Female fire chief demoted for discrimination


24 December 2006


Bonnie…not very bonnie

Lesbian fire chief demoted in harassment settlement

The nation’s first openly lesbian big-city fire chief was demoted without severance pay Friday amid allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment.


Hailed as a trailblazer when she was promoted to the top job two years ago, Bonnie Bleskachek’s tenure was troubled. Four firefighters — three women and a man — sued, alleging various acts of discrimination and sexual harassment.

This summer, an investigation by the city’s Department of Civil Rights found it likely that the department gave preferential treatment to lesbians or those who socialized with them.

If it had been a man found guilty of sexual harassment and discrimination, he’d have been sacked. Still, at least it’s a start.

Women frequently discriminate when it comes to hiring. Just note the all-female human resources departments – especially within the civil service – that seem to have an astonishing aversion to hiring men. When women insist men discriminate against women in the workplace, it’s simple projection; they would discriminate given the chance, so they assume us men do.

I bet she didn’t even get her job on merit either, she probably just got promoted to fill up the quota of lezzas.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:17 AM


At 2:05 AM, Days of Broken Arrows said…

Thanks for posting that pic, Eternal. I was worried I might eat too much at Christmas, but after seeing that I cannot now hold down food!!


At 5:42 AM, Anonymous said…

When women insist men discriminate against women in the workplace, it’s simple projection; they would discriminate given the chance, so they assume us men do.

I’ve also suspected the same is true with ‘child abuse’. Women are constantly hurling that accusation at men. Projection fed from a massive guilt complex?? Plus the simple fact that young children spend 80%+ of their time (when not dumped in women-run childcare, with a woman babysitter, or female nanny) solely around their mothers.

My own observations (even out in open public) have been women neglecting, screaming at, or smacking their kids. I was at a Sears once and saw this woman almost wrench her child’s arm out of it’s socket. Of course the little girl started screaming. The sensitive mother’s response was to start screaming back at her daughter.


At 7:25 AM, Fidelbogen said…

Looking at the picture – nature played a cruel trick upon this person, who appears to be a MAN with (I presume) female plumbing.

Yes, I sense this deeply conflicted person’s pain…

But sympathy? Nah…!


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous said…

My God, she looks like a man…… A lesbian feminist, scum of the Earth eh?


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous said…

Oh and fidelbogen, it wasn’t just nature that played a cruel trick; I would say her life experience as bitter feminist actually contributed to her appearance.


At 6:56 PM, Anonymous said…

I think the projection idea has serious merit. Women think about sex or the pursuit of sex all the time, so they claim men do so. Men worry about careers, play or watch sports, and play videogames. These things are all completely devoid of sex. Contrast that to a woman’s life, where all she talks about is relationships, she watches shows that have drama (dealing with sex of course), and she shops (to make her more attractive, the only possible reason would be to get sex, or at least wield sex as power).

Of course, this might not be true, and most men just might be idiots. Since most men continue to insist on supporting feminism, maybe feminism is right about the negative aspects of most men. You’d have to be obsessed with sex in order to ignore the reality of feminism and claim it is about “equality.”


At 3:30 AM, Fidelbogen said…

Yes Anon, I expect you are right. Certain emotions lead to certain muscle tension patterns which in time etch themselves permanently on the face. Sort of like an engraving. The word is…..CHARACTER.


At 4:21 AM, Rob Fedders said…

You’ve got to be kidding! THAT IS NOT A WOMAN!

Yuck! I’d rather bumfuck Ross from Friends than have a go at that tainted pussy!

No wonder she’s a lesbian. She probably attracts all of those lipstick lesbians, who want to be homo to fit in to feminist ideology, but deep down really need the straight six.

Please, Duncan, stop posting horror pictures, I will have nightmares!


At 10:12 PM, ntm72 said…

My 65-year old dad, a straight-laced fellow whose been married to my mom for 36 years, was peering over my shoulder while I read your entry, Duncan, and did a double take when I told him that the picture shown was that of a woman.

He’s a good man, but he doesn’t completely understand why my brother and I (I’m 34, he’s 30) are still single — he’s the religious sort, and thinks that we ought to be able to at least find a decent girl in that mix.

Unfortunately, in the West, if you’re a woman it doesn’t matter what your religious persuasion is (unless you’re Amish, perhaps) — the default assumption a sane fellow has to make is that she’s been corrupted by feminism, and as time goes on, will be corrupted further still.


At 2:00 PM, mfsob said…

Christ on a crutch! That was … genuinely horrible to behold.


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