Female bosses behaving badly


18 November 2006

Serial bullies …Women who make life hell at work

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“There are a lot of women suffering in silence at the hands of other women,” says Zana Bytheway, executive director of Job Watch. “In some cases, bullying happens because people love the sense of power it gives them. It’s about ego. In other cases, I think bullying happens because people are under so much pressure. They have to do more in less time and with less staff. Productivity, profits, pressure. It’s a potent mix.


However, the most worrying workplace bully is the serial, or psychopathic, bully — and it seems women are particularly effective at this kind of behaviour. They intentionally hurt colleagues and revel in the pain they cause. “The psychopathic bully is very good at showing one face to the boss and another face to the people below them,” explains Egan.

Ah yes, those wonderful women and their caring natures, making the workplace sooo much more friendly than us horrible men.

Although male bosses can bully staff, in general they stick to rules, keep profit in mind and try to be fair and not let personal feelings get in the way. I once had a boss who really didn’t like an up-and-coming salesman. It was a personal thing; he found the salesman a bit abrasive and cocky. Yet the boss promoted the salesman several times (although tended to get another director to deal with him) because, regardless of personal opinions, he knew the sales guy was bringing in money and doing a god job. On the other hand, I’ve had a female Personnel Manager regularly talk down to anyone she personally disliked, and threaten to sack another woman for a minor infraction (which she would normally have overlooked) just because she didn’t take a liking to her for some pathetic reason (possibly that the woman she threatened to sack was younger and prettier than her!)

They can’t leave their feelings behind. I once read some arrogant bitch who won The Apprentice a few years ago explaining how women were much better in the workplace because they were emotional and “better with people”, explaining how a female boss is “able to fire someone one minute then comfort you because your cat died that morning.” In fact it’s more likely a female boss will fire you just because she’s upset that her cat died that morning.”

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At 2:39 PM, Anonymous said…

Off topic but I thought I’d post it anyway. Feminism invades Russia under a new (but more appropriate) name.

Bitch Schools

Twice a week, women stream into the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow. Four years ago, 129 people were killed there during a botched attempt to free an audience taken hostage by Chechen extremists. Today its backstage rooms are home to a night school run by Vladimir Rakovsky, a motivational speaker, and his wife, Yevgenia, who teach “bitchology”.


At 2:45 PM, Anonymous said…

As an interesting side comment, the phenomena of emotional abuse, compared to physical abuse, has been neglected for a long time in psychiatry.

Most people are aware that women can be effective emotional abusers. Most women I know think there is nothing wrong in “nagging”. But it is well known that “nagging” is a form of “negative conditioning”, like the silent treatment. It can be one of the major causes of stress in any form of relationship.

Women are brought up to be passive, this makes them more prone to use emotional abuse to get their own way.


At 4:34 PM, Canaryguy said…

I recently finished reading “Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture Of Agression In Girls” by Rachel Simmons. One of the things in the book is that as girls and boys grow up, boys are more likely to use physical aggression and girls are more likely to use relational aggression. And if one believes the article, women are not slouches in the physical aggression department either.

The same behaviors perpetrated by women in the article are done by girls growing up. Except unlike men, women are not taught limits on their aggression as they grow older.

The real irony of “Odd Girl Out” is that it is written by feminists who can’t see that they’re exposing the dark nature of girls/women to the rest of the world. Did it occur to them that men would read this book too? Did it occur to them that men read at all?


At 6:01 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s absolutely maddening how women play office politics, cause needless drama, and generally just make the work place suck. That article decides only to look at female victims of course (I haven’t read it yet, just Duncan’s excerpts/comments) but we all know that women will usually target men, especially newer men, in a work place. It’s one of the biggest reasons not to work hard at life, just get in there, get your work done and just hope no female hates you. It’s terribly unhealthy and will make the work week miserable, but that is the world that women have created, and we as men have to suffer in. All because a bunch of manginas have pushed for it to happen.


At 6:51 PM, Anonymous said…

Being a bully and a skank?

There’s that superior multi-tasking ability!


At 7:38 PM, Anonymous said…

Women bosses can be the WORST. I’ve lost track of how many women have told me that.


At 1:13 AM, Anonymous said…

Multitasking! Ha! The studies I’ve seen indicate that nobody is an effective multitasker. This explains why women tend to under perform on a level playing field. They brag about being skilled at a method of thinking that isn’t effective. No thanks, hun, I’ll stick to hiring linear thinkers (i.e., MEN).


At 11:56 PM, Orion Blue said…

Did it occur to them that men would read this book too?

Probably not.

Did it occur to them that men read at all?

Probably not. After all, females virtually control the education environment, which means that they are at liberty to willfully and destructively manipulate the environment to work overwhelmingly against males.

The expression ‘Mangina’ – love that, by the way. I definitely have to use it in my own writings – so much more effective than ‘chief tampon’, which is clumsy at best.


At 2:35 PM, Thunderchild said…

You will tend to find that men tend to operate within [parameters because they are more aware of articles such as gender harassment/discrimination laws etc. Women tend to believe that they only apply to men. Hence Australian study that indicated women carry out most sexual harassment (low level; jokes, comments etc)


At 2:59 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve found that if a man has to work with a group of only women, it’s best to immediately start looking for a different position within the company or somewhere else. And if your woman manager is in the group start looking twice as fast. I have heard too many stories of how women in management misuse their so called power. What happens if you don’t fit in their clique? And we do know women are more concerned with relationships than actual work.

They don’t base their decisions on the companies needs, but on their own, no suprise there. I’ve yet to see a woman harassed sexually, but I’ve noticed they find ways to do it that only a woman could think of, and they aren’t out in the open for all to see. They are naturals at it because they’ve long since learned the art of manipulation, and how to get away with it every single time. Women must consider me handsome, because boy have I ever been the recipient of what would be considered harassment if done by a man. Or maybe that’s just what they do.

They use phallic symbolization in every possible way, and they stick out and bend body parts, and choose topics of conversation with other women, all for you. Then if you’re doing some physical activity that requires muscle, oh suddenly she has invisible sweat on her forehead she must wipe off while watching. There just happens to always be dust on that ones bosom when nobody else is looking, how about that. Next time it will be the question of dirt or not on the ass. Another one happens to prevent the collision when coming around the corner by bracing herself on my chest or shoulders with her hand, the hand that rubs and or squeezes its way off, “you know me I sure am clumsy hehe”, how about that. Another happens to accidentally brush past with the greatest of “bad” timing, again, how about that. Oh look there she is bending over like that because nobody except me is looking, again, she never does any time else. Almost every single one I’ve noticed uses the “stick out the bosom and act like you’re stretching” and has to talk about intimate affairs with the best timing, while masterfully glancing at just the right place. Women are just as wrong as men at anything, but actually worse because they use deception so they’re only caught a small % of the time.


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