“Criticising feminism? You obviously have a small penis.”


15 November 2006

At The Times, there’s some “agony aunt” called Mrs Mills (I doubt it’s the one currently trying to financially arse-raped Paul McCartney mind, although she’s just as fucking annoying.) She supposedly solves people’s problems or such rubbish.

A few weeks ago some guy wrote in:

What to stand for:
I seldom use the London Underground — actually, I try to avoid it at all costs. Please could you clarify the protocol of offering your seat to women during rush hour. I noticed that it seemed male policy to either read a book or feign sleep, and miraculously awaken at their chosen stop, avoiding eye contact with the fairer sex as they alight. Clearly, if the lady in question is pregnant, you stand up, but I noticed that many women try to trick men by feigning pregnancy. I’ m a healthy thirtysomething male.
HM, Wandsworth

Seems like a fair question.

But let’s see Mrs Mill’s oh-so-unwitty response:

You fail to mention the most important criterion: age. People still do, more or less universally, give up their seats for the elderly. Now, most men and women agree that a young woman is just as capable of standing up as a young man, so (and here’s the tricky bit) at what point does a woman count as infirm enough for a man to get up and offer her his seat? Many women take the offer as a mortal insult. I have heard one outraged fortysomething yell, “I’ll have you know I’m in my sexual prime, you little tick!” Given the cowardly disposition of most men, no wonder they feign sleep.

I don’t really know what her point is – I have difficulty following women’s points and, ahem, “reasoning”; it’s like following a bee on acid against a stripy yellow-and-black background whilst drunk – but note her final sentence. Ah yes, a good old bit of male-bashing when all the guy wanted to do is know whether it was polite or insulting to give up a seat for women.

Some other wrote in the next week with a good tirade (I wonder if DG is a regular at the growing anti-feminist circle on the internet? It’s possible, but equally likely it’s just yet another guy who, of his own initiative, has decided feminism is bullshit.)

Mr Smallpiece writes:

What makes you think you have the right to make blatant sexist, anti-male comments? You had the gall to say: “Given the cowardly disposition of most men … ” (Style, October 29). You’re obviously some kind of feminist and need to be brought to book. Feminism is largely responsible for the dire state of the social fabric of western society. Behind most disputes, a guilty woman is lurking in the shadows. The anti-male bias in the feminist-influenced media is having unfortunate consequences, and in the long run women will be the losers. Younger men are already resorting to a backlash. It’s well known that most women suffer from penis envy, and much of feminist ideology is built on lies, deception, misrepresentation and manipulation of the true facts and statistics. We all know that any man who is as brave as the bravest woman is nothing more than a snivelling coward. Obviously you will dismiss this as ranting, and accuse any male who criticises women as a deranged misogynist. Feminists like to proclaim misogyny as some kind of “mental disorder”. But that just shows feminism to be the evil it is. Feminists don’t like being confronted with the truth, do they?

DG, by e-mail

A good tirade from this guy!

Naturally it attracts Mrs Mill’s anger, and she brings forth her reasoning and logic to argue against him.

Well, actually, she just throws a load of shaming language and abuse at him.

Phew. All this because I suggested a lot of men duck the issue of standing up for women on the Tube? But thank you anyway. It’s always nice to encounter such unrestrained comic talent. We all thought it was hilarious. I particularly liked younger men “resorting to a backlash”. No doubt this is something they do in private while envying one another’s penises, but you would know more about this than me.

So no attempt to justify her anti-male comments then? No proof that men have naturally “cowardly dispositions”? No attempts to even vaguely justify her sexist double-standards? Nope. Not at all. Mrs Mills makes the absurd assumption that DG is one of the ever-dwindling number of men who give a fuck about women’s insults and thus capable of being shamed, and dismisses him as stupid, talks down to him (feminists do not have the right to talk down to any life form; even dung-beatles are above feminists) and – with mind-boggling predictability – accuses him of having a small penis. She even headlines the guy’s letter “Mr Smallpiece writes”!

This is why arguing with feminists and modern women in general is pointless; as they themselves prove time and time again, feminists and modern western women effectively disprove their own bullshit opinions, their stupid “liberation movement” and their affected superiority by resorting instantly, and without hesitation, to abuse and accusations that any guy with a point to raise about feminism must have a small dick. Even if I e-mailed Mrs Mills and told her she was obviously a bigoted man-hater and that her opinions are invalid because she responds to criticism immediately by accusing any man who criticises her of having a small penis, she would no doubt respond simply by saying “Another Mr Smallpiece has written in! Hur hur, he must have a small dick.”

Essentially, she proves the honourable DG’s final point that feminists don’t like being confronted with the truth. Indeed they don’t, hence they try to put men on the defensive because they, feminists, are unable to back-up their claims or disprove accusations that feminism is a pile of shit followed by bigots and retards.

And she likes the idea of young men “resorting to a backlash” does she? Why? Masochist is she? Does she liked the idea that DG’s opinions are shared by many men, with many more men actually going one step further and descending into outright genuine hatred of women? Or is she just trying to patronize the guy? I dare say she’s just trying to patronize him, but, like I said, it’s growing increasingly difficult for women to patronize and shame us men, as we don’t care for their opinions.

It’s pathetic enough that such a pile of snivelling “you’ve got a small willie!” regularly comes from retarded young Wimmin’s Studies students, but this is from a professional journalist writing for a national paper.

Oh well, at least many more men will read DG’s comments and agree that feminists are lying hate-filled vermin.

Or if they don’t agree with him initially, they’ll read Mrs Mill’s response and definately agree.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:56 PM

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous said…

This woman writes:

Many women take the offer as a mortal insult.
I suggested a lot of men duck the issue of standing up for women on the Tube?

This is obviously contradicting and she does not see it.

All this because I suggested a lot of men duck the issue of standing up for women on the Tube?

No, she insulted men as cowards.

This woman is obviously not thinking. She should lose her post.
She is mad.

Women can reason. I talked to one today, she was really intelligent. She knew a lot about knives.
But as wives they often stop to reason.
This woman stops reasoning doing her job, that is really terrible.


At 10:09 PM, VoodooJock said…

I find this absolutely hilarious. Here some silly harpy chides men for not behaving in a chivalrous manner, and for being rude boors for not offering a woman their seat, yet, she resorts to rude, boorish behaviour to chastise someone who disagrees with her.

I’m laughing my ass off at this. Seriously. This is some funny shit. Watching an ‘educated’ woman try to add two + two and end up with seven is pure comedy. It’s like watching Jay Leno ask people on the street who Bill Clinton is, and receiving “Pudding” as a response.


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous said…

Being critical of feminism seems to be equated with being critical of women as a gender. Funny, I didn’t know that feminists represented ALL women. If this is indeed the case, then men should treat ALL women just like they treat feminists.


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous said…

I’d for once like to see a woman provide a cogent defense of feminism that stands up to scrutiny. Their arguments and bizarre theories can be deconstructed by a 10 year old. Women really are the most stupid and daffed bipeds on the planet.


At 11:14 PM, Anonymous said…

Has anyone figured out effective retaliatory shaming language for feminist. Obviously calling them whores, sluts, skanks, mangina etc etc has no effect on them. Figure out something that instantly shames them.


At 11:55 PM, Anonymous said…

“Has anyone figured out effective retaliatory shaming language for feminist.”

“Ooh. You’re in a bad mood there, aren’t’cha? D’ya run out of batteries?”


At 12:31 AM, Anonymous said…

Has a woman ever offered her seat to another pregnant woman, child or visibly sick man? I doubt it. If women are just as capable as men, they can stand the same as everyone else. No man should give his seat up to any woman, there are plenty of other people on those cars.

And who is to say the men are feigning sleep anyway? I used to take the train to school everyday, and I’d usually fall asleep between stops. It’s not too hard to know when to wake up for your stop, or at least, look to where you are and rush out.


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous said…

Gentlemen, if a feminist ever tries to shame you by talking about your supposedly small penis, you may try this,

“Yours is even smaller than mine”

Then relax and enjoy the show…


At 12:59 AM, VoodooJock said…

“You’re so cute when you’re angry.”


At 1:02 AM, ditchthebitch said…

I once told a Femarroid that fecal matter was actually far more valuable than the average modern female and didn’t even seem to phase her. I asked a woman I worked with once what the most insulting thing you could say to a woman (not feminist) in general and she said anything that referred to how a woman smelled is the ultimate insult, but this of course would only work if you had ever been in the presence of a woman & of course is only juvenile-which may indicative of the fact that maybe there is no way to insult a woman’s intellect of moral fortitude because they simply have none to begin with- just N/A- non-applicable- yet they are always so eager to dispense with endless advice, yet (yes) do not adhere to any rules of politeness or social order, which is why I NEVER take ANY advice from a woman EVER & never will. If a woman tries to ever give me advice I just laugh at her and remind her she’s an idiot in an indirect way. Yes, women enjoy, in their own bizarre mental illness world they all share in common, taunting men- aggravating them, because men adhere to moral virtue, while are not expected to- which goes back to the ‘double standard’ that applies to everything else between men and women. Sadly though, the ‘taunting’ or ‘witty’ comebacks of women are never even clever or actually funny- and are always dull, juvenile, half-baked insults you would have found humorous in junior high.


At 2:06 AM, Anonymous said…

“Ooh. You’re in a bad mood there, aren’t’cha? D’ya run out of batteries?”

Doesn’t everybody sometimes?


At 2:41 AM, Anonymous said…


Has anyone figured out effective retaliatory shaming language for feminist.

“You sound really old.”

“You look really old.”


At 4:27 AM, Anonymous said…

Just another male-hater writing for a major newspaper. Yawn.

For entertainment value, you kick their asses big time. And what you say is true, too.


At 5:35 AM, Verlch said…

These women are getting broadsided by use. We must warn future generations that feminism in all of its forms will not be tolerated!!

On a side note, feminists are waiting for our Manly temper to dissipate. That will never happen! Feminists we are here to present the truth, and to watch you fidget!!!


At 6:27 AM, nevo said…

Something that offends women?
Try this!

You were/are a lousy lover.

My ex went ballistic when I told her so.



At 6:40 AM, voloohaar said…

“Has anyone figured out effective retaliatory shaming language for feminist. Obviously calling them whores, sluts, skanks, mangina etc etc has no effect on them. Figure out something that instantly shames them.”

That’s a tough one. In order to be ashamed, one needs morals. And that’s definitely one thing they don’t have.


At 2:30 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

The concept of “shaming language” and the workings behind it need to gain popular recognition like the “passive aggressive” tactics have before men can effectively retaliate against it. It’s a subtle but very powerful technique when used in real life.

It simultaneously acts as a call to arms for other women who will join in to ridicule you as well as activating the protective urge in most men who are unaware of how they are being manipulated for support.

Once the majority is against you and your reputation is being tarred and feathered your fucked pure and simple and no amount of logical argument will save your arse.

All I can suggest is that when you see it happening on popular internet forums, point it out. The more the concept bubbles around at ground level it’s only a matter of time before writers and journalists pick up on it and take it into the mainstream. Those sorts are always looking to “break something new” to make their reputation.


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous said…

If a woman says you have a small dick just tell her it’s still bigger than hers.


At 6:29 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

This idiotic woman’s pathetic responses are exactly why we men should not bother one iota what women think. The truth is they don’t know themselves but they want the right to criticise men whatever we do. For instance; if you give up your seat to a lady on the tube you’re a sexist pig. If you remain seated you’re an ignorant pig. This is the core of feminism. It has no logic and no cohesive thought, just a load of sad old bitches wanting to constantly criticise men. So who cares what they think?


At 6:41 PM, Anonymous said…

what is really amusing is when they start ripping each other apart in their blogs. a couple of the radical feminists and the moderate feminists have been at one another’s throats here lately, highly funny stuff, and the least feminist of the bunch is tearing them apart…radical feminists, male feminists, the works. great stuff!


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous said…

What about the good old standby:

“must be that time of the month, eh?”

Sometimes said in a more updated version:

“must be cotton pony rodeo time, eh?”

Or perhaps:

“did one of your cats die?”


At 7:38 PM, Anonymous said…

You can’t use shaming language on someone who feels no shame. The only thing you can do is physically control them.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous said…

If a woman says you have a small dick just tell her it’s still bigger than hers.

Or tell her …

“It’s not that my d*ck is small – it’s because your c*nt is too wide.”


At 10:31 PM, byrdeye said…

Actually, feminist kiss-ass manginas are more likely to be the ones with small penors, not strong-minded, independent MRAs who don’t require man-hating feminist approval.


At 12:59 AM, HAWKEYE said…




At 3:48 AM, Anonymous said…

Attack their basic biological role/identity/self-image:

– Are you married yet?

– Do you have kids?

– You’re a poor mother


At 3:54 AM, Anonymous said…

I find staying focused on more important things and maybe just shaking my head side-to-side/rolling my eyes when they open their mouths more productive.

It is possible to evolve personal interests and work to the point that the Big V is no longer much of a preoccupation.

Ignoring women drives them out of their skulls.


At 7:07 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s true. Ignoring women is the thing that drives them nuts. I don’t know how many times I have gotten screamed at for rolling my eyes whenever a woman started saying something stupid. They truly hate that.


At 1:15 AM, Pat said…

I’m with anon who said “Or tell her …

“It’s not that my d*ck is small – it’s because your c*nt is too wide.”

The way I have put it when countering this wymins ploy is to say “You’ve obviously got one of them big fat gaping hole baginas that a mans gotta strap a plank to his back to stop him from falling in to it.” Wymins hate the thought that they may be fat, smelly, disgusting or anything really that implies that they are less than perfect.

Try it, it’s great fun.


At 8:18 AM, Anonymous said…

“Yours is even smaller than mine”

Or you could qualify that even further with:

“The penis you TRY to have is even smaller than mine”

THEN watch the show….


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous said…

“I asked a woman I worked with once what the most insulting thing you could say to a woman (not feminist) in general and she said anything that referred to how a woman smelled is the ultimate insult.”

See how much they hate their own vaginas??



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