What are the odds of feminism falling at the last hurdle?


07 November 2006


This sideburned dude is John McCririck, who gets my big stamp of approval not by being a horse-racing fan – because I think horse-racing is shit and stupid – but because he’s a conservative loudmouth who would be the last person a feminist would dare push around and therefore the sort of person I’d like a beer with. If I wasn’t the sort of person who likes to drink beer on his own. Which I am.

From a variety of sources, we learn Mr McCririck:

…appeared as a contestant in the third series of Celebrity Big Brother. He upset other contestants with trenchant and unpopular views on women, refusing to join in tasks set for the contestants, walking around in his ‘white’ underwear and refusing to talk for three days in protest at not receiving the Diet Coke he had requested in the contestants’ shopping.

In a follow up to his appearance in Wife Swap he appeared on ITV’s Loose Women, where he was boo’ed off the stage, as a result of his strong chauvinistic views…John also appeared on The Sharon Osbourne Show where Sharon ended up throwing water over him, because of his behaviour and views on women.

He refers to his wife Jenny as ‘The Booby’, and has been accused of frequent misogyny.

John McCririck is a rather eccentric racing pundit, who supports Newcastle United, and can often be seen on racecourses in a deerstalker and cape, waving his hands about in a fashion that purports to be that of a tic-tac man, and then shouting “Female – what’s happening on the exchanges?”

When asked about what he hates:

Well there’s quite a few things, I’ve got something of a list. All religions, intolerance, birthdays and anniversaries, canned music, ties…

Finally, from an interview about his appearance on celebrity Big Brother:

Q: Who would be your nightmare Big Brother housemate?
A: Flat-chested, bossy women. Someone like Germaine Greer or Christine Hamilton.

(Amusingly, he ended up with Germaine Greer as a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother a few years ago; she threw a fit and stormed out long before Mr McCririck was evicted by the sort of leftie cunts who watch Channel 4.)


Q: Can you cook and what’s your signature dish?
A: I can’t cook. My father never went in the kitchen and neither do I.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:06 PM

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous said…

An an American this chap is exactly the stereotypical Brit I think of when I think of the mother country. Glad to see there are still a few about.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous said…

In case you haven’t heard there was a murder confession on the Tom Leykis show.

The audio clip is now provided by MGTOW. http://mgtow.net/ipbforum/index.php?showtopic=7976

Hopefully this feminazi will get fried in a electric chair sometime soon.


At 4:40 PM, Voodoojock said…

Heh. Greer turns tail and runs instead of fighting for her principles. That’s to be expected.

See, feminists are not so tough when the nanny-state ain’t got their back


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