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10 November 2006

This rant landed in the comments section of a recent post of mine, from someone called “Willie“:

You probably won’t post this. Who really cares. But this site is ridiculous. Any man knows that men still enjoy privledge. It seems you are just upset cuz you can’t go out and club a woman over her head, drag her back to your apartment and then rape her just for a quick thrill and to spread your pathetic seed. Get over yourself.

Rather than indulge in mud-slinging and insults, I think it’s worth politely pointing out and expanding my viewpoint to this chap, for what it’s worth.

For starters, if he thinks the idea of thuggish men beating women, dragging them off to rape them and impregnating them is bad, then alarmingly we actually have something in common. I have no such desire to do such a thing or to leave women open to such treatment either.

However, ironically, it is a post-feminist society that removes the restraints on women that makes this scenario more likely.

Before feminism, women were looked down upon for getting knocked up by thugs and losers, and not having the right to an abortion meant they had to be careful and only hook up with nice-guys. Divorce was frowned upon too, so women better make sure they’re hooked up with a decent chap, not some “exciting” but obnoxious criminal. Plus girls grew up with a father-figure to represent the strong-but-considerate male figure they should seek when selecting a mate. A father would also protect his daughter.

That’s why, when a young man wanted to propose to his girlfriend, it was traditional (back in the days of the Patriarchy) for him to first have to ask the girlfriend’s father for permission. It was known that a woman could make a stupid decision and accept a marriage proposal from a cad and a thug. Therefore her father – knowing from first-hand experience how horny and potentially selfish some young men can be – would filter out the cads and thugs and approve of which men could ask to marry his daughter, ensuring only a man who was respectful and decent would do so. Thugs and PUAs need not apply.

Now, thanks to feminism, women have no restraints and no responsibility, it’s considered awfully sexist to dare condemn them for slutting around with thugs and losers, they’re financially rewarded for divorcing men and more and more girls are raised by single-mother tramps and promptly follow in their mum’s footsteps, having no father-figure for guidance. Plus of course, boys used to learn to respect women from their fathers and their father’s interaction with their mother. Now, because feminism decided fathers are not necessary anymore (except their Child Support cheques of course) more and more boys are raised by single mother tramps too, often with a grotty selection of “Uncles” who make it clear that, when it comes to women’s taste in men, being “nice” is sooo 1950s.

Hence, feminism and the Matriarchy it eagerly and blindly leads to results in a time where thuggish guys who want to basically fuck and chuck women just to spread their “pathetic seed” actually prevail. I see it frequently. I know of attractive young women who wouldn’t piss on a decent caring guy if he was on fire but who have dated and been knocked up by violent criminals.

Yesteryear, in the time of so-called chauvinism and sexism, before feminism pulled down it’s dungarees and shat all over our society, such women would keep clear of such thugs. They would have to. Now, women don’t have such incentives. Now it’s open-season on young women by the real thugs and players.

Ever noticed how tattooed criminals tend to have plenty of illegitimate kids running about, whilst “nerds” with good jobs and a healthy respect for women tend to regard female attention as an alarmingly rare event, and are lucky to die with so much as a single child sprung forth from their loins? Did you know that knuckle-head gun-toting gangsta-rap thugs Eazy-E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard were only 31 and 35 respectively when they died yet had managed to father twenty-four children between them? They sure got to spread their pathetic seed about thanks to the feminist devolution of society, whose first casualty – with regards to the swift removal of fathers from families – was the African-American community.

For the record, I don’t want to rape women either. I find it strange anyone would assume I would do. It’s not as if this blog is called “Eternal Rapist.”

A society where feminism is banished and girls (and boys too of course) are actually bought up with fathers, where females are urged to select a decent hard-working man for a husband, and men therefore urged to be decent and hard-working in order to get their end away, is what is known as a Patriarchy, and one where women are actually held in great esteem for fulfilling a role assigned to them, and men are held in great esteem for fulfilling their’s.

Sure, not all women enjoyed doing housework and raising babies, but not all men enjoyed working down coal-mines and in factories, or getting shot at in wars to protect their country and womenfolk either.

It’s no wonder many guys actually argue that feminism liberated us men more than it did women.

Us men these days are not privileged; at least, 99% of us aren’t in any way privileged. I’m certainly not. Like most men I know, I work at a boring job I don’t like and pay rent to a landlord I don’t like and huge amounts of taxes to a feminist-infested government I don’t like and didn’t vote for. I don’t feel very privileged. Us men do, however, have a lot of responsibilities. A man is legally obliged, when married, to support his wife, but she has no obligations to him at all.

Men may make up the top richest earners in the Rich Lists, but each rich man usually has a wife (or, increasingly these days, an ex-wife/wives) sharing his wealth. Men also make up the majority of bankruptcies and homeless people, but do you think such penniless men have a wife suffering alongside them? Not likely. Men also make up 95% of work-related deaths…I could go on, but I won’t. Life may not be perfect for women, but it’s certainly not for men either. It makes me recall a great comment I heard from an anti-feminist guy once; “I wish feminists were right. I wish I lived the life of utter luxury and privilege these feminists claim I did, rather than the shitty grubby life I actually live.

Finally, caveman days were actually Matriarchies. Families were women and their children, whose paternity was unknown and irrelevant. Only in the last ten-thousand years, the blink of an eye in evolutionary terms, has the Patriarchy come to dominate things. These are also the few hundred centuries we’ve actually had a civilization with laws and such things. This is not a coincidence. May I direct sir’s attention to The Garbage Generation?

In conclusion, to anyone who may like to listen, if I really liked the idea of becoming a thug who wanted to ensnare, rape and impregnate women with my seed – pathetic or otherwise – I’d actually support feminism, because thugs and players are the only individuals who really stand to gain in the long-run from feminism.

Them and haggard old spinsters trying to flog books titled “Are Men Necessary?” to women who, thanks to feminism, haven’t actually got a man.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:44 PM

At 2:11 AM, Black-Misogynist said…

Ever noticed how tattooed criminals tend to have plenty of illegitimate kids running about, whilst “nerds” with good jobs and a healthy respect for women tend to regard female attention as an alarmingly rare event, and are lucky to die with so much as a single child sprung forth from their loins? Did you know that knuckle-head gun-toting gangsta-rap thugs Eazy-E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard were only 31 and 35 respectively when they died yet had managed to father twenty-four children between them? They sure got to spread their pathetic seed about thanks to the feminist devolution of society, whose first casualty – with regards to the swift removal of fathers from families – was the African-American community.

Bravo. Bravo to you sir.

Not many out there regardless of race that not only manage to see the link to feminism and the degeneration of Black American culture let alone actually have the balls to bring it up.

If people jump on you to call you a “racist” for it. Know that there is one black man who agrees with you fully.


At 2:38 AM, Voodoojock said…

Willie? Probably another chick trying to act like a man.


At 2:53 AM, Anonymous said…

“Rather than indulge in mud-slinging and insults.”

Your right Duncan, he needs to see the facts. Hey Willie, its not easy to see whats really going on. We all were fed this bullshit to the point it was crammed down our throat. Im sure, like myself, that almost everyone here bought the mainstream crap hook line and sinker.

Its hard to break away from something that has been drilled into you for most of your life. Once you remove the glasses that they put on you then you see that all this time they have been feeding you dogshit on a stick. Are we hateful; no, are we violent; no, are we bitter; you bet we are and rightly so.

In a situation like this you probably would tell us to calm down, after all were men right? Yes we are men, but no were not taking this shit anymore. In closing, dont be so quick to judge, after reading through sites like this look around you and form your own decision. I did.



At 3:51 AM, Egghead said…

Hey Duncan,

Just one little nit-pick. You used the term, “father figure.” This is a phrase that advances the feminist agenda by pretending that fathers aren’t important parts of families – that men can be moved in and out of families with no ill-effects. Like changing out used spark plugs or something. Notice that nobody EVER talks about “mother figures.”

Children do not have “father figures.” They have fathers, or they have mom’s boyfriend. If Dad’s missing, a kid might look for a substitute somewhere, but it won’t be the same.

After all, women have always gotten custody because, “a child needs its mother.” Guess what, ladies? A child needs its father. The ONE SINGLE BIGGEST indicator of whether a girl will end up a single mother or a boy end up in prison is if DAD is in the home or not.

– Egghead


At 8:23 AM, KellyMac said…

Duncan, you’re my hero. “Willie” has been well and truly pwned.


At 8:32 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

“Willie”….yet an another very unoriginal female pretending to be a man. Very boring and very predictable. When will these females learn that we can see straight through this ploy?


At 12:15 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Good points about our supposed male “privileges”. I have heard this claim bandied about many times but I have yet to find anyone who can actually define, in concrete terms, exactly how and where we are supposed to be privileged.

In all the major indicators of life, men come off worse than women; usually far worse. Just look at them.

Life and death (can anyone suggest anything more important?): in the UK, women outlive men by something like 5-6 years (the figures vary but these seem to be about the current mark). In every country in the world now, women outlive men. That includes all those where women are supposedly still oppressed. Since when do the oppressed outlive their oppressors?

Education (also pretty important in my book): boys now about 10% behind girls across the broad spectrum of exam results, covering all grades at all levels in all subjects. This gap is established to the point of being institutionalised, and is not going to change any time soon – unless it is to get wider. With our current crop of useless politicians and educationalists in charge, you can guarantee it. Virtual extermination of male teachers at the absolutely vital primary level, leaving females to run the show and prove their inability to control or teach boys. The gender gap starts right here, and stays throughout the entire system. Boys far more likely than girls to be punished, detained, excluded, or (the latest boy-bashing technique) drugged.

Health (also rather important): heavy bias in favour of females in resourcing and funding throughout the health service. Well-woman clinics contrasted with chronic under-funding of men’s cancer research and treatment prove that the NHS would rather spend money on women with nothing wrong with them, than on men who are dying.

Marriage and divorce (does anyone think I am picking on unimportant and trivial areas of life?): we really don’t need to get started on this do we? Women win this one hands down. Marriage and divorce remain the most effective way legally to transfer an enormous amount of money out of the wallet of a man and into the hands of a woman. In no other institution is it possible for men legally to lose their home, children and money without committing any crime.

Talking of crime and punishment: male criminals far more likely to be arrested, far more likely to be charged, far more likely to go to jail and certain to be given longer sentences.

How are we guys doing so far?

Oh yes, there is but one area of life that feminists insist is advantageous to men: we apparently get paid more than women for doing the same job. Except of course we don’t, because that myth has been debunked so many times that even the EOC (hardly a male-friendly organisation) has now ceased to claim the pay gap is due to discrimination, and is now accepting that it is to do with women’s choices and the fact that they just don’t commit to, or work as long or as hard at, jobs as men do.

So life and death, education, health, relationships, children, crime and punishment, work…what else is left? I am still trying to find exactly where I am supposed to be privileged in comparison with women. I have left out a few areas, such as war and reproductive rights; but if anyone would like to explain how they bestow wonderful privileges on men I would be glad to hear about them.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous said…

We’ve got an idiot like that over at the board. Goes by the name MoneyNeverSleeps. Insulting all of the Men on the board. It is almost humorous. Most likely a Woman pretending to be a Man.



At 7:10 PM, Verlch said…

(back in the days of the Patriarchy)

The Patriarchy is still around, the men who assert it on a micro level and the men the that run the world actually are the new Oligarchy of Patriarchs.


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous said…

And Willie P. is the name of her strap on.


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous said…

Willie’s a chick fellas. Easy to spot them after a while. Talking about male “privilege” is the dead giveaway.

The hell is the privilege about anyway? Privilege to work or have a baby? Nope, don’t have that.

Bah, “privilege”… either lose an innocent child to her because it’s “her body”, or lose the child to her when she wants to keep it from you. Pick one.

“Privilege”, lol!


At 6:28 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

The recent posting online by a MRA Blogger is spot on. Substitute Male Power for Patriarchy and you have an explanation for the Rantings and delusional spiel of the FemNags. They have brain washed a few Males too weak to stand up for themselves. These Pussy Whipped spineless cowards are boot lickers.

And apparently unable to connect the dots as well. Seeing what is happening to the West and refusing to make the connection to Feminism.

Hey Willie you can kiss my hairy A%$.


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