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03 January 2007


What to do: Get a group of friends or family together and ask everyone to draw a bicycle in a couple of minutes. Do NOT tell them why! When they’re finished, compare everyone’s drawings.

On average, the men’s bikes should be mechanically accurate and workable, but women tend to draw bikes that don’t work – for example, the pedals might be in the wrong place, or the bike chain might be connected wrongly. Don’t let anyone who has already read this article do the test as they will already know what you are looking for and that will mess up the results.

The science bit: Rebecca Lawson, a psychologist from the University of Liverpool, has tested both people who had little experience with bicycles and those who had extensive experience of riding and fixing bikes – the “experts”. She found that within both the expert and the amateur groups men drew better working bikes than women. But there is as yet no clear explanation for these results.

It doesn’t seem to be due to men generally having more experience with bikes because expert female cyclists didn’t draw better bikes than men with less experience. However, the bicycle-drawing test is used by psychologists as a test of mechanical reasoning, so this result suggests that on average men might be better at mechanical reasoning than women.

This would fit with the theory of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University that the male brain is hard-wired for understanding and building systems, while the female brain is better at empathising and understanding people. Prof Baron-Cohen’s theory also suggests that autism is an extreme version of the male brain – interested only in systems and unable to understand people.

From this article (page 2)

I’m sure fembots would have a great time coming with explanations for this experiment’s results, no doubt involving claims of oppression, the Patriarchy and obvious victimhood for womyn.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Prof Baron-Cohen ends up like Larry Summers, hounded out of his job by screeching feminists, although I see he’s insisted women are great at “empathy” (Hah! Yeah, right!) no doubt just to keep the fembots from fuming too much.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:39 PM


At 12:52 AM, Anonymous said…

Well…this just proves that you’re sexist!


At 1:51 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

hee hee hee,
nice one Dunc,
I see you are truly on a mission
lurve it laydies!
I cant wait till the future and all the women get equal rights and move into the construction industry, just to watch the buildings collapse as the ambulances rush along the pot holed roads (also built by female labourers…..years behind schedule) to save the sisters, before running out of petrol, since petrol (thats gas to you yankee peasents :D) production has been cut due to all the female work force having dermatitis, so they drape the casualties over the handlebars of their boyfriends bicycles (since, like women in Saudi, men wont be allowed to drive cars)…..
just to throw her chain, miss a gear and fall off,
Unable to repair it, with no bloke coming anywhere near her to help, for fear of a bogus rape charge if he cant get it done and refuses to pay for a taxi for her ….(even just an accusation carries a mandatory castration and life sentance)

ah yes, the feminists future is pink, unfortunately , pink needs cogs and gears to work.
we do them
and we are going to simply sit back
and laugh
our pink butts off at you.
hee hee

if we dont play you are stuffed.
so be nice laydees
fuck off.


At 4:15 AM, Anonymous said…

Well, frankly I feel sick….


At 5:10 AM, pete said…

Dunc, you’re stretching… a feminist wouldn’t think so linearly. That’s patriarchal, yaknow.

“Well, women are better at understanding people so we need more of them in higher office and more men (spit) down in the boiler room!”

Remember, to a feminazi, the truth she feels is usually the exact opposite of what is generally accepted as the truth.


At 5:22 AM, Anonymous said…

It also goes to show there’s another reason other than raw muscle why women generally aren’t employed in the trades.

Hell, I just had to fix my mouse to even post.

Certainly women can sew off a pattern, but who designed most of the dresses? They’re supposed to be able to cook, but the top chefs in the world are, well, chefs. As far as housework, it’s the Tidey Bowl man and Mr. Clean and Ajax himself. Just saying, men are even better at the roles historically relegated to women.

What classics of literature were written by women? It should be obvious by the overwhelming weight of evidence that Percy Bryce must have given Marry Shelly the manuscript of Frankenstein, merely because he was a tittering gay libertine who simply wanted her to go away.

All that female poets are good at writing about is their menstrual discharge, old age, and how much they hate men — much like female musicians, with the added caveat that they’re good at singing about what big sluts they are, while blaming it on men.

Female statesmen and leaders? I figure you know more about Thatcher and Elizabeth than I do, but throughout history from Marie Antoinette to that suicidal slut Cleopatra they’ve done nothing but harm.

All this to show that the one grace women entirely lack in this age is the one they need the most, humility. A virtue extolled by all the greatest rulers throughout history.


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous said…

plus he’s borat/ali g’s brother, pretty much making him a celebrity psychologist.


At 6:02 AM, Anonymous said…

make that “second cousin”


At 12:01 PM, Malikstarks said…

I don’t know if someone’s said this before but women function primarily on instinct. Men function primarily on logic and reasoning. Logic and reasoning govern the civilized world because it can be used for the collective good. Instinct governs the animal kingdom and is based on personal survival above all. This is why groups of men are usually noted mainly for their unity and teamwork. Groups of women for their gossiping, infighting and betrayal. Logic and reasoning can of course be taken to extremes, even by civilized nations (for example slavery in the U.S in the 18th and 19th century, or the holocaust).But instinct is an extreme unto itself, this is why feminism (which is basically an instinctual philosophy) is as dangerous as it is. Feminists have sought to point the finger at the now dead patriarchy for past atrocities that were committed, missing the point that first, it was the patriarchs themselves that corrected and atoned for such atrocities(i.e the civil war, and World War II, etc)and second even those atrocities had a level of reasoning behind it, in other words some segment of society stood to benefit(men and women). Feminism benefits no one, least of all women. It has subverted all of western society and at best served as a temporary ego boost to selfish, modern women.

I would also like to comment on the mangina professor who stated that women are better with their feelings and with understanding people. If this were the case how is it that almost all of the great song writers about love and all else have been men, not to mention poets,painters or sculptors. Feminists will of course argue that this is because women have been oppressed, but this doesn’t account for the fact that many of the greatest artists have been African American men who were far more oppressed in the United States than women have ever been.
Any time you’ve seen a great female singer it’s usually a man that has written or co-written her hit songs.

The truth is men commit first with their head, then with their heart. Men don’t talk about love and commitment, but when they have made the mental decision to go there, they do it in earnest. Women are obsessed with love their whole lives, but when given an actual person TO love (especially nice guys) their selfish nature shines thru despite their words.


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous said…

This is nature. Men and women are made differently.
It is NOT society that makes women what they are, it is nature.

Although some rare women might be very good at technical things.


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous said…

Try to write this in the wikipedia in the article “woman”. It is impossible.
Wikipedia is owned by feminists.

Try to write that women are childloving and that they wish mostly just children and nothing else: it is impossible.

Thanks to such scientists the truth is coming out.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous said…

I guess a fish still needs a bicycle more than a woman does 🙂


At 7:10 PM, Anonymous said…

All that female poets are good at writing about is their menstrual discharge, old age, and how much they hate men — much like female musicians, with the added caveat that they’re good at singing about what big sluts they are, while blaming it on men.

Many women have written great things.
I have read some myself.


At 7:32 PM, byrdeye said…

anonymous 5:22 am – read this

Now, you’ll know why generally speaking:

Men seek to better the world,
Women seek to better themselves.

Men seek to conquer the world,
Women seek to conquer Men.*

* this part paraphrased from “Pook”


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous said…

Baron-Cohen??? Those frickin Jews are causing problems everywhere!

Oh, wait… I’m one of them but I just sit around smoking weed and watching TV.



At 9:04 PM, Anonymous said…

I too refuse to believe women are more “understanding” or capable of “love.” Women are just great at talking about how they’re better at something and then whining about being oppressed (making excuses). I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who doesn’t think she’s a better writer than men are, including being better than Supreme Court justices and lawyers, because she “has a knack for it.” If you challenge a woman to compete before a neutral judge, she will refuse and demand she be allowed to judge both of your works herself. Absolutely ridiculous, it’s just an annoyance speaking with them a lot of the time.

If women are so understanding, why do women always talk about how it “reminds them of something that happened to them” and then go on about that? That doesn’t seem like understanding, that seems like talking about yourself.

I really don’t see women being better in anything that is even remotely productive. Quite frankly I don’t think they are better even at what they claim to be better at, PUAs are male and they are clearly better in terms of the mating game (relationships) than women are. The top cooks are male, professional cleaning crews tend to be male. All the top psychiatrists are male. What is it that women are great at again?


At 10:57 PM, VoodooJock said…

Once again, the scientific community proves what nature had already done thousands of years ago.

Ask any guy who runs a repair shop, he’ll tell you the exact same thing. Nothing may be wrong with a woman’s machine, but there will be hell to pay if you fix the fucking thing and she still ‘feels’ it’s wrong.


At 3:53 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

Thousands of women “missing” from top jobs

how very interesting,

hee hee

I have just posted a slightly humorous little monologue on what I think of that over on my blog if youd care to take a peak, I was going to do it here, BUt I seem to be hogging your bandwidth!
sorry about all the postings (well not really! its fun!) Its just that after feeling so like a cynical bastard for all these years, its a relief just to realise that I was one of the guys who wised up early, and now have somewhere to “hang out” in a cybery kinda way.

ah me.,

ok my

Whitty Monologue is here!

If your a bloke you should get the humour
if your a rabid feminist, you should get stuffed, or shot, or a life, or something…….mmmm
how about a playstation>?
great fun, you can kill cyber blokes all day long and them we dont have to tolerate your dungaree clad horror story haircuts on our streets, you can let all the nice laydees out to be pleasent instead
toodle pip


At 7:31 AM, Anonymous said…

Women are whizzes at things such as gemstones and jewelry, soap opera plots, clothing fashion, cosmetics, and similar unimportant rubbish—not to mention spending money. These take up all the brain cells that otherwise could be used for observing the real world around them and understanding important mechanical objects and principles. Most on this blog would agree that most women don’t have too many brain cells to spare anyway.

My brother worked as an auto mechanic and sold auto parts. He said he regularly saw female customers come in to get parts or service who didn’t even know what kind of car they were driving every day. “It’s parked right outside; can you look at it?” (Uh, no, sorry, lady. Figure what what you drive first, then come back for parts, cupcake. Or even better, send the same man who told you what parts you needed to buy the parts himself.)

An elderly mechanic with whom I discussed this said he could top that. He said he had had female customers who didn’t even know how many doors were on their car. One would tell him, “Oh, I’m sure it’s a four-door”—and when he would go to move the car into the shop, it would turn out to be a two-door. He said, “I guess they counted the hood and trunk [bonnet and boot] as doors!” But he also added, “Women usually have their minds on shopping.” His wife, who had assisted him for many years, simply nodded her head in disgust—and not at him.

Go to almost any of the automotive forums and you will commonly see discussion of how women have messed up their cars, typically by not doing maintenance and especially oil changes. They then can’t understand why their late-model car needs a new engine at 25,000 miles and why the dealer won’t simply replace it under warranty. “It’s the car’s fault! It’s a lemon!” the poor dears will cry.

The upshot is that the average woman has absolutely no comprehension of how their car or any other mechanical device works, what could be or go wrong with it, how important maintenance is, etc. As a result, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that women can’t draw a viable bicycle. They simply don’t have a clue about mechanical objects. But ask them to draw a pair of shoes or a tube of lipstick, and I’ll bet you get a different result!


At 10:25 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Off topic.

For those interested in the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax case, a lawsuit by student Kyle Dowd (not one of the accused) has just been launched against one of the group of 88. A feminist no less called Kim Curtis.

Check out KC Johnson’s blog for more coverage and download the pdf of the lawsuit here.


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous said…

Over the 40+ years of man-hating feminism, I have noticed that all misandrist feminist slogans have been more true of women then men.

We are told that divorce is rotten men leaving faithful loving wives for younger women. Anyone who doesn’t know that most divorce in the Englsih speaking world is adulterous women leaving their husbands for other men needs a brain transplant.

A women politician a few years ago said men aren’t capable of empathy, there is something missing in their brains. The gender which slaughters 1.5 million unborn babies, including sucking out the brains of babies capable of surviving outside the womb, certainly has no empathy. If anything, men have too much empathy, thus passing laws demanded by whining, belly-aching women when they shouldn’t.

Domestic violence. Women commit more of it than men do, ditto for violence directed against helpless, little kids. So much so if God hadn’t made women smaller than men, the human race would have ceased to exist millennium ago. Men know it is wrong, and have systems to protect women who are attacked by men.

In the late 80’s, at the Iowa Mental health Institute, they figured out 85% of serious domestic violence was mutual. Acting on this, and telling the men they knew it was mutual, they got most men to admit they shouldn’t hit back, but NEVER would a violent woman admit she shouldn’t hit her husband. They said, one and all, “It is not wrong to hit him when he makes me mad.” (The above in private conversation with an official around 1990. They tried to publish their findings in social worker journals, but the lesbians refused the articles.)

Selfish. Women have a patent on selfish. In fact, when a woman accuses a man of being selfish, what she means is he doesn’t spend all of his time and money on HER wants, feelings, and needs. Only a truly selfish bastard would ever consider his own feelings, wants, and needs when there’s a woman in the area, right? (except millions of marriage strikers, maybe.)

There are only two things I ever agreed with N.O.W. The first is exposure of women (and men, but they never mentioned that, what a surprise) in the electronics industry to dangerous chemicals.

The second one is that most men are stupid jerks. If they weren’t there would be no surviving feminists.

Anonymous age 64


At 10:06 PM, Javier said…

I was driving home from work the other day, and heard a commercial on the radio. I wasn’t really paying attention until I realized it was an ad about teaching boys that violence against women is wrong. I did a Google search afterwards, and found a few articles about the commercial. It turns out it’s actually a SERIES of ads aimed solely at men/boys committing domestic violence and ways to stop it. Nothing, zip, zilch, nadda about women instigating the act. Here are some links:

Link 1
Quote: “Men teach boys how to hit a baseball, hit the net, hit the receiver, and much more. But are men taking the time to teach boys that violence against women and girls is wrong? The Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF), the Waitt Institute and the Advertising Council have released a new 30-second public service advertisement (PSA) for television that invites men to do so. It is the newest component of the Coaching Boys Into Men campaign, launched in 2002.”

Link 2
Quote: “[…] find tips on how to talk with young boys about violence against women and girls.”


At 6:43 PM, julie said…


Thanx for the links. They are very useful.


At 12:02 AM, pissed off said…

Speaking of domestic violence, has anyone seen this video?


At 1:56 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

mmm is that sue?

ah cant be there was bloke foolish enough to get close and listen to the tit….. and thats what happened.
a bit like here really

…..I wonder what the police woman thought?


At 6:08 PM, Anonymous said…

Women are just stupid, that explains all.



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