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01 December 2006

‘Don’t have children as late as I did’, says Minister

Women should avoid having children in their late thirties and early forties if they want help from active grandmothers who “leap about”, Harriet Harman, the constitutional affairs minister, said yesterday.

Harman – a feminist, like all other female Labour MPs – may appear to be showing signs of regretting the dumb feminist theory of leaving children until late in life, if at all.

But no. She’s motivated solely by selfishness, like all feminists:

She said that if her daughter left it, as she did, to have a daughter at 37, she would be 74 when she got to be a granny: “Far from being an active ‘leaping about’ granny, I might need my daughter to do a bit of shopping for me.

In other words, it was fine for her to have a child at 37, but there’s no way she wants her daughter to leave it that late lest she, Harman, be too old and inactive to enjoy being a grandmother.

(Incidentally I drew this post up based on how this article appeared this morning. It appears to have been trimmed down with a lot of Harman’s quotes removed. So most of what I quote here isn’t in the article linked to above.)

On she blithers:

“The health and well-being of children and mothers, and personal choices, should decide the age of childbirth, not the labour market.”

Fine. Women can make their choices regardless of the labour market…but it’s only fair that the labour market makes its choices regardless of women. In other words, cut this career break, flexi-time, maternity-leave shit whereby companies have to make everything as easy as possible for mothers with men a having to pick up the slack.

“People having fewer children than they want not only represents a personal disappointment to those who want to have a bigger family, it also contributes to the… problem of an ageing population.”

Oh fuck you, it was feminism that did this, with women diluting the wages as they flooded the labour market and the rise in taxes for the public services and benefits for single mother whores contributing to people – certainly working married couples – struggling to afford more than one child.

In an apparent swipe at Mr Blair’s ”super-nanny” plans, Miss Harman, who is standing for the deputy Labour leadership, said that “helicoptering in expert help” could sap the confidence of parents.

She wanted an organisation like Victim Support set up for mothers, providing the “sort of advice and information that was exchanged between all mothers when hardly any worked, and every day included the chance to chat at the school gate”. “Mums’ Support” should be publicly funded with well-trained volunteers.

What a fucking hypocrite. So she condemns the “super-nanny” idea but then pretty much suggests the same thing; more Big Government help.

“Mum’s Support”, like “Victim’s Support.” So basically all mums are victims then? Oh nooo, the poor women having to…have children…and stuff.

Hard to believe that, before feminism, women could actually have lots of children and raise them without Big Government helping out, supporting them and having to show them how to raise kids. Oh wait, that’s right, before feminism women had husbands. Now, most don’t.

And check David Cameron spouting on about how absent fathers should take some of the blame for the crimes their illegitimate bastards carry out! Yeah, completely fucking ignore the stupid whore mother who got knocked up by a thug in the first place, or indeed may have booted the child’s father out anyway and given him no contact with the child.

She described a complex arrangement whereby the baby of a mother she knew was looked after on alternate days by its grandmothers and collected by whichever parent was available.

The mother “looked quite bleak, and at the end of it she said, ‘shifting our baby from place to place has shifted our marriage from place to place’ “.

I know quite a few cases like this, such as a woman at work whose two pre-school kids spend every day with their widowed grandmother whilst mummy is at work (and daddy emigrated a few years ago after mummy divorced him and took the kids.)

Once again; it’s feminism’s fault.

Kids used to be raised by full-time mothers; kids were happy, so were the mothers. Then feminism encouraged women to enter the workplace, taxes were raised to cover daycare and to encourage single motherhood, laws to encourage women to divorce were introduced, women were encouraged to delay motherhood…and what these same fucking feminists and modern women are whining about – that many women are childless, or slaving away in offices whilst their babies are stuck in daycare or with relatives, or raising kids without fathers in ghettos – are the natural and successful results of feminism!

How cheeky are these feminists? The Fawcett Society that Harman was giving a speech at is a hardcore fembot organization, concerned only for women and forever screaming about the pay-gap. Last year they pretty much demanded that women only go to prison as a last resort because locking up women was “cruel”. They’re all feminists to the core yet they are whining about the results of feminism; or, rather, specifically, whining about the results of feminism that may effect women. Nevermind all the results of feminism that effected men and children.

Fuck you feminists. And to those women who complain about the situation where in whereby becoming a married stay-at-home mother is virtually impossible for most of them, fuck you too. Shouldn’t have bought into feminism, should you?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:40 PM

At 7:14 PM, Patriarchal-Phoenix said…

We need a major cultural-change in the Western World. Sadly, I fear things are gonna get worse before they get better…

Falling birthrates, rising crime rates, among many others. Pretty much all are either directly or indirectly related to feminism.

Europe has had to go through Muslim Invasions, the Black Death, along with some the worst tyrants the world has ever known, and it has managed to come out okay in the end.

I can only hope that sooner or later the Western World comes to its senses and fights off the latest cultural disease, The Big F… Feminism… Bleh…


At 7:17 PM, Anonymous said…

She wanted an organisation like Victim Support set up for mothers, providing the “sort of advice and information that was exchanged between all mothers when hardly any worked, and every day included the chance to chat at the school gate” . “Mums’ Support” should be publicly funded with well-trained volunteers.

Here we have it again: they wish the old days back, where they did not have to work.

I wish to marry an sixteen year old, have ten children and her being a grandmother at 35.
That would be really great. My wife would have done something very positive.
And I do not want a foreign wife.


At 10:37 PM, Anonymous said…

Women will NEVER admit they caused this disaster because the goal of almost every woman is to Constantly Feel Good.

No matter what the consequences. No matter what wreckage they leave in their wake.

Why do women contradict themselves daily? Because what feels good changes daily.

Forcing them to confront the horror of their actions is too painful. That’s why when you confront them with irrefutable facts of the destruction their behavior has wrought they storm off in anger. You stopped that Feeling Good high they’re always seeking.

That’s also why you have the Kabuki Dance of irrationalizations and double-talk draining from their mouths. It felt good to break the bonds of oppression decades ago, burn their bras, charge into the workplace and all that. It was a fashion movement. It was in style. It felt good then. Now the charm has worn off and it now feels good to stay home, shop, and be a parasite.

Women’s brains (without considerable training) are simply not wired to help them confront their bad choices.

An anthropologist could accurately observe that the natural state of a female is that of an ammoral, pleasure seeking being.

Hence, wanting to be with other amoral, pleasure seeking beings (bad boys) when younger, but go running to a sugar daddy (stable male) when the bad boys no longer want her. In her limited mind what is “good” has changed from being with a ‘boy’ to now finding a ‘daddy’ who will control her and provide her security. She blocks out all memory of past actions (often now days with prescription drugs) because those thoughts make her feel bad.

Freud has been quoted that he could never understand the female mind. He was analyzing too deep.

A female wants to Constantly Feel Good. No matter what the consequences. That’s the source of all her contradictions, illogic, insane, and destructive behavior.


At 10:54 PM, mfsob said…

Well, as we ALL know, motherhood is the hardest, most demanding, most thankless, most never-ending job in the world.

Let’s see … keep toiling away at the job I hate with long hours, lousy benefits, no chance for advancement and no hope of improvement, but it keeps the child support payment police at bay … or trade that in for the easy job of being a house husband. *rolls eyes*


At 10:56 PM, VoodooJock said…


The Muslims have us outgunned and outfucked. You assholes get to work and do as I say not as I do.


At 12:48 AM, Panzer said…

Sounds like this bitch is singing the same old tired song. Forgive me if I really don’t give a shit.



At 10:25 PM, Mamonaku187 said…

It’s over for the FemiNasties.

This latest confession is the latest in a long line of FemiNasties that have discovered that…

Feminism is a false doctrine!!

Someone alert the Media!!

Friedan said that,

“The equality we fought for isn’t livable, isn’t workable, isn’t comfortable in the terms that structured our battle.”…

And we all know about the Greer confession that Duncan masterfully highlighted on this very blog.

Feminism is doomed to failure.

When I hear about stories like these, it reminds me of this lil quote,

““Woman is a domesticated animal; the feminist has returned to the wild. The goddess has gone wandering, collecting a few bruises, developing a few survival traits. She is lost; the bed beckons her.

She will soon return.”


At 2:42 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

I am currently reading Christina Hoff Sommers book “Who Stole Feminism“? It is worse than I thought. The FemNags running the show now are Batshit Insane. No wonder my Sister is nuts. She buys into this garbage. I had a talk with my 81 year old Father. Who has on his own come to the conclusion that Feminists are Crazy.

We discussed what the changes have been since the early 1960s when he supported it. To help his 3 Daughters have more opportunities. Like Many Men he is now retired has watched in alarm what is going on. And says he and other Men have been betrayed by the FemNags.


At 7:41 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey Duncan

You got to check out this two minute video clip, it is fucking hilarious!


At 7:06 AM, Masculist Man said…


Now that your father has faced what feminism is what is he going to do to make up for his past transgressions against men?


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