Masochistic ravings of a commie rug-muncher


01 January 2007

I encountered a mention of this book, Across the Acheron, by some radical Marxist lesbo feminist named Monique Wittig, in an article about Dante’s The Divine Comedy. This is Wittig’s re-writing of that epic poem with a feminist angle.

I haven’t read it but the brief description of it at Amazon really does hint at it being even more twisted and fucked up than your average feminist ravings:

Serving as her own protagonist, Wittig, a feminist and winner of the Prix de Medicis for The Opoponax, confronts implications of female oppression as she struggles against gale winds and knifelike sands on her way to Acheron, the river of tears…Wittig’s alter ego passes through various circles of Hell and Limbo, occasionally ascending to such earthly gathering places as a laundromat and a parade ground. Wherever she goes, she sees women flogged and tortured, castrated and dismembered, collared, chained and dragged unprotesting by their male masters through streets awash with blood, bones and excrement. In the midst of feasting, the women starve, dragging their emaciated bodies to serve their masters and afterwards licking up the half-chewed bits of skin and gristle, the spewed-out bones. Yet in the Angels’ Kitchen the copper gleams, the fruits glisten, cauldrons bubble, and the women chorus, “Soup, beautiful soup.” A Guernica of the human (feminist) condition, a blacker, bleaker, more vengeful Alice’s tea party, this is a novel as graphic as a painting.

Dante’s original work is brilliant, very elaborate and packed full of complicated symbolism.

This feminist’s re-writing of it, however, seems to just be a rambling and masochistic rant about women being horribly mistreated and tortured at the hands of gloating men for all eternity, a hysterical wallowing in outrageous collective female self-pity.

According to Wikipedia, this (now deceased) Wittig woman, as well as being a Women’s Studies “professor” and member of some commie French group called “Red Dykes”, also:

…put flowers under the Arc de Triomphe to honour the wife of the Unknown soldier; this event was considered to be the founding event of feminism in France.

I guess it is symbolic of feminism. There’s a tomb to one of countless thousands of men who died in order to protect his nation, and a fembot honours the guy’s wife who – assuming the anonymous soldier had one – probably lived to a ripe old age.

What a raving nutter. And this is typical of the mentality of feminists who, ludicrously, have managed to obtain such a wildly disproportionate influence of Western societies and laws in the last half-century? No wonder things are fucked up.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:11 AM

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous said…

When women (a tiny minority of man-hating lesbians excluded) reject the evils of feminism on a universal level and demand changes in western law which reflect the uniqueness of each sex, men will come back to the table to discuss terms. Not until then.


At 10:11 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

“Wherever she goes, she sees women flogged and tortured, castrated and dismembered, collared, chained and dragged unprotesting by their male masters through streets awash with blood, bones and excrement.”

Yes, a description of exactly what does NOT happen in real life (How exactly do you castrate a woman?)

But this pack of lies is necessary to justify feminism. It is not just wallowing in self-pity and victimhood, but it is the creation of objects to hate – i.e. men. For this is the wickedness of such lies. Every victim has to have a perpetrator; otherwise you cannot be a victim. But if your victimhood is false, then so is your creation of a perpetrator. You have just falsely turned an innocent person into a perpetrator by the action of your lies. In other words you have committed the offence; so far from being a victim, YOU have made yourself the perpetrator.

Therein is revealed the utter evil of telling lies and making false accusations. There is probably nothing worse you can do to a person than to steal their good name and smear them with the lie of being a perpetrator. But this is the essence of feminism: the crafting of lies to create false victims out of the guilty and false villains out of the innocent. Study feminism and you will see this process of churning lies at work throughout the whole movement. It is why it must never be allowed to succeed.


At 11:22 AM, Lorenz said…

What would you think if someone placed flowers under the Arc de Triomphe in memory of the Unknown Soldier’s now orphaned children?


At 11:22 AM, Panzer said…

Although a lot of the most brilliant writers are/were just a bit off their rocker, Im willing to bet this one is one of the exceptions. And no, I dont mean she was brilliant.



At 11:43 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

What would you think if someone placed flowers under the Arc de Triomphe in memory of the Unknown Soldier’s now orphaned children?

What sort of completely irrelevant and pointless question is that?


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous said…

This book will probably be hailed as genius, and any observations we make about it will be termed misogynistic. Feminism and Zionist theory are very alike, do whatever you want, and if anybody says anything that doesn’t paint you in a great light, classify them as a derogatory term, misogynist from feminists, anti-semitic from Zionists. Both dogmas claim they are oppressed victims, and the general public believes and sides with them. I bet both are masterminded by the same person or persons.


At 11:07 PM, Panzer said…

Wife, Children? How do you know he had any of those? This is a monument for unknown soldiers, its impossible to tell who and what they had for families.



At 1:42 AM, Anonymous said…

>>What sort of completely irrelevant and pointless question is that?

Pretty much the same pointless and irrelevant as putting flowers for the wife. It made sense to me.


At 2:53 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

lorenz, its the tomb to the


which bit of this complex literature dont you understand?

There are also monuments to the children, I have been to one in Karlsruhe in Germany, where french bombers bombed a carnival and killed hundreds of children there. This was the start of indiscriminate bombing campaigns against civilians.
not a lot of people know that, but
it is relevant.

I see your angle, but, it is however, without merit, given the intention of this monument being to all those MEN who who blasted beyond recognition and died in such places as the Somme and such like, horrible deaths in foetid conditions in no mans lands where artillery would mush them up and all Identity would be blown to hell.
It allowed some place form them to be recalled since they were meaninglessly “lost” , some with no records of where they were or what they were doing.
It allows a place for people to gather and pay respect, ponder the uselessness, feel the guilt of debt, observe the absurdity of war, and say thank you, sorry, whatever.

the children died by other means, and are recognised by other ways in other places.

for some woman to make such a statement, is crass beyond belief.

was she in the trenches with the forgotten soldiers wife, watching all the other women getting minced and disemboweled?
oh, what other women>?
you mean there were none there?

no, they were honoured at home.
no shut up and rethink your words before you sound as big a twisted idiot as the woman to which Duncan i s referring.

“what if someone left some bamboo shoots there, for all the pandas in zoos…….?”



At 3:12 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

Memorial to a
French attack on
June 22, 1916 that
killed 120 Karlsruhe
people, including 71
children who were
visiting the local
circus that day

she wants to make a gesture to children…….
do you>?

go there,
do a pilgrimage
raise awareness for childrens plight and the futility of war,

fighting for peace is like fucking

now go read that and find the tiny picture that says it all.

did the rug muncher go somewhere quite like that to honour the mothers of the children?

no she went somewhere for dramatic effect and publicised it.
now fuck off already and get a history book and save your cheap provocative “what if ” comments.
you, my fellow human
have annoyed me.


At 3:43 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

its taken a lot to find, its now 20 to 4 in the morning, but
here you go, to women, children and mothers

now lay your wreath there you rug munching cunt.


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous said…

“Feminism and Zionist theory are very alike”

Anom 10:59
Zionism is a Jewish movement that arose in the late 19th century in response to growing anti-Semitism and sought to reestablish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Modern Zionism is concerned with the support and development of the state of Israel.

So what is wrong with Israel?

Whether you like it or not you ARE being anti-semetic just like Gemaine Greer is a misandrist. The derogatory term of anti-semitism suits you well. You may as well join the feminists as they are usually anti Israel.


At 12:48 AM, Panzer said…

“Whether you like it or not you ARE being anti-semetic just like Gemaine Greer is a misandrist. “

Hey buddy take that somewhere else.



At 10:55 AM, Anonymous said…

Is it not a bit like christians building churches on pagan sites and also taking over pagan holidays?

Taking the emphasis away from soldiers and putting the focus on women and children. I’m only surprised that they haven’t gone along the same path as that holocaust denier (david irving??).

A bit like domestic violence….. only women died in the trenches, not men.


At 3:31 AM, Anonymous said…

“Hey buddy take that somewhere else.”

Why dont you say that to the other guy?


At 8:20 PM, Panzer said…

I will say it to whoever starts bringing that shit here. I really dont think you want to discuss politics of Israel here. Besides that subject is irrelevant on this blog. Whoever said it, peddle it some where else.



At 5:47 AM, Pete said…

“Why dont you say that to the other guy?”

You’re being divisive, he isn’t.


At 1:06 AM, Panzer said…

Hey thanks Pete.



At 4:06 AM, Rob Fedders said…

Hey, Ladies!

You ride your bike to the patent office and I’ll ride mine!

No mincing about the wage gap, OK???


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