Sexual harassment in the classroom!


25 November 2006

Sexist bullies ‘target teachers’

Scores of school teachers have encountered sexually abusive language in class, a snapshot survey for a teaching union suggests.

A fifth of primary and two thirds of secondary school teachers quizzed by the National Union of Teachers said they had experienced sexist bullying.

One in 20 of the 190 teachers in England and Wales who replied said the abuse happened at least once a week.

Sexist jokes and put-downs made female pupils feel degraded too, the NUT said.

Well what did they expect?

They remove virtually all male teachers, cram dumb fucking boy-hating fembots into classrooms, and treat boys like potential aggressors, bullies and rapists who’ll upset the girlies, which leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Then they remove all competition from the curriculum and reward slavish obedience and the ability to memorize answers to questions the children didn’t ask, which makes boys feel left out and superfluous to exercises which consist of being told how good you are for parotting a response learned half-an-hour ago.

Young boys are increasingly raised by irresponsible single mothers and the boys often have no fatherly discipline save for what the latest shaven-headed thug “Uncle” dispenses after a few beers with “my bitch’s kid.”

Then young boys get a glimpse of adulthood, where men are just cannon-fodder or taxpayers, nothing more, where single women can get IVF treatment because fathers are not necessary, where all men are potential rapists, abusers, child-abductors and murderers who apparantly have nothing to offer the Matriarchy save for sperm and taxes.

Then they champion girls as being ever so much smarter then pathetic boys now that the curriculum is slanted in girl’s favour (whilst pointing out that boys only used to do much better than girls only because the curriculum was slanted in boy’s favour), and boys are basically taught that they must obey or be damned, or – thanks to there being little restriction on females from puberty onwards – be thuggish or be virgins.

Then stick a fucking Woman’s Studies graduate twat in front of this pack of testosterone-boiling, repeatedly-insulted, no-hope, don’t-care-about-fuck-all boys who, if they were paying attention in history, saw what a fantastic nation Britain used to be before it got sucked down the toilet after feminism hit Flush, an increasing number of whom also have no fathers on top of all that, and what do you get? Respect? Fuck no. Respect for women? Get the fuck outta here!

Additionally, it’s liberating for teenaged girls to prance their sexuality in front of boys like their skank leaders of Britney and Christina and Paris, and telling a girl to keep her legs shut until she finds a decent guy who will respect her is Patriarchal Oppression!

What are boys going to treat these girls like? Ladies? No, like the fuck-objects most of them try to be, which most of them regret when some boy actually treats them like a fuck-object.

What’s most pathetic is that women bang on about how strong and brave they are yet they seemingly sob in despair and anguish because a 12-year-old shouts “Show us your tits!” at them. Fuck off and run a cattery or something, you delicate likkle flowers. Leave raising boys to men, to men.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:18 PM

At 4:11 PM, nostrildamus said…

My personal opinion on education is that the sexes should be separated again like the old days.

Girls only schools taught by female teachers.

Boys only schools taught by male teachers.

And I would go further than that as well. A female education authority staffed by women and a male education authority staffed by men.

A national curriculum should be adhered to and exams standardized for both sexes but the way the teaching is implemented should be left to each sides ruling body with no interference from politicians trying to force gender-based social engineering policies on students. The ultimate goal being to produce a skilled graduate who can read, rite, an rifmah-tic (;-D) to a high standard regardless of sex. From college age and upwards it should become mixed again.

It’ll never happen IMO. Once the boys are free of distractive females and get the discipline and authority they need from a male run system they will start to excel once again and leave the girls slightly behind. Then the fembots will start whining that girls do better in a mixed environment etc, etc, and demand “something must be done!!!”.

And whats worse is that the current system is not even ’empowering’ girls anyway, it’s just holding boys back and dumbing down the pass requirements for everyone in order to cover the whole sham up. So the feminists are actually also cheating the girls as well. They dont really seem to care though as long as apparently only boys suffer in the short term. But in the long term everyone suffers and it’s going to take generations to undo the damage.


At 4:49 PM, darkbhudda said…

Add that female teachers prefer the bad boys, giving them high marks for “effort” and “social skills”. Yeah, because dunking a nerds head in the toilet is a sign of good social skills.

We had female teachers actually proposition a couple of the bad boys at my school in exchange for higher grades.


At 5:08 PM, VoodooJock said…

Well, given that students are so rotten, vulgar, use foul language, bully people, and generally ill-tempered bad-boys, that explains why teachers are ready, willing, and able to fuck them after class.


At 8:23 PM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

Fucking A* mate!
These pissy self indulgent bitches have fucked everything up.
To nostrildamus: it’s right, the feminists dont like the boys doing better than girls, dammit, they dont like boys doing well full stop. So they water down the curriculum with girly bullshit and wonder why boys react the way they do.
Stupid women make me sick! Minus the stupid.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous said…

A self-fulfilling prophecy. That is a good way to put it. I remember when I was a teenager. Female teachers kept acting like I was some criminal for no reason. I did not know at the time that it was feminist bigotry. It has to be far worse in the schools now. If you tell the boys enough times in so many different ways that they are bad then of course they will say to themselves, fuck it, I guess I’m bad then, no sense in trying to be good. Ok let’s see how bad I can be. YO, BITCH TEACHER COME HERE AND…


At 9:07 PM, jellee said…

We had female teachers actually proposition a couple of the bad boys at my school in exchange for higher grades.

Lol! How’s that for motivation to misbehave…


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