monologues every year and by tabling with a different theme each time.

Anti-violence is a reasonably good cause I suppose. Unless it’s in computer games or movies, or directed against terrorists, feminists or small yappy dogs, I pretty much condemn violence. And war is really shit too. However, I fail to see why hosting the Vagina Monologues – whereby Jabba The Hutt’s stunt-doubles take turns to stand up and read stuff about women’s bits – is going to somehow stop violence. Maybe it’s all part of Chaos Theory. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, a tornado starts in China, and if a fat hairy lezzer reads the Vagina Monologues in California, George W. Bush and Kim Jong-il embrace and declare they will destroy all their nuclear weapons and make friends, make friends, never ever break friends.

It doesn’t say much about the “Clothesline Project” so I rammed it violently into Google’s orifice and it screamed out this:

The Clothesline Project (CLP) is a program started on Cape Cod, MA, in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women. It is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women.

And this achieves what? Surely violence itself (unless against terrorists, feminists or small yappy dogs of course) is itself a problem? Oh, wait, it’s a special case if it’s against wimmin, only they matter, so lets all decorate shirts and hang them from clotheslines. For some reason.

And what’s all this “take back the night” shite?


Take the night from whom? And why exactly?

So women can have the night? Fucking have it ladies. Here y’go.

Us men will be inside our nice warm bachelor pads playing video games, surfing for porn or in bed.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:55 PM

At 10:16 PM, ditchthebitch said…

Here’s an idea- someone needs to create a blog (I, unfortunately do not have the time) strictly about false accusations of Domestic Violence and Rape (or ‘sexual assault’ whatever that is) & call it “Take Back The Lie,” and convince these women to provide a link to it on their websites by coming at it totally from the direction of: “False accusations completely diminish the credibility of real victims and hurts your cause & women need to be protesting false accusers in the street!” How on Earth will they be able to argue with that? The blog could just simply follow the Duke university case and all local cases of false accusations everywhere, violence or rape.


At 10:42 PM, Anonymous said…

“take back the night”

I thought the light bulb took back the night.

You know that thing developed by a useless man…

Contemporary women are such wastes of oxygen.


At 11:48 PM, Misogynizor said…

Duncan asked:

Take the night from whom? And why exactly?

To be honest I’d say it’s an excellent way to promote a Cause and government funding of course.

Emotive imagery is a very effective propaganda tool.

In combating feminism men must never forget that:

men make sense

women make noise.

All we need to understand is that what they do is perfectly logical to them. And if ya gave it a lil more thought you’d realise that women out-logic men more often than we’d assume.

So don’t be lulled into thinking its just silly women having a synchronised eggs shedding.

Their ability to make noise has been defeating our logic for decades.

But men have another weapon that stomps on noise –

men can also make trouble.


At 12:38 AM, Rob Fedders said…

The problem is that we keep trying to convince women of our position without realizing that women have ***NO*** concern whatsoever about our position.

Thats why all the posting of links of studies, or showing a woman the Fiebert Bibliography just draws a blank stare from women and encourages them to quickly change the situation around to where they are again a victim.

Women’s concern for Men’s Issues = ZERO! It always has been this way too! Women’s concern for themselves = INFINITE!

This is something deep within the psyche of male and female and it is something that we men trip over time and time again. Us men continually fall into the trap of thinking that if we show enough rational arguments, backed up by hard facts, that women will be forced to capitulate and agree with us – like a man would. WRONG!!! This will only motivate women to take their arguments into histrionics to deflect away from an argument she can’t win, and bring it around to an argument about how she “feels” which is an argument she will always win, because theres nothing concrete about it which we men can offer a rebuttal to.

See that dumb cunt NYMOM’s posts and now multiply it by the number of women in the world – that’s what we’re up against. Sheer nonsense thinking! Everything pro-female & anti-male. Even the women who don’t seem that way at first are deep down just like NYMOM. Ask an older man whose been “successfully” married for a few decades if his wife truly cares about HIS quality of life, or whether she believes that his quality of life is completely hinged on HER quality of life. If you don’t dare ask an older man this, just look in his eyes to get your answer.

Women still haven’t figured out the reasoning behind a farmer making sure his oxen are well fed and cared for. They think giving food to the Ox means less food for them. Men still haven’t figured out that women are this short-sighted, selfish and irrational.

The only way we will ever win back any semblance of “fairness” for men is for men to begin to walk away from women EN MASSE! Refuse to pay excess taxes for nonsense like DV shelters and other pro-female/anti-male programs. If you’re not married and have no female relatives, why should you give a fuck about allocating your tax dollars to help people who, as a class, want to hurt you? Let your mangina politician know this is your ONLY voting concern!

The folly of the Men’s Movement is trying to “convince” women. Women won’t be convinced to give up anything for men unless they can see that it will benefit them directly and immediately. It is in a woman’s very nature to behave this way. This is likely why all successful religions have limited women’s physical power in politics – for perhaps they understood women, sex and family issues a lot better than we gave them credit for.

Women DO NOT think like men. Quit trying to reason with them! Take things away from them and make their life harder (which it will be, without men), and then watch how fast women smarten up. If society dies in the mean time, who gives a shit? (Except for women – for their lives will be harsh). A society that holds men in contempt for being born isn’t worth a shit, let alone two shits. If it doesn’t smarten up before dying, who cares?

Women have been behaving like spoiled children. NYMOM is a perfect example. Think about how you would instill some responsibility and discipline in a child who has been spoiled for their entire life… take those thoughts and apply the strategy to women.

Here is a pretty good website to surf through that discusses many aspects of male and female differences in thinking, if you haven’t already see it:

Websites like this are the reason that feminists are so hellbent to destroy religion and create a genderless society. If society had to acknowledge there were fundamental differences in male and female thought processes and survival strategies, then more people would become aware of the things presented to us in the website above – and action would HAVE to be taken to limit female power, for females are never ending in their wanting and are masters in manipulation. All weaker creatures compensate by deception and manipulation – this is nature!

Oh, and NYMOM… does that get your heart pumping? GOOD! I hope you have a stroke, you miserable cunt!

Before you even write, I just want to let you know that you should:



At 12:43 AM, Mark said…

Speaking of which…

“Us men will be inside our nice warm bachelor pads playing video games, surfing for porn or in bed. “

It’s only a matter of time before the three merge: behold Stepford Pussy 1.0 “As good as the real thing and minus the entitlement complex!” In fact, it just occurred to me: perhaps the best strategic policy for the Chinese government would be to design and build these and then distribute them in the west. If they did that, the cost-benefit ratio to western guys of defending western women would be tilted hugely down to the right, and with greatly reduced incentives to want to risk our lives defending the privileges of western women, either the latter will have to the reign in the fembots and fast, and relinquish many of the current female-only advantages, OR they’ll risk seeing both the projected massive excess of males in China and our having to put up with the fembots helping themselves to our cash and our basic human rights being solved ‘in a stroke’, so to speak – “Come on in, Mr Chan. Help yourself. Fembots only mind. Here’s the list for you. You’ll like them though: they’ll wriggle more!”

Feminism is truly doomed. It’s simply a question of demographics. And the best thing of all is the more lies they spew and injustice they demand and the more they hobble the economy and the military in the process by deviating from advancement based on merit to advancement on preferential treatment for politically correct groups, the worse it’ll be for them in the end. Ah, it’s a;; beginning to sound like a trip to their favourite restaurant: ‘Just Desserts’.


At 12:50 AM, Anonymous said…

Dont you dudes understand about the “Take Back The Night” initiative?

Thousands and thousands of years ago Pagan Goddesses with their man-pets on leashes would walk around outside during the night enjoying all the fantastic stuff that happens outside when Pagan Goddesses walk around at night.

But then the rise of the evil Patriarchy began and women were forbidden from the enjoyment of roaming about at night lest they be molested and raped because thats what Patriarchs do innit?

So the poor wikkle Pagan Goddesses had to cower in their crappy penis-owning, man-thug built abodes because they couldn’t figure out how to make weapons to defend themselves.

But now, in the 21st century the Pagan Goddesses have got a new weapon.

It’s called the vote.


At 2:16 AM, Anonymous said…

I laugh at anyone that thinks we can convince men of anything. Most men are just out to get pussy, and they don’t care how much it hurts them or other men, as long as they can get it. Women as a sex will unite to give themselves advantages, men will stupidly unite only to help give them those advantages. We’re doomed unless women bail us out. We’re still a small niche movement..,


At 4:24 AM, Anonymous said…

Funny to see that it’s not being updated. The Minnesota chapter of NOW hasn’t been updated for 6 years HA HA!

The Minnesota Women’s Press is still posting puerile crap but is slowly changing it’s tone.



At 6:17 AM, HAWKEYE said…

the female vote is their only true power.
it must be removed.and i firmly believe that this will occur in due course.
banning the pill would go a long way too


At 9:28 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Perhaps these feminist students should spend more time studying. If they did some honest research they’d find that ninety odd percent of assaults are on men and that the number of assaults on “wimmin” is tiny in comparison. But I forgot….they’re feminists so facts don’t matter, not when you have all that bigotry to keep you warm.

We all know what the true purpose of these “wimmin’s” groups is don’t we. Yes, it’s so that “wimmin” who do not, shall we say socialise with men, can recruit females to their cause. And, for good measure, they can stir up some good old fashioned man-hatred on the way. If I know university students, most of the females will be off shagging in their spare time and not particularly interested in spending their evenings with the hairy sisters. That’s what really annoys these types….the fact that the majority of women are heterosexual and enjoy male company. So they set out to sabotage this natural process with their idiotic man-hatred.


At 1:32 PM, Misogynizor said…


I don’t hold with some of the defeatist talk around here.

Just because you’re outnumbered and surrounded don’t mean ya can’t win.

In fact I love that Anti-feminists and anti-misandrists are outnumbered.

Because history has shown time and time again that a small focused group can dominate far greater numbers.

The first people to attack are the manginas who rule society. So let’s fight em.

They’re a disorganised rabble, who have no ideology that unites em.

Nothing people fear more in a stable society than internal strife. It’s bad publicity, which means it’ll be bad for bizniz and there’s nothing they fear more than losing money.

We will have zero impact if we do not get organised and move from internet “activism” to real world action.

I propose that we start by spreading word of a mens March over the internet and monitor how far the idea spreads, then wait for the right moment to exploit the fervor that has been generated.

If not let’s start discussing in practical terms how to destroy feminism, political correctness P.ussy beggarhood (manginahood) and old fashioned chivalry.

Otherwise the momentum will die down as peoples zeal turns into disillusionment and the whole thing dies before it ever took off.


At 6:56 PM, Voodoojock said…

The true hypocrisy of groups such as ‘Take Back the Night’ is that without men patrolling the streets in squad cars and performing guard duty as security guards, the night wouldn’t be safe for anyone, let alone women. It’s cause of these rigidly enforced social codes (enforced by men) that made the night free of rapists and murderers that made the night safe in the first place.

This whole thing is a simultaneous brag of ‘we are strong’ while whining ‘we are so weak we need protection’.

So what is it, sisters? Either you were never safe because you were too weak to ensure your own safety, or you were and still remain relatively safe at night because there are men out there doing the shitwork of protecting whiny cunts like you.


At 8:15 PM, ditchthebitch said…

You know, some day someone is going to make a breakthrough documentary film as big as Fahrenheit 911 about the insanity of being a man in the 21st Century-that’s all it’s going to take- well, maybe not ALL it’s going to take- but it’ll be the start. I read an article by some woman who said at first she supported men’s/ father’s rights, etc., but felt that it was simply becoming just as bad as Feminism itself in that men’s organizations labeled ALL women as financial/fraud perpetrators. There’s a huge difference between wanting ‘equal’ rights and having to live with the reality that you could be falsely imprisoned and accused at any moment- like living in the old Soviet Union. Do I believe ALL women are capable of false accusations and financial rape? I don’t know & that’s the problem.


At 9:06 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

You know, some day someone is going to make a breakthrough documentary film as big as Fahrenheit 911 about the insanity of being a man in the 21st Century

Nice idea.

If such a movie is ever made though, it won’t be by Michael cunting Moore. I read through his book Stupid White Men and the fat twat dedicated a whole chapter to denouncing men as rapists of the environment and war mongers, and how women were so perfect and how everything would be so perfect and brilliant if they were in charge.

What a fucking mangina.


At 10:41 PM, Willie said…

You probably won’t post this. Who really cares. But this site is ridiculous. Any man knows that men still enjoy privledge. It seems you are just upset cuz you can’t go out and club a woman over her head, drag her back to your apartment and then rape her just for a quick thrill and to spread your pathetic seed. Get over yourself.


At 11:19 PM, tiredofthewhining said…

Many have pointed several reasons why women don’t care about men’s rights, but I have another one. There are MRAs who say that the history of ‘female oppression’ is irrelevant to today and that we shouldn’t even fight it. However, the idea that women have always been oppressed little victims has been shoved down our throats almost daily for many years. In fact, my History teacher says that there are always some girls who say that women had it worse than slaves!

What do you think the reaction is going to be when, after years of hearing how hard women are done by, someone hears about unfair treatment of men? They’ll laugh and think it is absurd, just the cunt “willie” above. They’ll either think: “You are crazy! Men can’t be treated unfairly. Sexism is a one-way street! Society has always given men tons of exclusive privileges! Stop whining and be a real man by helping me, a poor oppressed victim. Blah, blah, blah” or “Yeah, so what? So some men have been treated unfairly, that doesn’t mean anything. Women have been treated like shit for thousands of years, and have it oh so much worse that men’s problems aren’t even worth thinking about. Besides, isn’t it about time women had it better?”

You just can’t win, and even convincing men is hard. I can get my close friends (I’m in high school) to agree on many points, but the instant I try to get them to do anything they ignore me. They are so damn lazy and don’t see anything that affects them directly so they don’t feel like putting in the effort. Every day in my English and History class, I hear about how hard women have it and how badly they’ve been treated (I must have heard the word “Patriarchy” a thousand times). People can’t help but refer back to what they’ve been taught all their life when you try and argue with them. And that is why feminist indoctrination is so dangerous.


At 11:26 PM, Pete Patriarch said…

Do I believe ALL women are capable of false accusations and financial rape? I don’t know & that’s the problem.

All women are certainly capable of false accusations and financial rape. Keep in mind the words “capable of”.

When the system is itself biased towards the female, the ability to do bad increases and the incentive to do bad increases multifold when you will not be castigated for it – nay, you will be PRAISED for raping a man and ripping his heart out through his wallet.


At 11:39 PM, Anonymous said…

Willie said…

You probably won’t post this. Who really cares. But this site is ridiculous. Any man knows that men still enjoy privledge. It seems you are just upset cuz you can’t go out and club a woman over her head, drag her back to your apartment and then rape her just for a quick thrill and to spread your pathetic seed. Get over yourself.

Hey Duncan it looks like another “man” is posting his opinion… I wonder what her real name is????


At 1:33 AM, Mark said…

I thought I’d try “Willie’s” comments out in the Gender Genie. Here’s the results. Try it out yourselves, but all I have to say is… “Outed!”

The Gender Genie

Inspired by an article in The New York Times Magazine, the Gender Genie uses a simplified version of an algorithm developed by Moshe Koppel, Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology, to predict the gender of an author.

Scroll down for your results…
Original: Willie said… You probably won’t post this. Who really cares. But this site is ridiculous. Any man knows that men still enjoy privledge. It seems you are just upset cuz you can’t go out and club a woman over her head, drag her back to your apartment and then rape her just for a quick thrill and to spread your pathetic seed. Get over yourself.

Keywords: willie [said] you probably will [not] post this [who] really cares but this site [is] ridiculous any man knows that men still enjoy privledge [it] seems you [are] just upset cuz you ca [not] go out [and] club [a] woman over [her] head drag [her] back [to] [your] apartment [and] then rape [her] just for [a] quick thrill [and] [to] spread [your] pathetic seed get over yourself

Words: 67

Humor coefficient: 0
Ideological skew coefficient: -.92 (Severe, left)
Victim coefficient: .93
BMI: 32.4 (Very high)
Hirsutism coefficient: .83
Alkalinity: 12 (Highly corrosive)
Int’l Bitterness Units: 71 (Very bitter)

Female Score: 127
Male Score: 82

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: lesbian!

END ——–


At 2:27 AM, NYMOM said…

“…All weaker creatures compensate by deception and manipulation – this is nature!”

If you know it’s nature then what are you complaining about?

Men use aggression, threats and ultimate violence if they can’t have their way.

Women have to use their wits and manipulate as they can’t get their way by force.

You appear to be arguing against human nature and it’s an argument you will lose every time.


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous said…

“willie” is probably female, but no doubt represents most non-player males. Actually, I rather encourage all men to either be players or avoid women altogether. Player males absolutely LOATHE women, they don’t have a SHRED of respect for any of them. I have a ton of friends who are players, and the only reason they wouldn’t fit in with MRAs is the fact that if anything, they fit a lot closer to radical islamists: they firmly believe women are inferior and don’t deserve any rights. The only difference is players love the current slutty aspect of women, whereas radical islamists would prefer women to actually have some self respect for themselves and not be sluts, and not dress like sluts.

Duncan, you mentioned before that the “patriarchy” of yesteryear protected women. I guess it did, but women are too stupid to understand it so it doesn’t really mean much. They do say “ignorance is bliss”, a statement uttered no doubt exclusively by females. I’m rather sick of all these males that refuse to be players OR MRAs, I’d wish they’d pick one or the other.


At 11:30 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

If “Willie” is reading this maybe he could enlighten us as to what privileges men have over women these days?


At 2:35 PM, Darrell said…

I shoudn’t place any stock in that gender genie.I placed Duncans reply to “willie”in it and duncan was determined as being female.

Keywords: rather than indulge in mud-slinging [and] insults i think [it] [is] worth politely pointing out [and] expanding my viewpoint [to] this chap for [what] [it] [is] worth for starters [if] he thinks [the] idea of thuggish men beating women dragging them off [to] rape them [and] impregnating them [is] bad then alarmingly [we] actually have something in common i have no such desire [to] do such [a] thing or [to] leave women open [to] such treatment either however ironically [it] [is] [a] post-feminist society that removes [the] restraints on women that makes this scenario [more] likely before feminism women were looked down upon for getting knocked up by thugs [and] losers [and] [not] having [the] right [to] an abortion meant they had [to] [be] careful [and] only hook up [with] nice-guys divorce [was] frowned upon too so women better make sure they [are] hooked up [with] [a] decent chap [not] some exciting but obnoxious criminal plus girls grew up [with] [a] father-figure [to] represent [the] strong-but-considerate male figure they [should] seek [when] selecting [a] mate [a] father would also protect his daughter that s why [when] [a] young man wanted [to] propose [to] his girlfriend [it] [was] traditional back in [the] days of [the] patriarchy for him [to] first have [to] ask [the] girlfriend s father for permission [it] [was] known that [a] woman could make [a] stupid decision [and] accept [a] marriage proposal from [a] cad [and] [a] thug therefore [her] father knowing from first-hand experience how horny [and] potentially selfish some young men can [be] would filter out [the] cads [and] thugs [and] approve of which men could ask [to] marry his daughter ensuring only [a] man [who] [was] respectful [and] decent would do so thugs [and] puas need [not] apply now thanks [to] feminism women have no restraints [and] no responsibility [it] [is] considered awfully sexist [to] dare condemn them for slutting [around] [with] thugs [and] losers they [are] financially rewarded for divorcing men [and] [more] [and] [more] girls [are] raised by single-mother tramps [and] promptly follow in their mum s footsteps having no father-figure for guidance plus of course boys used [to] learn [to] respect women from their fathers [and] their father s interaction [with] their mother now because feminism decided fathers [are] [not] necessary anymore except their child support cheques of course [more] [and] [more] boys [are] raised by single mother tramps too often [with] [a] grotty selection of uncles [who] make [it] clear that [when] [it] comes [to] women s taste in men being nice [is] sooo 1950s hence feminism [and] [the] matriarchy [it] eagerly [and] blindly leads [to] results in [a] time [where] thuggish guys [who] want [to] basically fuck [and] chuck women just [to] spread their pathetic seed actually prevail i see [it] frequently i know of attractive young women [who] would [not] piss on [a] decent caring guy [if] he [was] on fire but [who] have dated [and] been knocked up by violent criminals yesteryear in [the] time of so-called chauvinism [and] sexism before feminism pulled down [it] [is] dungarees [and] shat all over our society such women would keep clear of such thugs they would have [to] now women do [not] have such incentives now [it] [is] open-season on young women by [the] real thugs [and] players ever noticed how tattooed criminals tend [to] have plenty of illegitimate kids running about whilst nerds [with] good jobs [and] [a] healthy respect for women tend [to] regard female attention [as] an alarmingly rare event [and] [are] lucky [to] die [with] so much [as] [a] single child sprung forth from their loins did you know that knuckle-head gun-toting gangsta-rap thugs eazy-e [and] ol dirty bastard were only 31 [and] 35 respectively [when] they died yet had managed [to] father twenty-four children between them they sure got [to] spread their pathetic seed about thanks [to] [the] feminist devolution of society whose first casualty [with] regards [to] [the] swift removal of fathers from families [was] [the] african-american community for [the] record i do [not] want [to] rape women either i find [it] strange anyone would assume i would do [it] [is] [not] [as] [if] this blog [is] called eternal rapist [a] society [where] feminism [is] banished [and] girls [and] boys too of course [are] actually bought up [with] fathers [where] females [are] urged [to] select [a] decent hard-working man for [a] husband [and] men therefore urged [to] [be] decent [and] hard-working in order [to] get their end away [is] [what] [is] known [as] [a] patriarchy [and] one [where] women [are] actually held in great esteem for fulfilling [a] role assigned [to] them [and] men [are] held in great esteem for fulfilling their s sure [not] all women enjoyed doing housework [and] raising babies but [not] all men enjoyed working down coal-mines [and] in factories or getting shot [at] in wars [to] protect their country [and] womenfolk either [it] [is] no wonder [many] guys actually argue that feminism liberated us men [more] than [it] did women us men [these] days [are] [not] privileged [at] least 99 of us [are] [not] in any way privileged i am certainly [not] like most men i know i work [at] [a] boring job i do [not] like [and] pay rent [to] [a] landlord i do [not] like [and] huge amounts of taxes [to] [a] feminist-infested government i do [not] like [and] did [not] vote for i do [not] feel very privileged us men do however have [a] lot of responsibilities [a] man [is] legally obliged [when] married [to] support his wife but [she] has no obligations [to] him [at] all men may make up [the] top richest earners in [the] rich lists but each rich man usually has [a] wife or increasingly [these] days an ex-wife/wives sharing his wealth men also make up [the] majority of bankruptcies [and] homeless people but do you think such penniless men have [a] wife suffering alongside them [not] likely men also make up 95 of work-related deathsi could go on but i will [not] life may [not] [be] perfect for women but [it] [is] certainly [not] for men either [it] makes [me] recall [a] great comment i heard from an anti-feminist guy once i wish feminists were right i wish i lived [the] life of utter luxury [and] privilege [these] feminists claim i did rather than [the] shitty grubby life i actually live finally caveman days were actually matriarchies families were women [and] their children whose paternity [was] unknown [and] irrelevant only in [the] last ten-thousand years [the] blink of an eye in evolutionary terms has [the] patriarchy come [to] dominate things [these] [are] also [the] few hundred centuries [we] have actually had [a] civilization [with] laws [and] such things this [is] [not] [a] coincidence may i direct sir s attention [to] [the] garbage generation in conclusion [to] anyone [who] may like [to] listen [if] i really liked [the] idea of becoming [a] thug [who] wanted [to] ensare rape [and] impregnate women [with] my seed pathetic or otherwise i d actually support feminism because thugs [and] players [are] [the] only individuals [who] really stand [to] gain in [the] long-run from feminism them [and] haggard old spinsters trying [to] flog books titled [are] men necessary [to] women [who] thanks [to] feminism have [not] actually got [a] man

Female Score: 1938
Male Score: 1807

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

…but then again, Duncan is there anything you would like to share with the visitors to your blog?….lol.



At 9:29 PM, Anonymous said…

“…All weaker creatures compensate by deception and manipulation – this is nature!”

If you know it’s nature then what are you complaining about?

Men use aggression, threats and ultimate violence if they can’t have their way.

Women have to use their wits and manipulate as they can’t get their way by force.

You appear to be arguing against human nature and it’s an argument you will lose every time.

What you’re describing is the law of the jungle.

That’s where the matriarchy had our species for million of years and that’s where the matriarchy is returning us.

BTW, you cannot build technology, maintain infrastructure, write philosophy, and create art with aggression, threats and ultimate violence.

Those acts require reason and a motivation. All going bye bye with the matriarchy.


At 6:40 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

VAWA is a funding mechanism that exists to destroy more Families and incentivize Women to Divorce their Husbands. It also has an added rider IMBRA that makes it a crime for an American Man to use the internet to meet Foreign Women without a criminal background check., and Yahoo Personals are exempt.

It is a blatant attempt to regulate Market demand for Wives. A sign of the desperation US Feminists have to control Men, and have them marry US Women. It will fail. As Men are too Independent. And can hop on a plane and fly overseas.

VAWA also exists to fund the Domestic Abuse Industry and reward them for demonizing Men. When all studies indicate, including the APA that Women are as violent as Men.


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