Women’s Studies and assorted crappy degrees


18 December 2006


Graduates ‘regret degree choice’

A third of graduates believe they studied the wrong course at university, a survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development suggests.

Most of these said, with hindsight, they would have taken a more scientific or technical course, a business-based or a professional qualification.

The poll found that men who graduated in 2005 started on salaries which were, on average, 14% higher than women.

Well naturally women earn less; they tend to go for soft degrees like Humanities, or vague combined studies, or the utterly pointless nonsense of Women’s Studies. These don’t count for much in the real world. Women are more likely to choose these because of all the triumphant burbling in the press about how women are in much demand in the workforce because their multi-tasking and “people skills” (supposedly enhanced by doing things like Women’s Studies) are supposedly sought after, when in fact that only applies to fairly low-paying administration jobs.

But evidence of a gender gap emerged again, with only 57% of women who graduated in 2005 saving for a pension compared to 70% of men.

All that shows is that women rarely plan for the future.

Us men know we won’t have a state or a spouse to rely on in the future, we have no choice but to work to support ourselves and take care of our own future. Most women seem to assume they will have a husband in their thirties who can allow them to take it easy and live off of his salary, and that they can divorce him and get half his pension, or if all else fails just get pregnant and get a free house from the government. Hence they often don’t bother to save for their future. I know plenty of women earning more than me but, unlike me, not only fail to save any money but are massively in debt, buying endless crap and shopping every day. All of them assume that a man will marry them sometime and pay off their debts and support them. In fact many seem to think they’ve hard-done by if a guy refuses to marry them and support them.

It’s annoying the way many women spend, spend, spend in their twenties, whilst men tend to save or invest in things like houses and pensions (rather than endless shoes and handbags) and then women, massively in debt when they hit thirty and with fuck all to show for it, complain that there must be something highly sexist going on, and start pounding tables and talking of gender gaps.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:07 PM

At 7:08 PM, byrdeye said…

Of course many women prefer soft degrees in humanities or liberal arts with no wrong answers…cuz they’re far easier!

And of course, they are also far more useless and lower-paying too…

Anyhow, women aren’t expecting to have to support a husband and family later on…or often even themselves. So, they see any money that they do make as “disposable income” that they can blow on frivolous crap until a nutless mangina finally arrives to pay off all her debts.


At 9:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Your absolutely right that Women Studies are absolutely pointless! They think they can blow off the hard working nice guys and when they’re 30 they think they can find some sucker who is going to take care of them. Boy are they in for a big surprise because the pool of suckers are drying up.

Us men have to look ahead and we pick degrees where there will be a job demand for them

In my case I was going to be a Business major with a concentration in Finance. However there is a much greater demand for Accountants, there for I switched my concentration from Finance to Accounting.

-Outcast Superstar

P.S. I was the anonymous poster who wrote the rant of revenge of the nice guy! I just registered an account at the Do Not Get Married message board so when I ever I post here I will put my user name at the bottom from the Do Not Get Married Message Board.


At 10:05 PM, grim peeper said…

As more women squeeze men out of university places more people will end up with degrees which will be worth less and less in the job market and the years go by. And those students who do graduate with degrees in the ‘hard’ sciences will be worth more and more. And we all know that it’s mostly men that have what it takes in those fields.

My guess is that in 10 years time you’ll get women with a major in psychology and a minor in ‘womyns studies’ flipping burgers at McDonalds (if they’re lucky) and men (a very small group though) with with a major in physics and a minor in maths earning 200k pa plus.

Can you imagine how the fembots will be whining about ‘the gender pay gap’, ‘glass ceilings’ and a ‘man tax’ then?

Never mind. I’ve heard there’s a job women can get that always pays high wages.



At 10:15 PM, Anonymous said…

Companies need to get the women out of their organizations if they want to survive. I don’t use any business that uses women. I have learned this the hard way. When I call a business and a chick answers the phone I just hang up and I never regret it.


At 11:31 PM, mfsob said…

I work in a community college in the US and believe me, you don’t see ANY women in the “trades” classes – they might break a nail while fucking up learning how to weld, after all. No, these future social parasites are flocking to the clerical, medical records and veterinary tech classes.

But wait … those “pink collar career” jobs don’t pay as much! Damn these men for oppressing us and forcing us into these crappy low wage, dead end jobs!!!


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous said…

Grim Peeper reinforces Duncan’s point about the worth of women’s studies and other cushy victimhood degrees compared to the “hard” degrees such as engineering, math, and science. I want to agree, but I think before long virtually all university degrees will be useless.

Outsourcing to and bringing foreigners from countries such as China and India has become very common in the “STEM” fields (scientific, technical, engineering, mathematics, including computer science and information technology). Of course, corporations do this because they can pay the foreigners less. Americans often have to train their foreign replacements here on those special visas as a severance condition.

Since the 1991-1993 recession, numerous university graduates with STEM majors have been unable to find jobs in their fields in the US. These include many chemical and civil engineers and physics and mathematics majors. Pay in the STEM fields has just kept up with inflation. Literally thousands of engineers and scientists were laid off as the Cold War ended during those years, and as with the end of the Apollo space program 20 years before, many of those laid-off STEM majors are still unemployed in their fields and now work low-paid service jobs to make ends meet. Many don’t even expect ever to work in their area of expertise. The dot-com bust of 2000-2001 hit the computer people hard and really opened the door for the outsourcing, etc. That has since spread to the engineering and scientific people.

Also, since most US manufacturing capability has gone overseas, you don’t need most engineers here but where the production is—that is, China and India. Syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts has much on this trend, as he has often written with alarm about how the US is exporting these highly paid jobs and replacing them with minimum-wage service jobs.

The nuttier education and scientific types still beat the drums about huge shortages of engineers and scientists looming. The reality, as mentioned, is that many of these people with recent degrees have been laid off or never even got jobs in their fields after receiving their degrees. The US National Scientific Foundation had claimed in the late 1980s that the US faced a shortage of over 500,000 scientists; the organization was so spectacularly wrong as the 1991-1993 recession hit that Congress held hearings to determine why. The NSF is similarly wrong about its latest projections of shortages.

Roberts and others who look at reality believe that we will never again have significant growth in jobs in the STEM fields in the US. Anecdotal evidence suggests that bright students ready to go to college (university) have begun to decide not to bother to go at all, since they don’t want to be saddled with tens of thousands in debt for university education and still end up working at a fast food place or retail store.

Sorry about the long response: I believed that my viewpoint required explanation. On the whole, I agree that women’s studies and the other soft fluff that women take is largely useless, but just don’t make the mistake of thinking that the harder stuff will necessarily have a lot of use down the road. If some experts’ projections are right, none of it will.

By the way, plenty of people suspect we also have far too many people with business, law, and medical degrees in the US. Those professions are ripe for implosion too.

Better for most males to prepare for work right after high school, as with a university education or not, regardless of major, most of us will be working at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, or some similar places in the end. And we’ll compete for jobs with all the women with useless degrees. But they’ll have the education debt to repay, and us wiser men won’t! Participate in the marriage strike and don’t marry these skanks so you won’t be stuck working to repay their college debts while they stay at home eating bon-bons while watching TV.


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous said…

To illustrate the point that they will never be satisfied, look at the BBC stories on women outnumbering men in Iranian universities.

The article includes gems such as:
‘Part of the reason for more women in university education seems to be that many young men are more interested in making money. ‘

A gripe at selfish money seeking men. Money intended to support a family.

‘Massoumeh tells her husband that it will not be long before Iranian men will be forced to sit at home while their wives run the country. ‘

Massoumeh is a factory-working mother who is also a post-grad! Not like they’re bias in selecting people for the article.

‘Already it has become a problem for women with degrees to find husbands with the same level of education.

Marriage or a career

Another social change is that young women who do have careers are now beginning to think twice about getting married.’

It appears that women are attracted to ‘high-income, high-status men’ all over the world, so as Duncan and various others have probably said, they are cutting down the available number of marriageable menfolk in their chase for equality.

Perhaps Iran is going to be a future country that shows similar symptoms of the marriage-strike in the West. ie low marriage rates, and higher earning women.


At 5:49 AM, Anonymous said…

I am the same as Anonymous 7:36 am.

There is another point to my previous post I forgot to mention.

Obviously, the powers that be in the US business, government, and academic worlds (and to a great degree in Britain and other Western countries) have long seemed to think it’s okay to squander vast amounts of human capital—that is, our best and brightest—by playing games with (mostly) men who take STEM majors and then get laid off or never get work in their fields. The result: it seems likely that the man who might have found a cure for cancer or AIDS, or who could have found solutions for our energy mess, are instead driving a taxi or working as a security guard.

I remember 25 years ago being told that my working-class parents were too “wealthy” for me to get even a government-guaranteed student loan—not a grant, but a loan that I would have had to repay—to continue my engineering schooling, even though there was much squawking then about huge shortages in engineers and how we needed more engineering majors. It’s pretty dirty to deny a loan based on someone else’s income, and it was news to my parents that they were “rich”. After I dropped out of college, like many others who were then in my shoes, I never went back. (This might have been a blessing in disguise, though, as it’s unlikely I would be working in that field today because of outsourcing and bringing in foreigners mentioned in the previous post.)

But I routinely saw women from much more well off families who were able to swing financial aid packages for their liberal arts fluff majors even then, and it has only gotten worse.

In other words, it’s okay to squander talent when it’s male, but not when it’s female, even if that female is wasting her time on women’s studies or similar drivel.

Of course, the joke’s on them. I’m relatively poor but happy and have no college debt to worry about. Plenty of skanks are looking at 30 years of it for their useless degrees. To repeat my warning, though: guys, don’t marry these women! Not unless you enjoy repaying their loans while they make excuses not to work to earn income. I’ve seen this happen myself!


At 1:30 AM, Anonymous said…

You all can bicker about women’s choices when you’ve had to struggle over time like we have to gain even a hint of respect from those around you. Until then, remember how much easier you’ve had it because of what’s between your legs.

It’s heartbreaking to think there is still such ignorance out there.


At 7:57 PM, Anonymous said…

Oh, great. Who let the bitch in here? The whole point is that women choose easy, fluff college majors and manage to get financial aid for them that they will expect some man to pay off for them later after marrying and leaving the workforce. It would be nice if men had the option of leeching off another able-bodied adult. Women tend to take easier, low-paid “people” majors and jobs such as social work and psychology.

While the women are “working” (ha ha, joke), those fluff degrees get them much lower pay and status in the workplace and then they complain about earning less than men who took serious majors that till recently paid more serious money. Now those higher paid fields are going overseas, reducing men’s pay to the level of women who chose to take gravy majors in school, and those men are increasingly realizing that the overall rat race and paying women’s way for them after marriage makes no sense any more.

Most men haven’t “had it easier” because of “what’s between their legs”—they’ve had it much harder instead, especially when supporting some stay-at-home bitch eating bon-bons in front of the TV whining about how much of a “victim” she is. Women can stay at home doing little or nothing; men are always expected to work. People look at a man who doesn’t work as if he’s a bum or something’s wrong with him—and often that’s true. But it’s no less true for women.

The point has been made before: we don’t see any female coal miners, electric linemen, oil field workers, or any number of other dangerous, potentially lethal jobs you can name. The women are all in air-conditioned offices instead (if they aren’t sitting at home) griping about how “bad” they’ve got it and how bad all the men who support their stupid bitch asses are.

Fuck off, skank!


At 4:32 AM, Anonymous said…

It would seem that most of the men who are posting here feel not adequately recognized for their hard work and have been possibly been hurt by some women in their lives. I wonder if all of you consider your mothers “skanks” who sat at home all day doing fuck all. Yes, surely many women shop and buy a bunch of useless stuff, but men love their toys as well. And – with all the advertising and the way our economy is run, we are ALL being convinced that we need to shop and buy all kinds of things so we can attract a partner into our lives, so we can feel good about ourselves and so on and so forth. That women don’t have the physical strength to be coal miners seems relatively obvious. That women don’t have the mental ability to challenge men in majors that are not considered “soft fluff” is ludicrous. That men and women are “wired” differently and have a different way of thinking, analysing and working is common knowledge today and certainly also contributes to different career choices. I think it is counterproductive to stereotype and globalize. Personally I prefer to judge the individual be it male or female. Furthermore we all benefit if we respect each other’s differences and everyone has an equal opportunity to do what they personally are best suited for. A woman mechanic with passion can be as qualified as a male one, and a male nurse or childcare worker or stay at home Dad should command the same respect from his peers as a CEO or a “real man” swinging a hammer. There are men out there who have been able to get their “big” education because their wives took care of children, worked full time and made sacrifices so their partner could finish his degree. And vice versa. I would hope that when two people do decide to spend their life together it is also with a common goal to support each other and to respect each other and each other’s equality, whatever that may look like in a couple.


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