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25 November 2006


I went with a few mates to see the Borat movie yesterday, and t’is a fine movie indeed. It’s the first time I’ve been to the cinema in a few years, not surprising given the amount of shit that normally spews from the manginas and fembots of the movie industry.

Naturally, I found the early scene where he interviews the Veteran Feminists of America the funniest part, although it doesn’t last long as the humourless old cows soon storm out just because Borat starts referring to one of them as “pussycat” and orders her to crack a smile. The funniest part is simply when the feminists calmly explain that they believe women are equal to men, and Borat just snorts with derisive laughter.

With regards to another scene, you have to admire a comedian who’ll risk life and limb for laughs by going in-character onto New York’s subway with a hidden-camera and start trying to kiss angry looking strangers, whilst carrying a hen in a travel-bag which subsequently escapes and flaps around, causing a panic.

It was well worth seeing, even if we did have to sit through trailers for several stupid romantic-comedies beforehand.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 1:06 PM


At 8:33 AM, Pete Patriarch said…

Just saw it yesterday as well. Hilarious movie, with some scenes definitely designed to shock the sensibilities of the red-blooded American male and I presume most of the rest of the world too.

The ending was a hoot!


At 2:53 AM, khankrumthebulgar said…

I dearly loved the line. “Your Consent to Marry is not needed” Then he throws the Khazak Marriage Bag over Pamel ah Anderson. Funny coincidence she filed for Divorce from Kid Rock after less than 4 months of Marriage. I wonder if her pregnancy was due to Kid Rock or another Man?!

Borat pokes fun at Conservatives, Gays, Christians, Rednecks (Bubbas), the US Media, Feminists (my favorite). Hey Pussy Cat what’s the matter?? Mr. Jesus,Hollywood etc., Oh Jews, Gypsies and other assorted Folk.


At 4:04 PM, TC said…

The funny thing is that Kid Rock & Pam actually split over the movie (well, at least that was the last straw for him).

Perhaps it was a slight overreaction on his part…but I think the bottom line here is he married an AW skank and was secretly disgusted with her skankiness…letting it build up over time inside. Then when he finally got some standards and decided a line had been crossed, he showed some balls and the whole illusion folded like a house of cards.

He knows the game. He knows the red flags for floozies. He’s probably dated many of them. Pam is no different and he may be finally fed up with them all now…

When men really man up for what they want and expect out of women…instead of biting their tongues and silently compromising on every front…the end result is that most modern women simply DON’T PASS MUSTER.


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