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21 November 2006


The maths of beer goggles

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:45 PM


At 11:36 PM, Mark said…

For all the fancy looks of the formula, all it says in relation to alcohol is that the effect is proportional to the square of how much you’ve had to drink. Thus from the example in the article…

“someone with normal vision, who has consumed five pints of beer and views a person 1.5 metres away in a fairly smoky and poorly lit room, will score 55, which means they would suffer from a moderate beer goggle effect. ….At more than 100, someone not considered attractive looks like a super model.”

So in other words, if you’ve had seven pints you’re anybody’s.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous said…

Ok, could one of the many viewers of this site please put this formula to good use and marry this poor broad?

Do it for the animals guys have a heart! I’m mean according to this formula it only take 72 beers a day to get that thing to look remotely sexy that’s not unreasonable, is it?

I mean, I’d do it myself, but I’m allergic to cats. That and I’m laughing so hard I cant pick myself off the floor!!!


At 12:53 AM, Anonymous said…

Ok, now that I’ve had my laugh at suffering feminists id like to venture off topic to draw peoples attention to a more serious situation, that of fatherless suffering children.

Quote from the dr.phil show intro:

Twin sisters are on the brink of death in a gritty, in-your-face look at the realities of drug addiction, homelessness and prostitution that should be a wake-up call to all parents. Sarah and Tecoa, 25, had a typical childhood; filled with love and all the outward signs of a normal, happy family — until their parents divorced and their beloved stepfather exited their lives. Sarah and Tecoa say they turned to drugs and sex while in their teens, to fill the void left when they became fatherless (my bold), and their lives have been in free fall ever since.

we spend a lot of time on these blogs giving men the much needed information and support when it comes to avoiding women. But in my opinion more needs to be said in support of those men who are fathers already and who need more rights to be part of children’s lives. Avoidance is the smartest option for those with no children, but for those with children and for the children themselves who need the love of there fathers the Matriarchy needs to be destroyed not simply ignored!

If you follow the link have a look at the two girls above, they are not the matriarchy! They have not committed paternity fraud, they have not been gold digging into some guys account they have not set out to rip off men. All they want is their daddy back and the boundless love and protection that goes with it. When we send the feminists off to purgatory with a flock of cats like in the post above, let’s not send the kids with them.

E.B, I’ve got a question to ask. How do I start a blog like yours? whats involved in the set up and creation and also the maintaining of a blog? I want to be able to keep these tragedies in the public eye like you do, and I want to create some templates that people can send to their representatives to try and stir some change but I’m not sure where to begin.


At 2:22 AM, Verlch said…

What does each letter represent?


At 5:22 PM, VoodooJock said…



At 6:52 PM, VoodooJock said…

Thou shalt not quote Oprah or Dr. Phil on a men’s rights blog.


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous said…


details are in the BBC story Duncan’s article links to.


At 7:25 PM, Pete Patriarch said…

“I’m being hurt. I’m being harassed. I’m not going to be bullied.”

Oh no, I’m facing some difficulty! Time to stop the independent woman charade and rely on my vagina to fetch me a saviour, a man who will take me awayyyyyyyyy!


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