29 December 2006

I just found this site when its host kindly left a recent comment on my blog:

Male Rights

You are not a rapist

As absurd as the above statement sounds, it’s something which is actually central to feminist theory! Contrary to what the media have unconsciously forced you to believe, you are not a rapist, inherently evil or anything like that. You should reject this propaganda at source and recognise it as an attempt to undermine masculinity. There is no need to be guilty for any aspect of being a man, and there are infinite reasons to be proud of the achievements of man.

There’s a place for people to leave comments towards the bottom right of the page, and naturally there are a few critics. I say “critics”, it’s just a few dumb fucking women and manginas leaving the same-old same-old:

There’s a couple of predictable attempts at criticism from some funny little man named Mark Boyle:

Men have physically, socially, financially and often emotionally dominated women for thousands of years.


This yoke seems a bit mental altogether. Are you sure you havent been beaten up by a womens hockey team or something.?

Noooo, shaming language! Have mercy! No more, puhleeeze! (Snigger snigger)

And this Mr. Boyle says he’s proud to be a man? He’s not a man, he’s a dildo seeking an owner, like all manginas are.

Then there’s some Scottish lad who says:

DUDE!… you need to get laid

I’ll forgive the guy for saying such an startlingly unoriginal thing; according to his profile, he’s 16. It’s only really sad when you get grown men and women responding to criticism of feminism with essentially the same thing.

Anyway, good stuff. Give him your support (although you do have to be signed up to this Bebo thingie to leave comments and such stuff.)

Incidentally it’s great to see the sheer explosion of anti-feminist/MRA blogs and sites throughout 2006. I’ve hated feminism since my teens but it was only a couple of years ago that I first started looking up anti-feminist websites. Back then there only seemed to be handful of sites, like Angry Harry and Cool Tools 4 Men. Now it seems there’s new ones springing up everywhere. It takes me nigh on an hour just to skim through all the ones in my bookmarks and I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve yet to discover.

The internet is the greatest thing to happen to men and the worst thing to happen to feminism.

The revolution against the Matriarchy will not be televised…it’ll be on YouTube!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:37 PM

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey Duncan, I’m not a regular here but I just wanted to drop by and let you know I’ve bookmarked your page and will be coming to it regularly now.

I really appreciate what you are doing. I know that you probably get a lot of flak from desperate women trying to hold the lace curtain together but just keep your head up and go your own way.

We’ve got a long way to go but your blog helps.

Frustrated Male in Femerica.


At 9:00 PM, Anonymous said…

“The internet is the greatest thing to happen to men and the worst thing to happen to feminism.”

Duncan, you are making an impact. I’ve sold at least 8 guys on staying single – mostly by exposing them to your blog. I really feel you are leading a major social movement.


At 9:02 PM, Male Rights Network said…

Duncan, I’m very complimented that you did an entry about the Male Rights Network. Thanks a shitload. I guess this is my baptism into the world of MRAs. Seeing my site in lights on Eternal Bachelor was, well, brilliant.

You may have noted that I’m just “an average teenager”, 19, who like you identified and disliked feminism in my teens. And yet I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and articulate an argument. Thanks to your site, and others, I have fully identified the problem. I have been informed and intend to do something about it. I have uncovered what exactly is going on.

I hope to awaken the minds of teenagers my age. This is why why I called it the “Male Rights Network”, rather than “Men’s Rights” – the anti-male problem affects all males and boys, not just “men”. I do know I will be up against much resistance in the form of the feminised manginas which you pointed out. But it’s all about getting the idea out there – some will accept it, some won’t – the idea that misandry is not okay, and it is not okay to marginalise males in law, education and the media.

Yours, united in the fight against misandry and radical feminism,
Male Rights Network.


At 10:46 PM, Anonymous said…

TouTube seems to be run by communists because they banned videos that are critical of Islam.
Not sure if they will ban videos critical of feminists but I wouldn’t be surprised.


At 12:19 AM, mfsob said…

Duncan, it is my sad duty to inform you that the feminazis have banned you – AGAIN, this time with threats of reprisals.

I had been leaving copies from your blog and other men’s rights sites in the common areas of my apartment complex, and have already related here prior some of the inarticulate femirage comments that were scrawled on said articles before they vanished (only to be swiftly replaced).

The last one had scrawled on it, “the women you have insulted will hunt you down and kill you for what you are doing and it will not be pleasant.” Yeah, I was shaking in my flip-flops at that one.

Anyway, this week a new set of “commons usage rules” was posted and No. 2 was, you guessed it, No Posting Of Offensive Materials. Violators Will Be Prosecuted.”

Now … where did I put those Bible verses on women?


At 12:32 AM, Anonymous said…

I believe that more males in our Western culture should read this article,because we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us that males are no good, worthless,etc. Eternal bachelor, keep fighting the good fight.Only males can change things for the better.

A fed up BLACK male.


At 2:43 AM, NHY said…

I’m actually a member of Bebo myself, its a very popular friends network site in Ireland ( TOO popular, its banned in most schools and colleges! Except my department in college, its one of the departments dirty little secrets – god bless Media Communications! 🙂 ), its our answer to myspace.

Dude, you’ve got a friend, ( I’m from Ireland, too ) I’ll be gladly signing up to your network, even at the risk of compromising my bebo!

Feminism has done more harm than good and its good to see more and more people are joining in the good fight to rid the world if this horrible disease.


At 5:50 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

I had some Scum Bag threaten me personally a few months ago. I asked him to give me his nearest cross Street and City with Zip Code. I would print him a Mapquest Map to my Front Door. I told him my Tomahawk was sharp, my Khukri was ready, and I would lock and Load. He would meet force with deadly force and I would Kill him if he threatened me or my family. Come and get some Coward.

He disappeared, and I never heard from him again. Typical crap from Manginas and Femifascists. As for Feminists I sent an email to Amanda Marcotte at calling her a Moral Coward, she replied that she was.

FemNags are not accustomed to Aggressive take no Prisoners kind of Men. They are used to emasculated Males who will back down in a fight. I will not. I will escalate one. If you doubt that ask my exwife or my current one. Who once made the mistake of telling me to get aggressive with another Man.

We must no longer be tolerant of the Misandry and war being waged against us. We must fix bayonets and confront them. If you are in a “kill zone” the only way out is to attack the Zone aggressively and overcome it. Make no mistake about it gents. The Suicide rates for Men, incarcerations, homelessness of Men. Are in fact a War of Attrition being waged against us.


At 5:06 PM, Anonymous said…

If you like anti-feminist websites, check out where we are actually involved in a massive lawsuit against the US feminists to maintain our right to contact foreign women without having to send our criminal background checks first.


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