“Me and my partner’s six-month anniversary”


05 December 2006

It strikes me as amusing the way a lot of women seem to try and disguise their lack of a husband, this primarily being women between 25 and 35 who are old enough to want to land a hubby, but young enough to be caught up in the Marriage Strike.

For starters, many refer to boyfriends as “partners”. Even if they don’t live together, a boyfriend is a “partner”.

To me, a partner is a business partner, or a dance partner. Or, of course, it’s also what gay people refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend. When I first heard a woman refer regularly to “my partner and I”, I honestly thought she was a lesbian talking about her girlfriend. Turned out it was just her boyfriend.

Few men refer to girlfriends as partners. Some might do, but they’re weirdoes. Married women don’t refer to their husbands as partners, they proudly refer to them as husbands.

So really, it’s only single women, finding it difficult to menace and nag that boyfriend into proposing (heaven forbid they consider proposing to him themselves!) who use the term “partner” to try and disguise the fact that they’re another casualty of the marriage strike.

Amusingly, I’ve heard plenty of women celebrate anniversaries; not wedding anniversaries, but simply marking the years (or even half-years) of going out with a boyfriend. Or partner, whatever.

“Me and my boyfriend been going out since 9 January 2005, it’s our second anniversary coming up! Squeal!”

That’s what I heard from a mate’s sister last week. Another woman at work recently bragged that it was her “six-month anniversary” with her boyfriend. Six-months? Big deal.

Again, this is an attempt to hide the fact that they cannot get that (obviously sensible) boyfriend to marry them. I’ve heard of women hitting their fifth “anniversary” with a boyfriend, it rarely occurring to them (beyond “he’s afraid of commitment!!”) that maybe either there’s something wrong with her, with divorce laws, or both, if their “partner” has being going out with them for half-a-decade without a marriage proposal in sight.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:12 PM

At 1:20 AM, Egghead said…

Damn, Duncan, that was a good post.


At 2:32 AM, patriarchal-phoenix said…

Oh wow… And here I am thinking that my parents celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary was something to look upon as worthy of emulation…

How wrong I was! I now see the light!!!

What is 21 years of marriage, with 3 kids, and more ups and downs than Hannibal crossing the Alps, in the face of such, majesty! 6 Whole Months!!!

I’m drowning the tears of my unimaginable envy!


At 4:07 AM, mfsob said…

“it rarely occurring to them(beyond “he’s afraid of commitment!!”) that maybe either there’s something wrong with her, with divorce laws, or both, if their “partner” has being going out with them for half-a-decade without a marriage proposal in sight.”

It hasn’t occurred to them because that would require women to be rational. Ain’t gonna happen. Not in my lifetime, anyway.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous said…

I think your being very harsh.

I am about to celebrate my six-month anniversary (squeal!!) of having no (partner!!) girlfriend.

6 months without being nagged, coerced, shamed etc. Just living my life enjoying friends, work and family together with standing by a really poor football team.

Now if i can’t celebrate that….then your a really mean man and a bully!!!! you have hurt my feminine side…better go and lie down!!!!


At 1:19 PM, The Man On The Street said…

I think it’s more about “getting stuff”. By labeling it “an anniversary”, it somehow indicates that a gift is expected. And don’t you dare forget it you man beasts!



At 1:43 PM, Anonymous said…

anniversaries I don’t really get why they are such a big deal. Maybe it means more to women than men, but seriously whats so great about being with someone for a few months or year? I don’t see why people feel a need to be celebrate it every year. You have stayed with someone for 2 years, well done heres a medal lol how stupid. Wedding anniversaries seem just as pointless same thing just been together more years. My brother in-law actually said this to my sister (which pissed her off, she got a bit upset about it but I see his point) she was talking to him about whether she thought he had achieved anything good in life saying no my sister looking puzzled said um how about getting married maybe? My sister was gutted when he said he didn’t see marriage as much of a achievement, he didn’t even consider it all that important. I agree I can’t imagine it being great either.


At 4:59 PM, Jerkmenistan said…

I’ve also heard the term “significant other” used to refer to a boyfriend. The rationale is that the term “boyfriend” sounds so juvenile and immature, and “significant other” sounds much more professional.

As for women proposing to men, that goes along with the whole idea of EQUALITY. If a woman wants to get married, she should ask her boyfriend if he will marry her — and offer him the traditional engagement jewelry (an expensive watch). This, of course, means she doesn’t get the expensive engagement ring. Naturally, this very rarely happens. The only example that I can recall in recent memory is Jolene Blalock of Star Trek: Enterprise fame.


At 6:28 PM, Anonymous said…

Marriage is oppression for women.

Being sensitive to women’s ENDLESS demands and needs I refuse to oppress them.

Let women be free of oppressive men forever!

– A Gentleman Bachelor


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous said…

What’s the deal with anniversary? Why deal with all of this crap? Why those women make a big deal out of that?

Last year, my last ex-girlfriend kept telling me how great it is to have 1 month anniversary… 2 months anniversary… 3 months anniversary…blah blah blah..

What happened on “3rd month anniversary”? We broke up! I literally jumped up and down and screamed YEEESSSS!!

I have not looked back since then. I’m celebrating my 1st year anniversary of being a bachelor! It’s so great to be single so I can enjoy my true freedom away from those brainless hags.

Relationships with those girls really sucks. It’s not worth it. Just spend your time traveling, inventing something great, doing experiments with technology and something more productive. They are so much better than dealing with this dating crap. What’s the point of dating?


At 8:23 PM, Voodoojock said…

A 6-month ‘anniversary’ is another attempt at extorting shit from someone you allegedly ‘love’.

6 months does not make an “anniversary”. Anniversary derives from the Latin word for year. Since any asshole can figure out that 6 months does not make a year, it is not an anniversary.


At 2:14 AM, HAWKEYE said…

i agree with the other poster occasions require gifts to be brought forth and bestowed opon the female,
but i also serves to remind the poor fellow that time is a tickin on.
“six months and still no rock” ,she laments

stiff shit you cheap whore


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