Early retirement


20 November 2006

At work today I caught a snippet of two young women yakking away at the photocopier. Amazingly they did not seem to be talking about television or shopping for once. They had been discussing some new company pension scheme or other. As I passed I heard one say to the other:

“I couldn’t imagine working until I’m sixty-eight, or whatever the new retirement age is.”

“Me neither,” said the other, “that’s just, like, so many years away. It’s ridiculous. I’ll be ready to retire in a few years!”

“Me too,” concluded the other.

The conversation drifted off, as did I.

That, to me, sums women up. Working full-time until you’re old is not for them. That’s the responsibility of men, to keep the economy going and pay the taxes that subsidise our own disenfranchisement under the Matriarchy.

Furthermore, these two women are typical young post-feminist go-getters, in their early-twenties and, on other occasions, have bragged about how women are so much better in the workplace, supposedly proved by their increasing numbers. Yet, still, working throughout their lives is the last thing on their minds. Clearly, retiring sometime in their thirties is their plan, and unless they intend on winning the lottery or investing their money wisely rather than spending it (the latter option being even less likely than the former) then clearly the only way they can do this is on the back of a man. Both are single but in relationships. Sadly, I dare say their boyfriends are probably unaware of being ear-marked to bankroll their career-gal’s early-retirement.

Stay single men. That way you’ll not only ensure your own security and have a more peaceful and productive life, but you’ll also ensure that it’ll mean one more women-firster fembot career-gal will have a taste of proper equality and be obliged to slave away at her job all her life. That’s what they said they wanted isn’t it? Entry to the workplace instead of the “oppression” of being at home whilst hubby goes out to provide? Well, women insist they’re always right, so give them what they wanted. Tough luck if they’ve changed their minds.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:18 PM


At 10:56 PM, nevo said…

Let them dream away!!!
They’ll toil all their lives or live off the government when nobody wants them near.

My ex was expecting maintenance payments.
My income now is so low,it can’t qualify for support of her whore life style.

And, it’ll remain so.

She might even have to financially support me instead.

We’ll see



At 11:00 PM, Jay said…

Agreed, It won’t be too long now before many a woman realises that always being right, doesn’t necessarily always take you the right way!


At 12:17 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A “career” to a woman is this:

– go to college and/or grad school
– work till late 20s
– scramble to get married by 30
– stop working and start popping out kids

At best she will go back to work part-time. At worst she will sit on her butt all day complaining about how bad she has it and how you don’t pay attention to her even though you are working 60 hours/week to finance the lifestyle she wants. And this is what you have to look forward to if she doesn’t divorce you and clean you out financially – A 50% chance with 70% of the time initiated by her.

Stay single. Hook up with them for sport sex but no commitments. They wanted to work in a man’s world, let them stick it out and retire with the rest of us, after age 65.


At 12:38 AM, VoodooJock said…

They plan on retiring. It’s a good chance they will retire in their 30’s. All they need to do is fight the right guy to spread their cooch for the diamond ring.

All the more reason to stay single.


At 1:58 AM, Anonymous said…

I would have been willing to “save” them if they were respectful and appreciative, and weren’t skanks. But they’ve made sure to take themselves out of the running. They can whine about double standards all they want, but I’m not about to marry a guy that has slept around either, so it’s not my problem.


At 4:59 AM, Anonymous said…

Western women live in a la-la land of their own making. Let them perish there together, clutching each other in lonely ring of confusion.

It’s sad, but until these Western women hit dead bottom, their gender will never find another path. They need to suffer more before a leader emerges to lead them back to sanity.

The only way we men can help them is to make them all suffer until one of their number wakes up and leads the others back to sanity.


At 5:23 AM, Anonymous said…

Women. I say fuck’em.

Actually, don’t fuck’em.

Ignore them.

Because they’re already fucking themselves.

And all of Western society.

And the planet.

One big femme-fuck fest.

What a tragic mess.

When will it ever end?


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous said…

Aloha Duncan- Here’s a “heads up” on another article for you to link to your website. The state of New York has cut funding for a program that rehabilitates “abusive” men. According to the story, abusive men are beyond rehabilitation and therefore no funding is needed for programs for them. The story is in the Syracuse Post-Standard and is also on the Rense.com website. Read on. http://syracuse.com
Peace! Aloha! Matt in Honolulu


At 6:42 AM, Anonymous said…


Welcome to equality. You chose it. Now stop whining.

Once you went through the equality door there is no turning back. If your granddaughters choose differently that’s one thing, but you have to live with your decisions.

There will be no sympathy coming from me. Bed. Made. Lie.

Now get to work!!! 🙂


At 9:56 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

When a woman is presented with a choice she will invariably choose short term gain rather than anything that brings long term benefits. So one minute they want the kudos of a “career” even though this “career” turns out to be the checkout at Woolworths. After a few years she’s bored so she wants to be Ma from the Waltons doing the housewife bit with some sucker of a man paying all her bills. When this doesn’t happen it’s more whinging and whining. Women are never happy as it’s in their nature to be complaining malcontents. Society is in a nosedive because it panders to women’s constantly fluctuating demands and desires. Until men re-establish some order (which will happen) our society will go on into decline.


At 10:07 AM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

Absolutely, they made their bed, let them sleep in it. Remember there are billions of women all over the planet. They are about as rare as hydrogen. Don’t fall for Western Women’s quadruple standards!


At 11:25 AM, khankrumthebulgar said…

The problem is Duncan that they also don’t want to work at home. They want a Nanny, a Housekeeper, or a Cleaning Service, aka. Maid Service to eliminate any work for them. Men according to data are working more hours than their Fathers, and doing more housework at home. And they are still whining and complaining.

They need to get a clue and grow the Hell Up.


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous said…

When a man marries a young (18) woman, he has to provide for her and certainly it is a heavy burden.
But if she gives birth to many children, works alot in the house and is friendly, she is worth it.
At least for me.

Now consider the other case:
The woman is 30, worked a lot, maybe spent most of her money on trivial things and expects a man to provide for her.
What can she offer? No money, she is old and childbearing starts to become difficult.
But the biggest problem is her attitude:
she expects to RETIRE – not to work as a good wife like the 18 year old mentioned above.

It is a bad deal.


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous said…

Women never retired at 30. A good housewife is occupied all her life. Being a housewife does not mean to be in retirement. These women are full of delusions.
Sadly today for many it actually means retirement.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous said…

I talked to a similar woman. She was under 20 and planned to work till 25.
Then she wished to marry and get three children. Not one more.
The husband should provide for her and she did not wnat to work to be able to concentrate on her children.

Why then, does she start to work at all?
It is obvious that she will never work again after 25.

When the children are grown up she wished to be able to do hobbies.

She was very friendly, cute and lovable.
But which man will marry such a woman?
Just three children, not one more, an obvious laziness, an old woman who is doing hobbies at 45 when he is still coming home from work hungry and expecting a warm meal.


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous said…

10,000 years ago there was a huge uprising by women that demanded they get to stay home and take care of “their” children because it was UNFAIR to make them work alongside of men and do ALL of the housework. (definition of housework being work that a woman does in the home) So men caved, as we always do, because we are too nice. I see this uprising being reborn in the next 50 years or so.


At 3:36 PM, ChicagoMan said…

All these laws favoring women in and out of the workplace. Men are so disadvantaged (legally anyways).

Yet the funny thing is that women STILL do not get that far in the career world (since it actually takes work not privilege)

What’s that say about women?

Answer that one femmies


At 4:48 PM, Jerkmenistan said…

My brother is going through a similar situation with his soon-to-be ex-fiance (she doesn’t know it yet). In short, she’s been dreaming (and lately verbalizing) that her goal in life is to be a stay-at-home mom. To do so, she’s looking at my brother to either make more money or get a second job. Any shortfalls will be made up by withdrawals from HIS savings and investment accounts (accumulated over the last 12 years). Likewise, the down payment on “their” house will also come from his savings and investment accounts.

Fortunately, he recently came to his senses and resisted her pressure. In fact, he went on the “offensive” and told her that he was unwilling to finance her dream. If she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and have a house, SHE would have to save money (possibly by taking a second job) in order to achieve those things.


At 5:40 PM, Javier said…

It’s interesting how western civilization views an incident through gender glasses. A while back, I happened upon a conversation two females were having at work about a TV reality show called “Real World”. Evidentially, one of the women in the show was arrested at a bar for striking a man, because he said something to her. The two women were basically astonished that the lady was arrested. I civilly butted in and said if the genders were reversed (i.e., the man hit the lady) would they still feel the man should not get arrested. Of course, they said he should. I asked, “Why?” They hemmed and hawed, but their only real answer was that he was a man and she was a woman – nothing else. IOW, he was a man and could take the physical abuse, while she was a poor, helpless, and defenseless woman (regardless of the fact SHE was the one that actually threw the punch).

But it really shouldn’t surprise people too much that this is the thought process of women today. All one needs to do is watch any show to see that when a woman throws a plate or bowl or vase or whatever at a man (usually because she is angry and cannot react any other way but violently) it is considered comical. Yet, when a man does it, it is consider physical abuse.

It’s hard to to get people to see this, especially when it is mainstream in our own media.


At 8:22 PM, ditchthebitch said…

Of course if they can’t get their husbands to go along with the scheme of supporting them, they’ll just make a fake ‘abuse’ or ‘domestic violence’ claim and get everything forcing the ex to support them as well. This is why these women are so confident- they’re pure evil and there is no low too low to go to reach the desired goal. Women truly do not know the difference between right and wrong- this is why their opinion on anything means nothing. On top of all of this they’re now nothing more than STD infested community toilets with their tramp stamps to prove it like a “Property Of The City Of______” & then like any other government property, the taxpayer has to pick up the bill. I don’t even care about women at all anymore.


At 4:05 AM, Mamonaku187 said…

Women fail to realize that:

1) More women are graduating from college, which is a requirement for professional jobs

2) Men are disappearing from universities all over the Western World

3) Millions of workers will be retiring beginning next year or so,

4) Governments will have enormous social security and health care obligations and an increasingly shrinking taxbase/workforce

5) The vast majority of women really want a man that is more successful than they are.

As a result, women have locked themselves into the breadwinning role for at least the next two generations… if our economies manage to weather the upcoming crisies.

They will be working until they die, they just don’t know it yet.

Too bad for them!


At 9:20 AM, Anonymous said…


Please tell him, not to have sex with his fiance anymore, at least not without a condom.
When she gets a clue about what is coming, she will try to get pregnant to force him into marriage.
Please tell him.

And please tell him about the new palimony laws in Britain, about which duncan wrote a nice commentary.
Men get obliged to pay for their girlfriends (!), not just the ex-wives.


At 12:23 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Its the Magina Men who are the enablers of this crapola. My Mother who is a House Wife, was an Administrator at a Hospital. She still cooked delicious meals. Hell when Betty Crocker was in Trouble she put up the Grandma Khan Symbol for help. Her Grandkids would rather eat her Gourmet meals than, eat at a Restaurant. Her floors are clean enough to eat off, according to my Exwife.

Yet she never complained that she was too stressed. She just coped. My Mother is a jewel. So was my Grandmothers. And they had 4 children, my Grandmother 8. They had to wax floors with paste wax and a buffer, had no Microwave, and lacked the conveniences their daughters and Grandaughters take for granted.


At 2:37 AM, Anonymous said…

It’s hard to to get people to see this, especially when it is mainstream in our own media.

The idea that women are weak, helpless, and should be protected is a carryover from the days of the Patriarchy and chivalry.

As this quaint notion gets beaten out of men women will be viewed as just workers (androgynous view) or cum dumpsters (hip hop culture view of bitches and hoes).

In other words, over the next few decades when women get the crap beaten out of them the reaction will be shrugged shoulders or how one might feel about a wild, vicious animal getting put in its place.


At 2:49 AM, Anonymous said…

In short, she’s been dreaming (and lately verbalizing) that her goal in life is to be a stay-at-home mom.

Women + inflation destroyed that.

When women (with their ill conceived ‘liberation’ movement) flooded the work place in the 1970s they doubled the labor supply. Firms didn’t have to compete for workers in a tight labor market anymore so they didn’t have to offer wages that kept up with inflation. Real wages have been falling since.

NOW it takes 2 treading water to keep a household afloat instead of 1.


At 8:02 PM, phoenix said…

Cooking from scratch takes up about an hour of your time. The time also flies by pretty quickly, and since there is no boss or supervisor it’s actually fairly satisfying. I know this because I cook from scratch every few days. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d just do it every single day. Women have been fooling men about cooking and cleaning for generations. Any sane individual would trade work for housework, especially if they knew how easy and how little time it all took. Don’t let women fool you into thinking it’s hard work, don’t let them supervise you or anything either, they don’t let you nitpick them, so why should you let them nitpick you?

I estimate every 2 hours you spend on housework is equivalent to about a half hour of real work, if even that much, in terms of stress or fatigue. Women being overworked due to added housework is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. If men would just do these things for themselves they would quickly understand. I actually can’t fathom why I’d ever want a gf again now, much less a wife. Maybe for sport fucks, but, that puts you at risk for diseases and requires you to put the effort in to get the girl, plus the expenses that carries. If you cook for yourself, don’t spend extravagantly, and avoid women, you can generally live a VERY good life with a standard salary.


At 9:47 PM, VoodooJock said…

Everything is hard if you don’t know how to fucking do it.


At 3:30 AM, Alexandria said…

I AM A WOMAN. I am engaged to a man who wants me to stop working, sell my home, move out of the country with him, and use his money in an unlimited fashion via his credit card as an authorized user. I am concerned about not being a contributor to our financial relationship, and about placing too heavy a burden on him. We both live a frugal lifestyle requiring at most $1400 per month to cover all living expenses. I do not want to drain him or retire off of him. I am 30 years old and on a very realistic path to retire on my own earnings and work by age 35. I will pay off my mortgage by 35 and have income from rental property and investments to subsidize my financial needs. I have traditional investments including a 401(k) and ROTH area for the normal retirement age. I am excited about being financially free and able to retire at 35. I did this by myself, not by leaning on a man. Before any of you even think it, my Father did not do this for me either. I have been working, saving, and investing since I was 15 years old. Of course, parental guidance and instruction helped me make good financial decisions. I have my Mother and Father to thank for that. However, I am not coming into a trust fund, inheritance, and parental handout. I am looking forward to an equitable partnership in this marriage and to having children. I respect men and women who stay at home because it is hard work, just as hard as having a outside job, although in a different way. My fiance and I are discussing this, and I believe he will be ok with my continuing to work and completing my financial plan at 35. At that time, my own earned income and planning will subsidize my living, instead of his continued earned income. As for our children’s education, we plan to allow our children the experience of earning that on their own. We will help as needed, but they need to learn the true value of an education, and part of that comes from being responsible for the bill. Scholarships, grants, work study, etc. will still be an option. So no, I am not depending on him to cover their educational expenses either. Besides, I have enough money included in my retirement plan to assist my future children with educational expenses should the need arise anyway. This is my first time visiting your post, but I urge you all to seek out women who would rather contribute than act as a leech. I am not comparing being a housewife to being a leech. Far from it. Simply stay away from women who are looking to marriage only as a meal ticket and nothing more. Many of us exist.


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