An extra five-minutes of sex for just an extra £500 or so


01 January 2007


Pearl ones are much cheaper

Whilst briefly channel-hopping in a desperate and ultimately futile hunt for something vaguely worth watching a while ago, I caught an advert for some jewelers.

It features a couple getting ready to go out. They’re all dressed up but the woman is feeling that there’s something missing to go with her dress. At that point her husband comes up and presents her with a sparkling diamond necklace.

Naturally she’s charmed. He’s just shown her how romantic he is by presenting her with an over-priced and quiet frankly pointless transparent crystal of tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms. On a fucking chain.

The taxi arrives outside. Time to go to whatever place hubby is taking his wife to, no doubt so he can prove his love once more by probably forking out for an ultra-expensive bankruptcy-inducing meal somewhere posh.

The taxi beeps its horn.

But the guy isn’t ready to go. Not yet! His wife is looking all frisky, pleased with her husband and ready to perhaps ration out some sex to him as seen as he’s spent so much money on her in the form of a nice sparkly thing.

Realising he might just get his end away – probably for the first time that year – he leans out the window and tells the taxi driver to wait “five minutes!

Then his wife leans out the window and calls to the taxi-driver, correcting her husband by saying “Ten minutes!

Hubby looks well chuffed as his wife smiles at him and they duck back into the window. At which point we’re told what jewelers this is an advert for and some poxy line about how diamonds show how much you love someone blah blah.

It’s very pathetic, although startlingly true to life. To get his end away this guy has to buy his wife something, and he has to go the extra mile and spend a small fortune just to get a massive ten-minutes of sex from his own wife. Many guys do this all the time. If it’s not diamonds they’re buying in order to pay for sex then it’s meals, trips to Paris, dresses, perfume…all sorts of shit, and they’re grateful for getting some sex, even though their wife should put out anyway.

This is all commonly accepted and presented in adverts. And, more annoyingly, the women who do this in real life are offended if they’re ever told they’re basically prostitutes.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:04 AM

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s so not worth it. My ex used to love getting diamond earrings. After we divorced, she left her jewelry box open and the cat got in there and ate most of them. The ex was unaware of this, but didn’t want the cat anymore.

Long story short, I take the cat. It’s clearly sick. I leave it at the vet for three days and that little bastard shit out all those earrings. The vet cleaned them up and returned them to me.

My whole life I wanted love and money – you know; the goose that laid the golden egg. I ended up divorced with a cat who shits diamonds.

Sometimes life works out after all.


At 1:22 PM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

So true, so true. Like I say, most women are prostitutes, they just charge differently.
I don’t care what level of princess they think they are, if they expect, even worse, demand that a man shell out his hard earned cash on a girl just to get some arse, she’s a ho. Ho ho ho.
It gets worse though, I know guys that will meet a girl in a bar and just shower her insignificant person with drinks, and if their lucky they might get a phone number. If they’re even more lucky, it might actually be her real number.

The fact is though it’s not luck at all. Low class skanks who think they’re angels. Really not worth the grief. How about guys don’t waste their money on women, and spend it on themselves! Equal rights, right? Pay your own way you silly little woman, I’m saving for a PS3 lol.


At 4:36 PM, Bruce Wayne said…

Prostitute: “One who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts.”

ANY women who exchanges something of value for sex is a prostitute by the above definition.

The problem is women know their power over men comes through sex. So they ration it out in order to get what they want from men.

This behavior inherently makes women prostitutes.

The only women who aren’t prostitutes are those that offer up sex to men for nothing in return. Of course, no woman will do this since she has to place a value on her pussy. And in the vast majority of cases, this value is grossly overinflated.

Many women today are simply expensive prostitutes. They want money, jewelry, emotional support, commitment, etc. all in exchange for sexual acts under the guise of “love.”


At 4:58 PM, ColdHammer said…

500 dollars??? Wait a minute… I mean, 500 sterling pounds? Jeez, that’s alot of Dollars when converted. To me, this man is a representation of all men trapped in this cruel world we live in.

For him, whether he knows or likes it or not, is living in an evil circle, continuing repeating itself into a cycle of work, spend, endure crap at home and over again… until death? Ick.

No wonder why corporations love women because it makes men spend, spend, spend – both in money and the time it took him to earn wages from work (a corporation).

The only way to break this chain is to follow Duncan’s lead:
Live alone and for yourself and the money will stay with you along with time, free time, since you’re preferring not to work hard or do overtime for a naggin’ wimmin’. You should rather work for yourself and your hobbies AKA personal growth and development.

Not only are your hobbies good for you but by becoming a beacon of positive living, others (usually men) follow because people in general are attracted by leaders by example.


At 7:46 PM, Cowhead said…

“The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.” – Brendan Behan


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous said…

There is a saying that if it flies floats or fuck, it’s cheaper to rent.

If any viewers are living in the southwest USA, I highly recommend you check out this site.

If you guys live in Europe it’s simply cheaper to go to Amsterdam and go window shopping.

At least many of these women will be playboy playmates, and you want have to deal with a naging feminist whore.

– Outcast Superstar


At 8:41 PM, Scarlett said…

There is love and men who like to give women things because of it, looking for nothing in return. There are also women who do love their husbands, for better or for worse and also give of themselves freely.
Then there is the Taj Mahal, built because of love. The poor woman didn’t live to see its completion.
I do love the cat story/ comment.


At 10:08 PM, Sue said…

May I please pipe in here? I’m a woman who owns no jewelry at all. I’ve never had any, and don’t wany any. No rings, no bracelets, no diamonds, no pearls. Nothing. I guess I’ve always been sort of a tomboy, which might explain why I’m still single, but diamonds seem silly. (I own a motorbike, though!)

I’m very careful with my money and investments, small though they may be at this point in life, and I have always quietly laughed when girlfriends “oohed!” and “ahhed!” when they were given such trinkets. It’s not jealousy for me. I just see no point in buying a shiny rock. It’s a scam like the “Pet Rock” rage in the states many years ago that my mum told me about.

I certainly have to agree with Mr. Duncan in his views about women who demand such trash in order to provide sex. I thought sex was something freely given to the one you love.


At 10:54 PM, Anonymous said…

That 10 minutes better have been worth it. That converts to about $1000 USD, for that amount of money, you could get at least an hour with most celebrities. For most men, especially in their mid to late twenties, that represents about 2 40 hour work weeks after taxes. 80 hours of work for 10 minutes of sex. Women are truly the superior sex, they can get in 10 minutes what men take 480 times as long to do.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous said…






At 1:36 AM, Anonymous said…

Um, Sue, let me be the first of 10,000 men to propose marriage. Just kidding, of course, but you need to be cloned!

>>I thought sex was something freely given to the one you love.

The only thing I would change is that in an ideal situation sex should be something people who love each other share for mutual pleasure and love, with both trying to give to the other.

Anonymous age 64


At 2:05 AM, VoodooJock said…

Cheer up Duncan. The gym-twats had the channel tuned to Lifetime (as usual), and I saw the most heartening thing while doing cardio that I’ve seen on that channel.

It was an IAMS commercial for catfood designed especially for multiple cat households. And the most prominent character, aside from the obligatory vet-endorsement, was some 50-something with 6 cats.


At 2:39 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

well thats nice.
those last two womens comments are really refreshing!
Hi both.
cheers for commenting without the usual scathing stuff, really nice.
women like you have the potential to make good pals.
cheers, I hope noone else chews your arses off.
tootle pip and happy new year all.


At 3:12 AM, Anonymous said…

Hmm. That’s prostitution.


At 4:49 AM, Anonymous said…

Here in the States the cable/satellite channel Court TV has been showing episodes of Cops back-to-back for the holidays. Several have shown stings involving prostitution.

I can’t help but think: if the cops really enforced the prostitution laws, a lot of married women who expect expensive baubles from their husbands in exchange for token amounts of sex would really be in trouble. What’s the difference between selling your body on the street and selling it to your husband in exchange for a diamond ring or other expensive trash?

And another point: don’t forget the movie Blood Diamond, about the nasty conflict over diamonds in Sierra Leone several years ago. Despite the diamond industry’s glib assurances, there really is no way to affirm that the diamonds at your local jeweler’s aren’t actually conflict diamonds. So the question should be, just how many people’s arms and heads were hacked off so you could wear that expensive rock, bitch? At least you still have a hand to wear it on.


At 12:43 PM, RealChic said…

This is a very strange blog, and some extremely inappropriate comments left for it.

What does giving and getting have anything to do with it. Its a stupid TV advert that over emphasizes its product in the 20 seconds it has to get its message across.

If you are married you would know that real life is nothing like this. And if you ARE married and think this, then your marriage is a little warped, and THATS the real problem, not men buying a gift for their own wives. Sex isnt the first or only thing on HIS mind.

He shares his life with a woman, they have kids together and that means something. Something that can be expressed to make the other person happy. Do you buy a card for your mom on Mother’s Day? A sweater for your dad on Christmas? You know they will enjoy it because its from you. Its as simple as that.

Women like stones, atoms or otherwise. They take care of their men, cook and look after their children together. Some husbands present tokens of love to appreciate their life partners, not as slot machines doling out sex as and when you put a coin in it.

Some women are greedy, some men are selfish. Most people dont know how to communicate or live in harmony with their partners. A lot more dont care to make their spouse happy or think about them before thinking about themselves. So many of these end up in divorce. And thats where this blogger will be if he continues to think the way he does.


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous said…

Sue, exceptions do exist.
But I stil do not know if you are a suitable wife for me.
Are you young enough to get 20 children, be friendly and cook a lot?


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous said…

Just for comparison. A prostitute apparently costs about £50 for 30min.



At 5:43 PM, Anonymous said…

Possibly the funniest story ever…


At 7:10 PM, BR said…

Here’s a translation of realchic’s tirade:

“Shame and blame, it’s all men’s fault, and I’m too stupid to know that a blog titled ‘Eternal Bachelor’ is written by someone who ISN’T MARRIED (and obviously has no desire to be, much like those of us who read it).”

It’s funny how she attempts to use gender-neutral language while trotting out some tired old fem chestnuts about men not communicating, not treating their wives well enough, etc., so divorce is all our fault.

Well, we’re not getting married, so we’re not getting divorced, are we?

You need to think before you spit out recycled feminist jargon, though I realize that’s what they teach in school these days .Hell, they showed a video in both my psych 1 and multicultural anthropology classes that I took a while back, which basically labeled all negative communication traits as being practiced by men, and all the positive ones as being female-oriented. The teachers were both feminists.)

Guess what? That crap isn’t actually true. If you had any real listening or comprehension skills, traits held in high regard by we fellows, you might be able to understand that. Most women talk AT us rather than to us, pat themselves on the back for being master communicators based largely on the amount of pointless verbiage spewed in our direction rather than on quality content, and shut down any responses we might have with guilt, shaming, blaming, and the rest.

Find some other place to troll, bitch. How’s that for communication?
Get used to it, you’ll be hearing that sort of thing a lot in your life.


At 7:11 PM, pete said…

Funnily enough, I wrote about the exact same thing just a few days ago. Diamonds are the sickest industry today, and guess who they exclusively target – The “morally superior” sex.

Great minds think alike!


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous said…

The women that post here are full of it. I guess everybody has forgotten Sue’s first posts, where she insulted every single one of us for even claiming there was a problem. Thate is women’s Stage 1. She is now in Stage 2, where she pretends to be on our side, and says things she thinks we want to hear. She isn’t really lying because women truly believe everything they say, it’s just it is meaningless because of that same fact, the fact that in Stage 3, she will have a different take again, and use everything posted in response to show how she “knew” all along that we were all some negative insult. In real life, Stage 3 leads to divorce or nasty breakups, and in Stage 4, the woman usually goes around trying to poison everyone against the man and harassing him herself. The best you can hope for is Stage 4 is short, or it goes to Stage 5, where the woman doesn’t care anymore, and will only come by or call to try and make you jealous, usually with a new bf or something. Women behave in similar ways in all their dealings with each other and men, obviously some differences exist depending on the sex and subject matter of the person she is dealing with.

You can never truly change a woman’s mind with logic and good arguments, because women simply do not think. Instead, you have to make emotional “arguments”, which aren’t even really arguments at all. Look at the second woman who posted, deciding to ignore the advert and divorce statistics and the feminist movement in general, and claim that some men and women are selfish and that’s that, while everyone else is so happy with each other. So to her, “some” is what, 90%? The “majority” of marriages at 10% work. This is why women suck at math too incidentally. Feminism has taught women not to cook, yet somehow the “majority” of women do so. Likewise the “majority” of women don’t like shopping apparently. Give me a break, responding to stupid things like that is such a waste of time. It is so easy for her to make those outrageous claims and because of the emotional aspect to those claims, people take notice automatically. The only people that will read my post and pay attention to it are men, and they shouldn’t need this post to know the truth anyway.


At 8:49 PM, Sue said…

Twenty Children?!?

Oh my God, I hope you’re not serious. I am 29, for heavens sake. I was thinking of two or three. But, if my husband wanted more, then I suppose that’s fine if he’s willing to support the whole operation.


At 10:58 PM, Anonymous said…

Women like stones, atoms or otherwise. They take care of their men, cook and look after their children together. Some husbands present tokens of love to appreciate their life partners, not as slot machines doling out sex as and when you put a coin in it.

that may be true, but a lot of women, can’t cook, don’t look after their children, and still throw hissy fits if they don’t get to spend their husband into the poor house. Some of the married fellas where I’ve worked had to ask if they wanted to buy something for themselves, but would routinely come home and find their, as the woman would happily describe herself, high maintenance wife had bought a boatload of new clothes and nick nacks that day.

i’ve lived alone a while, and when i lived with my parents i did my share of the housework. And I understand the secret, that women wisely kept to themselves throughout the 50s and early 60s. Housework is not hard. it’s barely even work. compared to what i get paid to do, my housework routine is like a day off.


At 11:23 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

ah well, cheers for that realchic,
you certainly are.
ie, you obviously cant read or if you do, you pay no attention and merely waffle on about a completely off topic monologue about your version of the realities we live and how to correct our defective vision for us.


So many of these end up in divorce. And thats where this blogger will be if he continutes to think the way he does.

yes, I see you have followed Duncans postings with meticulous care and posted something highly relevant with regards the wife he doesnt have, and the bleak future hes not going to have.

……play stations dont bleed on your sofa for a week, nag for 3 and follow you around, whining and sobbing after you have used it, with a list of chores.

your viewpoint is history realchic with regards our reality of the scabbier sex. You may be ok ,but the description you portray of your female brethren fits no description of any female I have ever met.


At 11:33 PM, Anonymous said…


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s a bit off colour, but …


At 12:39 AM, Anonymous said…

Wow. One paragraph – one mentally disconnected exaggeration is all it takes.

I guess it will be some time before the pool of fools dries up. Some people need to learn the hard way, by being clue batted over the head repeatedly until they finally “get it.”

It really is amazing how naive some men are.


At 3:44 AM, selkie said…

Engagement rings. I see so many women (say 45 yrs and younger) with these huge diamonds on their hand. And its not just one or two, the majority of the engaged/married women that I have seen, have these huge rocks and for what? For status? To impress their ‘friends’? The whole thing is so shallow and materialistic, not to mention it being a complete waste of money. I know girls that already have their engagement ring picked out. But its only a couple grand, they say. Only?!? One guy spent around $10,000 on a ring! A freakin’ ring! But cupcake wanted it so…. I just don’t get why these women think they should even have a say. When you compare the younger women to the older ladies, what a difference. The majority (that I have seen anyways) have a simple band on their finger, maybe a small diamond, nothing fancy. And these couples have been together for 40, 50, 60 + years. They’re a lot happier than the younger women and so are their husbands.


At 4:13 AM, caroline said…

In regards to this post Eternal Bachelor, firstly understand the basic biology of males and females in regards to sexuality and how the nature of human mating may contradict modern (culture based) mating system involving and often aimed at lifetime monogamy and marriage.

In my opinion the female and male in the commercial as described, has put themselves in a situation with the influence of media and pressure form society to be in a relation utterly unnatural.

Therefore the male will feel under deprived sexually and the female overly sexualized for what would be natural for them. Bear in mind that in a relationship, after the initial infatuation or falling in love has passed men and woman have very different sexual needs.

Females in general do not naturally need sex as often and much as males in this context.

Therefore by giving into his needs when she does not have them, she will have to compromise her natural urges just as much as he will by refraining when he does.

To conclude, the misbalance may not be the fault of either the female or male.


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous said…

I have bought diamonds for 2 of my exs’. It was never for sex, just appreciation and affection.
The first offered hers back at the end of the relationship which i declined.
The second was my wife who turned out to be a rabid feminist. She did not offer the return of what i had bought her, in fact, she took a damn lot more than what she was entitled.

The sad thing is that i would no lo buy such gifts as i feel foolish for having been ripped off. I wish i didn’t feel this way as i liked making women feel good.

Such adverts are now viewed with cynicism. If made by me it would be the woman given a glass of champagne with the diamond ring, the women leaving in the taxi and the man leaving in a police car (arrested because she was under the influence of drink and now he is on a rape charge).

The joys of a cynic!!


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous said…

I think realchic has no interest in looking under the surface of what really goes on in relationships and marriage.

And understandably so – she may start to see something about herself that she may not like. And a woman’s response to that … is to ignore it.

The truth is that most men wouldn’t be married if sex wasn’t an issue. Would you simply support a dead-weight roommate’s sorry ass with nothing in return? No. Without the warped lens of sex, many (currently chivalrous) men would clearly see how they are getting used.


At 8:02 PM, byrdeye said…

“They take care of their men, cook and look after their children together.”

“realchic” – what world do you live in? You are anything but “real,” here!


At 8:28 PM, Darrell said…

heres a rather interesting article …..could it be the worm is finally turning


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous said…

Caroline is full of shit.

This stupidity about women not needing sex. Give me a break. Men need sex a LOT when they are young and it slowly tapers off over time.

Women need pregnancy when they are young. When they are older, they actually need sex to feel loved.

Don’t spout this feminist bullshit about women never having sexual feelings, that was never true. It is one of the myths of feminism; women have no sex drive so all sex is rape.

Caroline, take your shit somewhere else.


At 9:40 PM, byrdeye said…

Diamonds are the biggest rip-off anyways. They are routinely sold at 2X-4X their actual cost.

Ever wanna know by how much? Look for a “keystone” # by the rock in the catalog. 2 keystone means it’s been marked up 2X.

Thing is, used jewelry is VERY HARD to sell and if you sell it to a pawn shop – you will only get about 1/5 of its original retail cost for it. I can’t imagine a worse investment for a large wad of cash.

In short, diamonds are overpriced & non-functional crap with zero investment value. If she really just wants a shiny object – tell her to get a CZ – which is actually far sparklier and cheaper than a useless diamond.


At 10:06 PM, Anonymous said…

Here in Germany you do not put on diamond rings. It is a simple goldring both get at marriage.
It is much cheaper.

My grandma is still working at 80 years as a farmer. She used up 5 gold rings working the earth. She never put the rings down.
She is married for 52 years now.
Hail to her!


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous said…

Caroline your certainly entitled to your opinion. After any man reads what you just wrote, he will have a good understanding why the marriage strike is growing in mass numbers.

Just remember when you are around 35 trying to find a sucker (husband) to support you with your bilogical clock ticking, don’t be shocked if good hardworking men rebuke you.

During your prime years you didn’t care about the needs of good hardworking men. As a result over time they will become indifferent to your needs as well.

Thanks to Mother Nature time is on a man’s side not on a woman’s side.

It doesn’t matter if a man reaches financial success when he is 25, 30, or 35. Once he gets successful he can have all of the beautiful women he wants. It can be between top of the line prostitutes (Tijuana,Montreal, Amsterdam, Germany), or travel to Eastern Europe, South America, or Asia and meet beautiful foreign women who don’t have the nasty feminazi attitude.

During the Western Women’s prime years, they will disregard good hardworking men in favor of bad boys and thugs. Good hardworking men learn that with Western Women, it’s all about me me me.

As a result, we become indifferent to the needs of western women and once we obtain financial success we can get all the pussy we want and their ain’t a damn thing you or other man hating feminazi’s can do about it. Also, we will be able to do fun hobbies with out being bothered a nagging whore. We will rebuke Western Women for the worthless piece of shit they are.

Caroline, as you and other Western Women know better than anyone else, it’s all about me me me.

– Outcast Superstar


At 12:29 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

sweet jesus Caroline, what a crock of shit you just wrote.
I am sorely tempted to go through your statements one by one and pull them to pieces, but Im sure others will, and its not exactly conducive to an open, disussive forum, so I shall shut it.
suffice to say, I diasagree most heartily with most everything you say, from my experience of life and also, I am not sure if English is your first language so it would be unfair to rip the piss if it wasnt

sorry, I simply cant help myself with this one…..

AND I quote…….

“Therefore the male will feel under deprived sexually”

mmmmmm, to feel *under deprived* ..
sexually ,does that mean
Im UNDER deprived
woo hoo
He’s getting all the sex he wants and
failing to feel all the deprivation
he is truly entitled to…….

*what he must be thinking….*
Its NOT FARE……I demand…..
..I am not deprived enough..
I am a victim,
me me eme meeeeeee…
I am……….oh fuck
Ive become a feminist……
fuking role reversal.
(oh sorry, am I being surreal? a… bit like your post?)

stop being silly woman and projecting your sillyness onto blokes

“Therefore the male will feel under deprived sexually”

personally Id rather have a wank.
cos after the warm glow, the relief at reallising that I didnt fone whichever cock teasing valley slapper that has been foning me lately, on the off chance of a jump is
I can then wash and go back to work on my computer.
I dont have to croon and caress my hand in a needy manner for hours later, with my head spinning with all the manly tasks I have to do.


since I am here

“firstly understand the basic biology of males and females in regards to sexuality and how the nature of human mating may contradict modern (culture based) mating system involving and often aimed at lifetime monogamy and marriage.”

you said it but,

job title-

job description-
nest builder, breeder

stay alive, mate, get pregnant, procreate, rear offspring, get pregnant, rear offspring, get pregnant, rear offspring, stop procreating, try and stay alive some more even though now useless, die.

.and then there is

job title-

job description-
hunter, gatherer

stay alive, further gene pool
*do it all again.
( I Omitted “drink beer” but Im sure it was on gods master plan)

note how there is no “sell by” date for the male (he continues to be useful to the species) AND he does not have to be around after whichever random female he comes across whilst foraging, proves to be in season and “catches” and falls pregnanat. its then her problem.

so like you say, the moden system is different to the simple biological model
what is more

feminism has reinforeced the false, artificial differences and demanded that women be treated as the equals they are not.

we are different ,so stop the equal nonsense.
when I worked as a roughneck on the oil rigs, I saw no women there,
when I was a Paratrooper, I saw no women there,
when I was a piledriver, I saw no women there,
when I was a labourer, I saw no women there………..

glass ceiling?
glass fucking floor more like, and they are too bloody scared to walk on it.

you show me a fucking screaming feminazi at a rally, loudspeaker in hand who HASNT driven there in a car built by men and running on fuel, drilled by men, distilled in plants built by men, on roads built by men, with materials prepared by men, mixed by men,
in shitty, fucking horrible conditions
I will eat my own shit infront of you.

we are not equal, from the biology to the society to the ideology, societies job is to be fare to everyone.
feminism has overtipped that balance, it is now
quite simply, unjust, just as it was against women in the old days, but that was indicative of the times and due to the power and physical strength of men.
We are now smart ENOUGH TO “BE NICE” TO YOU…IF
Society now it is to be farer, however, two wrongs dont make a right and so being shitty to men now, does not negate year sof being oppressed as women, what is more, if it ever came down to it, women would physically get flattened again.
so some on, lets play fare and respect each others differences and good points because if all these femitwats were shipped back a hundred years, they would get their arses whipped. quite litereally,
you KNOW they would. the society of the day wouldnt stand for it
just as the males of society today are stopping to stand for it.

you nice traditional birds, stay that way, just let us know your available earlier so we can settle for you without the shit of the others.
we like you! 🙂

personally, I have no problems with the concept of women, love sex and family, what I do however object to, is the practical application of said concepts by the society I live in
the way females are learning to utilise and twist this in a poisonous manner.
so, until the radical feminists are routed, society is changed laws are made, refuted and justice is reinstalled (if it ever was) then I am on strike and you stunning birds can stay on my calender and annoy the femitwats, as the poor, highly paid rich victims they are, whilst I continue to ignore you fat, ticking swamp donkeys with happy impunity.
I am free of you all
go suck that feminists.
we are free……..
go stare at those empty prams and weep.

I enjoyed that.


At 12:54 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

oh dear, I have just visited carolines blog……..
oh dear.


At 1:00 AM, dimestein said…

I find it quite humorous that women find this blog, fail to understand what it’s all about and then make comments that amount to nothing but idiotic non-sequiturs.

Are they blinkered or what?


At 4:25 AM, caroline said…

Outcast Superstar

What is the definition of a good hard working man?

I would think my comment clearly points out that my viewpoint is from a scientific one rather then feministic one.

The sexual need of human males and females over time has been research. I am sure you will find some base for what is more likely to be the actual case and not a personal opinion for this by searching the net.

On monogamy, this link gives some basis to form an opinion on.


At 5:03 AM, Anonymous said…

Concerning wives putting out only when hubby gives them expensive crap, here’s actual testimony from men from the immortal site:

1. “I can remember my last blowjob like it was yesterday. Actually it was six years ago the day before I got married. Sex then was four to five times a week. Now I have a four year old son who sleeps in my bed with my wife more nights a week than I do. Sex now maybe once a month. Triple that for vacation sex. I have noticed that the rate goes up for a short period of time but drops off quickly when large purchases are made (house, Landrover, shopping sprees, new floors, etc).

2. “My wife was a frigid, shriveled bitch. Before we were married, we had plenty of sex, but as soon as we passed the six month mark after our wedding, she stopped being interested. My wife only fucks when she ‘feels sexy.’ Translation: when I give her jewelery. She is just a withered old bag at the age of 35.”

3. “My wife reached a point where she only uses sex to get something, and she doesn’t happen to want anything at the moment.

Any questions?


At 5:24 AM, Panzer said…

I will probably get flak from this but here it comes. To all who are “railing” on these women that posted comments, hey take it easy. Dont get me wrong, letting them have it is good to do, at times. Ive done it myself(Caroline I was easy on, Julie however I tore in to), but sometimes they do have something to say.

Maybe they want to debate the issue, or have a serious question, or maybe they just want to voice their opinion. Either way, if they act civil, I say fair enough, lets treat them that way. If they come off all nasty and sour, respond in kind, fight fire with fire. Im not downing anyone, hell like I said I have done this too.

Sure were angry, bitter, and downright pissed off, but hey were men, and the fact is we can reason. Well thats my two cents, feel free to let me have it. Oh and Caroline, about your post stating women dont need sex as much as men. In a pigs eye ;).



At 5:52 AM, HAWKEYE said…

having had some experience with the recovery of “new” diamonds,
love them or hate them they are a fantastic investment .
easily sold,easily transported,and best of all can be sold tax free.
which is a great thing if you are trying to hide wealth and assets from your ex or the tax man


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous said…


Christ almighty you’re a fucking idiot.

And you wonder men are swearing off settling down with misguided, irrelevant, irrational cunts like you.

The mind boggles,



At 7:16 PM, Anonymous said…

It is not good to insult Caroline. Be polite.

A man is entitled to get sex from his wife.


At 8:15 PM, Panzer said…

“when I was a Paratrooper.”

I knew it! I knew you were military Carrot-tripe. Hey were you ststioned in Germany, if so, Where at?



At 3:33 AM, caroline said…

Anonymous Jay

If you understood my view on monogamy you would see that I do not at all wonder why men swear of settling down.

I have clearly pointed out I believe it is unnatural.

Christ almighty seems irrelevant.

So does calling someone a fucking idiot but please rationalize.


At 3:35 AM, Anonymous said…

panzer: This is why women own men in life. You’ve got guys like you coming here begging to “lay off” women, when they’ve mastered the art of mental attacks perfectly. A competent women will rarely show her “fire” so that you can fight her in the same fashion, instead she will use a slow acting poison, much as Caroline has been using the entire time. It is a man’s nature to bring arguments out in the open, it is a women’s nature to hide in the shadows and strike from there. This is why the work environment is terrible and why women enjoy it so much, they’re basically poachers with high powered guns, and men are the hapless prey. If a man fights back the only way he knows how, all the other hunters converge, and they delight in destroying the male. The higher ups also will side with the females. This is why men just swallow their pride these days, keep their heads down and just shut women out and try to get all their work done. Meanwhile women enjoy work until they get bored of it, and then demand out at 30. You have a few senseless fools taking enjoyment from spinsters at 35+, but what has the man gained over the female even at that age? A female for the first 30 years of her life lives a charmed existance. A man can at best say his life is tolerable, and perhaps even enjoyable in his 30s, but his physical prime has long gone, and he still needs to labor to support himself and initiate contact with others if he wants it, and then he still will not get the favors an attractive woman in her late teens and her twenties is accustomed to.


At 5:31 AM, Rob Fedders said…

On the “women don’t need sex as much as men” theory…

– Each day, women spend extra time in the shower with the loofa so that their skin is exfoliated & fresh (to be sexy), she uses special scented soaps she spent a fortune on at the Body Shop (to make her sexier) and then she rubs lotion all over herself so keep her skin soft and young (sexier)

– Each day women spend extra time in the shower conditioning-shampooing-rinsing repeating etc. etc. so that their hair is shiny and whatnot else (to be sexy)

– Each day, women spend time blow drying, then mousing, then hairspraying their hair into a specific style (to be sexy)

– Each day women paint a new face over top of their real face: redder lips = sexier, foundation/clearer skin = sexier, false eyelashes = sexier, eyeliner/eyeshadow etc. etc. etc. = sexier, sexier, sexier

– Each day women put on perfume, to make her smell better = sexier

– Each day, women put on a bra which contorts her breasts into a different than natural shape = sexier

– Women with tummy tubbage pull on control top panties/pantyhose to suck in their gut so it looks flat = sexier

– If she has a flat tummy (or even not), she will pull on some stringy lacy bikini panties or a thong – because it makes her feel sexier.

– Women each day agonize over what clothes to wear and how it will make their breasts, hips and ass appear because they want to appear sexier.

– Before she leaves the house, she pulls on her high heeled shoes which make her taller and unnaturally change the contours of her calves for the whole day, even though it is painful to do so… she does it because it makes her look sexier!

– She arrives in public where she has worked out, into a fine art, the craft of subtle touches, gestures, glances and words directed towards to men, to make them think she is sexy.

– She tells all the men that she really “does herself up for other women”, not men… and this is true, in a typical sly, double think way – she does herself up to be sexier to men, and then she lords her superior sexiness over other females who have not obtained a sexy status equal to hers – but she is also green with envy and red with rage at females who outrank her sexiness by attracting more male attention than her. So yes, she dresses up for the females, to play the competition game of who can attract the most males – by being sexy.

– When she goes out for lunch, she looks at the menu and chooses a salad with no dressing because she’s on a diet and wants to lose 5 pounds – not for health reasons, mind you, but because it will make her look sexier.

– After spending the day competing with other women in the game of who can attract the most male attention, she arrives home and takes a warm bubble bath because it makes her feel sexier.

– After getting out of the tub, she picks up the phone and calls one of her girlfriends and yacks endlessly about the men she met that day, her boyfriend, his penis size, his performance, the guy she likes on the side, her ex-boyfriend, her bestfriend who she would like to stab in the back by seducing her boyfriend, and how annoyed she is that the Brad Pitt look-a-like she’s been flirting with for months now still doesn’t pay attention to her…

– Then she will curl up in bed with her cat, wearing a satiny teddy that makes her feel sexy, and read the latest edition of Cosmo, which has articles about applying rouge between her breasts to make her cleavage more noticeable, and she will peruse an add for a bra that will make her nipples appear hard 24hrs a day…

– Finally, she will turn on the TV to watch the evening news and she will watch a segment about new research done by the University of Estrogen, where Dr. Fallopian has done research which shows that men think about sex every 15 seconds, therefore proving that men are not nothing more than walking erections that are out of control and ready to rape at a moments notice (while all Dr. Fallopian did was “discover” via questionable research methods, that men think about, or engage in, sexual activity for an average of 1.5hrs a day, and then divided it down by the total number of hours in a day, to demonize men’s sexuality.)

– And as princess falls off to sleep, hugging her pillow, wishing it were that handsome prince who would make her feel sexy, her thoughts shoot back to those scummy non-prince men thinking about sex every 15 seconds and her last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are: “Men are pigs, all they think about it sex.”

Lol! There is no bigger fraud that women have pulled off than the silly notion that men are horndogs who think about sex all the time while women have no such thoughts! If men spend 1.5hrs a day thinking about or engaging in sexual activity, JUST EXACTLY HOW MANY HOURS A DAY DO WOMEN SPEND TRYING TO LOOK SEXY, ACT SEXY, TALK ABOUT SEX, THINK ABOUT SEX, OR ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY???

If anyone tells me it is less than 1.5hrs a day, I’ll show you the biggest bullshitter on the web. It seems to me that women are an out of control bundle of hormones and they probably think about being sexy, or about sex/engaging in sex at least once every 5 to 10 seconds! They are out of control!

Sex is a woman’s game and she knows it better than men!


At 3:26 PM, byrdeye said…

So, to paraphrase caroline – women have lower biological sex drives then men. Well, that is scientifically true (it’s largely based on testosterone levels – which women have 20X less)…so why all the fuss here? Isn’t she right?

Why do you think we have a sex industry all over the world with women on the supply-side?


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous said…

There is no bigger fraud that women have pulled off than the silly notion that men are horndogs who think about sex all the time while women have no such thoughts! If men spend 1.5hrs a day thinking about or engaging in sexual activity, JUST EXACTLY HOW MANY HOURS A DAY DO WOMEN SPEND TRYING TO LOOK SEXY, ACT SEXY, TALK ABOUT SEX, THINK ABOUT SEX, OR ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY???

It’s not just that, but if men supposedly think about sex all the time how could they create, build, or achieve ANYTHING in society. How could men design, engineer, test, deploy, etc… all the marvelous tools and systems women take for granted in our culture, if all men did was think about sex. If anything the fact that women believe that tripe (men thinking about sex every waking moment) seals the deal that women are as stupid as bricks.

Great post BTW!


At 8:05 PM, Anonymous said…

rob: typical of women though, they don’t really want to have sex. They just want to use the illusion of it to control men. Just as I don’t want to hit women, I just want the threat of it to keep them in line. Until that is legal, or women can behave on the same moral ground as men, I’m avoiding them in general.


At 9:15 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

oh, and while on about it, just to point something out with regards the “womens low sex drive” and this is gospel!
whilst in N.Ireland, my then girl, Lorraine got left behind in the block one morning as we had had a skinful of beer and she stayed over in my transit accommodation as we were due to leave there in a while and all our stuff was in boxes, so still pissed up at around 4-5 am I left her the money for the taxi home, and left her in my quarter so she could sleep it off whilst I had to travel away for a couple of weeks via uk leave.
so I go, pissed, give money, she stays.

some weeks later I come back, she is on campus again I meet her, she is a bit weird, trys saying that I was with my “girlfriend” at home and I am like, er, no thats you and your here….she finally chilled, we made out like rabbits, I then got posted down to the police station I was to work out of for the next couple of months……where I soon realised that when it all got to much for me and I needed a release, upon lookin down, I couldnt help but notice the pink tinge to my semen, oh and the burning sensation…..

I was then ordered to go the hospital in an unmarked car…great.

then it was a mini buss…….ok, whatever…….

then, apparently, and luckily, there was a troop transport heading there the same day! how handy, what a coincidence! … not!

the troop was my platoon.

after I had left in the morning, lil miss oh so cold female, decided to explore the block…….’
bye the end of the weekend she had done twosomes, thressomes, had a mate over, didnt leave the block at all and shagged just over 13 of the blokes, continually over the weekend.

she got banned from campus as a health hazard!!!! by the medics, whilst we were getting sorted out for the shit we had. I kid you fucking not.
however, since her dad was in the UDR (Ulster Defence Regiment) he use d to come into a different part of the campus to us for his work….
so he used to smuggle her into the campus under a blanket on the back seat, and since she was banned from our bar, she then used to try and get into the families bar and shag the married men.
sweet fucking jesus……
lower sex drive?
which fucking planet?
I have LOADS of experiences of females liek this, since I appear (to everyone else) of having had one hell of a life.

oh and the creme de la creme?
this is class.
she apparently had kids, they had been taken into car after they had been “molested” by a parent.
the father got the blame and went down for a long time…….
now that part as always left me feeling uncomfortable, since If I was to think of a fucked up peado, nympho twat who was so messed up that they would even mess with little kids, then it would have had to be her. the guy I never met, but
Ill let you ponder, since these are just my random words from a stranger , a bloke, on a keyboard.
but that is unpleasant thinking.

ok tara


At 12:46 AM, Sue said…

I can’t speak for other girls, but let me tell you the honest-to-goodness truth, from one woman’s point of view. I can say this without blushing because I’m hiding behind my computer.

I have always desired intimacy, and yes, that includes sexual intimacy. Love must come first, but I am aroused pretty much all of the time I’m not occupied at work. I take care of the problem privately and on a quite regular basis.

I am hopelessly attracted to blokes, always have been, and always will be. I have never slept around, and never will, but that doesn’t change the desire. For a woman who isn’t a trollop, it’s hard to separate sexual desire from love and the desire to be protected, but the desire is there. For a normal woman, the desire to submit, to be “taken” by a strong man is sooo intense. To give myself so freely requires so much trust, and I think this is why so many women are sexually dysfunctional. They have been taught to not trust men, and the result is that the average girl can’t achieve her sexual potential because she can’t let go.

So, don’t let these experts fool you. Normal, well-adjusted women crave sex, and yes, they crave not just the intimacy, but the big “O”.


At 1:03 AM, Panzer said…

Anon 3:35 am, I read your post and you are right. Women are deceitful, thats dead true. When women come here to debate the topics, have questions, or give their opinions on the issues, lets give them an honest response. If they come off as civil and respectful, hey fair is fair.

If they come here full of insults, shaming language, and general nastiness, by all means hammer them into the dirt! Do whatever it takes to let them know that you are full of piss and gasoline and that you are not going to tolerate their shit. I am behind this movement 100%, and maybe some of these women can help. Feminism is geared towards women, what happens when women stop falling for its lies, if you cut off the head the rest of the monster will die. I knew I was going to catch flak for that post, and with regards to your response, thank you.



At 7:57 PM, Lisa said…

My grooming habits are definitely about helping me feel more sexy. I like to have my hair nice and smelling like vanilla or lilacs beats dish soap, hands down. As Sue mentioned, I think about sex often. I just don’t want to do ‘it’ often. It’s not that I’m waiting for my husband to buy me a trinket. My wedding ring is the only jewelry I own or care to own. The momentum killer for me is that my husband’s grooming rituals aren’t very consistent. He’ll walk around with smelly work out clothes and unbrushed teeth for hours. I try to have my ‘A’ game on for him so I can be a turn on for him and he’s farting, belching, blowing his nose like a trumpet and scratching something or other. If you need to scratch it, I seriously doubt whether you should be sharing it at the moment. He always says “he’s just adjusting.” I’m not deaf. I know what scratching sounds like.

I love it when my husband looks at me with smoldering eyes and wish he’d try to give me something to smolder over more often…and not just 5 minutes before he wants to jump my bones.

Someone mentioned how sex dies down after marriage. It happened to us. I’ll tell you what though, I never heard my husband’s biological functions so much while we were dating. When he showed up at my door, he always smelled fabulous (not cologne, just clean him). I’m not saying men need to be perfect all of the time. But I don’t think it’s fair to suggest women are not having sex with men strictly because they are using sex as a power play. There are ways men could make themselves more of a turn on without glitter or gold.


At 8:54 PM, Lisa said…

A few more thoughts on why marriage sex is strained. Let me share an average Saturday at my house. I think many married women can relate.

6:00 a.m. Baby wakes up. Husband snores through her cries. I tiredly scoop up baby and begin the day.
7:30 a.m. Husband comes joins the land of the living, farts and announces he has to ‘drop a load’.
7:45 a.m. I grab a quick shower while husband watches the baby only to find short and curlies stuck to the bar of soap I use on my face. Apparently my husband decided to use it to clean his wanker the previous day.
8:00 a.m. Return to my husband and baby to find infant daughter playing with a discarded dirty diaper that husband failed to throw away while said husband is absorbed in something on television.
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Play with infant daughter while husband remains one with the television.
10:00 a.m. Husband rises from the couch (still unshaven and wearing old pj’s) and proudly announces he might be able to drop another load. Grabbing a magazine, he heads to the bathroom to give it a whirl.
11:00 a.m. Husband emerges from the bathroom, fully empty, looking for new food to start the process all over again.
12:00 p.m. Husband finally makes it to the shower to clean up a bit.
12:30 p.m. I slip in to the bathroom for my afternoon tooth brushing to find husband’s dirty boxers, pajama pants and towel wadded on the floor. Toothpaste fossils line the sink. An empty bottle of mouthwash remains on the counter.
12:45 p.m. I use the toilet only to discover there is no paper. Just a cardboard tube remains.
1:00 p.m. Husband announces the day is half over and ‘we’ should go out and do something. I understand why he feels that way since he’s been on the couch even though I’ve been ‘doing’ laundry, housework and tending to baby. We go out only to find ourselves navigating in traffic that prompts my husband to swear frequently and demand why I didn’t come up with a better way to go before we left the house.
3:00 p.m. Back home for infant daughter’s nap, husband is hungry again and decides to take a loaf of bread and tub of peanut butter for a snack in front of the television. He’s chosing this over left-over baked chicken in mushroom sauce.
4:30 p.m. Infant daughter is awake and finds daddy’s peanut butter knife as the plate, bread loaf and peanut butter jar are still out and waiting for his motherly wife to sweep down and put them away for him.
4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Husband plays with infant daughter while loving wife makes dinner. Infant daughter is found playing in the cat’s water as husband has been distracted by the television yet again.
5:30 p.m. Husband sits down to dinner and squirms to release a doosy of a fart (amplified by the wooden chair) because “he just couldn’t hold it in.” Husband then proceeds to down a dinner that took and hour to prepare in under 7 minutes with no eye contact and no conversation. Husband’s eyes are glued to the plate and the fork is in nonstop motion.
6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Husband and I play with infant daughter and prepare her for bed.
8:00 p.m. Infant daughter is tucked away. Husband looks at me with “do you wanna” eyes. Um. Nope.

I’m sorry. The Hope Diamond couldn’t get me in the mood after all of that. Besides, trinkets as motivators are silly to many wives. Most realize a gift from their husband is coming from ‘the couples’ money. I’d be ticked if I had to scrimp on groceries b/c my husband bought be a diamond necklace.

I’m not a man hater. Not in the least. And I don’t expect a person to be picture perfect and fart free at all times. For God’s sake though, can’t I be spared from some of this? I’m oddly horney on the days my husband comes home after having a haircut. His ears are no longer under siege and his eyebrows no longer look like bookshelves. What does that tell you gentlemen? I’m not trying to be superficial, but throw us a little eye candy from time to time!


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous said…

We bash women a lot on this forum (often with good reason), but posts such as Lisa’s should remind us that sometimes there is a flip side to the coin. We tend to assume the worst about women and the best about men, but as a man, I can vouch for the slovenliness and cleanliness and hygiene problems a lot of men choose to have, especially after marriage. And yes, it is a choice. It is as bad as the changes in personality we say many women have after marriage. For those who actually do have a decent wife or girlfriend, as few as those might seem, men need to do their part on their personal care too.

A decent relationship, if you have one, should work both ways.


At 11:44 PM, Sue said…

Oh, Lisa! That’s is one of the funniest things I have ever read!I’m going to copy it off and show it around! Well, maybe I won’t show it around. I don’t want to fire up the flames of man-hating any further. So, I’ll copy it off and keep it to myself and read it on the days that I’m especially lonely. But, that was cute. You write so well.


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous said…

Lisa, maybe if you’d married a “nice guy” instead of a “sure he’s a bad boy, but he’s sooo strong” you wouldn’t be having this little rant.

I’m sure that if your hubby darling was prim and proper, always swapped out the TP roll etc, you’d find something else to moan about or just not find him attractive anymore and go and fuck a few bad boys.


At 12:56 PM, Lisa said…

I about spit my tea out when I read the part about how I should have married a nice guy instead of “sure he’s a bad boy but he’s so strong.” I’ve never even dated a bad boy in my life. Okay, once. He was a good looking pain in the ass and I decided if I suddenly went blind an alliance with him would have absolutely no perks. My husband is the stereotypical computer programmer who cares little about fashion, cars and sports. He is the nice guy women dream about in many ways. Always helping neighbors with stuff, calls his mom, loves his grill, etc. If he’s not a genius, he’s darn near close. I admire a lot of things about my husband.

My point wasn’t to bash men. And Sue, I’m not a man hater. My intention was to show how both parties change in a relationship after marriage and how important it is to be aware of that fact. Many wives do love their husbands and are sexually inclined without the stimulation of a trinket. Seriously though, I feel like my husband wants a mother 90% of the time and a lover the remaining 10. I joke with my husband all of the time about it, actually. When he farts like he’s in some sort of contest or leaves snotty Kleenexes and aging banana peels all over the place, I ask him if that is something he would have considered doing on our first date or before he got me in the sack for the first time (which wasn’t the first date). His response. HECK NO. Why? I’m sure he realized at the time it would have been a major turn off and possibly a deal breaker. What is it about marriage vows that makes a man believe some switch has been flipped in a woman where she is now going to be turned on regardless of what she sees, hears or smells? I’m not saying I’ve never been gross in front of my husband. It happens when you live together. I just try to keep the not so sexy stuff to a minimum. My reward. He’s turned on by what he sees and I’m left with the enormous task of trying to forget the “oh yes” he yelped out after the sonic boom he released in the bathroom prior to joining me in bed.


At 4:18 PM, Anonymous said…

“It’s so not worth it. My ex used to love getting diamond earrings. After we divorced, she left her jewelry box open and the cat got in there and ate most of them. The ex was unaware of this, but didn’t want the cat anymore.

Long story short, I take the cat. It’s clearly sick. I leave it at the vet for three days and that little bastard shit out all those earrings. The vet cleaned them up and returned them to me.

My whole life I wanted love and money – you know; the goose that laid the golden egg. I ended up divorced with a cat who shits diamonds.

Sometimes life works out after all.”

That’s hilarious, dude. COOL!



At 10:40 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

hahahh oh Lisa, that is an absolutely class posting, yep, blokes are human too, but Im taking it with a pinch of creative salt since I fail to believe that every single action began/finished on the exact 1/2 past or 1/4 past/to the hour……..
apart from eating.
7 minutes?

did you time that one precisely?
me wonders why not everything then, or would he have become suspicious of the stop watch and the score cars, if not, then maybe you should have bonked him aswell, for us to score him points! 🙂

anyway, piss taking aside, yep, you raise perfectly valid points, from one side. No defence of him,however I did laugh my arse off at your post. mainly because I do most if not all of those things the same.
dontchya just love us blokes?
who could say no eh?
er, ah yes, I’m single, so I can

Yes, cheers Lisa its good to hear how the other half lives and you do have totally valid points and maybe need to fire a rocket up his arse, but that is at a lower interpersonal level, but that doesnt help us guys and our societal level of problems.

Still, its good to know that there are women out there willing to tolerate some of (if maybe not necessarily all of those at the same time) type of shortfallings.
for all his shortfallings and your annoyance with them, it does sound like you still blindly love the fool.
well Id like to think you still do, since we aint woman haters here (well, not all of us! :O) and it is nice to know that the dream of tolerant understanding women is still alive out there…..but, um
sorry if you tolerating more than your fare share, but , he is farting scratching and belching, he can work on that, hes not shagging, dealing and whoring, so you cant really have everything can you>
when you do find the perfect match , you can rest assured , that you are in fact dead, and have gone to heaven.
no sex
and thanks for the laugh, you cheered me up. hee hee


At 2:11 AM, Lisa said…

Schpengle, I’m glad I gave you a giggle. Truly. Getting pissy about things doesn’t fix anything. My post was meant to be funny and I can see the humor in my husband’s behaviour. You got me. The times I used were round about approximations. Although, now that I live with an infant, things surprisingly do happen on the hour and half hour. I’m one of those parents who hopes to schedule my way out of the chaos.

I also know my post does nothing to solve the social problems you lively bunch of gents have voiced. Essentially, it probably only helps any married guys out there improve their chances of a little late night nookie. As for my husband’s side, I think he would laugh his tail off if he read what I wrote. He makes a habit of saying “Honey, I love you” after a particularly bad fart. He knows I took one for the team. I do love my hubby, thanks for noticing. I didn’t just marry him for one reason. I married him for several. On the days where he is coming up a little short in one area, I focus on another area where he is still holding strong. And though I get a little tired of the symphony of bodily functions, they are less of a grievance than infidelity.

By the way, many of the women you are bashing on this site sound like the ones I encountered while living in Dallas, Texas for a few years. You might as well provide a social security number so they can get the credit check and income verification out of the way. If you are ever in the great state of Texas, stick with the enchiladas.


At 1:18 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

hee hee, cheers Lisa, oh me! I really like this site, I have never found a site so worthwhile in my online existance. I dont surf, I just do my work on the net, download tools etc and blog and contact friends.
so this is great
Duncans got a great blog with a mighty fine style and probably the only worthy topic in society that relates to me that I can…, relate to.
yes thats to to me.

so cheers for the nice reply oh and sorry if I appear to “bash” women, its just the women I comment on that I bash, and the societies potrayal of women that I bash and how we are treated that I bash.

I come from a working class area of Wales and some of thier actions have to be seen to be believed (or felt if you were foolish enought to turn your back on one in the dark) but I dont want to bash

because like a lot of the blokes here, brought up to defend, protect etc, I personally actually have an inner turmoil over the whole thing.

The ONLY biological reason for me being on this planet is to procreate.
thats it.
the rest is fun and fear and frollicks for me.
find mate, breed, protect brood, breed again, defend,
feed, fuck, fight, in rude terms.
the only overiding thing is
self preservation, since If I dont survive, how on earth can I procreate.
so , avoid danger or attack the source and defeat it.


I am now born into and presented with a society were, in order to protect myself and survive injury, I MUST avoid the secondary mission of procreation and the whole shebang that goes with it.
I must survive.

hence the turmoil – we are fucked.

in order to precreate we are supposed to lower our defences and get savaged by a potential enemy in order to procreate and survive>>?

I think not!

We are men, not Praying Mantis’ or some creepy spiders.

so can you see our problem>?

while the feminist blogs are full of hate, most blokes here are more like …”Dude, that is like so fucked up! stay the fuck away from them, its all you can do dude…”

sucks panda balls through a very narrow straw really doesnt it?

ah well, at least we can all be good mates and chat to each other as we happily sail down extinction alley…….and the cheery lil muslim nations start to mass produce burkahs for the remaining females.

man, they are going to have one hell of a shock, still at least we cant see the dungarees and the skinhead on the ugly dykes under them things…..
I just feel sorry for the Arabs!

hee hee
tootle pip all and cheers girls, for, well just being tolerant girls, women , whatever you want to be called


At 12:12 AM, man0war said…

Of course women love sex… just not with their husbands!


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