Father’s not necessary IVF ruling moves a step closer


14 December 2006

IVF father figure clause is to go

The government is set to abolish the requirement for fertility clinics to consider the need for a father when deciding whether to offer treatment.

This has been planned for a while and the fact that no-one in authority dares publicly criticise single mothers means it’s long since been the case that fathers are regarded as unnecessary.

This just puts the final nail in the coffin for us men; we’re now officially irrelevant in the UK.

But wait…what’s this? We do have a purpose after all.

Yes, apparantly, children don’t need fathers, but by golly single mothers need men’s money.

So us men are, according the government, no more than sperm donors and walking wallets.

Strange how feminists and politicians never seem to consider the contradiction between declaring fathers are unnecessary and demanding that fathers must cough up money to support “their” children. Strange, also, that they don’t realise that declaring men to be of no use to children and with no place in families is only going to create generations of men who have no loyalty to society, no ambition and no care for anything but themselves, and that this is not exactly A Good Thing for that particular society.

It also puts the nail in the coffin for even more children’s hopes of having a decent upbringing as yet more children who are yet to be conceived are condemned to be born and “raised” by selfish single mothers and lesbians who want a pet child.

Liberal Democrat MP Dr Evan Harris welcomed the removal of the need for a father clause.

He said: “It was unjustifiable, discriminatory and vindictive. It was also unsustainable in human rights and equality terms.

“The evidence suggests children do very well brought up by lesbian couples and solo parents, so good riddance.”

Fuck you Dr Harris you mangina cunt; if he doesn’t like vindictiveness then he should be out condemning feminism instead of his own sex, the backstabbing liberal twat. Evidence and common sense makes it clear that children bought up by lesbian and “solo parents” tend to be fucked up, miserable and prone to drug abuse and crime. Actually, though, children raised by single fathers tend to be fine, it’s just single mothers who produce feral bastards.

Single Mothers By Choice are selfish child-abusers, and whilst the British government and a lot of the media trump them as some sort of brave independant (well, independent except for the Child Support) women, us men should make a point of regarding them as sub-human and not to be even fraternized with or spoken to, let alone dated, and we should let them damn well know this.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:57 PM

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous said…

On a previous article post, the issue of fathers going it alone, having a fmaily by themselves was raised.
I looked into uk surrogacy and apparently it is not open to ‘single’ parents and you are not allowed to advertise for a surrogate mother.
The powers that be are basically saying f*** you to the nuclear family. OK, then let us men have access to raising children that are ours. That would be equality.
The taxes paid by men are supporting the creation of abnormal families. It’s a disgrace.
Anyone that votes labour or libdem must enjoy sending this country down the plughole.


At 8:44 PM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

What a fanny sucking mangina limp dicked bullshitting arse licker! Oh man that’s got me fuming! Dr. Cuntface, discriminatory!?! What!
Anyone with a brain knows single mothers can’t do shit except binge drink and raise feral shits with the IQ of monkey’s.
Now allow me to post evidence to back up that statement. Fucking double standards wankers. Man I wanna kick him in the nuts, oh wait, he hasn’t got any.

Single Motherhood

Single motherhood is by far the most common instance of single parenting; in the U.S.A single mothers outnumber single fathers four to one. Single mothers may have a hard time providing for their families. Some studies conclude that women generally have lower paying jobs (though other studies have found that the wage gap, or Income disparity, is largely due to choice, not discrimination). Thus, single mothers must contend with both financial and child rearing burdens. If a parent makes less money, and thus has to work longer hours, she has less time for her child. Numerous studies have suggested that children raised by a single mother are more likely to use drugs at an early age and to get in trouble with the law. U.S. statistics have also shown single mothers are much more likely to physically, verbally, and sexually abuse their children then two-parent families and many times more often then single-father families.

Half of all single mothers live in poverty as oppposed to just 15% of single fathers, and are less likely to have family connections as single fathers do.

Single Fatherhood

In the U.S., fathers make up about 20% of single parents. The role of fathers, married or single, has been changing. Today, fathers are more likely to help children in a classroom setting and do household chores than in the past. Historically, fathers were not socialized to be primary caregivers, although many men did raise children on their own due to high rates of maternal death.

Single fathers act as positive role models to children and are less likely to raise undisciplined children than single mothers are [citation needed]. There are no factual studies that indicate that fathers are less capable of raising children than women are. Also, no factual studies show that children raised by men are more likely to use drugs or engage in sex at an earlier age. However more recent studies have shown that children raised by a single father are much more likely to become healthy productive adults, then those raised by a single mother.


At 10:05 PM, John said…

While it is all fine and good to say fathers are not needed, its a blatant lie, and easily observed.

Where the hell do they think they are gonna get the sperm from? Monkeys?

I know you promote the marriage strike, but I think a sperm donation strike is in order as well.

Consider, that in the states there are 3 separate cases ( 1 from an “anonymous” donor no less!! ) where the court went after a donor for child support, even voiding a written contract in one case because the mother found herself in dire straights after just 6 months on her own! The case of the court finding judgement against the anonymous donor ( pending appeal) sent a chilling effect through the donations community, with the effect being an almost complete stoppage of donations for 6 months. Guess who screamed bloody murder then?

(The donor was tracked down through a group that all got IVF treatments and have a chat room get together regularly to discuss their children’s problems, which are “obviously” a result of the fathers genetics)

IF the government passes this kind of law, and men stop donating to the IVF clinics ( why should they, they used to be doing a good thing, Men are not blind, they donate to help infertile COUPLES, not lesbians and skanks!) how long will it be before the gov makes donations mandatory?


At 10:42 PM, Inkraven said…

It just goes to show you; feminism = “equality” until the check comes.

Who wants to place bets on who the feminists will be turning to for the remedies once society collapses?


At 10:52 PM, Anonymous said…

What difference does it make?

Look at your own post 13 September 2006. Pod-porridge reserves are running low!

Who would be dumb enough to give sperm out now?


At 10:56 PM, Panzer said…

Ok, fine then. If this is the way these assholes are going to play then listen up guys. Dont donate the juice, keep the clinic completely out of stock. Sorry, but that magic goo that all these independent women need to finally have a child sure isnt window sealant. Oh and that doctor, tell him I said stick it in your fucking neck you sissified turd!



At 11:28 PM, Cowhead said…

“Good riddance.” What a fucking dick. I hope this asshole gets screwed over.


At 12:42 AM, pete said…

Its time to go V for Vendetta on these fucking manginas.


At 2:04 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

well, I Have to smile,
because my nuts are mine
so funk you skank
‘cos Im doing fine

you can Take your dyke and lesbo bitch
your csa and 7 year itch
because Im of to the bog to have a wank
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So this life is sublime
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Ill do csa time

so keep you mini moo, pussina
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‘cos it was fun in the past
but that shit couldnt last
and the manginas ‘n feminazis
aint having my baby glue!

ah! try sticking a baby together without our magic glue….fuckers!
love it!
and *hic* I have most definately NOT had a beer…….
*wobbles to bed…….*
Banzai Quilt!


At 2:39 AM, Anonymous said…

…how long will it be before the gov makes donations mandatory?

My body. My choice.


At 7:14 AM, darkbhudda said…

Reminds me of the Goon Show joke,
I had a tough life. Never had a father. Mother got me on the national health. She had an obliging doctor you know.

Other European countries made donors liable for child support, and couples came to Britain instead. “Fertility Tourism” they called it.

Then Britain made donors liable for child support and the supply dried up.

Where are they going to get the sperm from? They already have massive shortages for hetero couples.

Since all females are entitled to free sperm, how long before Poms will need a license to wank. They’ll probably send out “erection detection” vans to enforce the law.

“Lie back and think of England… while you jack off into a jar”

They might even be subtler than that, pull out some crap about using sperm as a biometric identification tool and demand men provide yearly samples.


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous said…

I must have submitted about 10 posts to the BBC ‘have your say’ and none have ever been shown. I’ve posted regards this subject and again its a ‘no show’.

Has there been any protests by fathers at these sperm banks/ ivf centres?


At 3:26 PM, Davout said…

Female fire ants deemed males not necessary and look what happened: cfyn.ifas.ufl.edu/fireants.pdf

Some quotes from the article above:
“”It’s a selfish strategy, initiated by females,” explains Fournier. “Under this strategy, queens transmit 100% of their genome to future queens. Males must adapt or disappear, so they choose to thwart queens by eliminating the female genome in fertilized eggs.”

“This illustrates the extraordinary imagination of nature – or of males – to counteract the female strategy,” he adds.”


At 4:18 PM, Javier said…

I always get a kick out of the battle cry “men are not needed” from feminists. If men worldwide were to do absolutely nothing for one month, the world’s economy would simply implode. The same could not be said if women stopped everything for a month. Over the course of human being’s existence men have built the world to what it is today (much to the chagrin of feminists). If men were to simply hand it over to women, or, worse case, destroy EVERYTHING and have women start from scratch, some other form of life besides humans would conquer the world as women cannot sustain their existence without men.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous said…

To all of you conservative Englishmen:
Come to America–there’s still a chance of pulling this nation back from the brink of leftist, feminazi insanity. We need your votes before the south of the Rio Grande illegal locust hordes do us in. Sadly, Britain looks to be history. Farewell to the mother of the modern world.


At 2:06 PM, Pumpkinhead said…

It’s disgusting.

Can you imagine being raised by two lesbians? Being raised by a single mother is bad enough. I know.


At 3:12 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Very Sorry Brothers to hear your Leaders are as stupid as ours. We have a New Law “The Coercive Cohabitation Act”. It makes it a felony punishable for up to ten years in Prison, not Club Fed by the way. For a Man who forces his Girl Friend, or Domestic Partner to move out if she becomes pregnant. I call it the “Cuckholding ManSlave or ManNigger Act”. Since all Men in the US are effectively House Slaves due to our Laws.

To my Black Brothers we are in this together Gents. Make no mistake about it, we are all screwed. In a Leaky Row Boat and hungry Sharks are circling.


At 4:06 PM, Mamonaku187 said…


Men in the UK have just been handed their walking papers.

Let the marriage and procreation strike begin!

Men who are living under Matriarchal tyranny have NO stake in, or obligation to their respective countries.

Spread the word far and wide! The time for Men’s Rights to go Primetime is at hand.


At 9:32 PM, Anonymous said…

Stupid politicians/legislators. If you’re going to make it a felony to kick a pregnant woman out of cohabitation, men just won’t cohabit. After you make it a felony to make a woman pregnant, men won’t have sex with women anymore. I’m convinced these people will not be happy until the human race goes extinct.


At 1:08 AM, Anonymous said…

Lesbians have very, very unstable families.

The best way to “help” would be to donate the sperm of men who are schizophrenic. Give the little ladies something to do.


At 3:54 PM, R. Daneel Olivaw said…

“The evidence suggests children do very well brought up by lesbian couples and solo parents, so good riddance.”

I find it funny he can say this and not be called on the bull. What evidence is he looking at? It seems to me that feminist have done a damn good job of preaching their lies to the higher ups. Fuck a Mangina.

– R. Daneel Olivaw


At 3:32 PM, Anonymous said…

“Sadly, Britain looks to be history. Farewell to the mother of the modern world.”

Sad indeed. And true, indeed. We are indebted culturally and historically to the British, and yet their current political regime is one of contempt for the populace. And especially, contempt for men. Farewell Britain.

Here’s an idea I’d like to see developed further. A manifesto that it fairly reasonable and could be accommodated fairly easily in the current political framework (i.e. not too extreme). I’ve two points down already.

The New Man Manifesto

1. A total boycott of Sperm Banks by all Concerned Men.

Men, you are making the seeds of creation cheap if you sell it off for a couple of bucks in a sperm bank. No matter how bad a financial state you find yourself in – homeless on the street even – you are doing your gender the height of disservice when you donate to the Matriarchy’s Back-Up Plan – The Sperm Bank. Don’t do it.

2. Fully Legalised and Regulation Prostitution

We shall encourage the less-derogatory term of “Sex Services” to be used. The dynamics of male-female relationships have changed dramatically. Romance is dead. It’s time to move on. Most women have little respect for men and are eager to exploit them financially. Men need to be freed from the Matriarchy that is women’s monopoly on sex. Sex Services should be legal and a thriving, respectable business should up. The ONLY disadvantage to this is that it irrevocably will destroy the one thing that helps to encourage social normality and harmony – marriage and genuine relationships between men and women. But that will happen anyway. So Sex Services shall be made legal.

Please add to this Manifesto if you have ideas…


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