09 December 2006

Pook’s Mill

Hurrah, Pook is back.

There are many things I do not understand about life, but there is one thing I know with certainty: you cannot live your life through other people’s eyes. I believe most people trap themselves into a type of hollow life where they keep acting to please others… be it their girlfriends… their families… their employers… and forget about their soul.

Pure 100% MGTOW.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:20 PM


At 3:52 AM, ClosingSpeed said…

Yeah! Pure selfishness. That’s where it’s at!


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous said…

Pure selfishness

Feminism. In a nutshell…


At 5:00 PM, Anonymous said…

What’s wrong with that, closingspeed?

Being a rational selfish is the best way how to govern our own life. It’s the key to being who you are and dictate your own life. People have huge respect for those self-governing people.

What you were saying is a classical example of shaming language to make people feel guilty for what they do, and try to pull them to back to your own insecure and pathetic level. Go to the bathroom and take a look at the mirror of “YOU.”


At 11:45 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…


Today I started the first day of the suspension of my Masters course at uni as I try to tackle the local council over their illegal dealings and me ending up in a subsiding house.
I was wondering what to do….
then I just saw that video of the man from apple!!!!
All is well in my world suddenly,
here goes, you bastards, I’m coming for you.
cheers, pookie person you saved my arse and my humour with that today


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