Another huge bill caused by feminism’s devastation of the family


19 December 2006

Children’s centres ‘must do more’

State-funded children’s centres must do much more to help teenage parents and single mothers, a report says.

The National Audit Office (NAO) found that fewer than a third of the 200 Sure Start centres it investigated were making efforts to reach the most needy.

It also said while families valued the scheme, it was hard to measure whether the £3.2bn investment was good value.

Fucking hell, £3,200,000,000! For “children’s centres” primarily for single mothers?

Strange how these weren’t needed before. Y’know, before feminism knackered in the family and removed fathers from many children’s lives, and whelping illegitimate bastards was encouraged financially.

All this crap about how father’s are not necessary, that therefore free IVF can be given to single mummy’s, and underage slappers who give birth whilst at school (literally) are not in anyway judged, yet these fatherless children seem to need an outrageous amount of taxpayers money to help their poor mummy’s cope.

Without fathers, these kids are more likely to wallow in poverty and spend more time with strangers.

Still, this is what the “It takes a village”-minded Socialists/Feminists want; fathers well away from children, and kiddies spending more time in school, after-school clubs, daycare camps and children’s centres.

Note how they worry that this might be a waste of money, but only in that it might be a waste for those who may use this service. Why don’t they ask us taxpayers whether we think it’s value for money? I sure as hell don’t. Even in the context of all the taxpayers money being flung around in the high-taxation, high-spending Socialist wreck of a nation this cuntry has become, £3,200,000,000 is still a shitload of money.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:30 PM


At 12:34 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

yes, I just heard the latest on the mini-skank-mam.

“we have all the facilities here and have good statistics in our area, but it would appear that one slipped through the net”

……. yes, quite, didnt it just!
and probably through the non-existant condom that the clueless bint didnt use.
She didnt even notice she was pregnant!’
“I haven bled for 9 months, my tits are milking, and man have I got a belly ache………….”

yeah, right.

and then , my local educational spokesperson said

“well we’ll make sure she gets all the support she needs and facilities have been put in place in order to return to her studies”

fuck that

throw the twat to the dogs, and if she didnt even know she was pregnant then she probably wouldnt even recognise a dick or indeed a pen, so whats the point in putting one back in her hand……..and expecting her to brighten up>?

fat chance.
send her down the salt mines!


At 2:18 AM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Typical Socialist/Liberal answer to the solution. The Poor Skank Women who have children out of Wedlock. Stop subsidizing Single Mothers and see how quickly the problem solves itself.

What a bunch of Dumb Asses. Yes this is the fruits of Feminism. More Bastard Children, more out of control Teenagers. More Gang members recruited out of Single Mother homes. More future Criminals in Prison, the other fruits of Feminism can be found in Biohazard dumpsters. Aborted Children murdered by the FemHags. We have become Ancient Carthage complete with human sacrifices of our Genetic Heritage that we are flushing down the crappers.


At 5:28 AM, Anonymous said…

Another high spending wreck is the US..

They’re blaming it on social security and such but it’s got a lot to do with the free spending women over there who are so oppressed they must spend between 80 and 85% of the money.

Look at this quote..

“There’s no sexiness to it,” laments Leita Hart-Fanta, an accountant who has just heard Walker’s pitch. She suggests recruiting a trusted celebrity — maybe Oprah — to sell fiscal responsibility to the American people.

Could you imagine Oprah, a billionaire, telling her audience not to spend their hubbie’s/boyfriends cash? After all it’s what she been telling them to do for years, the fat whore.

Great site Dunc



At 8:13 AM, Anonymous said…

I like the way the girl in the article “didn’t know she was pregnant”. I guess she was lucky she didn’t gain weight or experience morning sickness during the pregnancy, but I’m disappointed the little tike didn’t take the opportunity to kick her in the guts even once while it was optional!!


At 4:33 PM, Anonymous said…

Jesus Christ! Do these people EVER stop fucking complaining???

If they were passengers on my boat I would drop kick their ass overboard and start chumming the water to lure the hammerheads…


At 10:25 PM, Anonymous said…

What a great use of my tax money. Feminist ideology shifts the blame to immigrants, but generally immigrants come to this country to work (even the illegal ones). Only western women just sit there and take the tax money. Every other race/ideology, and men in general, have too much pride to be subsidized.


At 12:16 AM, Panzer said…

Dont judge her, dont moralize the situation? Mother fuck that! The stupid kid didnt know she was pregnant(so she claims), if thats the case what makes you think she will even know how to raise the child? Oh yea, the good thing is they are doing fine, hey check back in five years and see if they are still doing fine. So this kind of shit is what you get for 3.2 billion, screw it save the money and end this crap.



At 12:24 AM, Cowhead said…

It amazes me how fucking stupid some people are these days. It’s like the feminists/government are trying to prove that women are inferior (but simultaneously blathering about superiority) with all these god damn programs and subsidies. Can’t any of ’em take care of their own damn lives? Where are the good old days when people were told to STFU and slapped on the hand with a ruler when they misbehaved or whined incessantly? Will the bitching ever stop? This current state is vomit-inducing.

What will the future be like? “Oh, I broke a nail! I need government funding! Help me taxpayers! I’m so superior to you (feminists told me so) even though I’m completely helpless and can’t even put my own makeup on without help.”


At 8:40 AM, julie said…

The sad thing is that males want the marriage system to be sacred yet they also want to fuck the women before marriage.

I don’t get what you really want???

If women tease you then that is because they are attracting you and you know how you like pretty and sexually attractive women.

Yet you complain that they are expensive yet you don’t like them to give sex on the first night because the ones that give you sex on the first night are not worth anything to you.

Us girls are raised by our daddies not to give you sex on the first night. And you are also daddies.

Do you ever consider that men like yourselves will be dating your daughters? Do you want them to be slaves or less of value to men?


At 9:11 AM, HAWKEYE said…

another 2500 centers by 2010,holy shit hope you guys in the UK have good jobs because you are going to be paying massive tax bills to fund this giant nappy change.

bad luck about the ashes ,though you all may have a chance now that wharn has retired,heheheh


At 12:51 PM, Trescius said…

Hello Duncan. I’m opening up discussions with feminist bloggers out there hoping to achieve a middle ground. I’d like you to participate.

Please review the relevant post on my blog and if you wish to join, respond back in the comments section, I’ll gladly add you or anyone else you’d like to bring with you to the team.



At 7:45 PM, Panzer said…

Alright Julie, allow me to tear your comment to scrap.

1. To us, marriage is dead not sacred. Some of us may consider it after men stop getting the shaft wholesale.

2. Dont get what we really want? Are you that daft? Equality! Thats it, plain, equality. Not the crap you see today where governments bend over backwards to give women the right to sledgehammer society into the dirt, and men pick up the tab.

3. Teasing, sexually attractive, pretty, get to the god damn point woman!

4. Hmm, good point. Naa! I was only kidding! What you fail to see is that expensive women are looking for the highest bidder, so you damn right we avoid these golddiggers. Easy women, how many other guys explored that territory? Unless you want to risk STDs, its a good idea to avoid skanks.

4. If any decent man found out his daughter was spending her life being a drunken club whore, he would smack her ass back to reality and let the sleazebags chasing after her know to never come around again. Thats the kind of dad you find here.

5. Date my daughter? Are you fucking inbred, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Slaves or less of a value to men? As far as I have seen throughout history, slaves were of the lowest value, Julie that was a real stupid question.

Well that sums up your argument, if you want your ass torn down again, feel free to stop back by.


“55 tons of bitch-resistant armor”


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous said…

I don’t get what you really want???

Same thing you want. Deep down we’re both driven to perpetuate our species. YOU: have babies. US: get you to have babies. It’s all driven by reproductive biology (i.e., not an intellectual exercise).

If women tease you then that is because they are attracting you and you know how you like pretty and sexually attractive women.

If men play you then that is because they are attracting you and they know how you like handsome and financially attractive men.

Yet you complain that they are expensive yet you don’t like them to give sex on the first night because the ones that give you sex on the first night are not worth anything to you.

Yet you complain that bad boys are unreliable yet you don’t like reliable guys because reliable guys are boring.


At 11:06 PM, julie said…

Panzer and others,

First, I want you to know that I am on your side for I am fighting for men’s rights with other men and women because I have boys. Yes, our numbers and support for you are growing. We too love our children and are starting to see that feminism is to blame. Even the Lesbians and gays are feeling and seeing this radical feminism crap as a downward spiral for rights.

But in saying that I feel really out of touch with men now. Why? Because you are angry and YES you have every reason to be. What I have not told since being involved that I am also a victim. With all the talk for men’s rights, I cannot stand against feminist because i have the scars to show of what a male did to me. And he was a worthwhile catch. So I thought. I am not going to tell the tales because good women stand by their men no matter what but if he was here, he would tell you how sorry he is. Racism was one of his his problems. In fact the saying goes that you take your problems out on the people that you love. Never did I stand against him in Court (any court) but he was put in prison for stabbing someone else. Have I been in Hospital? Oh yes. It is frightening to look like the elephant man. Especially when you have never seen this sort of thing before. But he is only one man. I know of women living with top,wonderful men (so society says) that need to get quotes for a bra before they get the money to pay for it as they are just the wife and mother. I have also met a woman that kept her door unlocked only to have a prisoner visit and rape her because he thought he knew someone who lived there before he went to prison.

But even in saying all this, I can’t help but wonder if you are dreaming?

You say you want equality. What is equality to you???

I really don’t understand what you want?

Is it that you want to be equal in everything? We don’t want that!

How can we work together????


At 12:32 AM, Panzer said…

Alright Julie, fair enough. Sorry to hear about your situation, some guys are real jerks. Now there lies the problem, every jerk, turkey, degenerate, dope head, pimp, player, asshole, convict, derelict, dumb ass, and loser I have ever seen seems to draw women to them. Us decent guys get nothing at best and the cold shoulder at worst.

We were lied to just like women, maybe even worse. You jump through hoops to be a decent guy, after all women want decent men right? WRONG! We just get screwed while every woman we come across ends up with a complete dud. Your correct, many of us are bitter, jaded, and down right angry. And rightly so. But, what these women are starting to realise is we do have an option, walk. Walk away, we turn our backs on these idiots and let them do as they please. We are the ones they want to marry, not the kind of guys I mentioned above. Well to bad, were out.

And no Julie, we do believe there are good women out there, its just you will have an easier time finding a needle in a hay stack. Why bother, chances are your getting yourself into a losing situation better off just cutting your losses. In my case, never had one and life is good, why start now and watch it turn to crap.
Equality, ok heres my opinion on what it is. Women to stop bitching that they make less money working in an office answering telephones while some guy is pouring concrete at five in the morning while its freezing outside(just did that not to long ago) when she made a choice to take the job answering phones.

The fact that men are shown as stupid, brutish, narrow-minded idiots incapable of feeling anything other than primitive self gratifying emotions when the real fact is we are just as passionate, giving, and diverse as any damn woman out there.
Social graces. Any woman can at any time haul off and smack some guy with everything shes got and its funny. You want equality, well then she should get what any guy would get after doing something like that, flat on her back spitting out her teeth.

The court system, plain and simple. How many women are paying alimony.
We do make good parents, dont let those femtards fool you. With this little fact, how come men hardly get primary custody of their children?

Equality, to me it means everyone has the same chances, no special programs and no bias to one specific group. Yes, men and women are different, but one is no better or worse than the other.

How can we work together, simple. Dont tolerate any of this new age feminist trash, it hurts us both in the end.

I hope that clears some things up for you.



At 2:22 PM, mfsob said…

Don’t get into a debate with this skank – she will talk, talk, talk you to death, and will SEEM to be reasoned and even, dare I say it, sane?

But in the end she will revert to type because women always do. It’s in their genes.


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous said…

We too love our children and are starting to see that feminism is to blame.
How can we work together????

You already answered your own question.

NOTHING will improve until the feminists (i.e., communists) are gotten rid of (or at least removed from all power).

Women changed the rules. Men responded.

Only women can change the rules back. Then men will change.

It is that simple.


At 6:33 PM, julie said…


I already know what you are saying for I have spent 11 months on this subject on another site.

The truth is that I am looking for an article that I saw on one of these sites. It has a link to an article in the UK newspaper. If I can find it I can contact the people who researched and use the same tools.

All I hope is that the society doesn’t swing too far right after being swung too far left. We need real balance.

Anyhow merry xmas and happy new year.


At 12:15 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

mmmm, just read some of your blog thing julie.

good luck trying to change awareness down under but up here, on the other half off the great spinning ball of messed up feminism, a lot of blokes I know have changed our attitude……..
evolved if you will, quite a task for the thick, unfeeling, worthless brutes we are.
yes, most of us (well,actually everymate I have bar 3, and thats lots!) have now either been married for years, and rule the roost, or wouldnt touch a bird with a barge pole – and are far happier for it.
but there is of course, always the odd idiot.
I just repaired my mates computer and found his mrs mails to some other guy in the outlook sent mail box.
she hadnt set up a mail account and then kept mailing the invisible young stud and asking where her replies were…….they hadnt sent.

yes, far more evoloved her…….
If there was a glass cieling her block would have tossed her through it. stil he got the engagement ring back.

so, good luck nice to know there are females like you out there, but thats one….. on the other side of the planet.
yeah good odds of that spreading to the silly, illiterate valley breeding bints where I live in Wales isnt there?……… not.

ok, more beer and computers and running over the hills for me!
oh, and happy xmas 🙂


At 9:24 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

I thought I had misread the figure of £3.2 billion; but it seems to be correct. It is indeed £3,200,000,000. A staggering amount of money. The horrifying thought is that it represents every penny I will ever earn in my lifetime, multiplied over and over and over, i.e. the lifetime earnings of huge numbers of people like me, and every last penny just to be poured down the drain of this huge social experiment that our useless government is embarked upon: rewarding the idle, stupid and feckless.

And they want to build 2,500 more!!!! And even without knowing if they are “value for money” (like we don’t know the answer to that one already).

God help us all. Why not just build a great wall around the UK and turn it into a giant so-called Children’s (i.e. single mother’s) Centre, complete with feminazi guards to keep the rabble in and male slave labour to pay for it all? We are halfway there already and the government only wants to accelerate us along this disastrous road.

Take a long, hard look at the future that our political masters are preparing for us.


At 5:00 AM, julie said…

Panzer and Schpengle carrot-tripe,

I don’t want to get into lengthy discussion about this but you did get me thinking about your situations. So I wrote a post on another site where we both men and women are working together. Not all post of comment but we have a great network behind the scenes.

If you can take something from it great but if not that’s great too.

For anyone else please don’t comment on this post calling me a skank because it will not help the cause.


At 6:45 AM, Panzer said…

Hey Julie, Merry Christmas to you too. Dont take this the wrong way, but can you be more specific about the article you read? I and most likely many others here read a lot of blogs and websites similar to this one regular(for me its therapy, religion and a good smack to the head all in one shot)basis. If I dont know what it is, it might be worth reading.



At 7:43 PM, julie said…


Firstly, I shouldn’t be on a site discussing this called ‘eternal bachelor’ (even though I love the name and think it fitting) for I go against the grain. But hey, my risk, my consequences.

I wrote this post and I named it ‘the greatest man who ever lived’. It is about my grandfather’s life. You see, his life as many successful people was not about luck.(although making right decisions helps make success but right decisons are learn’t from wrong decisions)

No, his life was about struggle, gain and loss as well as looking adversity in the eye and continuing on.

I can relate to you in ways of pain and yes, I lost my children in all this too. It took me 11 years of fighting to get them back and then another 4 years to get them to realise life does not owe them and to put them on the right track.

Life is tough, always has been but through it all there are so many gains, riches that come in many forms.

I am not trying to pursway you to stop fighting against femenism or for caring about your fellowman. In fact I think men should start bringing their brothers into their homes and off the streets for there is a crisis going on and if this was a tornado or war then we would all be helping each other.

It all seems that feminism’s days are numbered but in reality some of the suffering men are in is because they work full-time and it is hard to give to society and build men’s rights especially when you’re chained to earning a certain amount to pay for child support. And then there is the power the ex holds over you regarding your access to children.
Makes fighting and progress very difficult.

You need women to help you, not do it for you. If they do it for you then you will suffer as much as then you will feel reliant on the women or that you owe them and they will feel it the same way. That will bring a whole lot of other scenarios. They will still be controlling your life to some extent. You cannot just hand people power for that is false power. No, you must earn power to understand it’s potential and dangers. That is partly what is wrong with what these women do for they demand it as if it is their right and they make decisions with no understanding or consideration of consequences.

A good woman is like finding a needle in a haystack? Well, sales people know that they have to keep going through numbers of people to find that one and it is usually 1 in a 100. (depending what you are selling)

Oh, but when you find that 1 in a 100 you will say the other 99 were worthwhile going through.

Good therapy comes from comparing stories and the best stories to find are from those that hurt you in the first place. (the opposite gender) When I hear your side, my side being my baggage seems to disappear. My disapproval of men changes because they help me by sharing their stories. Don’t forget that I too had a bad experience with ‘one man’ It would be easy to put all men in the same category but it is unfair.

Life is for the living and I don’t want to see you or I or anyone else get ripped off in all this. And mostly, I don’t want generations to follow to get ripped off in all this.

We only have one shot at this whether one more day of life or 50 years of it.

I just thought that maybe I could give something back to you as a male for I have been given much from males.


At 4:19 AM, Panzer said…

“Don’t forget that I too had a bad experience with ‘one man’ It would be easy to put all men in the same category but it is unfair.”

Your right Julie, it is unfair to lump people into one huge label. Thats what makes it so terrible, to say to yourself screw it, dont take the chance because you will most likely than not lose. Although what I have seen, finding a needle in a haystack is easier than finding good women, there still are good women out there, just rare. Very true, this fight is about men, but women do have a pivotal role in this. Feminism is about women, if men are already scorned by it and women, the target audience, stop following it, then it will die out quick.
I have to disagree with you on decision making. Right decisions usually come from two places, weighing your options, and making the wrong ones but learning from them. Ever since my military days I have three rules that I live by and realised the hard way:
1. Dont trust anyone.
2. 9 times out of 10 its your buddy who is screwing you over.
3. If it isnt bolted down, consider it gone.
Hey life isnt perfect, but those 3 things kept in mind have made mine go pretty well in my opinion.
I believe the next generation is screwed, the damage has been done, dont think we can save them, they have already seen to much. The one after that, maybe there is a chance,I really hope so.



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