Us poor men, destroyed by feminism apparantly.


08 December 2006

Feminism was going to liberate both sexes, but instead it destroyed a generation of men

This is one of a number of articles that regularly crops up, triumphing the successes women have supposedly made over the last few decades (but forever failing to mention the big helping hand from Daddy Government that they needed) but bemoaning about how it has harmed men.

Naturally, the whole underlying complaint in these sorts of articles is that, far from being concerned about how this all effects men, they only care about how this will, in turn, effect women.

Plus there are all sorts of laughable claims of how brilliant and independent women are when, clearly, they’re not.

So what exactly do women need men for these days? Evidently, they don’t need them to pay bills, to put up shelves, to fix the car, mow the lawn or provide a socially acceptable set-up in which to rear children.

Remember, a munificent benefits system means that single women, with or without children, no longer need a man to provide for them – the state has taken on that role.

Since the Divorce Act of 1969, which made it possible for women to leave a marriage, keep the kids and receive alimony, an increasing number of women are choosing to bring up children alone.

So on the one hand women don’t need men to pay the bills the mortgage, yet women only divorce men because they can keep the house and get Child Support/alimony/maintenance. A bit of a contradiction.

Likewise, the state can only provide for women because of taxes, 80% of which come from men. They do need us. They just don’t have to give anything in return anymore and call this “independence”.

If all men stopped working and stopped paying taxes, and all men refuse to pay child support, most women would be utterly fucked. Single mothers would starve, the predominantly female army of Civil Servants would have no wages, and companies would struggle with just a load of women who mainly got their jobs by positive discrimination left. Plus who’ll pay the taxes for career women’s subsidised childcare? Or cover for them on maternity leave?

Furthermore, when was the last time you saw a woman fixing a car or putting up shelves?

And women alone can provide a socially acceptable set-up in which to rear children without men? Are we talking about single mothers here? Who are invariably fucked up skanks whose children are, when young, usually grubby and miserable and, when older, are often aggressive and setting on a path to criminality or skankhood? Fucking hell, what planet is this woman living on? The planet Femtardicus IV?

And yet, when the women’s movement started in Britain, we all believed it would mean a liberation for men as well as for women.

What could be worse, we argued, than – like most men – working every day from when you left education till you retired at 65, solely financially responsible for your wife and kids, long office hours denying you the chance to spend meaningful time with your children.

That life was as much of a prison as being a full-time wife and mother.

A good point, and this is at the heart of many women worrying about the effects of feminism or turning against it; it’s not out of sympathy for us men, it’s because they’ve discovered that being a breadwinner and working full-time is actually rather shit, especially compared to being provided for by a husband.

Thus, in recent years, [at school] it has no longer been just the single, terrifying three- hour exam that determined your success, a winner-takes-all mentality generally thought to be more applicable to the male brain.

Continual assessment worked better for women, who, it is thought, respond better to a more considered approach to work.

But this continual assessment coursework shit is of no use. More and more children – of both sexes – are illiterate. Education is fucked up and school curriculums largely useless.

A man who keeps house, brings up the children and does the shopping is more likely to be considered a weedy loser than an individual who has made a considered stance.

He’s only really considered a weedy loser by women. I knew a guy who looked after his three kids whilst his wife worked; I didn’t think any less of him and actually quite envied him. He liked raising his kids and still had a lot of free time to indulge in his hobbies. It’s only women who would see him as a loser.

No feminist I ever knew wanted to see a world in which men were beaten by women: a world in which one dominant group was just replaced by another.

She doesn’t know much about feminism, does she?

As long as society continues to rate making money so far above running the home, both men and women will think they have failed if they do not succeed in the workplace.

Speak for yourself lady. I’ve got an okay job but it’s nothing great, I’m not earning a fortune and I don’t have a mega-impressive job title or company car, but I don’t think of myself as a failure. I make enough to live on and indulge in a few hobbies and that’s all I care about. Fuck the workplace. It’s a means to an end, wage; no more. Women stormed into the workplace, demanding wage-slavery, so let them have it. It is women, clearly, who are far more materialistic than us men. We only worked hard to attract and support a wife and subsequent children. Now we’re apparantly not required, and modern women not worth attracting anyway, we can take it easy and abandon wage-slavery, or at least just work enough to provide for ourselves.

A woman will consider a guy who isn’t rich or successful in the workplace a loser, but so long as the man is content, makes enough to live on and has the freedom and time to indulge in his hobbies and enjoy life, then he’s very much a success in my view. Certainly more of a success than a high-powered wealthy businessman who breaks his back sixty-hours a week to provide for a spend-happy wife (or ex-wife) and has to ask permission to spend his own money.

Besides, no man should give a fuck whether a woman considers him a success or not. Who cares about their judgement of us?

We are already seeing the consequences of this erosion of men’s social position. Our jails are overflowing, predominantly with young men who’ve lost their way. Male suicide rates are up. Alcoholism rates are up. Not only are boys doing less well at school, they’re also dropping out with greater frequency than girls.

Most guys in jails are from single mother households, and their increase is thanks to feminism because, stupidly, they thought that fathers weren’t necessary. And women only care about boys dropping out because that diminishes the number of wealthy successful guys to support these women when they hit their 30s and decide they want to be “traditional” and stay at home being provided for.

The current crop of teenage men’s magazines – most of which are openly hostile to women, regarding them as nothing more than sex objects – seem to me to be a confused cry for help.

How patronizing! They’re not a “confused cry for help”, they’re just treating women in a manner that feminism made inevitable. Feminism has resulted in many women who have little to offer, who would make crap wives, who boast of being crap at cooking, who have no intention of being a dutiful wife, who don’t want children until they’re biological clocks are ticking or who, during their younger years – before their “conversion” to a traditional woman occurs in their 30s – slut around and are proud. They’re being treated like the sex objects they pretty much act like, at least until their looks fade.

Furthermore, the hostility towards women is simply the boomerang effect of decades of misandry. Animosity has a habit of coming back. For decades women have been denigrating men. Schools are full of feminist teachers who barely bother to conceal their contempt for boys. Women insult their boyfriends and husbands. Women’s magazines express hostility towards men. Even this woman writing the article, whilst trying to express sympathy for men (or pretending to anyway) is still incapable of avoiding patronizing and belittling us.

After all this abuse and shit from women, what do they expect us men to do? Still hold doors open for them, or lay our jackets over puddles Sir Walter Raleigh style? Fuck that. Furthermore women still judge us men solely on how much we earn – regardless of all this crap about not needing us – so they have a nerve to insist we don’t judge them on their looks.

Unable to find a place in this new world order, the magazines are taking their readers back to a time when men did rule the roost and women were merely chattels. Their message is angry: a brutal and simple-minded response of many men to the alienation they feel from mainstream society.

So not worshiping women – who largely hate us, regard us as walking wallets, and denigrate us at every step anyway – is a “simple minded response” is it? I’d say it was a natural and sensible one. It’s certainly better than becoming a whipping boy male-feminist mangina.

For many men, the realisation that twentysomething women now outearn them will only add to their bitterness.

It doesn’t bother me (although I’m now a thirtysomething.) I don’t give a shit. Let them grind themselves into an early grave slaving away to earn money to buy more shoes and handbags. It beats us doing that on their behalf.

The truth is that women – from a position of being able to do very little some 30-odd years ago – can now, literally, do it all.

But often only with help from the state and the system.

Furthermore, taking criticism and apologising seems to be forever beyond the abilities of many females.

But the fact is that if women choose to have a baby on their own or walk out on their marriage, the state is there to pick up the pieces.

Strange how she can point this out, that the state offers a big safety net for women, despite banging on about how independent women are.

And so, in the process, we have unwittingly undermined men, making their role very hard to define. Because ultimately if women can look after themselves, we are forced to ask the question: “What are men for?”

What the fuck is it to you women anyway what we’re for? I hate the way they do that, start asking what the point of us men is. Aside from the point I made earlier – that they do need us men to pay the taxes, the Child Support and the alimony, and cover maternity leave and do the shit and dangerous jobs that guarantee women so-called “independence” – even if us men were of no use to women; so what?

This belief women have – “Well, if I/we don’t need men, what are they for?” – just highlights their entirely self-centred nature, as if it genuinely confuses them that there is anything in the Universe that doesn’t serve them, that they can’t figure out why something exists if it cannot somehow be exploited by them.

If anything, we should be asking what women are for.

I’ll tell you what us men are for; looking after ourselves. Enjoying life. Indulging in hobbies rather than putting in overtime to support a woman. Watching Kung-Fu movies and South Park. Playing video games. Blogging. Fishing. Driving around aimlessly on motorbikes. Doing whatever we find enjoyable basically. That’s what we’re for and that’s what we’ll damn well do.

If women don’t need us, then fine, we didn’t like being needed anyway. Too much work. Whilst women slave away in the workforce and brag to one another how empowered they are, us men can kick back, responsible for no-one but ourselves, and enjoy our journey through life. We’ll actually have time to see some of the scenery along the way now that we’re abandoning the old breadwinner role.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:19 PM

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous said…

Besides, no man should give a fuck whether a woman considers him a success or not. Who cares about their judgement of us?

Indeed. I’ll start caring about women’s opinion of me right after I start caring about cats opinion of me.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous said…


I wouldn’t believe anything women say until they’re ALL rolled back to pre-voting rights. When they can cause no more damage then I’ll give a shit again.


At 9:43 PM, Anonymous said…

Spot on. I read the article today and left a ‘comment’ on the dailymail site. They haven’t put it on and so i have sent a letter to the editor.
I would much rather you write an article for them to publish. Women might understand a bit???
As a single divorced father, my question was ‘what are women for?’
And the same paper regularly has ‘femail’ articles bemoaning the fact that women just can’t find a good man. You either want us or not. The boat has sailed for me, i don’t want a woman. I am empowered to moan and nag so what do i want want a woman for.


At 10:03 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

It never ceases to amaze me that one minute these brainless, twittering women, like the author of this article, are triumphantly boasting about how they don’t need men and how they now out-perform men in the workforce and then tomorrow she’ll be complaining about how men earn more than women and how men won’t commit to relationships blah….blah…blah.

Self-indulgent, mindless female bullshit.


At 10:24 PM, Christopher said…


I haven’t read anything that infuriated me any more than the article you posted. How dare this author print such an article claiming that men are unnecessary? As you have pointed out, society would collapse without men and this insane socialistic state we live in. Indeed, this will happen in time. I’m already hearing women complain in print and in person about how they can’t find any “manly” men anymore.

What the fuck did they expect?

Ah, well. Time is a great equalizer, and one day, possibly not in our time, women are going to me most unhappy when western society collapses around them. Who will provide for them and protect them from violence and rape?

It sure as hell won’t be me.


At 10:31 PM, VoodooJock said…

HAH! Women wrenching their own car! That’s absolutely hysterical. That explains why the people I see working in their garage on a weekend, the people who work on cars as professionals, the chief mechanics of all the top teams on all the major (and minor) motorsports circuits, the people who work in mundane automotive jobs like the car wash and 20 minute oil-change places, the people who drive a car to cruise night, and the people who compete at the track are exclusively male.

Man, I wish I could get away with spouting bullshit like that. Einstein developed a theory of relativity, and all men could take credit for it just like all women take credit for the act of a single woman who puts a quart of oil in their car.


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous said…

“Men’s Liberation” won’t be even be started until 1. polygamy is legal, because 3 wives are easier to deal with than 1 wife,* and 2. women lose the “right” to abort a baby without the “sperm donor’s” consent. These two points would make me *FEEL* mighty liberated indeed.

* Girlfriends are a lot like credit cards. Keep a few spares handy, and trade up whenever the terms of engagement become onerous.


At 10:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Love your blog man. It’s about time someone says this stuff. I was recently fired because some feminist skank from New York contacted my employer when I commented on her blog. She’s at

I now have more time to plot revenge.


At 11:04 PM, Davout said…

Yet another feminist from the Naomi Wolf, Susan Faludi ilk who haplessly try to resurrect feminism using the pretext of ‘rescuing’ men.

Trust no feminist, ever.


At 11:11 PM, Rob Fedders said…

Hah, hah. You’re exactly right, Duncan. What the fuck good are women to men anyway?

Women seem to think that they are more valuable because they can have kids or something. — Who the fuck cares? As a man who has embraced MGTOW, what the fuck do I care about kids, or even society having children in it? Piss off! Society can rot!

For the rest, what good are women to men? They don’t cook, they don’t clean, they aren’t supportive, they don’t contribute to a man’s wealth, they aren’t good for marrying, they aren’t good for peace of mind, they don’t make reliable & pleasant friends… SO WHAT THE FUCK GOOD ARE WOMEN TO MEN, ANYWAY – except for a fuck toy, at best, but even that is questionable. The most arrogant thing about bitches like the one who wrote this article is that they seem to imply that men are not needed in society, as in, society is made up of women! There goes that equality in women again, what’s theirs is theirs and what’s ours is theirs – SHUT THE FUCK UP, LADIES. Realize that society is shared by all human beings.

What are modern women good for, except for sexual objects? (And VERY dangerous sexual objects at that.)

Hmmm… still thinking…

Nope, can’t come up with an answer. Sorry ladies. You would be just as valuable to me if you had no mouth, no hands and no feet. You have made yourselves worth no more than a sport fuck to men. What do women offer to men? NOTHING!


At 11:45 PM, Mister Breeze said…

Keep preachin’ it!


At 3:30 AM, ClosingSpeed said…

You guys are stuck in the 80s. Only a few traces of feminism exist in 2006. These days it’s simple. Everybody knows the career ideal is bullshit. Just get the marriage/family thing right. Make sure somebody’s bringing in bread to pay the bills and you go from there.


At 5:44 AM, Anonymous 2 said…

@ Anonymous 10:54

What made you feel the need to post such comments on her site in the first place? …and whatever the reason, doing it from WORK? Are you insane?

She doesn’t look, from a quick look at her site, to be a raging feminist, although if this is anything to go by, she is somewhat less than competent…

Even if you did feel aggrieved, why the need for such coarse language? Why not just ignore her site, or if you absolutely cannot resist, state your case clearly and succinctly and be done with it? Life is too short to let yourself get wrapped up in such trivialities.


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous said…

Ever since I stopped “hangin” with women, for good, (nope, not gay either sorry woman) I’ve become out of this world successful and alive in general.


At 7:26 AM, Anonymous said…

The author of the article wrote:

Male suicide rates are up.

Were they ever down???

Duncan wrote:

They’re being treated like the sex objects they pretty much act like, at least until their looks fade.

Duncan, once again you hit the nail on the head. Where does this (wrong) notion that “women don’t like being treated like sex objects” come from anyway? Take a look around, being treated like a sex object is pretty much the goal for most women – women know very well how much power this has, and they use it to the max.

…At least until they are good looking. Then they start to whine about “the real beauty being inside” and how the world isn’t fair blah blah blah.


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous said…

I left a comment at the Daily Mail, which, as per the usual, will probably not make it to the comments role. So I’ll leave it here too.

“The phenomenon Rosie Boycott describes is nothing new. A society that values its men thrives; a society that actively disenfranchises its men, is doomed. Not giving men a stake leads to exactly the kind of widespread societal dysfunctionality we see all around us: inevitable harbingers of decline. Not a value judgement, just a simple statement of fact. Historians may look at the end of the West and will conclude that the female supremacist movement that Ms Boycott represented, was just a footnote.”


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous said…


“This belief women have – “Well, if I/we don’t need men, what are they for?” – just highlights their entirely self-centred nature, as if it genuinely confuses them that there is anything in the Universe that doesn’t serve them, that they can’t figure out why something exists if it cannot somehow be exploited by them.”

…is a magnificently illuminating insight. Thank you!


At 8:49 AM, Renegade Evolution said…

Hey Duncan…

Nah, I am not here to truly give you a bad time…

“All things in moderation”, wisdom from my parents and all. Radical Feminists? Yeah, I am not real popular with them, nor they (over all) with me. Radical MRA’s? Well, seeing as I only recently discovered your existence because a few of you all stopped by my blog, well, also pretty extreme.

Are there some idiot, gold digging, pain in the ass women out there? Oh yes indeed. Are there some jerk men out there, yes, there are. I guess I think both hardcore feminists and hardcore MRA’s have spent so much time vilifying the opposite gender that they forget that people are individuals, and should be looked at for that. I don’t judge all men by the assholes, and I hate to see all women judged by the hysterical whiners and bimbos…and doing what I do for a living, I see plenty of both. I also tend to think, for the most part, that there are jobs that men are better suited for due to a variety of reasons, some that women are better suited for, and some that both do well. Hell, I also think that there is nothing wrong with a woman who is a housewife, a man who decides to stay home with the kids, and frankly I agree that a man should be able to sue the shit out of a woman if he has been paying child support for a kid that is not his.

But not all feminist ideas are bad, really…they have validity, just as some of your own do.

And you are right, women can be just as violent as men, and I think it is well past time that both men and women realize that.

(oh, and I can actually fix my own car…)

Just thought I would throw that out there.

(an american chick with tattoos…)


At 11:22 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

Duncan, you remain a breath of fresh air in the foul atmosphere generated by the Rosie Boycotts of this world.

I have no time for the woman. She became the editor of the Daily Express a few years ago, for no discernible reason that I have ever seen apart from the familiar fact of being female and cashing in on the “we must hear the female viewpoint” ideology that was catching on fast in those days. She proceeded to convert what was a half-decent paper into a women’s magazine, stuffing it with articles by females about fashion, gossip and trivial chit-chat. Not overtly feminist, but the subtle transformation from a paper that blokes would enjoy reading to one for the girls that left men feeling increasingly bored and irritated. I don’t think that paper has ever been the same since. Watch out Daily Mail, she will do the same to you if you give her a chance.

The article you highlight is absolutely typical of the “soft” feminist brainwashing that Boycott and her ilk promote, and you do a great job of debunking it. I could not not do it any better.


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous said…

Bravo Duncan, Bravo!

This has to be one of your best deconstructions of feminist bullshit yet. The author of the article, Rosie Boycott seems at first glance to be on the side of men, but as you point out:

“far from being concerned about how this all effects men, they only care about how this will, in turn, effect women.”

He he he. Now some of them are starting to get worried. And so they should.

If society breaks down then most of them will have to come begging to men to protect them.

And I can’t see any reason why we should.


At 2:59 PM, patriarchal-phoenix said…

Wait… So these women are both “Independent”, and the “state” can help them to pick up the pieces, or be there as a replacement “daddy”?

Okay, that doesn’t compute…

But I guess I’m using that outdated thing called logic, and reason to come to my conclusions… I’d better start using my feeeaaaalllliiiinnnggs

Okay, just my estimates here, the best case scenario, the West is gone by 2500 AD. The worst case scenario, the West is gone by 2050 AD… Most likely it’ll be somewhere in the middle…


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Was there a point to all that rambling? I couldn’t find one. This chicks clock must be starting its countdown to meltdown.

While fighting off reality using the usual feminazi party slogans she is losing her grip on the denial that is slowly fading away. It will not be long now. One day she is going to wake up like a lot of her feminista sistas and realize that she has to work until she is at least 65 or drops dead whichever comes first.

So how does it feel to be a man now ladies? The jokes on you.

He hehe he he he he he hehe heh-heh-heh! da jokes on you! (hehe riddle box!)


At 5:33 PM, Mamonaku187 said…

Excellent Analysis EB! Nobody does it better.

You’re absolutely right on two points.

1) Women are so dependent on the government, I call American women members of “Uncle Sam’s Harem.”

However, the U.S. government wont be able to maintain this costly harem for too much longer… it has trillions of dollars worth of obligations, with a lethal combination of a declining tax base and plummeting levels of human and social capital.

Expect women’s programs to be gutted in the future, if they are not reduced to wholesale servitude.

2) The amount of personal power that people give away to others is staggering. We as men owe no allegiance to the Matriarchy that actively seeks to crush our spirits.

Better to turn our backs upon it entirely.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous said…

Until now I wrote that I wished 10-15 children. Now I have revised my ideas after talking to my mother.
She told me that she knew two women who had 21 and 19 children.

One child each year.

That is what I want.
A dutiful, friendly childbearing wife.

I know it costs a lot but all luxury costs money. 20 children are something you can be proud of.

Now where can I find such a woman?


At 12:14 AM, Anonymous said…

Problem is, a lot of guys have no idea this world is run by women and they are getting screwed over all the time. And us young guys look around, and even the educated women are binge drinking, foul mouthed skanks who can never be taken home to mom. A girlfriend nowadays is useless.


At 4:41 AM, Brazilian Bachelor said…

Radical MRAs?

Hey, at least we have something: independence. We can get going without all that “positive discrimination” stuff! So what if some of us go total radical, we just… can.

Better live thinking about our own interests than trying to help people who do not even recognize the sacrifices (women).

Let them. Go your own way.


At 6:52 AM, Panzer said…

RenegadeEvolution, I just read your post, all I have to say is fair enough. You make some good points, and I honestly dont mind tattoos.



At 9:19 AM, Anonymous said…

Most men insist that women are victims and that men are the oppressors. Obviously women have a reason to push their agenda, but men’s agenda in pushing it for women is absolutely illogical. I can only conclude that men in general are much dumber than women are. It’d be nice to point out a mangina each time, but quite honestly, MOST men are this way. It’s not even worth having an MRA movement. We should just save ourselves, forget changing any laws or anything else. The MRA movement should just be to support MGTOW, and nothing more. The matriarchy will continue on without us, and humanity will probably drive itself to extinction unless Islam takes over and fixes this mess. Maybe this is just another facet of history, Islamic empires interspersed between the european/western ones. Without Islam, Napoleon probably would never have risen to power, and his views on women are well documented.


At 12:02 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

In 1960, a reporter asked Churchill his opinion of a recent prediction that by the year 2000, women would rule the world. Churchill replied:

“They still will, will they?”


At 11:15 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

How I enjoy reading these articles…
I’d just like to give a nice big
“HI!…… you SLAG!”
to my ex, for allowing me the chance to go off and search such like sites and then bask and revel in the nice warm glow they give me…..

ah, now, wheres that beer?…..
ooh, must be time to blog and surf again!
such joy! such a life of leisure,,,
nearly as much as a single mum.
gotta love it here!


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous said…

I agree that alot of what women say is complete b.s and pointless, I don’t understand why you guys actually take them seriously. But calling them sluts for liking to sleep with guys they are attracted to is pretty unfair. The guy who got fired deserved it, all that women was doing was expressing her sexuality, and he harassed her for that, what a dick! Women are just carrying out an evolutionary mechanism that has been going on for thousands of years and you judge them for it! I found this article, its written by some foreign guy but he does very well to explain what was previously completely illogical to me.


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous said…

I too left a ‘comment’ on the Dailymail site but they didn’t put it on. I mentioned something about a matriarchal media so perhaps that’s why they didn’t print it.

This was the response:

“Welcome to the Matriarchy. Men are living through a very strange time, and young men like myself are finding it increasingly hard to fit into this feminine world. Everywhere you see the feminist agenda being unconsciously pushed on boys and men – in music, in film, on TV, in newspapers. He is being told that he is mentally, socially and morally inferior to women.

It is, on the flip side, a great time to be a woman. She has unprecedented educational and career opportunities and has total sexual independence, almost total sexual control. I imagine that soon a “baby girl” will be more valued in Western society because she will be treated better, earn more and generally fit in better.

The Matriarchy is already here and men are being marginalised. Perhaps this is an inevitable result of social “progress”? But let us not pretend we are living in an equal society – as we are told daily by the media. I can’t stand living in the effeminate Matriarchal West.”


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous said…

Good deconstruction of this discreetly feminist article. When looking at journalistic prose one of the first things I do is see if the writer is male of female. That will usual determine if I can read the article through or not.

Especially on matters of masculinity and its place in society today, I will put severe skepticism on a woman’s views on this issue, while I will take a man’s seriously.

Your deconstruction proves that women’s journalistic coverage on this issue should still be met with skepticism.


At 12:08 AM, Panzer said…

“The guy who got fired deserved it, all that women was doing was expressing her sexuality, and he harassed her for that, what a dick!”

Maybe he did deserve it, but what happened to her? Expressing her sexuality in the workplace, well thats out of line. This is a place of business and professionalism, not a night club. This is why were so hard on women at times, women go scott free and men get the shaft.



At 9:49 AM, Anonymous said…

Duncan, Right on man.

Thanks for what you do. I wouldn’t call em ladies brothers. (Unless you posted it tongue in cheek) Though Skank Whore comes immediately to mind. So what if they post how we can see both sides of the argument. There is NO argument for me, I dont want your idiot feminine logic, GO AWAY. You’re not MY EQUAL-FAR from it and since you’re not my PEER you are a NOTHING. Your APPROVAL is not needed and it means ZERO as already said. They act like we are trying to find a consensus or common ground with them, like we will suddenly forget all there feminist CRAP and that we are really crying out for there help! HAHA. DREAM on baby.

I treat them with the contempt they deserve unless they show me respect first. I Spent years as the caring smiling nice guy my feminazi mother and sisters brought me up to be and just got shit on. It took many years to see the light and realise that I had been a CHUMP. I Dont argue with em now, just tell em to shut the fuck up dumb bitch. I hate you got it? Now go away and be a smelly empowered skank while I enjoy life without your big mouth moaning on and on and on about MOI. BLOOD SUCKERS WHO BLEED. I have the BEST life raising my boy alone; we FINALLY have LOADS of money (it took a few years) once we didn’t have Princess around to spend it all on junk: RE supporting her retail therapy/desirous nature and our home is one of profundity and happiness. Yeah and Dont go there CRACK whores, my son already has a bitch radar at age 11 and any Father that does not teach there son’s how manipulative and cunning these pieces of human garbage are should be locked up for child abuse!

HOMESCHOOL your boy like I do (YOU CAN do it) so that there Feminazi sisters cant break his spirit via FEMducation. Your pretty MASKS dont fool me anymore and I hope other dads drop the PC talk and tell there boys the FACTS of modern WOMMYN.


P.S Now I will go and playfight with my boy; play catch and trash the lounge room, then we will take our fully owned SUV to the beach and spend the day not giving a toss and surfing. I’m so IRRESPONSIBLE being debt free and woman free. Leave the DARK side guys and come play in our sandpit, it ROCKS! Muwaahahaha


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous said…

This fucked up vagina slime’s words are just dripping with narcissism. She is only TOO happy that this situation has come about.

Time to redefine the cunts, boys. GO YOUR OWN WAY. Make the solid toxic waste matter that is female smell her own…through her own olfactories. They will get theirs. It eventually WILL happen.


At 8:05 PM, Anonymous said…

I would like to mention these points:
Historically women had the same status as children..we know why don’t we?
Men let the cat out of the bag- as they didn’t recognize the dangers and thought it reasonable to give them equality. Fatal !!
The resultant run down of society is in full swing now…but the ‘shelves’ are up and pretty well staying wait till they fall. Maybe a long time…men did a good job!
The immoral twisting of IVF rules (like all other fem laws) will allow womyn to stock up the states’ needs for ‘drones’ they care that this is coming? …or even see it?
Finally the new co-habiting ‘palimony’ laws being proposed now will ensure TOTAL domestic separation of the sexes by continual threat of dispossession -if divorce is any mark to go by.
Wait for male benefits getting the chop more and more…to prop up the fems.Men will probably end up conscripted- or starve. ID Cards anybody?
Horrific !! for men children and traditional women -even if they did keep too quiet over the years or occasionally join in the ‘fun’.
What a mess……


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