Taxes, taxes and more taxes


07 December 2006

Brown launches green tax grab as he sinks even further into the red

Despite having already spent some £4,000bn since 1997, the Chancellor admitted he still needs to tax and borrow more to finance the public sector in the coming years.

More taxes for us Brits, even though public services are getting shitter and the welfare state, although bloated, is primarily only there to help women. They’re even giving Child Benefit to women before they’ve even given birth, primarily for poor women (read: single mothers) because the silly little dears can’t possibly be expected to afford scratchcards and Silk Cut and still have money left over to feed themselves.

Where has all the money gone? asks Osborne

“Aren’t people up and down the country entitled to ask the Chancellor, as they struggle to find a decent school place or campaign to keep their hospital open or sit in traffic on congested roads: where has all the money gone?”

Quite. What a fucked up Socialist Matriarchal shit-hole the UK has become. Not just under Labour, but over the last few decades.

Still, a nihilistic part of me is kind of enjoying watching it fall apart. The country seems beyond repair, and the feminists and the dumb women who followed them into destroying the family and increasing taxes and the state, and the growing army of single mother slags who feed off the rapidly draining public purse will be the ones to suffer most when it all collapses. Ha ha.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:01 PM

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous said…

Not really. The single mothers will just murder their children or abandon them when the money stops coming. Women are very resilient, because they don’t have any morals or logic to tie them down. Men will, as usual, be the ones that suffer. The government will just tax men more, and take away more men’s benefits (as if we have any to begin with).


At 11:21 PM, Anonymous said…

Actually I think men Will walk. Its not like there isnt a better deal somewhere else. You watch. Companies will spring up in obscure locations, and transport in useful employees ( read MEN ) and protect them, pay them locally ( tax free ) and generally treat them like kings. Companies do what they have to do to survive, Governments dont see the wall falling until they are under it.

I agree… Its fun to watch it all come tumbling down, But I do worry occasionally about how to protect myself from these armed government terrorists when they come for my labour, property and life. After all, they will be more than happy to send wave after wave of mangina’s at me till I run out of bullets…


At 2:53 AM, HAWKEYE said…

same thing here in OZ ,tax upon tax ,upon tax ,upon new tax.
time to get rid of all these pink collar jobs ,
get rid of political correctness which makes it almost impossible to function as a company.
start rewarding those who can do productive work at a profit.

sad in one way to see our civilization heading to collapse .
but from the ashes a new society will emerge ,and i can guarantee you that feminism will not be a part of it, in fact it will be a hanging offense


At 3:21 AM, Anonymous said…

After all, they will be more than happy to send wave after wave of mangina’s at me till I run out of bullets…



At 5:14 AM, Anonymous said…

You all need to hoist one of America’s original flags: The Gadsden flag (A coiled rattlesnake with the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me”). God knows we’re starting to fly it here again….


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