A thumping night out


13 January 2007

It’s often said that police rarely know the first half of a story of domestic violence, and usually assume any woman who has been hit by a guy is case of a big bad man beating up on a poor defenceless woman for no reason. Whilst such incidents do occur, and are to be obviously condemned, in a majority of cases (going by the few domestic violence studies that are not censored by feminists for not showing what they want to show) the woman is often blatantly provocative, if not physically, then verbally. Yet often such cases are not investigated to the point of this being discovered.

There was an example of this a few years ago on some cheap sensationalist documentary about binge-drinking and violence; if the favourite pass-time in Britain is getting drunk and having a fight, then watching others do it on grainy CCTV footage on documentaries with titles like Binge Booze Britain: IV! is a close second.

This one featured CCTV footage in a car-park that some city centre security officials watched before calling for police to go to the scene. It showed a young man walking across the car-park with a dumpy middle-aged woman following him and shouting. There was no sound, but clearly she was not saying pleasant things. The man turned around and made a sweeping gesture with his hand, as if to say “fuck off.” The woman strode towards him, still angry. The guy raised his fist. The woman paused, but then continued storming towards him relentlessly.

As soon as she was in range, BAM! The guy thumped her and she went straight down. Then he scurried off. As it turned out, that was his girlfriend’s mother, and the girlfriend soon came into shot to see to her mum who, when the police arrived, had one big bastard of a black-eye.

The guy was soon nabbed and charged with assault. Fair enough, one may think; the woman was hostile towards him, but at least initially it seemed she was not physically hostile.

Then the cops got their hands on the CCTV footage of what had happened moments earlier, outside a club, which us, the viewers, were then treated to.

Basically, the guy had been in a club with his girlfriend and her mother, and outside, as they were in a taxi-queue, the girlfriend started going nuts at him because she thought he had dared to flirt with a woman on the dance-floor earlier. Whether he did or not was not confirmed. Some women think that their boyfriend is flirting with a woman if he so much as glances in her compass direction.

So she went nuts and started hitting him. The guy backed up against a taxi as his own personal succubus started swinging wildly with slaps and punches. He was an amateur boxer incidentally – hence the devastating blow he was able to land later in this drama – and he stood there with his forearms over his face in a boxer’s defensive stance.

This guy was incredibly restrained. His girlfriend is trying to slap and punch him, going nuts, causing other people in the queue to scatter with her fury, but the guy just kept his guard up but did not hit back.

Then his girlfriend’s mum, who had been watching and encouraging her daughter, stepped in. She tried to smack the guy on the head with her handbag, then resorted to trying to pull his arms down so her daughter could get a good few blows on his face. She failed, and the guy – who wasn’t very big; probably in the Lightweight boxing category – finally just barged past them and walked away. The girlfriend was clearly shrieking abuse as he walked away (once again, there was no sound) but mummy dearest decided her little girl’s beau wasn’t getting away that lightly. She followed him into the car-park, clearly hurling abuse and demanding he come back.

And that’s where we came in, with the guy eventually warning the old bitch to fuck off and when she didn’t, instead continuing to stride towards him like a scary hybrid of Nora Batty and Darth Vader, he thumped her one.

The guy was soon arrested, and notably, whilst her mum sobbed and blubbed nearby, the girlfriend was hurling abuse at him as he was sat in the police car waiting to be hauled off. Typical. She and her mum were content to physically assault the guy with the fury of a rabid pit bulls when they believed (correctly, at least for a while) that he wouldn’t fight back, yet when he did, the cops are swiftly called and the girlfriend safely hurls abuse at her boyfriend once he’s handcuffed and secured in the back of a police car.

Unfortunately it did not relate what happened afterwards. The guy should, in theory, have been released once the whole incident was taken into account, as he was provoked and acted in self-defence. Yet I dare say he was charged with assault and probably convicted and imprisoned.

It was a cracking punch though. I should take up boxing.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 1:40 PM

At 5:27 PM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

Interesting article Duncan. And I must admit, all too common. Women are given a free pass to abuse men. The ENTIRE judicial system is based around criminalizing men. I’m glad he hit that bitch. How much abuse is a man supposed to take these days? I’ve been attacked by bitches on occasion. Usually because they would be trying to rile me up and I would just ignore them. But what I’ve found these days is this: If a girl acts like she’s about you attack you, stare her in the eyes and just say, ‘don’t you fucking dare hit me, i’ll fucking hit you back harder, don’t fuck with me.’

Funny how they calm down. Bitches lol.


At 9:05 PM, Pete Patriarch said…

What’s infuriating is not that he got into jail for assault/battery, because the state clearly is supposed to have a monopoly on violence and anyone using violence is supposed to be locked up according to the laws.

The part that makes my blood boil is that they have CLEAR evidence of the females assaulting the man, and they turn a blind eye to it. Makes you wonder what really goes on behind the scenes in cases where you can’t see the evidence in low-quality video.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous said…

can i find this video on web?


At 10:36 PM, Lisa said…

More and more women are becoming violent. I worked with a woman once who was foul as can be. She would brag openly about how she could call the cops on her husband if he pissed her off. She was a tiny little thing, but she was scrappy. He was a big brute of a guy, but a teddy bear nature. Made me ill. Especially since her husband was a firefighter. I’m pretty sure an accusation like that could have cost him his job. He was working all sorts of extra hours to make ends meet. He was also doing quite alot to be there for the kids. He was a coach for one of his son’s teams. To top it off, I’m pretty sure she was having an affair with a friend of his. All the extra hours he was working provided ample opportunity. This friend was constantly calling the office. I could hear her giggling and cooing in the background. Sickening. Poor guy had a crappy wife and a crappy friend. I could totally see that situation turning ugly eventually.

This woman had tacky written all over her. I couldn’t believe she actually landed her husband let along roped in the friend. She was the type you wouldn’t of been surprised to see on a talk show spewing out all sorts of dirty laundry.

Women who pull this kind of garbage make me angry. It just makes it easier to doubt or discredit real victims of unprovoked violence.


At 10:50 PM, Stick said…

Many moons ago I had a girlfriend who would get pissed and scream abuse/acusations at me, even physically attack me. One day I snapped and knocked the cunt out. By fuck I felt good about it, too. (Dumped her later).


At 12:40 AM, Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said…

He may well get his boxing licence revoked too. Nice have mother in laws like that aint it. Sorry for absence, but I appear to have rattled a hornets nest on the BBC Radio 4, womens hour message boards by daring to raise the issues of abortion and personal responsibility on the “Womens minister, good or bad” message board.
its got lively! but little debate, lots of egg throwing, that hasnt stuck to my teflon logic.
quite sad really.


At 1:24 AM, Anonymous said…

A lot of men take the abuse and keep quiet.

Why? Because in the USA, most states will punish you professionally for any type of abuse charges OR restraining orders. Completely non-violent men have lost:

-Insurance licenses
-Real Estate licenses
-Firefighter jobs
-Police Officer jobs
-Social Services jobs
-Driver’s licenses

All because of a false accusation or a minor physical incident. Of course this works both ways. I’ve dated two women who were insurance agents. Both of them were very careful and well behaved because they had a professional license to protect. Even with one of the breakups being a bit nasty, she behaved herself. Any legal action associated with professionals can cost them dearly.

Want to avoid hassles like this? Only date women who have a profession to protect. If they falsely accuse you, file a report on them as well, then refer the matter to their professional board. With “mutually assured destruction”, the women tend to behave rather than risk the consequences of bad behavior.


At 4:37 AM, Anonymous said…

I used to work security on the graveyard shift at a casino. A group of young women refused to show their I.D. when I was requested to check them by the casino shift manager. For refusing, I asked them politely to leave as required by law.

On the way out, they yelled all sorts of obscenities at me. One of the women then struck me in the face while giving me the finger. I waited, looking at my supervisor and the shift manager. She struck me again and I waited. I raised my voice only loud enough so they could hear me over their yelling of obscenities and I continued to instruct them to leave. Finally, my supervisor gave us permission to arrest her for assault. Her friends attacked us as we tried to restrain her. Knowing how the system works I tried to use the least amount of force possible while they kicked and screamed. As soon as we got the first one to the ground she screamed that we were hurting her and that she was pregnant. One of them even bit one of the female police officers when she was searched.

In hindsight, it’s funny that the head of security asked why I hadn’t arrested her after she struck me the first time. You only need to read a post like this once to know why I didn’t. I think all charges against them ended up being dropped in the end since I was later told that I didn’t have to show up in court. Turns out they were all arrested a week or so later for growing weed. It also turned out that all of them had I.D. at the time this happened. Only one of them wasn’t old enough to be in the casino.

Lucky for me the police knew that everything was caught on camera. They also knew that I knew this and had several witnesses that saw my restraint. We live in a fucked-up world when the police arrest the victims of assault for defending themselves, just because the perpetrator is a woman.

– Rock


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve seen it time and time again, women love abusing strong, big men. Men show incredible restraint towards women, even moreso than marriage, the rule not to hit women is grilled into young boys. Meanwhile girls are usually encouraged to hit men.

I remember once seeing this small tiny woman, right around 5 ft, maybe 5’2, with a bf that was a foot taller than her and outweighed her by at least 120 lbs, she was screaming hysterically and he just locked his front door and stayed in his dorm, she was banging on the door and hurling abuse, and she actually said “he’s hiding in there because he is afraid of me.” Like she could really hurt him in a fight? Maybe if she was chasing him with a knife or a gun, but she really thought she could beat the guy up. Women just have such an astounding view of themselves, they all believe they are the best at everything, but they have no problems getting cops or affirmative action when they have to compete fairly with someone. It’s like to them, excuses don’t discount their perceived greatness.


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous said…

@pete patriarch
What’s infuriating is not that he got into jail for assault/battery, because the state clearly is supposed to have a monopoly on violence and anyone using violence is supposed to be locked up according to the laws.

The part that makes my blood boil is that they have CLEAR evidence of the females assaulting the man, and they turn a blind eye to it. Makes you wonder what really goes on behind the scenes in cases where you can’t see the evidence in low-quality video.

You have the right to act in self defense.
The women should have been put in jail for assault and the man freed.


At 10:41 AM, other said…

Anonymous 1:24 said… “Want to avoid hassles like this? Only date women who have a profession to protect.”

How do you explain Jane Andrews then?


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous said…

Hope the dude hit her with an open hand hit, she ain’t worth the trouble of a boxer’s fracture. Open palm shot can be a good knockout hit.

Duncan, taking up boxing is good, damn good. Especially “street” style boxing. Open hand punch, elbow shots for close in work, eye jabs, knee shots to the body, hell, I can go on a bit about that. That said, I hate boxers and judokas, they are the toughest SOBs to fight if and when a brawl breaks out. I survived one such encounter because I was able to do a shin stomp on the punk. Dude’s a brown belt judoka at the local Y, and a boxing enthusiast to boot, tougher than fuck, took three direct hits to the face/chin area and kept on coming.

Hate the punk for that, just hate the punk. If the guy was also an amateur boxer, I’d have a different nose today.

Spork O’ Death


At 7:22 PM, byrdeye said…

Women only do this because they know we will allow it. They feel they are untouchable because they are weaker women and expect us to be “gentlemen” while they are complete byches showing absolutely NO restraint!

Hence, they now inflict more DV than men!

And many have some SERIOUS cases of overemotional RAGE!

I think we simply have too many laws now. Things need to go back to the laws of Nature. Where, a woman will behave herself around men cuz she knows damn well that they can easily knock her bych ass OUT.


At 8:47 PM, Peter said…

I have a friend of mine who is a police officer here in Phoenix, and one time his captain told the officers during roll call that when called to an incident of domestic abuse, they were to assume the man was the aggressor unless the evidence was overwhelmingly to the contrary, or words to that effect. They were told that an arrest was to be made when the police were called, and it had “better be the man”, because the man was “pretty much always the guilty one.”

I was lucky when I had to deal with it, as I lived elsewhere, and the evidence supprted my claims. Plus, she admitted to the cops she had assaulted me. If she hadn’t, I would have been the one jailed.



At 9:00 PM, Anonymous said…

Here is a little story about the right way to beat up a girl.

Search for the word beat or girl on the page.

I can’t blame the guy for clocking his ex-girlfriends mother, He must have just thought this really sounds like an easy and great way to end the relationship.


At 1:15 AM, Mamonaku187 said…

Growing up in my Hood, I watched (black) women beat the hell out of dudes on a regular basis.

I had a few girls put their hands on me when I was in 7th grade. Ever since then, I let it be known to every woman that needed to hear it that if they attacked me like a man, they would get beat down like a man.

Too many guys are getting whacked at the hands of “empowered” females these days… the dogg ain’t takin’ no chances.


At 2:12 PM, Javier said…

This story reminds me of an incident that happened over a year ago. I was at work and overheard two women talking about an episode of a show called “The Real World” on MTV. One woman was explaining the situation of what happened on the show to the other woman. Evidentially, everyone on the show was at a bar and a man walked up to one of the women on the show and must have said something to her she didn’t like, so she slapped the guy. Moments later, the police arrived and arrested the woman for striking the man (shock!).

Well, the woman who was listening to the story said she couldn’t believe the man called the police because the woman struck the man. It was then that I interrupted the conversation and said that if the roles were reversed would they feel the same. Both of the bitches said “no” almost in unison. I asked “why”, and they both started cackling about how men are supposed to take such physical abuse from women, etc., etc., etc. I told them if I was the guy on the show, I would have done the exact same thing, to which one of the women said I was essentially a pussy if I did. I looked the woman straight in the eye and told her I was half-tempted to file a complaint with our HR department for harassment. It took every ounce of energy for her to grunt out an apology. She then walked away, making inaudible tones which I’m sure were more insults at me.

It just goes to show you what types of cunts women have become these days. Even women who claim to not ride the coat tails of feminism are so entwined in what has essentially become mainstream that if you try to show them how unequal society has become, they get extremely defensive.


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous said…

Quick, find a guy to blame…



At 1:56 AM, Pete said…

Javier, you should file a complaint anyway. Lord knows that the bitch will be waiting for you to trip up or set out a trap for you now that you’ve proved that you don’t think women are the superior sex.

A good Offense is the best defense.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous said…

Back in 1974, I worked in a high-tech factory. I happened to be walking by some women when one of them commented, in reference to an article in the newspaper about some guy pounding on a fiend, “A man should never hit a woman, no matter what.”

I thought about this, and went back to ask them, “What is she is hitting him?”


I then asked what is he supposed to do if she hit him. They had no useful answer,except he is just supposed to take it.

After even more thought, I went back. “What if she is smashing a little kid with a baseball bat?”

“Nope, we said a man isn’t supposed to hit a woman, no matter what.”

I asked “What is he supposed to do?”

“WEll, he can call for help or something.”

They visualize themselves some sort of earth goddess, with the right to kill; maim; and attack anyone or anything they feel like, and we men are supposed to stand there and watch?

Last month, I posted on dontgetmarried.com my theory that virtually 100% of women in the US, and nations under US influence, are clinically insane. (That is, have no ability to grasp reality.) Some may be less insane than others, but they are all on the wrong side of the fence.

This 1974 incident was the first time I realized that fact. They are all nuts!

Anonymous age 64


At 6:18 PM, Anonymous said…

Pete, file a complaint against a women with an HR department which is a feminist dominated part of the system to destroy men? Hee, hee.

Anonymous age 64


At 10:02 AM, HMH said…

I’ve been slapped across the face without provocation or reason, whip kicked in the ribs on the street in broad daylight and (the classic) had the nearest object to hand thrown at me.

I ran this past the folks after the last face slapping incident, where I (on reaction) hit the chick back good and hard and she threatened to press charges unless I apologised. The very best my parents could come up with was – in the future, Just Take It. WTF?? They’re good people, I just don’t think older generations understand fully how far the current generation of women have fallen.

I fully sympathise with the young man at the centre of this article. The police are just another weapon and no man dares hit back without fear of arrest, no matter witnesses / evidence / circumstances.


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