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09 November 2006

I had the following comment posted recently regarding this post about tramp-stamps on Eastern European woman.

my white english wife of 8 yrs has a tramp stamp as you call it.its a chinese symbol that means alot to her. she is a great cook kepps the house spotless and loves my family. she raised a great kid on her own who is now a scientist after the father left her without a cent and then dissapeared o s when she was only 21 and her son was 1. he was the 1 who wanted to start a family in the 1st place. she got 2 jobs as a cleaner to put herself thru uni and got 2 degrees and shes never been on benefits. she has a good job and helps in my business. shes sexy smart and a real laugh.like a lot of women. to read shit like this just because of a tatoo is bullshit. your going to rely on women nurses when your lonely sad old men stuck in the lonely sad old mens home with noone to visit you so youd better sort yourselves out.i wouldnt trade places with any of you.

It was signed “Jack” and I think it’s a fair bet that it’s a woman pretending to be a man. It’s amazing how common this is. I remember one instance on an anti-feminist forum where someone posing as “Tom” started insisting that “it takes a real man to be a stepfather” and actually bragging how “he” married a woman who had two kids already and supports them like a “real man should.” Naturally everyone hooted with laughter and told the bitch to stop pretending to be a man and fuck off. She did.

It’s quite easy to tell when a “man” on a forum, in an e-mail or blog comment is actually a woman by the following signs, some (but not all) of which can be seen in Jack’s twittering:

1. Choosing a man’s name as a nickname or handle

Not many men use their first name on forums or blogs. Some (like me) use the name of some fictional character whilst most guys use nicknames that bear little or no resemblance to real names. Take a look at the member list of any anti-feminism forum (or any forum populated primarily by men) and you’ll see few simple men’s names. Women tend to make it out they’re guys by using a man’s name, and they tend to choose fairly traditional names as well, the sort you’d expect a woman to immediately think of when trying to come up with a man’s name. They’ll invariably use ones like “Tom”, “Bill” or “Jack”, but rarely ones like “Elliot” or “Liam” or something. For some reason they insist on picking ones with only one syllable too, probably out of laziness.

2. They’ll point out they’re a man. Duh!

Most feminists (or, at least, anti-anti-feminists) are female, so it may be fair enough for a male feminist to point out they happen to be male. But women go overboard. “Well, I’m a man, and…” they’ll often begin, even though that should be unnecessary if they’re called “Tom” or “Bill” and proceed to waffle on about their relationship with a wife or girlfriend.

3. Boasting about a girlfriend/wife’s career or qualifications

This is simply projection. Men don’t care about a woman’s career or qualifications and will not mention it. A guy boasting about how great his wife is will focus on how young she is, or how good looking she is, that she’s a good cook, has provided him with several children or, if he’s feeling a bit crude, that she has nice big knockers. Unless specifically asked, guys will not generally go on about their wife’s occupation or whether she has a degree. Jack does this, bragging that his missus has two degrees. So? What does that have to do with anything? That doesn’t mean she’s a good wife. Women are the ones who care about a husband’s career and qualifications, so they assume we care about theirs (or hope we do, especially when she’s got nothing else to offer, like she’s too old to have kids and/or her looks are fading.)

4. Having an absurdly perfect girlfriend/wife

No-one’s perfect, and most men accept their girlfriend or wife isn’t either, and indeed will feel proud that they still love her despite any flaws. You should be suspicious if a supposed guy describes his wife as unrealistically perfect in every way, like being a great career woman with a billion degrees, keeps the house spotless despite working full-time and who never nags or anything. Women tend to be incredibly egotistical, and when pretending to be a man boasting about his wife, they’ll usually present a third-party description of an idealised version of themselves.

5. Assume women are the only source of happiness for a man

Jack falls into this most common of traps, assuming you’ll be miserable or alone if you don’t marry. Now there obviously are some guys who are lucky enough to find a good woman and are happy with them, but such men in my experience will not automatically assume any man who doesn’t marry is miserable. Even if a guy loves his wife dearly and wouldn’t want to be a bachelor for all the gold in Fort Knox, he will still admit that there are benefits to being a bachelor. On the other hand, a woman will wade in and try to insist there are no benefits to bachelorhood and guys who don’t marry are destined to die alone and miserable. Once again, this is projection; they’re destined to die alone and miserable because of us men refusing to marry.

6. Giving a fuck about marriage striking men

If a man is pro-marriage and wants to marry, or is already happily married, what does it matter to him if a guy is on the marriage strike? I’m not bothered if a man intends to marry or already is; so long as a guy knows the risks of marriage then, well, go for it if that’s what he wants. Furthermore I’m not arrogant enough to believe anyone else should do what I tell them to do anyway. There’s no reason a man should turn up at anti-feminist and pro-marriage-strike blogs and forums and start hassling everyone to get married. Besides, if a guy wants to marry, he should be happy at us marriage strikers; technically we’re reducing his competition! More spinsters for him to choose from. There are, however, plenty of reasons for women to do so, usually under the guise of a man. They can’t stand the idea of men unplugging and not falling for the racket marriage (and divorce) has become and that each guy who refuse to marry means one less sucker for them to try and trap. I see this in real life, the way female colleagues tut and denounce me as cynical for refusing to marry. It doesn’t matter if they personally don’t want to marry me, they – and this primarily goes for the spinsters – see the pool of eligible bachelors willing to marry diminishing every day. And it pisses them off.

7. Shaming language

And lots of it! Lots of definitions of what real men do and accusations that you can’t get laid are signs of a female being behind that flimsy online-disguise as a man. Some men can use shaming language too, but they’re either manginas (same thing as a woman really, to all intents and purposes) or they’re trying to get you to do something traditionally macho (e.g. an army seargant insisting a real man wouldn’t cry because he’s scared of gunfire) or to do something that is more for your benefit than a woman’s (e.g. “Be a man and stop letting your wife push you around!”) Unless he’s a mangina or a guy who’s been in a cave since the 1960s and not realised there’s a sex-war on, few guys will try and shame a man into doing something absurd that will be for the benefit of women, like marry a single mum or ignore his wife’s tenth extra-marital affair.

8. Vagueness and um…stuff

Read through “Jack”‘s commentary. Does it make sense? Does it stay on the topic of my observation that lots of Eastern European women – especially when they’ve come to the UK – seem to have tramp stamps? No. It wanders off topic and makes very little point other than going on and on about his supposed marvellous fucking wife, that her son is a scientist then to predictions we’ll be alone in old folk’s homes. This is typical of fembots and modern women trying to “argue” – not sticking to the topic and waffling on about irrelevant shit, with lashings of shaming language used in place of facts or counter-arguments. I remember once posting about how absurd it was that women spend so much money – usually not their own – on shoes, and some woman e-mailed me insisting she agreed with my points, then explaining how she never wore high-heeled shoes except at work, and that she wore what her husband liked her to wear “in the bedroom!” WTF? What did that have to do with anything? So if a “guy” starts inserting irrelevant nonsense into a rant, and strays off topic almost immediately, it’s a good sign it’s some woman.

Obviously not all these rules apply by themselves. Take number 1 for example; there are several well-respected anti-feminists and genuine guys who just use a single man’s name as their nickname on forums and blogs. And, as for 7, there are manginas who chuck in shaming language left, right and centre.

But if you get more than a few of these rules cropping up in some post/comment/e-mail, there’s a good chance it’s some woman pretending to be a man.

One last thing, Jack seems barely literate. Poor punctuation, awful spelling, crap grammar. Yet he’s married to a woman who has a grown-up son? Unless “he” is a toyboy, we’d have to assume he’d be the same age as this woman who, with a grown-up son she bore at 21, would be in her forties. Are we to expect a guy in his forties writes so poorly? It’s possible, but it’d be more likely to be some brainless young single-mum tramp typing that garbage out in between watching Oprah.

Of course, it is possible “Jack” really is a guy who is telling the truth, and if so I think us free, single and happy bachelors can take great amusement at the idea of a man hitched to a tattooed single mum and obliged to provide for her and some other guy’s cast-off bastard telling us that we’re sad! Heheh! Whatever, “Jack”.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:37 PM

At 2:56 PM, Guy Wheeler said…

Uncapitalized ‘I’ is always a give away.
I suspect that this post is from a woman for whom English is her third language. After her native language and the language of victim hood.


At 3:17 PM, Davout said…

Nice post, Duncan.

On a side note, check out this article.

Looks like puseta is being outsourced, much to the chagrin of the local Battleaxe Club 🙂


At 3:28 PM, Thunderchild said…


Interesting – you might want to get hold of books on linguistics (some of the older ones) and look at speech pattern analysis to weed out the Trolls. There are significant differences between males and females in speech content.


At 4:17 PM, Viking said…

Jack’s story is an interesting fiction. The truth go a bit more like this…

My white Irish ex-wife of 3 years wanted a tattoo, but I didn’t want her to have such an ugly thing, let alone pay for it. She was an passable cook, when she cooked at all, which was at most 3 evening meals in a week. Usually more like 1 or 2. She had 5 kids with a guy and then was stupid enough to cheat on him. Though this was not how she spun the story. She held multiple jobs as a cleaner to put herself though junior college and got a single, 2 year degree in marketing. Probably so she could use her “amazing” communication skills. Despite her jobs she was still on every form a public assistance she could scrounge and ran up significant student debt that she wanted me to pay off. Needing this kind of help might sound reasonable for a single mother of 5 except for the part where the kids lived with their father! When we were married she didn’t have a good job, in fact she quit her crap job a month BEFORE we got married to be a stay at home mom to her now teenage kids. She also didn’t help me in my business. In fact, for the most part she was a hindrance. Wanted me to take time off and work less to help her do things at home. Take vacation just so that I can work at home! WTF! She thought she was sexy, she thought she was smart, she thought she had a great personality and was a real laugh, like a lot of women think, but aren’t. The reality was that she was a man hater. Addicted to her sense of victim hood having being abused by her stepfather as a child, which I am not entirely convinced actually happened. She was amazingly bitchy and controlling about everything. The marriage counselor even came straight out and told her that she was being a bully. To read shit like this just because of a tattoo makes me think, hell yeah, this guy knows what he is talking about. Keep on posting. Your going to rely on women nurses when your lonely old men stuck in the lonely old men’s home with nobody to visit you, but at least you will be able to afford that nursing home when you get there. You could have gotten married, gotten cleaned out by some bitch and turned out a lonely old man stuck on a park bench with the Sunday Time for a blanket. I was stupid enough to think that I wouldn’t be lonely if I was married. I lived in a 4 bedroom house with 6 other people and I was just as lonely as when I was single, perhaps even more so since having any friends of my own was close to impossible. And not only was I still lonely I was now also broke all the time. Paying for and buying things that I didn’t want. You can be surrounded with people and still lonely if those people don’t really like you. I ranked ranked a solid number 8 in my house, 1 wife, 5 kids and the dog ranked higher on the list than I. I wouldn’t trade places with you only because I don’t need to. I am right there with ya bud.

I am a man though I was once a wuss and a borderline mangina.

Stay strong. Stay single.

Signed, Viking.


At 4:20 PM, Anonymous said…

As soon as I read.

he was the 1 who wanted to start a family in the 1st place.

I said to myself this is some chick writing a romance novel.


At 4:46 PM, ChicagoMan said…


No it isn’t fair to always overgeneralize but 99 times out of 100 the kind of woman that gets a tramp stamp is the kind of woman that doesn’t have any self-respect.

Woman with such low self-esteem, HELL ANYONE with such low self-esteem does not go and get two college degrees. It makes no sense.

My buddy, even against my advice, is dating a single mom with tattoos. And let me tell you she is a bigger kid than her daughter, and the self-esteem issues, wow.

Low self-esteem is something to avoid in a future wife altogether.

Men with normal self-esteem do not become Manginas, likewise women with normal self-esteem do not sleep around and do not get tramp stamps and actually marry a guy and have kids with one whom they know reciprocates their love and won’t leave them with a kid.

None of it makes sense.

Oh by the way none of the handles I use have my first name in them either, ROFL


At 4:49 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s the distinct absence of linear thinking and common sense that gives them away every time.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous said…



At 7:08 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

You can always tell that a comment has come from a female, even when the writer claims to be male. Women have a complete inability to listen to any criticism of themselves as individuals, or their gender as a whole. Their reaction to hearing any criticism (especially valid criticism) is to go into a childish tantrum. You’re previous post regarding John McCrirrick is a case in point. The man expresses his opinion and he’s slapped and has water thrown at him by females who claim to be intelligent. They simply have no capacity to listen or try to understand any opinion except their own.

This “Jack” character is obviously female and has made up the whole story in a pathetic attempt to argue with you. She realises that the only way she can take part in this debate is to use lies and made up stories that are clearly ridiculous. I don’t know why “Jack” doesn’t claim that his “wife” has won the Nobel prize and developed a cure for Cancer just for good measure. You can tell that she’s young by her use of syntax and poor writing style, something she can thank our feminised, education system for.

You will notice that your female detractors always personalise any argument. This is another typical female trait. Why bother with facts when you can just mudsling to get your own way….this is female thinking.

When will these females learn? They’re so obvious.


At 7:32 PM, Peregrine John said…

Rock on, Duncan. This, friends and neighbors, has been a fantastic example of the proper use of profiling.

#6: We kind of expect items like #5 and #8 (and #2 is just… well, as Shakespeare ironically wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”) this is a really strange one. Men do not usually take a comment regarding 1 man as a position regarding all men, nor do we take 1 woman’s interest in singlehood to be an indictment or threat against our entire sex. Women, generally, do, and contrary to protestations, they also love being generalized about. Say, “every girl’s a princess” and she’ll take it as a personal compliment, not realizing that the result of such a sentiment is, “the word ‘princess’ is meaningless.” Go figure. I digress. I am married, with reasonable happiness, but have NO trouble understanding why someone else would not want to be. Further, I realize that more unattached men means more unattached women, so that should I myself be unattached again at some point, there are more playmates to play with. Bachelors bring me no downside, and even if Jack were verifiably a man standing before me, I would have to question his manhood.

And yup, what anon.4:49 said. Combined with the rest, a complete and absolute giveaway.


At 8:12 PM, voloohaar said…

“your going to rely on women nurses when your lonely sad old men stuck in the lonely sad old mens home with noone to visit you so youd better sort yourselves out.”

What an argument! Now remember, fellas, next time you see/hear some chick say something bad about men, DO let her know that “she’s going to rely on male doctors blah blah blah”, so she better change her ways.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous said…

“Jack” (is that for Jackie, Jacky or Jacquel) forgot to mention the “S” on this woman’s chest. And no mention of the cape.

BTW, why only 2 degrees? Lazzzzzy!!! I would have at least expected 12.

And the best she could do is raise a son that because Scientist, and not even a rocket scientist. I mean, a brain surgeon would have been nice.

As for not claiming benefits – so fucking what!!!! My next door neighbours cat has never claimed benefits, but I’m not about to recommend it for an award!! Sheeesh!!!

Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like someone has been reading the book of cliches again!!!


At 9:06 PM, Mark said…

It’s quite easy to tell when a “man” on a forum, in an e-mail or blog comment is actually a woman by the following signs …”Assume women are the only source of happiness for a man”

Damn right. A common mistake. Way back when, a friend let me have a ride on his F2 tuned RD350. When I’d finished, the girlfriend asked me how it was and in my effervescent excitement I let down my down my guard and replied “Oh God. Better than sex”. Oops. She was my first and knew it. That was the beginning of the end for that relationship! …but God, what a bike! Adrenalin on wheels!

PS What’s wrong with ‘tramp stamps’? I love ’em. It’s like women having an “I’m a waste of your time” badge – saves me endless grief!

PPS Apologies for the name. I’ll get on it right away!


At 11:19 PM, mfsob said…

I second the motion that tramp stamps are a good thing – lets you know right off that the woman wearing it is shallow, no self-esteem, is easily manipulated, borderline stupid and has already been plowed thoroughly by numerous bad boys.


At 3:19 AM, Talos said…

I agree that Tramp Stamps are excellent “Warning Labels”. It should state: May cause sexually transmitted diseases, embezzle money from your bank account, meet unsavory types and countless mind games. In the states, we have warning labels on tobacco products and other items hazardous to your health.

Fellas, you add your own additional comments on the warning label. Personally, I have never dated or was involved with a woman with body art or numerous piercings. Never went slumming.


At 4:01 AM, Anonymous said…

I read this blog on a very regular basis, and if the subject catches my intrest I will write my two cents in the comments. When I do write, I usually act polite, but in this case;

Hey Jack, stick it up your ass and blow it out your motherfucking ear!!

Panzer (Yea thats my handle not my real name Jack! )


At 7:11 AM, HAWKEYE said…

i lived in the outback of Australia for 10 years ,mining,
and i can honestly say that the females that work in the mining industry are not your reguler females.
they are tough bitches,
and can stand on there own 2 feet no worries.
(all loud mouths of course.)
but my point is that some females do do it for themselves.but dont try and marry one of these things


At 7:33 AM, Anonymous said…

About those all-important Chinese tattoos she/he/it mentions, get a load of this prank.

From another antifeminist forum, with mild editing:

“I read a hilarious column not too long ago—I forget the author.

“Apparently this guy is known for his pranks. Some skank in his office had Chinese characters tattooed…somewhere…and once when she was at his desk, he leaned over to her and in a conspiratorial tone of voice asked ‘Look…did you MEAN to have the words “bean curd” tattooed, or did someone rip you off?’

“She replied with an incredulous look that she was told it said ‘Love and Peace’.

“He said ‘Ohhhh, no…I’m sorry…that says “bean curd”…’—shuffles through his desk, comes up with local Chinese takeout menu—’See? Here it is right here!’—pointing to the identical characters listed on the menu.

“Of course the menu was something he faked, starting with a REAL takeout menu and doctoring it up a bit.

“She left his office with an angry look on her face, and when he walked near her desk an hour later she was face-down on her desk, in tears, with about four other worthless [female] coworkers gathered around to console her.

“I found it all hilarious, as did the author.”


At 5:20 PM, ntk said…

more evidence: if you copy and paste his/her/its spiel into the gender genie:


it returns a result of … wait for it… female!


At 7:50 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

That gender genie tool is pretty neat!


At 11:54 PM, border patrol said…

I don’t think the Gender Genie is very accurate unfortunately. Or perhaps it doesn’t work with pr0n? I pasted in a story that I know was written by a woman (someone I know in real life) and got this result:

Words: 2082
(NOTE: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words.)

Female Score: 1289
Male Score: 2775
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!



At 6:30 AM, The Honor Network said…

Excellent work again Duncan!

And Captain Zarmband comment is right on the mark too:

“You will notice that your female detractors always personalise any argument.”

Only someone so pathetic would act as someone else to everyone reading in a vain attempt to attack someone that is a mere stranger to them, thereby satisfy some emotional need to not to be labeled for what they are.

Think of the mind involved here, “Duncan says most of us women are liars, so I’ll undertake massive lies a plenty to undercut him with his readers.”


At 7:24 PM, Guy said…

I know this is an old post, but the dead give-away that it was written by a young-ish female is the inappropriate use of numerals instead of writing out the word. i.e. “he was the 1 who wanted to start a family…”


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