Just when you thought it was safe to move to Japan…


14 November 2006


This humble blog of mine takes a second consecutive trip to Japan where there’s a new era of divorce set to begin:

A potential avalanche of divorces is set to occur after April 1, when a new system under the public pension scheme will begin, making a divorcing wife eligible for a maximum of 50 percent of her company employee husband’s pension benefits.

Many women in their middle or older years are believed to be waiting for the system to begin before divorcing their husbands, according to analysts.

With the new system to start in less than six months, civic groups have been sponsoring explanatory sessions in many parts of the country. A great majority of attendants have been middle-aged and older women.


If a woman never worked full-time during her marriage, she will be eligible for up to 50 percent of her husband’s benefits.

Japan = fucked

Remember, women fundamentally have no morals. If they can benefit from something, they’ll do it. Doesn’t matter if it’ll upset, devastate or completely ruin someone else, least of all mere men and children…if they can do it and get away with it, they’ll do it.

It’s all about the money. That’s all it is. When women look at co-habitation, marriage, seperation, divorce, remarriage…all that matters to most these days is “How much can I make?

Rarely will they “think of teh cheweldruhn” as they claim, or think of the husband, as they don’t even fucking bother to claim. No, it’s about what they can make. Money money money. Give give give.

“I didn’t earn it, but I feel entitled to it, so it’s mine! Refusing to hand it over is oppression! My grandma couldn’t vote (probably) so, erm…GIVE!”

Don’t marry. Don’t marry or co-habit, for your sake and for your financial security’s sake!

That goes for our Japanese brothers as well of course, who we will no doubt be welcoming in vast numbers into our cyber-safehaven of Matriarchal Refugees.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:11 PM


At 12:21 AM, ColdHammer said…

The worst things that ever happened in Japan were feminism, victim-syndrome, and entitlement mentality but not the two nukes dropped during WWII. The worst to come in the future will be when other countries in the Far East like China, India, Korea, and quite possibly the Philippines and Thailand (both havens for men) follow Japan’s lead. You never know.

It’s a sad thing but this whole globalization and spread of democracy also comes with the viruses of culture death. Maybe some historian hundreds/thousands of years later will remark in his historical analysis of when the human civilization started to crumble and will mark this time period as the start.

Sad to say, that we’ll all be regarded in history as the observers experiencing the collapse/crumble of human civilization.

Better live your lives to whatever you want but avoid women at costs. Sometimes I think that foreign women may not be safe in the future either… but who knows. I’m going to pursue my dreams and forget the “dream girl” because who knows what kind of she-devil she’ll become when the divorce laws start seeping like a plauge into the rest of the world.

Cheers to a single life


At 12:38 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

Cheers to a single life

I’ll drink to that!


At 3:18 AM, Anonymous said…

The bottom line is this:

At best, marriage is a prison with your wife as the jailer who will hold you hostage and use your children as bargaining chips against you to finance the lifestyle SHE wants under the guise that its what’s best for the “family.”

At worst, she will divorce you and take 1/2 of all your assets leaving you financially crippled in the process.

And to all the women out there who argue that I am only focusing on the financial aspects and I’m ignoring love, communication, relationships, soulmates, etc. The FACT that women account for 80% of ALL consumer good purchases only reinforces the idea that women are only fixated on money and are inherently materialistic. So please spare us the love, relationships, communication, finding the right person, etc. nonsense b/c feminism and divorce laws today have enlightened us to all your BS.

Cheers to single life, sport sex, and no commitments to women.


At 3:19 AM, pete said…

You just know that either those women are going secretly to these meetings, or their husbands are hoping against hope that their wife will have mercy on them.

Men will fundamentally not think anything so bad about their wife, it is hardwired into them to protect her. They’ll be thinking, “So i’m retiring, its no big deal, we’ll both tighten our belt a little and we’ll manage,” while she’s thinking, “Hmm, domestic abuse allegations in March, divorce in April, house should be mine by June. Perfect!”


At 3:30 AM, Anonymous said…

Japan has been heading towards feminization for awhile now. It’ll actually be worse than the US and Britain pretty soon I bet. They already have female-only restaurants, transportation and waiting rooms.

It’ll just continue though, because stupid men will always insist on chasing after women no matter what the cost. It’s like the Black Widow, most men don’t care about financial ruin apparently. Then again, most of the men doing the fucking don’t have any finances in the first place, so what does it matter.


At 3:32 AM, MS said…

Hey Duncan,

you seen this?

“The ruling outlined how the husband was already a wealthy man when the pair met but things began to go wrong soon into the marriage, as the judge commented: ‘It did seem to me wholly distressing that what could and should have been a comfortable and successful second marriage in his 50s for the Respondent, and a first marriage for the Applicant which would bring her both substantial material benefits and companionship and children, went so badly and so quickly wrong, due to the conflict of their personalities. …’The Applicant [the wife] is hyper-emotional, uncompromising, quick-tempered and sharp-tongued, quick to lash out, particularly when criticised, whether with violence towards the Respondent – though it became soon apparent that that was counter-productive by virtue of his response – or, once she realised the way she really could rile him, by an attack on his possessions.'”

A wealthy man? Things ‘go wrong’ soon into the marriage? Why oh why am I not surprised?

The judge also lists a whole catalog of provocation on her part and states that “he [the husband] attempted to control his temper, though, once roused to anger found it difficult to exercise restraint”. Really? From the sound of this hag, Job himself would have hard pressed not to bury the bitch. Needless to say it was only the husband that was arrested.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous said…

Hi Duncan

This might be a little off topic but I really enjoy reading the other blog links you have listed.

There is one site that many men find helpful which is not on your list. This site is www.nomarriage.com

When reading the rants on the http://www.americanwomensuck.com board, many of the men found http://www.nomarriage.com to be a life saver.

Regarding to the article on Japan, I guess we will all have to be a bachelor for life. From what I read countries such as Mexico and Russia still have laws that favor men, sadly countries like these are evaporating one by one.


At 10:39 AM, darkbhudda said…

Australians have a mandatory private pension scheme called superannuation. Women of course can retire 5 years earlier to get access to this money.

In divorce, the man’s entire amount of super is considered, not the amount accrued during marriage.

Getting the house wasn’t enough for Aussie women, now they get your pension too.


At 12:48 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Last night I was the new High End WalMart near my home. They sell $500 bottles of Cabernet there. And Sushi Chefs cut and roll the Sushi there in front of you. Organic foods are sold there. I buy Buffalo Steaks, and Ground Bison meat there. Excellent the Plains Indians ate Buffalo. Very lean, grass fed, no hormones, antibiotics etc.

The store was almost completely devoid of Men. All Women shopping at the counters. Not a single Magazine at the check out stand not devoted to Women. Fourteen to be exact all Celeb Scandal Rags, Oprah, Cosmo with New Hot Sex positions. Meanwhile the IAEC found Plutonium and enriched Uranium traces in Iran. They have the Plutonium to make Nuclear Bombs, and we’re really screwed.


At 1:58 PM, Anonymous said…

Been chatting with a woman on the internet dating and having nicely declined to meet up with her, i have had all the guilt trip laid at my feet.

Thank god i have been lucky enough to have read all the MRA sites and now recognise the female manipulation crap. If only i had found you years ago!

God bless you guys for helping me see the light I am saying NO to marriage, i don’t think i will be old and lonely, i definitely won’t be old, lonely and BROKE though.

PS. I hear there are plans in the UK to celebrate the abolishing of slavery….haven’t they heard of divorce settlements???


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous said…

Women in Japan will be just as desperate for marriage as Western women are. Some already are and there are men who have found good ways of exploiting this desperation. Have a look at this link:

Boyfriends of today bring out the prince in Genji

Never forget that one man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity.


At 4:16 PM, ChicagoMan said…

Basically no place on earth is safe. I don’t care who says what country is different, for the most part, they aren’t.

People keep telling me that polish women are so good and noble. Being a Polish immigrant myself I could tell you for certain that they are NO DIFFERENT.

In fact most eastern European women are SUPER obsessed with status and spend an enormous amount of money on designer things.

Everything is designer this or designer that.

They go clubbing FAR more often than the average American girl.

Granted there is a larger percentage of good women, but the bad ones are worse than the US ones since they hide under the flag of innocence.


At 6:39 PM, byrdeye said…

What escapists don’t realize is that this Plague is spreading globally like wildfire, and they are part of the problem. Man, this world sure has taken a beating from Communism, feminism, etc… All getting us ripe for social chaos and TAKEOVER by the future NW0.


At 6:30 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

A chap called Yohan at the NiceGuy forum, who lives in Japan, pointed out that this law is perhaps not as bad as I interpreted. For sake of clarity, here’s some of his thoughts and observations on Japanese law:

The law says clearly UP TO A MAXIMUM of 50 percent

The law says clearly, the TIME being married has to be considered to receive the maximum of 50 percent…in practical sense in Japan this means married over 25 years or longer.

As this law is NEW, I expect final decisions by higher courts not earlier than 2012, as a typical supreme court ruling takes about 5 years as a minimum.

In Japan not only lawyers, but all court fees have to be paid in advance, in relation to the amount you claim – if the case is lost, nothing will be paid back.

The TIME of marriage is very important in Japan, a woman owning nothing and married to a rich person for some weeks, will get NOTHING.


At 10:16 PM, Questionair said…

The TIME of marriage is very important in Japan, a woman owning nothing and married to a rich person for some weeks, will get NOTHING.

Same thing here. Isn’t it something like once you have been married for 10 years, you are automatically assured of 50% of everything? Which is why many wives have countdowns to their 10 year anniversary?


At 11:48 PM, Mark said…

@ Duncan
“this law is perhaps not as bad as I interpreted …In Japan not only lawyers, but all court fees have to be paid in advance, in relation to the amount you claim – if the case is lost, nothing will be paid back.”

This is actually not much of an obstacle at all. All we’re talking about here is risk and insurance firms and banks specialise in that. They will quickly figure out the expected return to wives across a range of marital circumstances, and then, as long as that is greater than the fees, they will offer wives divorce financing packages on a contingency (no win – no fee) basis with the fee varying depending on their calculation of the risk involved.

Don’t kid yourselves it won’t happen…

Wives offered ‘divorce loans’ for court costs

Hair salons offered a cut of solicitors’ fees


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous said…

that’s right don’t ever marry,
just go to the bordello, it’s cheaper
and sex is guaranteed


At 7:55 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Mark, thanks for those two links (here and here).

Feminists introduce unfair socialist policies and who benefits the most?



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