Private workers fund civil-servant’s pensions


28 December 2006

Gold-plated public sector pensions cost every family an average of £900 a year, it emerged.

This is far greater than the amount many private sector workers can afford to put aside annually for their own retirement.

In fact, the majority of workers fail to save anything at all for their old age and do not realise they are funding somebody else’s with their taxes.

The £900 figure shows the extent to which the taxpayer is funding the pensions of the expanding public sector.


Chancellor Gordon Brown’s rapid expansion of the state payroll – 650,000 taxpayer-funded jobs have been created since Labour came to power in 1997 – is one reason why bills will go up.

Big government = big taxes.

Fucking civil servants. The civil service is largely a big bureaucratic matriarchy, dominated by lazy career-break-having file-shuffling feminists who are virtually unsackable.

Bastard Labour. Socialist fembot scum, all of them. So are most of the other parties though. Damn!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:22 PM


At 7:59 PM, other said…

MRA in the UK and can’t figure out who to vote for?

Consider the UK Independence Party.


At 8:01 AM, Male Rights Network said…

UKIP site seems to be a little out of date. Can you outline their policies in:

– boys in education
– father’s rights
– true equality in the legal system

i.e., are they overtly in support of the men’s rights cause? The same way that Labour and the mainstream parties are overtly in favour of neglecting men’s rights?


At 3:22 PM, other said…

No, they are not overtly in favour of men’s rights as far as I can tell.

But they are in favour of scrapping huge amounts of the current bureaucracy and detrimental social engineering this government has created and thats good enough for me.

I would have voted Tory had they not stooped to playing the New Labour game of “all spin, no policies but very women friendly”.


At 10:55 AM, Alex said…

I just looked at their website, they do not have any overtly pro-MRA policies

They are want to reduce bureaucracy
They want to reduce benefits to single mom
They want a wife’s (or a husband’s) tax credit to be able to be transfered to their partner. This should incentive two-parent families
They are anti-Political correctness and against one-size fits all

They want to scrap coursework which boys do worst in at school

One of their MEP said that the current maternal leave is a big burden on small businesses and should be reformed

So far they have my vote unless the conservatives reform themselves and get rid of people like David Cameron

They also want to


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