Women can legally lie about paternity


10 November 2006

Dad must pay for other guy’s kids

Plenty of people have e-mailed me links to this story.

It’s hard to really comment on this shit, it’s just so fucked up.

A man who sued his former wife after paying child support for two children fathered by his wife’s lover today lost his appeal to the High Court.

The judges unanimously ruled that the case for paternity fraud brought by Liam Neale Magill failed.

Three judges held that no action for deceit could lie in representations about paternity made between spouses.

So, let’s see. If women can’t be arsed looking after a baby, they can have it killed in the womb at taxpayer’s expense. If they have a kid, the father has to pay mummy huge amounts of cash – whether he can afford the demanded amount or not, on pain of prison – from the father, they can, in fact, name some random guy as a father and it’s up to him to prove he isn’t the father or else he has to pay child support. Or she can marry some sucker, name him as the father to her bad-boy thug lover’s bastard, and even after he’s proved he isn’t the father, he has to continue to pay the lying adulterous whore and can go fuck himself if he dares think he’s hard-done by.

And this society is awfully oppressive to poor wimmin because…?

What about the kids involved in these cases? After all, “think of teh children!!111eleven” is the cry of feminists. Won’t children be horribly be messed up finding out that their “dad” isn’t really their father, but it’s mummy’s thug lover from years ago, and mummy is a lying whorebag slut cunt? But wait, children only matter when it’s favourable to women. Otherwise, as we all know, children don’t matter if their well-being may infringe on a woman’s right to lie and steal.

Don’t marry. Don’t co-habit. Don’t have kids with Western Women (or think you’ve had kids with a Western Woman!) It’s the only way to avoid such a financial raping.

I don’t know whether to admire or despair at this guy’s calmness in responding to this decision. Quite frankly I’m surprised he hasn’t gone fucking postal on his ex-wife, her lover and the family courts. Unless he’s planning to. Hopefully.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:10 PM

At 10:45 PM, ColdHammer said…

Wow, guys are getting screwed up the arse in the western world. No wonder why so many guys want to leave the UK/Europe/US/Canada/Australia. Everywhere you go, the world’s going down to hell and it’s interesting to note that only single men and 40+ women, well, I should state, 30+ women when the dates stop coming, realize that something’s happening in this tiny planet called Earth, and it’s not going to pretty.

Single guys will have a better life when the crap hits the fan because we have no responsibilities and only ourselves to take care of, but for the “wimmin”, no doubt will complain to the government as they always do in order to fix the problems of the world aka why the guys aren’t marrying or even dating them.

Since governments are slow or even downright stupid (since they spend most of their time campaigning) they try the “carrot method” with getting married and have children incentives, wimmin’ problems will never be solved.

Stay single. No point in giving money away to cranky women when guys like me and you can spend it on surfing, scuba diving, flying planes, go shooting, go fishing, etc. – ahhh, the world is great… without “wimmin”. Bahhahaha!

Better to make plans for a getaway now such as build assets for your very own noah’s ark. Escape the man-hating laws of the “islander be-itches”. Duncan, you ought to leave that island ASAP! Try to get hooked up with a job in the British Virgin Islands or learn Spanish, or both.


At 11:18 PM, Pete Patriarch said…

The only way to avoid this mess is to get a vasectomy.


At 3:04 AM, Anonymous said…

“The only way to avoid this mess is to get a vasectomy.”

Shit, I doubt even that will get your ass out of this kind of sling. The bitch knew damn good and well who those kids father was/is. Thats fraud plain and simple. Ok, just for the sake of argument she didn’t know, then he should get every cent returned because hello, its child support and they were not his children.
Man I thought being a judge required some level of fucking intelligence.



At 4:42 AM, Anonymous said…

Old legal assumptions…a child born during marriage is yours. Period. Never mind the DNA. Bullshit. Burn the courthouses down, I say!


At 6:05 AM, loki on the run said…

Actually, the precedent that any issue from a marriage is the husband’s responsibility was set in British Common Law a long time ago …

It’s only recently that we have developed the technology to check for paternity.

Just tell any woman you are living with that you want DNA tests for any children. Get it in writing that you are not responsible for any that are not yours.

Getting DNA tests are so liberating.


At 6:39 AM, Patriarchal Oppressor said…

Even with a vasectomy you can still be hit with an s. t. d., false rape charge, or both. Just pick a hand and have at it.


At 11:51 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

loki on the run said… “Just tell any woman you are living with that you want DNA tests for any children. Get it in writing that you are not responsible for any that are not yours.

Getting DNA tests are so liberating.”

You sure about that Loki?

As I understand it DNA testing only works in favour of women and the government. If you’re the biological father and they want you to cough up then DNA evidence is admissible. If your NOT the real father and the woman and government want child support then all of a sudden “donation of genetic material does not constitute fatherhood” and DNA tests are now inadmissible.

In fact in the USA, even if a man has never had sex with the woman OR EVEN MET HER he’s STILL LIABLE FOR CHILD SUPPORT AND GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT if the government want his money.

Isn’t it great to be a man with all these wonderful “privileges” we have?


At 5:49 PM, Anonymous said…

There is in fact a “Man Tax” in the US. That is Child Support for Men who are not the biological Father of the Children they are paying for. Our US Government is a total Scam,our Courts are a joke. Military Fathers have had their children taken away from them while engaged in Combat. It has happened. And our Drive By Media actually supports that crap.

We have due to the fact that the GOP (Greedy Opulent Polluters) betrayed their principles, taken bribes from Lobbyists, and spent money like a Druken Sailor in a Whore House,put Feminists in Control of our House and Senate. The Men in the US are screwed.

Find an exit Gents while you still can. Its every Man for himself.


At 11:06 PM, Pete Patriarch said…

Shit, I doubt even that will get your ass out of this kind of sling. The bitch knew damn good and well who those kids father was/is. Thats fraud plain and simple.

Take a look at this piece. Not saying that its a legal judgment or anything, but its heartening, to say the least.


At 12:15 AM, mfsob said…

There was a case here in the US earlier this year where a man who had gotten royally shafted in family court, and denigrated and belittled by the judge into the bargain, finally snapped, got a rifle and tried to blow said judge away.

If family law keeps sliding into the unaccountable fascism, the scattered murders of abortion providers are going to look like the mere warm up to what may happen to family court judges.


At 8:19 AM, Anonymous said…

No doubt, mfsob, no doubt 🙂

I think us men have about had enough from the U.S. judges… the hell is their problem, anyway?


At 10:57 AM, unpleasnt bitter git said…

Anonymous said… “I think us men have about had enough from the U.S. judges… the hell is their problem, anyway?”

I think the problem is that if judges started handing out not pro-male but just fair verdicts in the family courts they would be mobbed and shamed by feminist protesters and loose their jobs. And thats even if the judge was a woman herself.

You’ll find that feminists hate women they see as betraying their misandrist cause more than men. Just read through Erin Pizzey’s open letter to women in the domestic violence movement.


At 6:32 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

You may also have forgotten the Hispanic Man in Tyler Texas. He was pissed at his ex and the Court over his Ass Raping in Divorce Court. He showed up at Court in Body Armor with an AK-47 and lots of ammo. He killed his exwife, shot his son, three deputies and an Armed citizen.

He then shot it out with Texas Rangers on the Freeway and was killed in a roaring gun battle. Some Men will not go down quietly.


At 10:48 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey Pete Patriarch, I just read that article you linked to in your post. Man that is sweet! She found out that her little scam was shot to pieces and while reading the evidence she was balling louder with each piece of paper! I laughed my ass of so hard it fell down the stairs! Pete, thanks for that one, maybe there is hope and justice after all.



At 1:54 AM, Anonymous said…

Wow…clearly no one in this exchange has gotten any in years! Bravo. Way to misconstrue the facts and the law … but hey at least you have your angry man hate to keep you warm at night!

These men may have been fucked (or not — so it would seem by their wives) having some other poor bastards kid and stead of his. At least we can all be thankful it wasn’t any of yours!

Here’s a fun thought… men cheat because they can. Women cheat because they aren’t getting what they need. Maybe if the guy wasn’t such a prat, and likely unable and/or unwilling to take the time to bang his wife right — there’d be no problem at all. Oh but that is just crazy talk … clearly, nothing could be a man’s fault!

As for the law and fairness. You are all clearly misguided if you really think these judges had any choice in their decisions. There are these crazy things called Statutes. What you mental giants might understand as the law. Well, many state statutes say there is an irrebuttable presumption(that means it can’t be refuted DNA testing or not) that any child born of the married is a child of the husband. End of story. It was your legislature put that law in the Statutes, and the judge must follow the law. If he didn’t, it would be overturned on appeal. If you have a problem with it, go write your legislature and try to change things.

Or hey better yet, maybe appointed judges can just decide the law all willy nilly based on their feelings because that is way better than following the law set forth by the legislature who were elected by the people to represent the people. Checks and Balances who needs them!!

Brillant, just brillant. But, I’m not angry at you. It’s kind of cute that you guys are all angry. Those big bad women…. grrrr so mean. hahaha. Hilarious. This page is great for laugh! Thanks for the giggle!


At 8:49 AM, Christianj said…

oh, yes and women are such victims. We know now what women are like and it’s an eye opener.

Shallow, selfish, self-interested and chasing the family court dollars seems to be all your obnoxious sex is interested in.

Want to know something….?

You can have it on your own.


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous said…

Family law statutes are written in a very broad sense, sometimes giving a judge factors to balance, sometimes not.

A judge in family court is given a great deal of discretion in deciding family law cases.

The poster going on about “statutes” doesn’t know anything about law or family law in particular.


At 5:51 PM, byrdeye said…

Women are now more domestically violent than men.

And paternity is fully legal and approved of…

Vive la women!!!


At 3:59 AM, byrdeye said…

Woops, I meant paternity fraud is fully legal and approved of…


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