Don’t criminalise criminal women!


18 December 2006

Target prostitute users – Harman

The government should look at prosecuting men who pay for sex, Minister for Constitutional Affairs [and fembot cunt extraordinaire] Harriet Harman has said.

While kerb crawling and procuring a prostitute for sex are illegal, paying for sex is not currently an offence.

Ms Harman said the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich showed more should be done to end vice in the UK.

It would be better to target the men who paid for sex rather than criminalising women, she said.


It would mean more kerb-crawlers could lose their driving licences, while prostitutes would get help over drugs and housing.

So prostitution is illegal. Aside from the moral issues, it is, basically, against the law.

Yet the women who indulge in it are not to be criminalised, and indeed helped (with plenty of tax-payers money of course; after all, who else is going to pay for their housing?) and men are to be demonised, fined and imprisoned.

It’s fair enough they want to make things safer for women, but why is imprisoning a man trying to buy sex going to help? Unless they just happen to inadvertantly catch the Ipswich Ripper (or Ipswich Strangler, or Suffolkater, whatever silly nickname the press has given him) amidst all the harmless guys with a frigid girlfriend/wife who just wants a good honest exchange of cash for a good honest shag?

Furthermore – and someone else raised this point before me at a forum – this is the same as imprisoning drug-addicts and demonizing them but giving help and free housing to the drug-dealers to ensure their safety. After all, drug dealing is illegal but we rightly spend more effort to nail the dealers rather than the buyers. With the selling of sex – which is also illegal – they want to nail the buyers rather than the sellers.

Of course, that’s taking a logical approach to the argument. You have to approach Hariet Hartmanhater’s thoughts on the matter by thinking like a feminist; illogical and full of hatred. It’s just a case of demonising and criminalising men. She even admits it. “It would be better to target the men who paid for sex rather than criminalising women.”

Incidentally, it is said that many prostitutes have drug habits.

So, a woman can sell herself for sex (which is illegal) and use the money to buy drugs (which is illegal) yet escapes prosecution in both events; the man who buys the sex is considered a criminal and the man who sells her the drugs is a criminal. She is in the middle, a seller in one illegalt transaction and a buyer in another, but, by being female, a victim on both counts rather than a criminal.

Personally I don’t see what’s wrong about prostitution so long as everyone consents, no-one is hurt (unless the john is masochist freak who demands to be hurt) and no-one is ripped off. Legalize it. Legalize it, make it safe for everyone…and watch more and more women panic as their monopoly on access to sex is threatened. After all, if you can easily and safely buy yourself a good fuck for the price of a date (or less), why pay for five dates just for the promise of a fuck?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:44 PM

At 8:11 PM, MadMat said…

These man-hating politicians are making it so obvious what they are doing now.


At 9:33 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

There you go again Duncan, trying to apply logic to an issue that surely we have all learned by now should instead be resolved by the emotion-stoked bigotry of the feminazis. These are women, therefore victims at all times, don’t you understand?

Harriet Harm-man has spoken; let’s see how soon this pussy-whipped Government dances to her tune.


At 9:55 PM, HAWKEYE said…

good point , Australia wins the ashes,legalize it as we have done in Australia and not only is it now safe for the girls but safe for the guys as the girls must be screened for STD every month, Australia wins ashes.did i mention Australia has won the ashes,


At 12:28 AM, Anonymous said…

substitute prostitution for marriage. More must be done to help and support men to escape marriage.
Targeting of women gold-diggers and letting men escape with their wealth should be adopted.
The women don’t seem to be too bothered by earning more money than men by opening their legs!!


At 1:51 AM, Anonymous said…

I got divorced back in 1973. A man I worked with sat down with a pad of paper and a pencil. He asked me how much I had to spend to support the fiend I was married to at the time, and how often I got sex from her while going to work every day. (Answer — once a month, and it was usually lousy.)

He figured out I could hire a limousine to drive me to the airport, buy a first class ticket to Chicago, have a limo take me to a first class hotel, get a first class room, hire a gorgeous call girl to come in, take her first to a really classy restaurant, then back to the room to shovel my ashes. When I was done, I could take a limo back to O’hare, back to my own city with first class tickets, a limo to my house. What I got would be first class instead of pissed-off kiddie stuff, AND IT WOULD COST LESS!

Of course, women hate prostitution. They under-cut the typical married woman and give better service for the money.


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous said…

Take this post and show this to the average male, and they will insist YOU are the mysoginist.


At 3:30 AM, Anonymous said…

I agree with Melanie Phillips

We should criminalise both drug dealers and drug takers and criminalise male punters BUT damn well criminalise prostitutes as well.


At 7:41 AM, Bruce said…

Harriet’s stance further fuels the reality that many modern liberated women aren’t equal to men. They aren’t equal in their:

– capacity to turn a good education into a commitment to a job that benefits others

– capacity to save money towards securing a secure future for self and dependents

– capacity to avoid taking the easy way through life of using their tits and ass to get their way with men.

– capacity as worthy role models to young children

– capacity to accept responsibility for the outcomes of taking the low road through life

Yes, Harriet confirms that many women need a hairy armed matron protector such as herself…

Harriet is right in her attitude that women are indeed the weaker sex….

Unaccountable and irresponsible…..that’s the modern woman… and OS holidays….and hanging a bit of tit out to snare yet another sex starved poor bludger…..and when it doesn’t all go well for the liberated woman, they can always go and see their natural therapist for a bit of massage and aromatherapy…..

Ho Hum Harriet…..

BTW Harriet, every guy since the world begun has paid for sex….where do you think every married guys’ wages go, ya silly leso tart? to keeping his regular bonk sheltered, clothed, and happy….suppose they should be all locked up to hey luv? but then who’d do all the real work?


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous said…

“We should criminalise both drug dealers and drug takers and criminalise male punters BUT damn well criminalise prostitutes as well.”

I’d prefer to legalise both. After all, the trade is consensual and agreed by both sides. There is no good reason to criminalise them – after all alcohol and marriage are legalised forms of drugs and prostitution.


At 8:55 AM, Anonymous said…

If Harm-man (geddit) gets her way then the prostitutes will have a lot less customers. So where will the drug addicted ones get the money to feed their drug habits?

What will they turn to when they can’t feed their habits by selling their bodies?

Burglary, mugging, shoplifting, extortion, kidnapping perhaps?

Who knows?

But I can guarantee you one thing. They will always blame men.



At 5:00 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey Dunc, seen this?

It’s off topic, how about reinforced bank accounts to stop women battering mens’ hard earned cash!


At 5:31 PM, Dad_Savage said…

Duncan, legalizing it is totally the way to go. I live in Sydney, where soliciting (street walking) is illegal, but Brothels are very much legal. Although legalizing it makes it cost more ($160 for 45 minutes seems to be the standard cover) it’s worth the price.

I’m absolutely and certainly not ashamed to say that I patronize several brothels on a regular basis. It’s cheaper than dating, the girls are more attractive, nicer, cleaner, it’s impossible to get them up the duff, and in a brothel paying for sex is contractual so false allegations of rape are impossible.

It’s safe, clean, fun and the girls get paid a mint; most of them love it. Many guys are ashamed about it though, but I’ve seen in recent years single men no longer opt for the ‘discreet back street entrance’ or pay for ultra-expensive hotel room outcalls for the purpose of modesty, but instead seem to embrace what they’re doing as a completely acceptable, logical alternative to cruising clubs looking for drunks sluts who wind up costing more in the end anyway.


At 8:40 PM, Jack Fuque said…

Ministers have pledged extra money to pay for safe havens in more women’s homes

LMAO – oh krist, why not buy them each a full-time bodyguard too with taxpayer money too??? Talk about drumming up DV paranoia and wasting OUR money!


At 10:30 PM, Anonymous said…

Why don’t they just open brothels legally over here? Safer for women this way. I’m a proper lone wolf so visiting Australia ever few years looks tempting as brothels are legal there. Perfect for single people like me who truelly aren’t interested in relationships (no cohabiting or marriage) and don’t want to waste time on dates waiting for months just for sex. I just turned 22 and single I have no desire to change my status in the future.


At 10:43 PM, Panzer said…

“Take this post and show this to the average male, and they will insist YOU are the mysoginist.”

Well then the average male is a fucking idiot.



At 11:35 PM, mfsob said…

Looking at Harriet Harman’s pic … no wonder you UK guys are bugging out of the whole marriage scam ahead of us Yanks. She’s not quite coyote ugly, but definitely a two-bagger.


At 2:21 AM, khankrumthebulgar said…

An Economist would argue that Prostitutes change the demand curve for Wives. The same is true for Foreign Women in the US. Thats why we have Price Controls now for Wives. Under the guise of the International Marriage Brokers Act.

A lame attempt to get US Men to stay at home and not outsource wives in the US. Idiot Women don’t realize their desperation is showing. Outsource your wife but by your Car in the US.


At 2:56 AM, Anonymous said…

It’s interesting that you posted this article. I read a post on the IMDB message boards devoted to the movie, “Monster”, which was based on the life of female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. One of the female posters made this comment about how she thought the men that Aileen killed were scum for paying to get sex from her:

“How do you know what would have happened if she hadnt have been caught? All the men who pulled over for a screw were scum! They knew what they wanted and they knew they were gonna get it! ‘were innocent law abiding men who never hurted any women in their lives’, no offence mate but how do you know? What would they have done if she refused them a sexual act, would they have turned like the other guy? No one knows, and i think thats why she did it, to protect herself if they went bad on her. But what do i know? I dnt even think I was born but ah well! Thats just my view on it! Although I think she shouldn’t have killed the ones who were just trying to help her, but theres nout we can do about it now, theyre all dead arent they?

Btw i dont think its very fitting to admit on a website that you’d pick up a prostitute and maybe would have become one of her victims……Its worrying due to that fact that you’ve thought about what it may have been like if she would have killed you and also that you’d pick a complete stranger up for a screw! Hmmmm! [[eyes]] Typical man!”


At 6:40 AM, Kreshna Iceheart said…

Prostitutes are among the most honest women ever. No fake tears, no guilt therapy, no emotional blackmail. You just make the transaction, and there you go.

Feminists, on the other hand, are a bunch of gold-digging misandries. THEY WANT MEN TO GET MARRIED, because who else willing to finance their comfort and easy living if not their husbands?

Naturally, it’s no surprise the feminists are against legalizing prostitution, because prostitution are cheaper than dating –let alone marriage. And that’s not mentioning that prostitution is WAY more fair deal for the men.

Feminists are against legalizing prostitution. In reality, it’s all about eliminating competition, folks.


At 9:48 PM, dad_savage said…

Ah, I was just listening to this song:

Sometimes a man wants to be with a woman, but when the lovin’ is over the woman just wants to talk and talk and talk and talk.

But a prostitute is somone who would love you no matter who you are, what you look like (yes, it’s true children) but that’s not why you pay a prostitute you don’t pay her to stay you pay her to leave afterwards.

That’s why I praise the life of prostitutes!


At 2:05 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

mmm , well maybe this is the place to mention the fact that miss LOTN on my blog, my mate, is actually involved in what they call the “sex business” …what a nice euphemism!
“Hello, Im a proginy exterminator….”
“Oh, you mean an abortion doctor, how nice for you – fuck off”
..kind of thing.

anyway Its interesting because her and me have more or less the same viewpoint on a lot of things and, she actually doesnt like women in general, erm, actually nor men that much for that matter, but she likes her mates, irrespective of what sex they are.
she is rather streetwise and now runs her own business and , can think outside the box. – if you pardon the pun.

So yes, just to let you know that she actually would agree with a lot of this and pays her own way, seriously so in life and has no sympathy for whining fem-mongers or the like, and more so for sad shits that are just desperate for a hump.

so,just thought Id share that with you all ,since, for all this prossie bashing, I thought it may be informative since, few of us here have bashed them (apart from when we paid them for the pleasure !) and to let you know that she would agree with most of this.

And she aint no junkie, shes got kids who live with her dad, that she pays him well for and she has several nice houses.

As a mate I really like her, because , like myself she can think and has bucked the system.
but being female, we also piss each other off occasionally, but, being mates we make up.

all this gender shit, if more women had some of her attitudes, more men would be happier of their company……but then I guess some of her concepts could bend a young lads head. Oh and shes only in her mid-late 20s.

See we can be mates with some of them, just not the stereotypical girlie mag reading slag magnets that the feminised society tells us to rut with.
no fucking chance thank you, I like my mates and Im choosy who they are thank you very much.

my, what a long post!
feel free to edit if you so wish, Dunc ol’ bean.

and with that Happy Slagmas and a
very merry
Winter Solstice!!!!!

yay the days now start getting longer
woo hoo for spring and solstices!


At 10:50 AM, Masculist Man said…

Maybe the Ipwswich killer is a feminist or mangina.


At 11:05 AM, Masculist Man said…

Anonymous said…
I agree with Melanie Phillips

We should criminalise both drug dealers and drug takers and criminalise male punters BUT damn well criminalise prostitutes as well.

3:30 AM

Yeah,it sounds like you and Melaine Phillips are full of shit.


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