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05 January 2007

£7million spent on consultants who advise civil servants to put ‘black tape on desks’

Black tape has been put on the desks of civil servants to show them where to put their pens as part of a £7m Government ‘efficiency’ drive.

It is the latest idea from consultants being paid to come up with so-called innovative ideas to improve the working environment of public sector staff.

Ah yes, the wonderful and whacky feminist-dominated public sector and its never ending campaign to waste as much taxpayers money on pointless shit as possible.

I know the private sector can come up with stupid ideas, like endless and pointless team-building exercises, but at least its their own money they’re wasting, not taxpayer’s.

The civil service screeches for more money if it feels it hasn’t got enough, and if they have got enough they’ll waste it and screech for more.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:44 PM


At 9:37 PM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

“ them where to put their pens as part of a £7m Government ‘efficiency’ drive.”

Are they having a fucking laugh? Efficiency is spending £7 million on black tape?
What the fuck next? £10 million on putting an ‘x’ for the post it notes?



At 9:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Maybe we should give more money (taxes) to the public sector because they are seriously lacking funds and women’s rights are still not up to par. With more money they can ‘actually‘ spend more on useful things.

With all this money, the government can finally operate on a good level and we, single men, can leave before the entire system collapses. That way, all good single men who fled, can be sitting on a tropical beach not giving a damn.

Sometimes I wonder if we SHOULD give women more rights, money, but stay away from marriage or dating. That way when we have enough money we can take off and laugh hysterically all the way knowing that western women are NEVER! EVER! satisfied; but we’re satisfied.

Feminist Greed = More money = more stupid taxes to burden men and get this, tax women, too. Funny, ain’t it?


At 10:06 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…


still better spent there than on abortions and man hating media literature……..

I guess……..mmmmbut hang on,
how about something…..oooh, I dont know,


come on guys,lets do a list!

If you had 7 mill and a free budget
how would YOU spend it to correct the society we inhabit with the sistahhhhs

hee hee, lets have some fun!
let the list begin, oh and dont bother with any fine numeracy or anything, since women tend not to count anyway, unless ITs a CSA cheques payment they are trying to balance.

mm, 7 million, let me think…uuuumm


At 11:33 PM, dimestein said…

All the more reason to look in too the policies of the UK Independence Party.

They are the only right wing party left who want to dismantle the bureaucracy that fuels the social engineering that the 3 major parties love to indulge in.


At 1:16 AM, Benjamin G. said…

I’m all against the government controlling every minutiae of life and I’m sorry that you UK folk have to deal with this gross misuse of tax-payer’s money.

But what, exactly, does this have to do with feminism?


At 1:45 AM, Rob Fedders said…

It is estimated that EVERY government operation uses 30% more money in EVERY operation than the private sector.

I worked for a summer once, fighting forest fires for the government, and I personally think a 30% inefficiency rate is a gross understatement! It was disgusting!

Think about that… EVERY School, EVERY Police Station, EVERY Hospital, EVERY FUCKING GOVERNMENT SERVICE!!! They waste 30% more money than the average private would on the same job!

Therefore, when one day the outraged public rises up to string these arrogant fuckers up from a lamp-post, some government official would spend $40.00 on a hemp rope, while I (as a private citizen) would just spend $30.00 on bailer twine and hang them with that!


At 2:22 AM, Cornholio Mangus said…

Oooh oooh! I have some black tape! Can I have some of that cash?


At 8:39 AM, FredXblog said…

You’re right to highlight this Duncan

Incidentally- there are various other uses black tape has that would be far better utilised

Like taping the mouths of femhags- why, our ears could do with a rest from their repetitive whinging

They also might as well tape up their pussy’s, after all- no real man would go near those vile beasts lol

Anyway, glad to see your still going strong my friend



At 9:28 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

Get this extract from the article:

“Staff representatives described the idea, which is being piloted by hundreds of staff who process National Insurance payments, as ‘madness’. They point out that shift workers share desks – so must repeatedly adjust the black tape, depending on the length of their arms.

But Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – which is paying consultants 7.4m for so-called Lean programme – said the tape would help to keep desks clear of clutter. Officials said it is ‘much better to work in a tidy work environment where everything has its place’.

A HMRC spokesman, attempting to defend the outlay, said: ‘Part of the Lean processing is to clear the workplace and only keep essential items to hand. ‘This is in line with the workstation ergonomics training that all our staff receive and complies with the display screen equipment regulations (2002).

‘The markers on desks are used to demonstrate that it is much better to work in a tidy work environment where everything has its place. Staff involved have confirmed they prefer the tidier workspace.'”

Everything you need to know about the crazy world of waste and bureaucracy is in that extract, isn’t it? Ordinary workers applying simple common sense and pointing out the lunacy of the proposals, only to be slapped down by brain-dead parrots further up the ladder who insist it is all wonderful. It must be wonderful because it is in compliance with some pathetic little piece of pettyfogging legislation that assumes overwhelming importance just because a bunch of similarly unthinking morons put it on the statute book when they couldn’t find anything more productive to do.

Plus of course the now mandatory lie from official sources that “staff have confirmed they prefer the tidier workspace” in flat contradiction of what staff have said earlier in the article.

Welcome to the madhouse that is the British civil service 2007.

The ancient Greeks had a saying: those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Sounds like the civil service is well on the way to destruction.


At 4:47 PM, Panzer said…

“If you had 7 mill and a free budget
how would YOU spend it to correct the society we inhabit with the sistahhhhs.”

How about a program that would develop stable, good paying jobs(Here in the U.S. the job market sucks). That would piss the femmies off, groups of men with stable careers and loads of disposable income staying single(Im laughing with the mere thought!).

Benjamin g., this article has a lot to do with feminism. What I have read here from a lot of guys from Great Britain, the current government is full of feminists and falling apart. With all the bad social programs that are draining their country, its safe to say that some femhag had a hand in on this waste of money.

Rob Fedders, go with the hemp rope. The extra money is worth it because hemp rope is really strong. You will need it to string up a collection of lard asses. No use trying to save money only to find the rope breaking at the moment of truth. 😉



At 7:36 PM, Anonymous said…

Tax pounds and dollars go to women in general, not just in the charade of public/government jobs. Women (or more likely girls) get council houses, welfare, woman and infants support (US), women’s studies professorships (simply a post where you can write your man-hating crap and get paid for it with government grants) and all the rest.

According to 2004 US tax returns (look on the census bureau) around $7 billion went to women in alimony in the US. Several tens of billions goes to women in child support (sometimes $30k a month, think Mick Jagger and Boris Becker), not to mention the amount spent annually on dates and vacations to get near the golden vagina.

Huh. $100 billion or so. More than the gross domestic product of many small countries. Men are kind of stupid in a way – smart enough to earn the money, and build the infrastructure and computers and cars and all the rest, but stupid enough to give much of it away to women.


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous said…

But these people are educated! They out-performed 99% of the student population to get to these top schools, and they got these top jobs by default since they went to these top schools! Obviously we must listen to them! Since the name of the school you went to indicates your level of intelligence!


We should do away with all of academia and just create trade schools already. Or maybe go back to the old guild/apprentice method. We had so much less incompetence back then, and people that couldn’t do competent jobs were quickly weeded out.


At 8:17 PM, Alex said…

Lean practices when successfully implemented can improve efficiency.

However, thanks to computerisation, a office is already quite efficient so this money is likely to have minimal effect, especially as the offices will probably ignore them after a while as they have no competition and little threat of jobloss


At 10:20 PM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

yes trade schools!
now thats a thought.
and the hemp, yes, Ill go with that panzer……..
but I should imagine cheese wire may be cheaper still, and if not, well, if you do like your blood sports…. >:D

yes guilds, trades, apprenticeships, where a man can learn a trade for life, not work as a button pressing slave for some conglomerate , where he can have some sense of pride about his sense of value and self worth to the community he operates within, not in some mangina/handbag infested polycarb/plywood cubicle with bloody paperwork and one of these infernal one eyed monsters Im staring at……..argh.
ah and the last was reference to the pc monitor of course, not our beloved trouser snake.


At 3:48 AM, Panzer said…

“but I should imagine cheese wire may be cheaper still, and if not, well, if you do like your blood sports…. >:D”

Ah, I take it you are a fan of steel cable? The ones for elevators(Lift for you guys across the pond and down under) would do perfectly.>:)



At 2:41 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

metal coat hangers are quite nice too.

you can twist them quickly then walk away and watch your handy work.



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